Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Do Star Wars and Stefan Molyneux Have in Common?

Don't let Lando fool you. Cloud City is just another tax farm.


Eric Dubay said...

Am I the only one that noticed "Stefbot" (Stefan Molyneux's YouTube Alias) looks a lot like Lando's android "Lobot" from Star Wars? :)

Anonymous said...

lol, ur right about Lobot.

I've been listening to molyneux for a log time now and he's pretty ok, he makes a lot of sense and brings down philisophy and commnon sense to a level the masses can relate to.

I like his takes on raising kids
without violence and about what
to do with the broken education system.

...he DOES however have a strong economic and political agenda (i.e. donations, live conferences and his anti liberitarian stuff), still, philosophy & common sense are king in a world gone mad.

So, what's your take on this guy?

...oh, oh, (important) and what's your opinion on James Corbett?

The ultimte super-shill or just a clever guy with john connor potential?


Take care, great page,
you keep writing it and
we'll keep reading it!


Eric Dubay said...

Hey Vic, yeah, my take on Stefan is about like you said. I like most of what I hear, especially his "arguments from first principal" i.e. the initiation of force is wrong, the state initiates force upon the entire population via compulsory taxation, thus forced taxation is wrong.

It's so simple. How can anybody support mandatory taxation? It's no different than the mafia: Pay us and we won't hurt you. The state says, pay us and we won't seize your bank account, repossess your house, and put you behind bars. Thanks mafia government, for all that "freedom."

I like James Corbett but his robotic monotone overly newsy delivery bores me a bit. I'm also suspicious of everyone that goes on the Alex Jones show and doesn't grill his royal shillness. If I ever got on Alex's show I'd have a good couple hours worth of questions about his Cointel operation. Stefan's been on there twice and hasn't mentioned controlled opposition either...

Everybody has the potential to be compromised, and the only person we should really trust 100% is ourselves. Peace

Anonymous said...

Stefan Molyneux is a reptilian !

Check out one of his videos

Look into his eyes between 0:01 - 0:10

Eric Dubay said...

I think you've been reading a bit too much David Icke.

The eyes are definitely windows to the soul, and you can tell a whole lot about a person by their eyes, but to me labeling it "reptilian" is too nondescript and feeds into David Icke's "poisoning the well" shape-shifting alien reptile misinfo.

Anonymous said...

Whether you believe or not they are real and they are all around us occupying every aspect of our lives even youtube channels.

The Great Flood didn't happened because of some illusionary sin of mankind. It was meant to wipe out these creatures from our beautiful planet.

Here you have a proof in form of fossils.

BTW, please do not connect me to Icke (who is one of many reptilian dis-info agents like Molyneux)

Anonymous said...

Ever considered that may be the entire 3D realm is the home of the reptilian minded beings (i.e. all of us?)?

Eric Dubay said...

We all have reptilian-like brains (R-complex) with mammalian and uniquely human brains around them. The reptilian aspects are about survival, establishing dominance, and defending territory, while the mammalian and human aspects are more about things like nurturing young, welfare of society etc. The battle between good/evil is much like the interplay of reptilian vs. human brain. I think it's a good metaphor, and I'm open to the possibility of Icke-like lizards but try as I might, I don't see anything in Stefan Molyneux's eyes that makes me think of reptiles.

An interesting link on the subject:

The Reptilian Brain