Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who is Arran Edmonstone?

So, as most of you know, two weeks ago I was threatened, bribed, and given an ultimatum by yet another Mason named Arran Edmonstone in an effort to co-opt me and my work:

The Masons are Trying to Co-opt Me

First he indirectly threatens me by saying how Charlie Veitch and Julian Assange were likely given "death threats from the MOSSAD (or connected individuals)" which "clued them in as to the processes playing out in the world game." Then he not-so-subtly segues into saying, "that's where both your and my line of work come into play ... I mentioned the processes playing out in the world game. I can personally tell you a lot about what many of those processes are (assuming, of course, we have the chance to meet in person)."

So he establishes that "the MOSSAD (or connected individuals)" gave "death threats" and "clued Charlie and Julian in as to the processes playing out in the world." Then he establishes himself as being among those same MOSSAD or connected individuals by saying "that's where both your and my line of work come into play ... I can personally tell you a lot about what many of those processes are."

Next he mocks my work saying "have fun exposing the New World Order all you want" then indirectly threatens and attempts to bribe me by saying, "be careful not to become too successful. Aside from your job teaching English, you might either be killed or succeed at getting your own radio or television show with a major corporate television network. Since you have your own radio show already, remember to be careful what you say."

The next paragraph he directly threatens me and really let's his true colors show saying, "DO NOT reprint, publish, or expose any of the information I've shared with you in this message without my explicit consent and permission - not even in some veiled manner. If you do I will expose you to a great number of people in the internet community for being a dishonest, lying, thief ... the people who you would be stealing from would not take kindly to the action either." So he acknowledges the gravity and incriminating nature of what he has written, CAPS LOCK threatens me NOT to expose him, then appeals to his fellow "connected individuals" who "would not take kindly" to being exposed either.

After this he goes back to bribery saying if I join him and his group, "financial gain could very well be a secondary result." He recommends that I "cut the crap as far as accusing one another of being enemies, evil or shills" then gives me the ultimatum saying, "I will have the ability to let you in ... the time is here and now. Please consider whether or not you would like to become involved. If you do then think about the role(s) you want to play."

So I can join him and get "financial gain," my own "radio or television show with a major corporate network," and free range of the "role(s) I want to play" in the "world game." OR I can expose him and get "death threats from the MOSSAD ... you might be killed ... be careful what you say ... or I will expose you to a great number of people ... connected individuals ... who would not take kindly." And finally re-iterates the ultimatum saying my decision "can be potentially healing and nourishing or destructive" depending on what I choose.

Upon receiving this email, I immediately wrote and posted the article, The Masons are Trying to Co-opt Me. About 2 hours later I received a message from Arran back-peddling on damage control (see comments section), then he disappeared for 2 weeks and came back yesterday full of apologies, retractions, and contradictions (also see comments section).

So who is Arran Edmonstone? Jim provided a very telling link to which follows the Edmonstone royal/aristocratic family history back hundreds of years. It turns out that the Edmonstone family has a very long and infamous history in Scotland where Arran resides today. His ancestor Sir William Edmonstone, in 1452, built the gigantic Duntreath Castle which has remained in the Edmonstone family up to present day. I've placed pictures of the castle, their Masonic crest/seals, and portraits of the Edmonstone family in this article for you to see. Throughout it's history the castle has been visited by Kings, Queens, Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Knights and all manner of royalty. Not only that, but in the 16th century, Duntreath owner Sir James Edmonstone was in cahoots with the Earl of Arran!:

In the same year of 1584 Sir James Edmonstone, to his great discredit, acted as an "agent provacateur" in dealings involving friends. On the Earl of Gowrie's arrest his chief supporters, who included the Earls of Angus and Mar, fled to England. The King greatly fearing their influence, and knowing that there was strong feeling against his favourites, the young Duke of Lennox and James Stewart Earl of Arran, proclaimed that anyone informing upon agitators would receive not only a pardon but also a special reward. Later evidence suggests that Sir James was by then in debt. On his own admission he declared that he "had been led to make a confession of a threefold conspiracy of the exiled Lords against the King, of which he had been informed by Black John Hume of the Law, who came twice to him, each time with a letter of credit of the Earl of Mar, the knowledge of which now preyed on his conscience." But through family connections he was, in the words of a contemporary, "the Duke of Lennox's man". Thanks to his influence he had been knighted, and as was all important, still held his land from the King. Therefore when two of his neighbours were suspected of treasonable conspiracy Sir James was persuaded (he said afterwards that Arran threatened and suborned him) to agree to be charged with the same crime of which, upon his confession, he was promised he would be absolved. (

You read correctly. In 1584 Sir James Edmonstone and the Earl of Arran were involved in "acting as agent provocateurs," bribing, threatening, and suborning! Now today in 2011 we have Arran Edmonstone, still in Scotland, acting as an agent provocateur, attempting to bribe, threaten and co-opt me!

When Jim posted the link to the Edmonstone geneology/family history page, Arran acted completely oblivious but interested in his ancestry stating, "It would be neat if I actually knew who my ancestors are from centuries ago. It's likely that Jim has something as far as the website he posted." So he thinks it would be neat to know about his ancestors and admits Jim is onto something with the website he posted. Well the website he posted is! It's the first link that shows up when you type "Edmonstone" into Google. Arran expects us to believe that he knows nothing about his family's rich and infamous history in Scotland!? In yesterday's comment Arran said himself that, "I just happened to Google search my name and found these (Atlantean Conspiracy) posts." Well comes up long before when you search for "Edmonstone" Arran, your aloof Mr. nice guy act is wearing thin.

Let's recap what we know about Arran Edmonstone:

He is a self-admitted "propagandist" with a family history of agent provocateuring, bribing, and threatening others. He is Jewish and knows much about occult subjects like Astrology and Kabbalah. His family crests are full of Masonic/royal symbolism. He was born of royal/aristocratic descent and lives in Scotland, home of the Scottish-Rite of Freemasonry, and the Edmon"stone" (as in Stone Mason) Duntreath Castle. He promotes controlled opposition group "RePeace" which is well-funded (who funds RePeace Arran?) and littered with Masonic symbolism that he pretends not to notice. He also promotes controlled opposition group "The Venus Project" which is obviously the NWO repackaged to look like an NWO solution. He is passive-aggressive (universal trait of psychopaths) and speaks with a forked tongue, constantly saying one thing, then later claiming he meant the opposite.

He's probably sitting in Duntreath Castle, wearing a RePeace t-shirt, reading this on his HD plasma flatscreen and laughing his ass off. Am I close, Arran? Come on back to the comments section and give us some more of your dog and pony show; we're really buying it.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! Don't let anybody corrupt you!


Anonymous said...

In an ironic way, this may be the biggest "compliment" you have received--a biggie mason paying you notice :)

as Mae West once said, "I'd rather be looked over, than overlooked"

well done Eric!

yoy50 said...

Nicely done, Eric!

We now know who you are, Arran Edmodstone! A bona fide CHUMP!!!

Anonymous said...

you need to make a post about how to remove windows security center, your website has been compromised sir, i picked it up about 2weeks ago, and again today reading this post..... it's actually pretty ez to get rid of, just open task manager, find the wierd xxx.exe file that it is running as > open file location, then in task manager disable the process tree, and then quickly shift+delete the file from the folder that was opened, you need to work kind of quick tho because it will restart and you can only delete it while it is not running, it can mess with some attributes also, that is harder to fix.

Unknown said...

This Aaren guy cracks me up! If I was in their shoes I'd want to co-opt you as well. You are one of few people on-line that can see through all the Alex Jones / David Icke / Jeff Rense bullshit 1/2 truths and jargon. You aren't a nazi and understand the difference between Judaism and Zionism, UFO fact vs fiction and have no problem through the Jesuits and their Vatican shills either. I'm loving it...wish there were more sites out there...but there just isnt!

Unknown said...

Sorry for the typos...

I meant to say "throwing"...the Jesuits and their Vatican shills...

sundaemon said...

Yeah, the Scottish Rite connection. The arse-stocracy, all sticking up for each other (or should that be sticking up each other?) This lot are completely at sea in the internet age. Their old-fashioned underhand threats and bribery don't work when you can re-broadcast them around the world at the speed of light. Their disinfo tricks don't work like they used to. What with Murdoch getting a beating (though not for the reasons the media tells us), the seam seems to really be coming undone now. Exciting times.

Anonymous said...

If you stop posting, we know who to go and see!

Keep up the great work exposing the illusions (and nitwits).

Anonymous said...

WINDOWS SECURITY CENTER: as in the stupid rogue virus 'windows security center' seriously, i have gotten this twice from
its ez to get rid of, see my previous post as 'anonymous'. Still its pretty lame....
p.s.s.: Much love, keep doing what your doing, darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.
p.s.s.s.: not masonic 'light' bullshit... =P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not to say that he is corrupted, but the only information we know is what he's told us. If you truly trust this man then your naive. Remember the only thing that you can be true is what you have seen and known yourself
No offense Eric!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone! Arran's gonna have to think this one over for another 15 days before he responds. :)

I looked up that Windows Security Center thing and if you use Mozilla or a different browser it won't affect you. I don't exactly understand how/why you are getting that problem from visiting You think they hacked me? If they hacked me I'm sure they would do something more destructive than just give a simple, easily removable bug to my visitors, no?

To the second to last Anonymous, the no homo thing cracked me up, as we're big fans of Ownage Pranks.

And for the last Anonymous, why do you think trusting me is naive? I agree that we should all use our own intuition and discernment in figuring out the truth which is what I've done and continue to do everyday. No offense taken, but I'm curious why you're suspicious and why trusting me is naive. Peace

Arran Edmonstone said...
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Arran Edmonstone said...
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Arran Edmonstone said...
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Arran Edmonstone said...
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Arran Edmonstone said...

There are some major glitches on your page, hence the unusual amount of deleted comments. I ended up posting them here...

Arran Edmonstone said...
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Anonymous said...

First they offer your own radio show, then you start to defend freemasons on the air and the next thing you know you are next The CIA Rebel.

Anonymous said...

Dr Jeckyl = Mr Hyde
Eric Dubay = Arran Edmunstone?

Eric Dubay said...

He's Arran Edmonstone on Facebook and he emailed me from His Masonic website is there for you to see. I can't believe someone honestly thinks I'm making this up Jekyll/Hyde style.

Eric Dubay said...

I been living in the United States for almost 36 years.

Time to update your Facebook status then, it still says Scotland.

Political divisiveness is not conducive to living in a peaceful world.

So you tell me to stop accusing people of being shills and controlled opposition, then you say political divisiveness is not conducive to your "RePeace" agenda. So in your opinion, political "wishy-washyness" is conducive to living in a peaceful world, right?

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

How's this for divisiveness... All governments that impose mandatory taxation are immoral and criminal enterprises. Whether Nader, Paul, Kucinich or Sanders heads the mafia, it's still the mafia, forcing you to pay up or go to jail.

I'm on your side in more ways then you probably understand.

You are not on my side in any way.

Here's my impression of Arran: See that blackboard? It's white. See that whiteboard? It's black. Two plus two is five. I didn't threaten Eric. The sky is purple. I live in a small basement apartment. The moon is made of cheese. RePeace isn't Masonic, it's grass roots. Triangles have 4 sides. I didn't mean to bribe or instill fear. Up is down. Down is up. I'm on your side Eric.

david said...

Again, muchos ballas senhor!!!!

It's very clear what's happening, although i cannot decide if he's delusional or really that pathetic at his job/life's work. Likely both? (notice the accusation of abuse followed by the admission)

Don't worry about the "virus" .. i've had no problems from your site, you're on blogger, security is their problem. No actual "glitches" to be found either!

Keep up the excellent work!!

peace :)

Anonymous said...

Even moths are attracted to light

Anonymous said...

Hey there Eric - why not take a screen shot of Arran's Facebook page for everyone to see that what you are claiming is indeed accurate - i.e. he comes from Scotland, and is a leading member of Repeace?

Anonymous said...

just searched arran edmonstone and found this...BTW Eric huge fan and have been since I found your website two years ago...much love and keep it up

Anonymous said...

The further you dig...the more you find his real name is Arran E. Thomson not sure where the edmonstone came from but there is a profile that is on the ning network that is shut down it says arran edmonstone's profile but the name under it is Arran E. Thomson from protland Oregon...I didn't even look that hard and found all of this out...if you want to hide who you are don't post all over social network...I'd say he is just a social network whore...first link is a fcc filing he did

Eric Dubay said...

Hey there Eric - why not take a screen shot of Arran's Facebook page for everyone to see that what you are claiming is indeed accurate - i.e. he comes from Scotland, and is a leading member of Repeace?

I deleted him from my friends 5 minutes after accepting his request, but it said he lived in Edinburgh, Scotland and his job was "propagandist." Search Arran Edmonstone on Facebook and you'll see his profile picture is the RePeace logo.

Eric Dubay said...

The further you dig...the more you find his real name is Arran E. Thomson

Arran Thomson looks like the alias to me. Everything else is Arran Edmonstone... why would you assume this Thomson is his "real" name?

Eric Dubay said...

It's very clear what's happening, although i cannot decide if he's delusional or really that pathetic at his job/life's work. Likely both? (notice the accusation of abuse followed by the admission)

I did notice that he accused me of "reacting to my own inner traumas associated with abuse I've suffered." Where did you come up with that Arran? I had a great childhood and suffered no abuse... he then later admits that "having suffered through abuse myself..." Who abused you Arran? And is threatening people on the internet the best way to deal with your "inner trauma?"

Don't worry about the "virus" .. i've had no problems from your site, you're on blogger, security is their problem. No actual "glitches" to be found either!

Yeah, exactly. There's no glitches or problems, I haven't been hacked, and security is blogger's issue, not mine. Besides that bug is quite benign and easily removable.

Eric Dubay said...

He's pushing the globalist man-made global warming / climate change farce on his blog as well. So he pretends to be awake, but he promotes RePeace, The Venus Project, and Global Warming. He pretends to be awake but can't see that RePeace is Masonic, The Venus Project is NWO, and anthropogenic global warming is bunk and simply a tool used to push carbon taxes and Agenda 21.

Eric Dubay said...

Arran claims he works for non-profits and says RePeace is grassroots funded, but says if I join him, financial gain could be a secondary result. How does that work? And what are these "processes playing out in the world game" that you "can personally tell me a lot about," Arran? You've presented yourself as quite an authority... why did you say you'll only share this with me "assuming, of course, we have the chance to meet in person?" That means you're in possession of secret information that you would only give me in person... but now that I've exposed you to everybody, you'll re-invent the meaning of that statement. Am I right?

Sergio Recio Gamo said...


I pray for you every day. You are one of the folks that helped me to open my eyes, so I have a big debt with you. ;D

Don't let anybody corrupt you! The best advice I can give you! ;D

You can be sure that there are LOTS of people that follow your work every single day. ;D

Masonic-Illuminati minions... tsk... They all look the same to me... like "Smith Agents" of "Matrix". Pawns of the game. Empty suits.

I created my own group in Facebook to spanish-english people:

We are many! They are VERY FEW! ;D

In the end, we, the good hard-working decent people, WILL PREVAIL!!!

nvra75 said...

Please stay vigilant.

this aeran was easy to spot, and you played him very well.

the next one may be more clever/devious.

you are extremely brave and i am envious of your level of courage.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the encouragement nvra75. My soul is committed to this and I'll never stop seeking and exposing the truth. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Arron just invited me to meet him to talk about Occupy Klamath. Could you tell me why he might do that?

Eric Dubay said...

Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

I met Arran this week and my impression is that he is a whiny, self-absorbed punk who took advantage of my kindness. I do not trust him.

Anonymous said...

arran edmonstone in photos:

Eric Dubay said...

The following is a correspondence I shared with a personal acquaintance of Arran's:

arran extremely harassed and abused me. i saw red flags and your blog was a huge wake up call to his problems. thanks for saving lives!

Really? Please let me know what happened and if you don't mind I'd love to post your experience as a comment in my post about him. Thanks!

he showed me your blog straight away. what do you think it is? a form of asbergers?? he has a high level genius but mixed with a lot of dangerous elements. i tried also to see his good qualities. do you think he is predatory? or works for the federal gvt? i would possibly do better talking in person which is why i suggested skype. what interest do you have in maintaining your blog about him??? do you see him as a danger to others? is it out of humanitarian motives??? he has a daughter, you know. some of what i witnessed i found really harsh.

He's a Jew Mason descended from Royalty pretending to be a "truther." He's a predatory, textbook psychopath, controlled opposition and my purpose in writing the blogs was to expose how he tried to threaten, bribe and co-opt me. Peace

Eric Dubay said...

his father was abusive and i noticed a lot of controlling things i interpreted to be sexist. he also offered to support my work and i am not sure where that money is coming from. he abuses his mother verballly and she cannot stand to be around him. i am in no way anti-semitic but do not like controlling men, economic bribery offers. what do you make of his obsession with charlie veitch of the "Love Police"???? i find it very annoying as a topic and charlie to be a false prophet/pop star. arran's obsession with him i find to be a bit of a veiled crush. also his constant talking about the mossad i don't get. when you say controlled opposition: how do you mean. sometimes i looked at it as an IQ differential. he would call my law research an "addiction" to belittle it, when in truth i think he wanted me to be totally obsessed by him. which is impossible as i found him mundane and not always intellectually rigorous enough for me----plus all the bad manners and self centeredness. do you know other people who have been preyed on by him and what their take is??? i'm worried he has moved on to his next victim, and am unsure if i should publicly denounce him. i have a sympathy and interest in his pathology. separating the nurse/anthropologist from the actual me: i am glad not to be in contact---but----struggle to find resolution in why i got to know him. other than he glommed onto me like a parasite. he threated to "hex"my computers

Interesting, thanks for sharing... is it alright to add what you've written here as an anonymous comment to the blog or would you like to keep this conversation private? By controlled opposition I mean a paid agent who infiltrates and takes over activist organizations. Notice how he was quick to offer both of us money, and threaten/abuse us when we didn't accept. Charlie Veitch is also likely controlled opposition:

Charlie Veitch and the Shill Police

I don't know anyone else who has been a victim of Arran's psychopathology but I'm sure there are several out there, including his own mother. Peace

Eric Dubay said...

i am a leaky leaker and trust no one. i leak correspondence if i feel an ethical need to do so. i am torn ethically how to handle it. i am somewhat in fear of retaliation. not physical harm: although he claims some malevolent threat to "hex" my computers for instance. i am somewhat ashamed for being sucked in----also there was a predatory romantic aspect of it. he told me his money is family money. but if he is moving on to his next victim: there is perhaps a need to put a watch out. also sometimes i think his big talk is primarily delusional and then the rest is more like he's a 37 year old two year old, with the need for constant attention. are you sure we can't skype about it.??? i don't want to abuse your patience or kindness but i think it might help. it is he who pointed out your blog to me. i am somewhat in pain over having to break it off with him---as he was my only friend: but also a predatory one. i had at one point leaked his obsessive chat logs-----and since deleted. i might again. also on scribd. do you think he could be helped by an intervention: to get counseling or something like that???? i deleted many of the videoblogs we made---in anger. but they were interesting. thanks for communicating

Hey, since someone hacked my Skype, transferred my paypal account, then spent it all on long-distance phone calls, I don't use Skype anymore (they refused to take any responsibility and a quick Google search shows that this has happened to thousands of people). Anyway, there is no cure for psychopathy and "no contact ever again" is the only safe remedy. You cannot reform them and you can't even prevent future victims, simply protect yourself and learn how to spot psychopaths sooner so that you won't ever have any in your life.

Defend Yourself From Psychopaths

Again, if you want to leak/help, then allowing me to post this correspondence in the comments section would help expose him. What do you think? Peace

Eric Dubay said...

sorry about the skype problem. i could call any international number with my account creds. so feel free to share. as for arran---i really wonder if he is a paid informant---or an aspiring paid informant. i have his possessions at my mom's place in oregon. he was trying to move in with me as soon as he met me. his friend mike is for sure a mason. arran would say it sketched him out. plus also the misogynistic aspect of masons. interesting that you write bc i thought i'd send you this

i have a pending court process also 5-14-12 at one a,m. he attempted to force me to look at a pornographic image---i expressed this made me uncomfortable. he would not vacate my room, so at that point i proceeded to a court option. also the offer of cash support was a huge part of it when i was destitute. his contacts helped me stay in the UK on no money. also he got hotel rooms often. then i bought his ticket back to the USA. i was actually worried about him in the UK. i met his father. $$$$: he told me it was from grandmother---but i do not totally believe that. he made films i begged him to make on assange which involved his travel to the UK. i commissioned his work: wanting to ellicit his strong points. also assange linked to his films on the supreme court affair.
my enthusiasm for wikileaks has sinced waned. in this way: though i had no money to pay him: i was essentially helping "produce" his art. this was after getting over the feeling he was stalking me: which actually helped propel me to the UK. due to his falling apart at the seems constantly it then was very much like being a personal assistant. your blog is your blog. people confess all kinds of things to me via email that end up in my blog. i have not found the answer, but going with the NO CONTACT rule seems best. he did however three nights ago contact me thru his twitter: "occupymedia2012" with a link to my acct "braingarbage" about transgender: a point which had been a point of contention: as i am pro-GLBTQ equality and he is anti-trans right to gender modify. so it was fairly creepy to me he is sending me a blog on transhate and why trans people are f-ing up all the systems of civilization when it barely concerns me. i am not sure why is is obsessed with trans-surgery except he said it is deep green resistance to body modification. i think its more complex: fear, obsession, invasiveness. his obsession on the topic goes along with his repressed feelings. it was awful that he tried to relate to me in a controlling romantic way. he would not accept my lesbian feelings, told me i should be in the moment (as in get into him) and quickly got jealous no matter who i was speaking to: on surface, he claims to support feminism, but then he acted very controlling like he owned me. i told him he was acting like shariah. he got mad on this. called me irrational, weird. always spoke of how i was blocking my feelings.


one day i hit my head he was so rude to me.
unbelievably he told me he has hit his own head for a long time.---- then he did and admitted it to me in my presence---- the last night he was threatening to hit his head again----- i felt medically responsible: either i am going to have to call the police or i am going to have to go. i didnt want to commit him, etc. but it was really bad ominous vibes from the second i met him.


so also i got him to go vegan this last month. when he got mad at me he threatened to eat meat. he told me you are vegan so you might understand the comedy here.


the sad part is i miss him. but his controllingness will take over my whole life and get in the way of other goals he does not recognize my need for outside achievement beyond being his butler/assistant. this very demeaning typecasting is a little dated and passe: so gen X patriarch if i may. the man who tries to restrict the woman's outside contact with the world. including: "i'll hex your computers"

Eric Dubay said...

we hung out

17 september-30 october
23 january--12 february
23 march --14 april.

so i dont know him well. it was recently only he told me he did meth a lot. i think it rotted some signals. then also heroin: a drug which leaves a lot of scars on they it doesnt kill. so----that could be some of it. then the obsession with charlie---which really grossed me out. and the un-consciousness of offensive words. i noticed this right off---and we had many an altercation over his or charlie's misogynistic vocabulary. i don't even like the idea of the love police, much less arran's love police of the americas.
it resonates---creepy and police brutality. cheesy semisexual. i dont like free hugs. he made some films of me talking about the international law aspects of the hacker people.
in some ways he at first gave me a lot of recognition for my intellect. sometimes i thought i liked having him around for his braininess. i made it clear i was not interested romantically. he of course pressed the issue. the rewards i had from our intellectual friendship---then became crushed in his romantic obsession. his jealousy of all my other pre-existing friends: that i was supposed to suddenly no longer have contact with. he facebooks all day---its very very obsessive. he takes really nice nature photography that is used by loads of nature and eco/enviro websites.--his father was verbally and physically abusive--but it took a dive this march into desperate neediness. which i think was a part of the crush/depressive side of things. what i realized is that he can't accept my intellectual/platonic needs---- and as his crushy aspect grew, he was crushing my needs for freedom independence and my own work. he would belittle it as an "addiction" and send me 12 step guides. he is self-admittedly asbergersy. i noticed it instantly. he was physically abused and verbally abused as a child. so that may help explain some of the problems.

Eric Dubay said...

your blog both fascinates him and he worries about it. i think in some ways, if you have time, it might be better to make it more factual. i wrote along email to his mum re: my assessment. i basically know his whole life story and many details are mixed up. if you follow my youtube---even traces of him are still in my blog braingarbage---you will see both positive and negatives he put off some of our UK friends a lot with his self-centered monologues. that was embarrassing too. i have no idea where he is right now. i am not looking too closely---but he haunts my mind. i felt distinctly more actively self destructive the night after he really verbally abused me 10 april. it then plummetted to a huge low 22 april. then thereafter i was completely detached----suffering my next move. we went to LA which i thought would be good for his activism work. he may still be there. i dont know. i have dated gay and bi men before: as a bi woman: it's a funny balance. bc no one is satisfied. i believe a lot of his anger to me was partially his need for a boyfriend---which he is repressing really hard due to enculturated homophobia. same for the charlie obsession. he has a great memory. i met his daughter via skype. he told me not to be complicated when i began discussing bigger thoughts. i told him being condescending about her intellect is hugely insulting to children. she was following fine. i worry for her---bc he is not involved with her---its his last priority. acc to his mother---he was in bad shape with the last two women in his life. raising voice much worse than with me. who new occupy wall street would lead me to be occupied by such a character. several friends have acquired occupy add-ons. it makes me reluctant to get involved with activist mvmts. bc it ends up being a market for needy people to glom onto others.


enough, feel free to pass me yr number. live free of censorship---- do as you will thanks for the free writing therapy. did it ever occur to you---arran had a romantic obsession with you---it occurrs to me via the way he relates to men--mancrushes---bromances whatever---its just seems a pattern. he washes it thru activism. but overall it seems very much like he is looking for a male father figure replacement or something. enough for now----- i think he could possibly get care and disability money---bc he needs a care assistant and a way to manage his anxiety and some money outside his family. a place to stay. maybe therapy. and NA. he talked about NA. so i couldnt be all those things, not while he was hurling insults at me. there is more---later

Eric Dubay said...

can you remove the anti-semitic part? i agree with exposing arran's pyschology of abuse. but calling him a "jew mason" hurts your credibility and makes you look anti-semitic. it is not necessary to be racist against jewish people to get the message across about his abuse. i appreciate your publishing of my perspective, but believe it will be more effective without the anti-semitic effect

Hey, calling a Jewish Mason a Jew Mason is simply calling the kettle black. If you're still using pigeon-hole terms like "anti-Semitic" to describe calling a Jew a Jew, I recommend researching who the capstone of control is in this world: Zionism and Judaism. Besides, that was my comment, not yours, so I don't see what the issue is. Peace

Eric Dubay said...

Note: Judaism is a religion, not a race. Jewish propaganda, such as linking themselves with "Semites" and calling anything negative "anti-Semitic" makes you think someone who disagrees with the tenets and immorality of Judaism is somehow "racist." I judge everyone based on their individual merit, as I judge every religion based on its.

Eric Dubay said...

thanks for your work. i completely disagree, and feel like your credibility is damaged. your story would be more compelling without the racism. are you asociated with nazi-ism by chance? i do not like racism at all.

Nor do I. I'm not racist, and Judaism is a religion, not a race (though it masquerades as such). It is a racist religion whose followers are deemed "God's chosen people" and taught all manner of supremacist beliefs. Here are some lovely quotes from Judaism's most holy book, the Talmud:

“The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.”
-Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b

“The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the the dog more than the non-Jew.”
-Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30

“Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therfore he will be served by animals in human form.”
-Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855

“A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal.”
-Coschen hamischpat 405

“The souls of non-Jews come from impure sprits and are called pigs.”
-Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12b

“Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human.”
-Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b

“If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog.”
-Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b

“Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals.”
-Talmud Sanhedrin 74b

“It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.”
-Sepher ikkarim III c 25

“It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.”
-Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5

“A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.”
-Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

“Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.”
-Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

As for Nazism or National Socialism, no I'm not a Socialist, a Communist, a Republican or Democrat. I believe in freedom and equality so I am an anarchist, which means "no rulers." I don't believe we need to be ruled or governed. The state is a violent, coercive institution that steals in the form of taxes and commits violence in the form of police, soldiers, and prisons. Like yourself, I also frown upon racism, including and especially institutionalized racism like the kind present in Judaism. Peace

Eric Dubay said...

i have always been very interested in judaism---but i look at it from a bird's eye anthropological look. all the chosen people and male domination stuff---is ridiculous. its as though humans try to dignify inbreeding. i outed his antisemitic supporters in UK who thought this is jewish plot v. assange. they are sick cultists. can you note that julian assange was citing a neo-nazi on his defense website---and i am responsible for going to sweden---getting this out of a researcher---confronting his defense website team---writing letters and getting it removed. and arran via occupymedia2012 on twitter is still supporting assange tho assange is promoting a sexist book on swedish porn now---yes wikileaks is now a porn publishing sex book promo club. to slam the rape victims. as i get clear on this recent twist---i realize a lot of misogynists love assange---and arran's treating of me like an inferior to his major godhead charlie veitch--- i do not like male dominated religions or religions that promote genocide and racism. so in that regard--- i still think there is a more delicate way to say what you mean. it's your decision. i know very sweethearted jewish people who might mistake you when you say "jew" as though that is a de facto ipso facto bad thing. that's where your approach could use more explanation. i know cultures can warp---as sexist catholic pedophiles warped my childhood.
so the cultural warp ---- can occur. do you know what else. arran said he has an uncle he thinks may have killed someone. or had him killed. and that he is involved in ponzi schemes and dirty money. laundering or something. and that the family is mafia. the father confirmed this. that might be some of the psychology thing. this uncle also extremely verbally abused the sister.
arran said his mom verbally abused him, and her boyfriend physically abused him. also arran claims to be a historical revisionist on holocaust.
there is more later

Eric Dubay said...

this is the "more later" part

Arran Edmonstone Thomson Leaks

Arran Edmonstone Restraining Order

Hey, I'm reading these messages he sent you that you posted on Scribd... geeeeeeeez, what a manipulative, lying, needy, clingy, parasite he is! A completely different persona from how he presented himself to me of course. Thanks for posting so that hopefully others won't fall prey to his stalker grossness. Peace

Arran Edmonstone said...


I read your apology and I fully accept it. At the time I sent you the original message I was still relatively new at blogging, cyber activism and social networking and mostly out of naivety I was overly-paranoid about revealing what I knew online (which ironically coincides with a lot having to do with Agenda 21) especially to someone who I have never met in person. Ultimately my defenses were high due to my fear of the unknown. One thing I know is that the totalitarian and more quickly forming one-world government is finding any way they can to keep everyone under constant surveillance.

The threats in the message were based in some misunderstandings I had about my own reality and the truth about what is happening in the world, as well as many missing pieces of my own past having to do with my father. I was actually thinking there would be some global media network (non-corporate) which comes into being to raise global consciousness and establish what I later found out was the "perfect", borderless world imagined by the psy-op, hippy generation of the 60's. I also didn't know about organizations such as Lucis Trust until months later and had much (re)thinking to do about ideas I had about politics and Anarchy.

I also do not subscribe to Judaism or any other religion and believe religions are used widely to keep people divided and at war with one another. Nor am I a liar or a stalker. Also, despite my angry words in the past, I think very highly of your blog and writing. I recently read your post about escaping the Matrix and pursuing life-long passions. That is what I have been pursuing, as well. My passions are writing, film making and photography. I have little urge to waste my energy spreading rumors about people online.

So, with regard to the person who sent you long messages about her experiences with me, she actually does have some major issues which are very much related to suffering from being abused. Much of her perception of me was based on this. As an example the "pornographic" image she claims I attempted to show to her was the art from the Guns 'n Roses album, Appetite for Destruction! There were reasons why, which I don't care to get into and she, of course, never saw this because she so immediately reacted. As far as any other conclusions you (or anyone else) have drawn about my character (i.e. lying, needy, clingy) they are largely inaccurate and based on limited experiences. I would also be happy to share more with you about who I am as time progresses (though I believe that is impossible for anyone to do online). I have said my peace and would be grateful for your understanding. Thank you for your work and I hope 2013 is filled with goodness for you and everyone you love.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eric

What are your findings on Jordan Maxwell. Is he genuine, or he's also on the bandwagon just like Alex Jones and David Icke?


Anonymous said...

To the person who keeps talking about arran's daughter , the daughter specifically asked him not to talk about too complicated subjects. She was very intelligent just couldn't understand many of the topics. Take into mind she was very young.

Unknown said...

Venus Project is controlled opposition? I'm soooo sad ...