Sunday, August 7, 2011

Empowering Yourself - Trust Law and Claim of Right

Thanks to Suzanne for recommending Dean Clifford, a knowledgable freeman who has walked the talk for over a decade, and has recently created the Freemanitoba website and an interesting 5-Part (so far) lecture series on YouTube. This is definitely some "next level" info and I think everyone will learn a lot from these.


Anonymous said...

Intuition tells me that there is something to the Freeman movement(s); although it sometimes seems that we would have to put in the same (or more) quantitative level of study as an attorney or lawyer, to actually be able to have the practical ability to operate as a Freeman under the Law of the Land/Common Law only.

Although I do have a hunch that if one has the right tools and, just as importantly, is able to remain calm, serene, and set aside one's anger and fear; that the Corporatist police-state bullies would, as if by magic so to speak, leave us alone (i.e. quality of study, over the quantity of study that I'd mentioned).

It seems that all of the men/women who successfully claim right to their rights in the face of oppression are the ones who, rather than getting angry and fearful, are very calm and confident in their ability to claim their rights.

Anyway, I have a list of related Lawful and legal terminologies and resources that I've compiled over time; and if I organize it a bit more soon, I'd like to share it for anyone who's interested in putting the puzzle pieces together more, in so far as at least getting a good start on conducting further research.

Thanks for posting this what seems to be valuable piece of the said puzzle.

Anonymous said...

I have a question.. If I have already submitted to the government before, (admitted being a "legal person" or "public servant") does that mean if I appear to court again for the same charges (or new ones) I will already be screwed? Or can I start fresh by stating my rights?

Eric Dubay said...

Fresh start every time :)

Anonymous said...

That's very nice to hear, thanks for the reply.. Another question, I supposedly owed the government several thousand dollars for my DUI, I payed for about a year and then just grew tired of throwing my money away. The debt went to collections. I change my number and address frequently so they have not found and hassled me yet. Do I have to pay this??? If I get sued, can these ideas be used in court?? I apologize for asking selfish questions about myself I just do not know where else to go or cannot trust anybody else. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea Anonymous (above): Just say, "I do not care, have no intention of caring, and am not wasting my time convincing you (lawyers, judges, box of, "impartial" peers, law, constitution, statute, code, regulaation, ligitation procedure, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...) that I have any plan on caring, having cared, or is caring what you decide. Either way, this legal Shakespearean side-show is a waste of my time, your time, and everybody else's precious consciousness, wellbeing, and sanity. So, for the record, I shall repeat: I DO NOT CARE."

And, then ignore the whole situation and pretend it never happened. Walk away.

Be calm, cool, and say it with no emtional attachment whatsoeever the statement above...and see what the lawyers, judges, cops, legal counsel, jury, and others have to say, and tell us how it turned out.

Eric Dubay said...

Anonymous' idea above could work. If you watch the entire series I think the answer will become much clearer:

FreemanITOBA YouTube Channel

You don't have to pay the DUI, and yes you can use these ideas in court. If you injured someone else or their property while drunk, then they could sue you and none of this information would work because you would truly be at fault to the injured party. But if the US Corporation is simply attempting to charge your legal person with going against one of their invasive statutes, then that requires consent and you shouldn't ever consent to their legal BS. So you must regain your standing and establish yourself outside their jurisdiction by maintaining that you are the sole shareholder/beneficiary and executor/director of your legal corporation (name in ALL CAPS). Do this all outside of court beforehand by filing an affidavit on the court record asking for a motion to quash or dismiss the case based on lack of jurisdiction. Prove that lack of jurisdiction in the letter with some negative affirmation requiring proof of their claim over you and use your birth certificate which proves you to be the shareholder/director and thus the sole authority and a freeman outside their grasp. Watch through the lectures, it will sink in and answers will dawn on you as they did with me. Peace and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the advice guys. I have watched up to part 4 and will be trying to finish the rest as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing this with everybody!

Anonymous said...

If I have sent an administrative process in MD. to have the bank and law firm informing them of wanting to see the original note I signed for the house, but instead was sent a copy and told that's all they say they have to send,what recourse do I have for them not being willing to produce the original note and showing they are the holders of the original note I signed?

Eric Dubay said...

There are a number of ways to go about it, but one of the simplest and easiest I've found that seems to be working for people is "the 5 Letters" created by Freeman "Jackie G" at the Freeman Forum:

The 5 Letters

Basically you offer to pay the entirety of your debt/mortgage provided that they grant you their assurance that upon payment they will return to you the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form. I've heard a variety of answers as to what they actually do with the original contract, but there's yet to be a case in which they've come up with anything but a copy. So you go through the 5 letter process giving them every opportunity to provide you their assurance that they will return to you the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form, and they will continue providing you with copies and acting aloof as if that's what you're asking for. It is their legal obligation, however, to provide you with the original, otherwise you have no proof of the claim that you paid it off. If I give you $10 and you sign IOU $10 on a napkin, it's my obligation to give you back the napkin once you pay me back, otherwise I could claim (and provide weighty evidence) that you hadn't actually paid me. So send the letters certified mail and keep copies of everything for your court file. Once you complete the process, stop paying your debt/mortgage and wait for if/when they make the next move. You will have stated in the final letter that since they've failed to provide you with assurance of receiving the original contract back (which constitutes fraud) you are considering this matter legally and financially settled. Most cases end there, but if they do take you to court, then you just put all your documentation into the court file, and proceed with Dean's recommendations. Just stand your ground showing your proof that you've tried to pay off the mortgage multiple times, but they refuse to provide you their assurance of returning the original contract (constituting fraud) so you've had no choice but to consider the matter settled until they 1) produce the original, and 2) assure you of its return upon full payment as is your right.