Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Healthiest, Fittest People in the World

It's time for The Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York and many of the healthiest and fittest people in the world have turned up to support the message of raw veganism. The Life Regenerator Dan McDonald has been riding his bike across America for the past two months in anticipation of his destination, this week-long celebration of living foods. Also in attendance, all the way from Australia is raw vegan champion cyclist, founder of the popular Harley "Durian Rider" and his significant other Freelea "The Raw Fit Bitch." Health Guru and fitness expert Dr. Doug Graham, founder of the 80/10/10 low-fat, high-carb raw vegan diet is there. The "Raw Brahs," raw food brothers and health enthusiasts are there. "Disease Avoidance Specialist" and director of Health 101 Institute Don Bennett is there. Ultra-Marathon winner Grant Campbell and RunningRaw's Tim VanOrden, The Fruitarian Michael Arnstein, Richard Gambino, and many others showed up as well. If you've never researched or experienced the benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle, check out some of these videos/links and see for yourself the amazing stories of longevity, weight loss, high athletic performance and miraculous cures.


sundaemon said...

Gotta be honest - ALL vegans I have met fall into the category "annaemic." I wonder also how you get enough lipids - you know, vitamins A, D, E and K. I suspect you don't. Perhaps if you eat raw food from the very finest soils you would not have a problem. But unless you grow your own, you don't, period.
I also remember Alan Watt commenting that one of the "Crazy Gang" agendas was to make everyone vegetarian. For what its worth.
In Thailand you'll no doubt eat pretty well even as a raw food vegan, but I would be loath to go there and not have Tom Yoong Gung, and their amazing braised pork.
So, put me down as unconvinced.

Eric Dubay said...

Instead of judging based on "all vegans you've met," perhaps you should judge based on facts.

If the "vegans" you've met are eating cooked tofu and drinking soda everyday then they're still "vegan" but certainly far from healthy.

Look at Doug Graham, Durian Rider, Freelee, Dan McDonald, Lou Corona, Markus Rothkranz, Grant Campbell, Tim VanOrden, Michael Arnstein, and Richard Gambino, just to name a few! These people are not deficient in lipids or vitamins. They are among the fittest people in the world and many of them top athletes, winners of Marathons and IronMans. Go to and look at real results instead of telling us about the anemic vegans that you've met.

Look into Raw Vegan BodyBuilding if you're uneducated on the fact that raw vegan is the healthiest diet on Earth. All other animals on the planet eat their food RAW, while it still contains all the nutrients, enzymes and life energy necessary to sustain well-being. Moose, Elephants, Giraffes, and Gorillas are all raw vegans... are you going to ask them about their lipids, vitamins and proteins? Are you going to call them anemic?

I don't blame you for enjoying things like Tom Yum Goong and braised pork, but you only eat those for the taste, not as part of a healthy, high-performance diet. And you're only "unconvinced" because you've never researched or experienced for yourself the benefits of eating only raw living foods.

Anonymous said...

I have always been obsessed with fruit(not so much veggies) That shit is truly deli sauce. And I usually only hear people who hate on vegan, vegetarian and fruitarian either because they love their meat, cheese or cooked food OR because they cannot afford to eat healthier. Either of the remarks by people have even researched it. My excuse is the "affording it" situation.. With my job now, I can afford it. What can I do now?? Your research (and radio show) has helped guide me to doing MY OWN research. Thanks Eric.. Btw how you doing on the transition? Check your hotmail account when u get a chance!

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Dublyn, I've been completely vegetarian for a couple years, and at the moment I'm about 99% vegan and 80% raw. The higher those percentages get the better I'm feeling, so I'm adamant to just go all the way because via this transition I've proved to myself through experience that raw vegan is absolutely the optimal human diet. I checked my mail but didn't see anything from you, can you resend it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! High fruit is where it's at!

Sundaemon, I've been vegan for 6+ years, and am anything but anemic and get plenty of fat-soluble vitamins. Sure, you can eat junk as a vegan and feel terrible, but most vegans I know eat healthy, while foods diets and have no issues with their nutrition.

And I've eaten braised pork in Thailand. If I could go back, I'd enjoy all the amazing fruits instead, much more enjoyable.

sundaemon said...

Have I touched a nerve? It's a little presumptuous to say I haven't done any research - nutrition has been a near obsession for me for years, and I've tried pretty much everything, from juice fasts to hardcore ketogenic eating. I'm an "amateur chef" I guess, and I grow my own herbs and green leaves. And I'm still with Weston A Price on this - the best diet is in line with what the "primitive" people were eating before our "evilisation" brought refined foods and fucked them right up. Refined sugar, for instance, seems to be a drug on a par with heroin and cocaine - it's manufactured in similar ways. It's how the Vatican and Jesuits first got into the drug-trafficking business.
And what did the savages eat? A lot of saturated fat. Meat, cheese. Vegetables, fruit. Fermented grains. The Masai ate nothing but meat, blood and milk! Literally nothing else, and were one of the finest physical specimens found anywhere on the planet.
And I'm a bit confused by your answers - you say you get "plenty of fat-soluble vitamins." The ONLY decent vegan source of saturated fat I can think of is coconut. Which is beautiful, but I wouldn't want to eat it every single day. Seed and vegetable oils are industrial waste products which are incredibly bad for you.
Looking at body-builders and runners as examples of heath is misplaced. Most serious body-builders are on steroids, whether they admit it or not. And running is probably one of the most damaging things you can do to your body. To combine it with a vegan diet would be suicidal. Show me one of these guys living to a ripe old age.
Saying it's great to eat meat, but "only for taste, and not for health", sums it up - it's religious puritanism disguised as rational thinking. How about this - if something tastes good, and makes you feel strong and peaceful afterwards, its probably your bodies way of saying it IS good - and I'll believe my own body over some homunculus who claims he eats only brussel sprouts every single time.

Eric Dubay said...

How about this - if something tastes good, and makes you feel strong and peaceful afterwards, its probably your bodies way of saying it IS good

My body has made it abundantly clear that "this is best" when I eat raw fruits and veggies, and when I eat meat, dairy, and cooked/refined foods my body says "this is less than optimal."

If you think your Paleo, "primitive" diet is the way, I recommend taking a look at this video:

Why Low Carb / Paleo / Primal Makes You Fat and Sick Eventually

You said meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables and fermented grains... sure the fruits, veggies, and fermented grains are nutrient and enzyme-rich, alkaline, bio-available, easily digestible, high-energy, with little metabolic waste. Meat and cheese on the other hand are difficult to digest, acidic pH, stick in the colon, turn to fat, and leave behind loads of waste.

Coconuts, avocados, nuts and oils provide raw vegans with plenty of fats and you most certainly don't "need to" and shouldn't eat them daily. Read about the 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Doug Graham.

Show me one of these guys living to a ripe old age.

Centurian Health Advice

The World's Sexiest Seniors are Raw

sundaemon said...

I'm on a slow connection so I'll have to watch the videos another time. They appear to show two people in their seventies who are vegan and still alive. And you then say, "the verdict is in." The perception and careful scrutiny of evidence that characterizes your insight into conspiracies seems to be lacking here.
You say meat and cheese turn to fat, which is just a bizarre claim. Nobody really knows what causes fat - I am beginning to think it may be a non-dietary energetic reaction to environmental toxins - but the best dietary guess so far appears to be the insulin response, which is stimulated by carbs and sugars. Eating meat and cheese leads to ketosis, which is fat-burning, at least in the short run.
If you feel good on it, great. But I've heard it all before, preached a little desperately, usually from people with very dark circles under their eyes.

Eric Dubay said...

They appear to show two people in their seventies who are vegan and still alive.

They are two people in their seventies that are not only alive but radiantly healthy, perfect skin, attractive, energetic, athletic, and disease-free. The other video shows a healthy 109 year-old.

You say meat and cheese turn to fat, which is just a bizarre claim. Nobody really knows what causes fat

You show me one overweight raw vegan. You cannot because raw fruits and vegetables, no matter how much you eat, will never make you fat. Cooked foods, grains, meats, dairy, and refined sugars make people fat. Raw vegans don't even need to exercise and will not become overweight.

There's no dark circles under my eyes Sundaemon, though people have stopped me on the street to tell me I have a powerful aura.

Anonymous said...

sundaemon probably looks like the results of all the sundaes s/he has eaten.

Moo've on...

sundaemon said...

I never said veganism will make you fat. And there you go again saying what makes people fat! You don't know that! You're buying into the media-fed fat/ cholesterol/ high blood pressure bollocks, which is just that, bollocks. Look into it, if you're going to preach on how to eat without allowing ANY room whatsoever for disagreement or uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

Fat is mostly caused by the corporate-funded fast food industry with its overwhelmingly greasy stuff which is generally toxic if ate too often, but it is not true to say that anyone who eats cooked food, etc will automatically become fat. I myself eat a fair balance of cooked and raw fruits, but I don't become fat. It depends largely on your metabolism.

"Fat" is not a clear-cut issue Eric. Fast food, cooked food, metabolism, and numerous other factors come into play. Now, whle raw is good, don't get too caught up in the action that you miss the trees for the entire forest. [Hint: Don't be too attached to your diet that you have to spread it like the Gospel of Veganism].

Eric Dubay said...

And there you go again saying what makes people fat! You don't know that!

Sure I do! Why is fat such a mystery to you? I said that raw vegan food doesn't make you fat. Even without exercising, you cannot show me a single fat raw vegan. Hence it's not fruits, vegetables, or lack of exercise that makes people fat. Therefore it must be (and is) all the other crap people eat (cooked/refined foods, grains, meat, and dairy). It's called the process of elimination... just because you don't know/won't accept that fact doesn't mean it's not true.

It is not true to say that anyone who eats cooked food, etc will automatically become fat.

I never said that. Tired of responding to straw men. Peace.

Anonymous said...

When I went almost vegetarian for a year (no land animals) just occasional tuna/fish/shrmp, I felt the best EVER in my whole life.

The reason I switeched is because I was starting to get so dizzy I had to lie down--the room was literally spinning.

This led me to think it could be something in the meat (land animals), eggs, milk, ice cream.
When I went back to eating some meat (I was preggo with my first), I ate meat just to make sure I got the vitamins, yadda yadda yadda.

Then, the dizzyness, headaches started again. If I switched to organic meat, I was fine. HOWEVER, some of the natural brands would occasionally give me a headache, so I knew it wasnt ANTIBIOTIC or STEROID free--which was the "ingredient" causing my headaches / dizziness.

Fast forward to 2011, I came across Eric's blog about raw fegan foods, and ate raw veggies I normally cooked (cauliflower, broccoli) as well as the raw carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, lots and lots of cilantro (for detox besides the fact it works like catnip on me ;)) and I felt WONDERFUL. My pineal gland even buzzed again for me after an absence of 20+ years (now I know it was my pineal and not some annoying thing in my head).

I even tried fasting for 3 days (thanks to this blog), and felt terrific, quickly deflated my belly bulge which I could never totally get rid of, even when I was fit in my teens & 20s.

Having eaten a homemade veggie sandwich like 3 weeks ago, I'm craving it on a daily basis. Had a raw veggie sandwich everyday for a week, felt great!

Plus, I'm feeding my body light--photons which only exist in living foods. Raw veggies & fruits give off their electrons when its eaten, and this is vital life force for your cells.

so, eat light to be Light

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I didnt know what was going on with me--those excruciating headaches became more and more frequent--they lasted 3+ days, and were coming on a weekly basis.

So, I went to see a doctor who took my blood test, I thought I must have diabetes or something. Nope, he said I was fine. I told him then what is giving me these headaches every week? And I"m so dizzy I have to lie on the floor because the room is spinning around me? He didnt have an answer.

The next doctor I went to, did the usual physical, tapped in my knees, checked my eyes, ears. Said I was fine. I should be running 10 miles a day at my age (around 23 yrs) I'm like, I can barely run 3 miles a day, and I've been running 5 days a week since I was 16 yrs old.

The third doc I called up on the phone, he spoke to me (never seen me before) and prescribed 5 MEDICATIONS without seeing me, taking any blood tests, or physical examinations. Needless to say, I never went to buy those medications. I thought, what a quack.

Then, my girlfriend said you are what you eat, and then I started eating spinach, which helped considerably (and made my nails strong), but I would still get the headaches but less frequently. I finally narrowed it down to the meats I ate, but back in the day before the internet really had all the info, there was very little about whats in the meat. Then, at stores, I started noticing labels on some meat packages that said "no steroids", and I was like, they put steroids in the animals??? So that was my key term to research on, and thru my own trial, it was true that the crap they put into those animals were affecting ME.

So, do your own trials to find out. I happen to be those sensitive to bad stuff in food, so my body tells me so (thru the headaches, dizziness, lethargy).

Or maybe, I'm just more perceptive than you.

mintu kumar said...

This is a must see video... you have you prepare yourself and your loved ones before it's too late.

sundaemon said...

"It's called the process of elimination... just because you don't know/won't accept that fact doesn't mean it's not true."

Dude, it's not elimination, it's inference. And it's begging the question, or circular argument: "Non-veganism is unhealthy (unproven), body fat is unhealthy (also unproven, surprisingly to some), therefore veganism is healthy and non-veganism is unhealthy and makes you fat."
The conclusions don't even follow from the arguments. Perhaps that diet is messing with your mind!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather take some risks in life, don't you?

All this, "eat light to be light" stuff is as demonic as it can get. The diet is screwing around with people's heads, and people are actually convinced that a, "compassionate diet" automatically makes them holier-than-thou.

This is the mentality of duality and conflict. What good does all that light do when you are just as blind and ignorant as your fellow elite arch-nemesis? You're better off just taking a chance in life, eat some meat, and build up your immunity to the toxins via awareness and cynicism. Works wonders for me, I can eat all the meat, fruits, vegetables, except cheese that I like, and I feel fine 90% of the time. Fine-ness is just good enough for me, if you are so intoxicated by, "light" maybe it is a time to balance it out with some, "dark" stuff, eh?

Just a suggestion.

sundaemon said...

Yes, it is a bit of a giveaway: "eat light to be light." Luciferian/New Age all the way. Vegetarianism/vegansim has always been a tenet of New Age-ism, which as people like Constance Cumbey have shown, IS the New World Order. It's no accident that crops have been grown on denatured toxic soils, genetically modified, sprayed with toxins during growth and then during transport, and then you're told they're what's best to eat! You're better off eating lightly seared liver. There's no comparison when it comes to the nutrient profile, and far less chance of massive toxicity.
In all honesty, that people report feeling so great on these diets is a little strange. People often get a "high" when their blood is full of toxins, like with a shot of heroin. And it's a sign of massive cell death. I'd be very, very careful when assessing the diet's efficacy from the testimony of people who seem just a bit "too keen."

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to see the devil in everything?

I dont see it that way :)

I guess its that perception thing again...

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to see the devil in everything?

I dont see it that way :)

I guess its that perception thing again...

If nobody sees the devil in the details, then everybody is gonna get fucked. You can thank us later.

Anonymous said...

Why would people be obsessed over other people's auras?

What is this? A special congregation where instead of men and women compare clothing, now comparing auras is the new cult-trend?

Am I missing something or is this whole vegan-raw stuff sound a lot like a New Age voodoo cult-business?

Anonymous said...

Do you know what a PHOTON is?


sundaemon said...

Don't you just love synchronicity? Usually means you're on the right track. Just came across this:

"Recent research has implicated environmental contaminants in the pathogenesis of obesity. A new study sought to explore the relationship between persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and fat mass.

The results showed that blood plasma concentrations of octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (OCDD), PCBs, and the pesticides HCB, TNK, and DDE were all positively related to fat mass."

Eric Dubay said...

"Hey fatty, stop eating all those chips, sweets, cheese, meats, sodas, and breads."

"No, it's okay, I'm fat because of POP's, PCB's, HCB's, TNK's, and DDE's in the environment.... Dr. Mercola synchronistically said so."

"Oh, okay, my bad."

sundaemon said...

I've already stated that meats and cheese cause you to lose weight, not gain it. That's why Atkins works. You're arguing like a child, so there's no point in this.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, when I stopped eating the meat, dairy, bread, my tummy flattened out.

Tell me I'm not seeing this, sundaemoron.

Anonymous said...

So, how do you see Lucifer, or whatever the devil you see in a photon?

Anonymous said...

@ sundaemoron,

I think Eric was trying to speak as simplistic as possible for you to understand.


Ben said...

Sample Size: 1
Conclusion: Ironclad

I'm pretty sure that encompasses all the commentary that is necessary here.

sundaemon said...

You know, I think you've just outed yourself. All the people I know who are "waking up" are insightful people, and very quick to doubt ANY dogma. You present a few New Age videos and say it's gospel, tooth and nail. And you turn gay when you're defeated in argument. Where's the evidence? That's NOT ANECDOTAL?
With you, mixing some decent new finds with disinfo, I now actually highly doubt any mason tried to "co-opt" you. I remember commenting at the time that it didn't seem right, it was too stupid on their part. And what kudos for you to turn them down! Listening to your baby talk, you'd probably shit your pants if a mason came within fifty feet of you. In the end you turned out to be exactly like the kind of person (or people?) that signs out by saying "peace". Bit like that wanker Charlie Veitch.

Eric Dubay said...

I've already stated that meats and cheese cause you to lose weight, not gain it. That's why Atkins works.

Your powers of discernment are uncanny:

What's Wrong With Atkins?

Dr. George Eisman on Atkins

The Danger of the Atkins Diet

I personally know 2 people that ate Atkins until it gave them a heart attack. It is the most unsustainable and unhealthy fad "diet" ever invented, and you're knocking raw fruits/veg in favor of this trash?

Then beyond that, you claim that since I recommend people eat raw fruits and vegetables, I must be a disinfo agent. I can't argue with that kind of logic, detective.

Eric Dubay said...

Lou Corona just turned 60 yesterday. Raw vegan for 39 years - eating nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and he is strong as an ox, vibrant and youthful. You show me a 60 year-old eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) or Fatkins who can do this:

Lou Corona - Stronger than Sundaemon

He doesn't even lift weights or do any fitness training - just a little pranayama and yoga everyday.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, sundaemoron,
Tell me I'm not seeing my pudgy belly go from blubbery to flat in just a week of eating raw vegs & fruit.

Eric Dubay said...

And try to do so without the ad hominem attacks, Sundaemon. I deleted your last post cursing me out. You dropped the F-bomb so many times that the comments section was starting to look like Dresden.

Eric Dubay said...

Here are some other great videos from the Woodstock Fruit Festival:

Another Raw Food Success Story

Dr. Sam - How to Get Healthy

Mike Arnstein - The Fruitarian

Want to Lose Weight? Make Health Your Hobby

The Raw Food Doctor

The Woodstock Fruit Festival Goodbye Party

Anonymous said...

Aw, sundaemoron

Too bad I missed your ranting before Eric deleted it.

What happened to your attempt at sounding logical with supposed facts?

Have We touched upon a "raw" nerve?

Anonymous said...

Open your minds to the largest conspiracy that has changed the world the most... (I am not trying to scare you, i am only trying to open your mind).Common water is no longer healthy. Disease did not exist before water became mis-used (they do not teach this in school)!!! Most people have been chronically dehydrated for generations and centuries all around the world. Common water does not contain its natural components anymore. Water is processed/ pumped/ shipped/ added harmful chemicals and minerals, and it is sold all around the world. Common water does not contain it's natural components (Active hydrogen and aquaporins). Common water does not hydrate us like it should, we only get the bare minimum to survive! This is by far the largest conspiracy that has existed in human history and us people need to figure out our priorities. There are natural water sources around the world. Eat organic, dairy is unhealthy, limit artificial sugar, excercise, dont get shots/medical drugs (theyre crap), and you can become healthy or stay healthy. This is legitimate! Solutions are bound to find people who make bad health a problem, thank you.