Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Achieve Freedom - The Anarchast

The Anarchast is an excellent new video podcast dedicated to the topic of achieving true freedom and independence through self-rulership/self-governance also known as Anarchy. On this week's episode above Stefan Molyneux joins host Jeff Berwick to discuss how/why he became an anarchist, the non-aggression principle, and how to bring about autonomy and freedom in our own lives. Below is another great recent video from Stefan talking about "the gun in the room" and why Ron Paul, Obama or any other political figure can never fix the scourge of statism from within.


Anonymous said...

Please share your opinions on 3 comments I left after Peter:

Sorry for starting the comments section with something relating an earlier post by Eric.

Anonymous said...

Wow I think I like Stefen more and more everytime I hear what he has to say... I started out almost hating him too. Gotta love having an open-mind. Thanks for sharing Eric!

Max said...

You just proved me with this blog-post that you are either a conscious dis-info or just a useful idiot. Nevertheless you are promoting another blind alley.

Here you have your "great rebel" Kokesh in event (at Jefferson Memorial) scripted from beginning to end.

Fake arresting scene performed by reptilian deceivers.

Not to mention Russia Tv. Station that was built by money from Russian federal budget. Give me a break.

All you shape-shifters and thoughts manipulators: YOU WILL FAIL!

Eric Dubay said...

That's a new one, I'm either disinfo or an idiot because I DON'T believe/promote the shape-shifting reptilian stuff. Not only that, but apparently Max thinks I AM one.

I'm well suspicious of Russia Today, but that doesn't mean some gems like the video I posted don't get through.

And how is Anarchism a "blind alley?" I'm against governments stealing people's taxes and promising to spend it wisely for them. If government and taxation were voluntary, I'd have no problem. My problem comes when people like Ron Paul put on a smile, talk a good game, get elected in 2012 (just wait) and fail to live up to their Minarchist ideals.

From the weird and often contradictory things you post here, I also suspect you are an agent, but I don't think you're a reptile. I think you're a human who turned into a troll after you accepted your first cointel paycheck.

Anonymous said...


I am cynical of Russia Today too - but, honestly - it is the major channel for the Left (not that I promote their ideology in any way). Alas, I am open to the show, besides, I don't even have TV. So, Russia Today is the last thing I'd worry about,


Russia Today is a great resource, and the Center for Research on Globalization ( is also a great site for further research. Their articles are free and is my daily dose of information to keep up with the world.

Check it out Eric.

And finally - we are all useful idiots to some degree. We all work for the Illuminati because as long as we are on this illusory 3D light show - we are always subject to the will of the Illuminati Light Bringers will. Awareness can resolve that.

Max said...

Hahaha, If I could get a dollar for everytime I read that I'm conitel troll I would be millionaire.

Go ahead follow Stefan Molyneux.
Do these eyes can lie. Watch close frame by frame (5:00 - 5:45) how his pupils are chaning.


Be aware people. A devious Reptilian plot involving vibrational patterns & frequencies has been executed invoking mental & physical changes in society.

Plug your ears and listen. Still hear a constant high-pitched resonation with mild "tweets" & clicking? This resonation is occurring 24/7 without your awareness. These sounds
have been meticulously engineered & subconsciously embedded in many devices.

These sound patterns are gradually causing mental fatigue & invoking anomalies in physical characteristics. For example ranging from gradual growth of teeth resulting in excessing crowding causing the bottom teeth to angle inward towards the mouth. Probably these patterns are activating part of the 98% "junk" DNA we haven't been told shite about.

It has been planned likely since the existence of man and the implantation of modern day religion, it will feed off of people’s fear of Lucifer, being judged, it will involved physical transformation of society being invoked TODAY through the use of SOUND (via manifestation of suppressed genes in the human genome), we will be told COMPLETE LIES as to why this physical transformation is taking place, these beings will pray upon the belief-sets of Christianity, invoking fear of “judgment day” and looking for complacency while people take no action while putting faith in a “messiah”, it will leverage a movie-like production leveraging the media to unfold this story to the masses, it will leverage advanced technology which we aren’t privy to likely to enact “natural” disasters, likely to cause electrical & computer systems to go haywire, symbolism of Lucifer & the “4 horsemen”, and of course it will leverage the capability of human hosting and full-on possession of bodies to cause chaos, fear, and attempt to “prove” to the public the false lie that this is indeed a religious event. It will also likely capitalize on the false-prophecies of the coming of days in 2012, heightening the awareness of the Mayan calendar while instating false prophets to manipulate humanity into creating their own perception of the coming of the end while laying claims of what needs to be done to get through it – which of course will be to follow the EXACT AGENDA being put forth as we speak by these advanced beings.

Remember there is absolutely nothing religious or spiritual with regard to what is likely to transpire, nor is there any need to fear what is in store.

For more info go to ->

The Fugitive From Injustice said...
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The Fugitive From Injustice said...

Max if being a millionaire interests you then you need to examine your oiwn reptilian make-up.

THere is definitely something about that guys eyes that bothers me, also the way he seems so personable makes me think he is a sociopath of some sort.

Russia is holding all of the key cards that dictate our future.

Max, how can you quote a disturbing piece from the annunaki agenda and then tell us not to fear for the future.

THe discussions toing and froing here, one accusing the other of being agent, shill, troll etc. are all stoking the fire of the hive masters, causing them to rub their hands with glee. THe common ground is that we all want freedom for our planet so lets try and work together and provide a picture of a united front and not one that is pulling itself apart at the seams.

Anonymous said...

Re the Anarchast explanation of London riots. It did not quite go far enough. THe guy in the podcast was clearly very twitchy about expressing the truth. He did say that there were two elements involved. Both elements being groomed and developed by the state to perform their roles. He mentioned ther kids who simply wanted to fill their boots with goodies, these are the innocents, programmed to be the fall guys who suffer the consequences. THe other element is the riot instigators who are a hidden extension of the criminal police force in the UK. These people were charged with the job of initiating the riots which was not difficult after an innocent man was shot in cold blood on the streets of LOndon. You will note how stand-offish were the police initially, simply because they could not weigh in on their own people who had been promised immunity and safety. Compare the police approach to the student protests and other demonstrations in London where they had no qualms about getting heavy. The entire scenario in London, just like 7/7, was contrived and orchestrated by the police.