Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Solution Speech

Schaeffer Cox is a 26 year-old carpenter who has some very interesting and inspiring liberty-promoting ideas that he has put into motion in his home of Fairbanks, Alaska. Frustrated with the tired old model of railing against the establishment, protesting or petitioning for change, Cox has enacted several ideas which are bringing political power back into the hands of the people.

"Put right and wrong above legal and illegal because when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. But it is not rebellion at all; it is submission to the higher law that government is in rebellion to. We're not the rebels, they're the rebels." -Schaeffer Cox


Eric Dubay said...

It appears the feds have already swooped in and thrown this bright young man in jail on trumped up conspiracy charges:

My friend, Schaeffer Cox, was arrested Thursday (March 10, 2011) in Fairbanks, Alaska by the FBI, U.S. Marshal Service, and the Fairbanks Police Department. They are accusing him (and four associates) of threatening to kidnap and/or murder Alaska State Troopers, and a U.S. District Court judge. I do not believe it for a single moment. -Michael Badnarik

nvra75 said...

that sux.

"how long shall they kill (or imprison) our prophets while we stand aside and look?" (BM)

S. Zuma said...

This is another very brave truth campaigner whose incarceration can only mean that our western govts are deeply afraid of truth and civil liberties and have done as much in their power to curtail them.

The reason is, they do not submit to the laws of God, the creator. Rather they push the falsehoods of evolution and Darwin to undermine our God given rights to justice and freedom, the things they hate.

And they have convinced their slaves of the 'virtues' of 'survival of the fittest' and 'natural selection' and disguised greed and contempt as 'ambition' and 'drive' where it's ok to not have any conscience in your quest for financial success, as long as you are operating within the 'law'. Man's law. The ever changing law of the jungle!

This is what democracy is. Funny word ain't it? If you break it down it translates as


And that's exactly it. Just look around at our world at how totally ruthless it is. How people are only motivated by financial gain and exploitation where they would even take a pensioner's last pennies so long as they were getting 'ahead'. The demons are running amok! Demon crazy!!

Let's not forget the others too who have been imprisoned/ incarcerated in the US for speaking out against this bogus and wicked system, to name only a handfull

Bradley Manning 2010
Leonard Peltier 1977
Abu Jamal 1981
Kent Hovind 2007
Fritz Springmeier 2003 - 2010

The last two, like Schaefer are Christians. Fritz did 7yrs on trumped up charges for exposing the wickedness of the satanic power structure in his banned book Be Wise As Serpents.

I often wondered why these Christians today have such an influential media profile and political bargaining power with govts if their so called leader was against those in power. They believe the lord is blessing them with wealth by supporting Israel. What delusion! The exact opposite is occurring. We are being cursed for our support of that abomination!

It's simple really. They are NOT Christians at all. They are cloaked Satanists that side with Israel and the NWO, the two things Christ was AGAINST! Such is the end time deception. Satan has destroyed the churches so the only true churches are underground.

All true Christians should be in jail as Christ was a revolutionary. He would've been deemed a terrorist today!

The road to Heaven ain't paved with gold, its full of snakes and daggers and charlatans and the 'Christians' fell for it.

"Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer, indeed the devil is about to throw some of you into prison that you may be tested and you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life." Rev2:10

Eric Dubay said...

Love that Bob Marley song NVRA, quite the dark irony seeing as they killed him too. Great comment as usual Zuma, thanks for the insights. Do you have a blog or anywhere people can read more of your writing? Peace

Brian said...

He has no standing because he is a citizen/subject and not a party to the compact known as the Constitution. If he was a party to it, they would have heard his case. As a citizen you have a lower political status than the owners of this country. He needs to stop trying to change something which is not his and do what the founders did with the Declaration of Independence. To be free, you must establish your seperate and equal station among the powers of the earth.

Eric Dubay said...

You're exactly right Brian, but did you watch the whole video? Because that's exactly what Schaeffer has done. Among other things, he crafted a Declaration of Independence for himself and thousands of fellow Alaskans. As he said in his speech, a "petition" is not enough as it is simply asking the power structure to change, a "declaration" however puts the people in the driver's seat and states their claim of rights to anyone who would try to infringe upon them.

Anonymous said...

A great speach. Not because it had beatiful words like all the politicians use to deceive us, because it was from heart of a human being who is afraid of nothing else than his own Creator.

I hope there will be more and more people who can bring themselves both intellectually and mentally to the level he has achieved. Peace.

Anonymous said...

A "Declaration of Independence" for yourself to separate yourself from the already collectively insane society?

Not to sound insulting or offensive, but that still has not worked out very well.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound insulting or offensive, but that still has not worked out very well.

Do you mean because he has been jailed? Surely he must be thinking sitting in jail is better than being a slave. I'm not going to ask you which one you would choose - I know the answer.