Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vedic Cosmology - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

This excellent presentation by Richard Thompson explains the ancient vedic concept of Bhumandala, the geocentric universe detailed in the Srimad Bhagavatam.


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff Eric. I always feel a sense of understanding reality when i come across things like this, that make alot of sense. However i may of missed it but i didnt catch much on the moon. Brahes model is great but i dont understand where the moon is and what its role is in this geocentric theory. Do you know of it? -AG

Rob said...

Seriously, what would this mean!? that some scientists/gods/angels/whatever made a logical system based on basic physics and then placed some sentient beings in said system?

The next question is, how do I escape from this system?

Anonymous said...

Ancient Free Energy…
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Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments. In Brahe's system, the Earth is stationary, the sun and moon revolve around us, and the planets revolve around the sun. This was a revision from the Ptolemaic and Vedic systems where all celestial bodies rotate around a static Earth. It wasn't until Jesuits Kepler and Galileo poisoned him and stole his work that the Heliocentric theory of Copernicus started taking hold.

The Life and Times of Tycho Brahe

Galileo Unmasked

Not sure what you mean Rob, but those sound like some worthwhile metaphysical questions to answer. And that secrets of the pyramids video was excellent, thanks for sharing. Peace

Druv said...

Allow me to bring it down to the basics:

Harmonices Mundi -

The word - Mundi is from Sanskrit which means a clean shaven head which in planetary terms in Sanskrit would mean the Globe.

Hence, Hermonics mundi means harmonics of the globe ^_^

The word Mundi remains the same because "Latin" has no equivalent word to it.

Sanskrit was perfect in every accord, and uncorrupted.

No words for abuse, and no words for divorce.

Even in hindi, there are no words for abuse or any word for divorce!

Sanskrit sutras can go up to infinity, there is no language in this world that can match it and that is a fact.

Sly Abrahmic linguist created a fraudulent word -

Proto-Indo-European = Fraud

Sorry, Sanskrit is the source.

Druv said...

The Celtic European civilization was connected with Indian civilization before the advent of the "Zealots" who took over the core of the Celtic Civilization.

The "Zealots" ate the first people in the world which were connected with the word "Terrorism".

We know who the zealots are ,dont we?

The invaded the "Gentile" Rome culture, took over the monarchy and its priests. Warped its original teachings and created Christianity over Celtic civilization.

The WHOLE of Europe was Celtic Civilization and Rome was the core.

Warp the core and the rest will fall easily.

500 years after the success of the invasion of the Zealots and successful creation and assimilation of Europe into Christianity, ten came the turn of the "Arabs".

They programmed and planted "Mohammad" and warped the Arabic triple goddess worship.

The Zealots created the double Missionary weapons - Christianity and Islam.

They both claim their origins from the Old testament, but what do the Zealot core think of Christians and Islamist?


They control the vatican as a weapon and they programmed Islamic extremist to commit the jihad atrocities.

Muslims invaders killed over 80 million Indian Kafirs in last 1000 years of onslaught in India.

These programmed monsters were the creation of the Zealot core who came to feed via British east India company.

200 years from 1800's to the 1949 was enough to gain all the power they wanted.

1949 was the same year "India" got its fraudulent Independence and Israel also came into existence.

They count on the fact that we hate muslims for what they did for last 1000 years in this country and end up supporting the mass murder they are committing today in Libya and other "Islamic" countries.

It was their plan to begin with - program them, use them and then kill them.

When the Zealot core is destroyed, their dark energy in the echo Abrahamic religions will also disappear.

Its time to strike the heart of darkness!

Druv said...

The "Zealots" are the first people in the world which were connected with the word "Terrorism".

Sorry, bad typo.

The following link has very graphic images which should not be seen by the faint hearted.

A Sample of Muslim atrocities

This is a long term "Zealot" battle tactic which was used to take over the world today by the Missionary cults they created.

Once the Zealot core is destroyed, the abrahamic religions will end.

Hopefully we will be free.

barb said...

wow thank you so much Eric for posting this! I truly believe reading Srimad Bhagavatam as well as Bhagavad Gita and others can lead one to truth of themselves and the universe, and ultimately of our God himself.
The Srimad Bhagavatam is not easily taken as truth by skeptics, but for those that doubt this amazing book, explain how it foretells the birth of Buddha - the time and location, name of parents, etc. - thousands of years before he's born? Or explains the entire universe(s) and all its planets and inhabitants, how we got here and when we will go? The simple point of these books is to learn your position so you will then basically surrender to God, Krsna.
As Rob says in comments, "...The next question is, how do I escape from this system?" According to Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita, yes, this is the first question human beings need to ask themselves in order to advance as true spiritual beings

Druv said...

You can only escape by remaining within the natural laws of the universe, and when you break those laws -- every thing in the world will suffer around you which in turn will hurt you back.

You have to live with the highest virtues which should come from within and not commanded upon you.

If its not coming from within you will never do the right thing on your own.

Like the 10 commandments are more like "Orders" rather than instilling virtues, and it is natural human tendency to resist some external law which restricts your life.

If you naturally understand the universe, then you will not oppose the laws and live peacefully.

Christianity was basically made to make you break the laws of the universe which has hurt your people a lot and inturn become slaves to the people who destroyed the Celtic Civilization.

Druv said...

Just like a fruit detaches itself from the tree after it fully matures, similarly people also have to mature in the natural life cycle they have to live within the universe and detach themselves after they mature via the right way i.e. the natural laws of the universe which we call "Dharma".

Any thing which goes against the flow of life is "Adharma", hence killing animals for food is considered "Adharma".

Any one consuming meat will naturally destroy his spiritual strength and his life span will go down faster.

you only need to surrender to "Knowledge" and God is 100 % pure knowledge.

Sri Krishna gave the teachings of Gita to Arjuna on the Battle field of Dharma, when there was a time when Adharma prevailed.

We, the people of Sanatan Dharma, always fight to protect the natural laws of the universe and the people who defy the flow of life.

Eric Dubay said...

Great explanation Druv, thanks for that.

Druv said...

I messed up the last sentence :P

And we fight "Against" the people who defy the flow of life.

I am here to fight against all the wrongs of the world which has created great turmoil in the lives of all the living beings of the planet.

The people who have created "Adharma" to rule the world have created great atrocities and now is the the time they pay the price of their crimes.

I prefer to face all evil and every thing that is bad in the world to destroy it. You cannot live peacefully if you allow bad things to continue, hence my aggression towards the people of "Adharma" will continue till they are destroyed completely.

Anonymous said...

Ancient Nuclear War
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Anonymous said...

If you ask Nasa to go to the moon, theyll say they did it. If you ask Nasa to explore Mars, they will colonize it. If you ask to see videos or picture of our own solar system/universe! They will say sorry, we can't do that for you naive Earthlings, because its a secret, we wouldnt want anyone to understand the Universe... The geocentric theory is definitely a conspiracy theory!

Anonymous said...

NASA Tells Tall Tails: