Tuesday, April 17, 2012

12 Year-Old Girl Exposes the Banking Conspiracy

Last week 12 Year-Old Canadian Victoria Grant gave the above speech entitled "The Corrupt Canadian Banking System" to a group of 600 businessmen and women. In her short speech she outlined the entire debt-based private banking scam enslaving the people of Canada and the world, as well as the solution. Below in a follow-up interview, Press for Truth's Dan Dicks asked Victoria about her interest and motivation behind this issue. Personally as a teacher I've been repeatedly humbled and inspired by the passion and ingenuity of the coming generation and I hope we continue to see courageous young people like Victoria step up and away from the system.


Eric Dubay said...

Thanks to Dad for sending me this great cartoon which also outlines the banking conspiracy:

How to be a Crook

Anonymous said...

The time has come.

It is time now for all of us to take the next step and go from passive to active in this fight
and help wake up others, all you need/can to do is show them the door.

We ARE the 300.
(but more like 3 million)

Any of us can blog, edit, direct films and produce video and form groups, etc. The secret is drive and proper time management.

It is time to used the tools and info you have learned over the years, all this, just stuck in your head will do NOTHING but make you go crazy.

It is time to put it all out and do your part to correct the path of the world, understand that you were BORN for this reason.

...if you are still confused about what to do or where to start I would suggest to first find people like you in your area (very very important) and then exploit your natural talents and to follow your intuition (this "gut instinct", we ALL have it, trust me) this will show you the road to follow, in life there are no coincidences, technically it is all simple synchronicity.

Your sword and shield along with your heart are to realize what the school system TOOK AWAY FROM YOU and to master the teachings of the 7 liberal arts (liberal arts = they make you free).

These tools can be found at TriviumEducation.com and in the teachings of John Taylor Gatto, they are all free of charge.

It is time for you to finally understand what exactly "ANOTHER BRINK IN THE WALL" means.



Anonymous said...

Great cartoon vid, at the end when they pose the question "what remains to be seen [when the people are wising up to the fact they've been screwed over by the banking system]" and are getting pretty pissed, i think this is what DHS has been up to...


Anonymous said...

(edit) TYPO - I meant to say "brick".

Anonymous said...

Love your response Vic. :)

Eric Dubay said...

Yeah, great comment Vic. It's time for people to stop holding back and just let your lights shine over all the darkness. We've reached the tipping point of awake/aware people, now we just need to use our creativity and get to work enacting solutions and spreading the word.