Monday, April 16, 2012


Thanks to Dorothy for recommending this important and eye-opening film Gasland, the 2010 Sundance winner of the Best US Documentary. Hydraulic Fracturing or "Fracking," is a natural gas extraction procedure originally developed by Halliburton which is now causing world-wide water problems. Nearly 600 toxic chemicals used during fracking are showing up in private and public water supplies and residents across America and other fracking countries are becoming deathly ill. Watch the trailer above or view the entire documentary here.


Anonymous said...

Gasland is one kickass film, everyone should see it, no propaganda here, just plain facts.

People should understand that no amount of money for drilling rights can ever in a million years begin to cover the amount of environmental damage done to these areas by fracking by polluting all underground water and killing most wildlife, a friend from scranton tell me that some areas of Pennsylvania are slowly starting to look a bit like chernobyl, no joke.

Anonymous said...

Now, this fracking couldnt be a CONSPIRACY to muck up our water supply, could it? Humans can only survive 3 days without drinkable potable water.

This would give those in power even more power as they would be able to control our drinking water.

That would mean this is like killing 2, 3, or more birds with one stone, as the saying goes...