Friday, November 9, 2012

Gangnam Vegan Style!

Above are two great music videos promoting healthy/ethical eating, Gangnam Vegan Style and Vegan Myths Debunked. Below is a compilation taken from my latest interview with Wendy and Max of Lightwaves Radio discussing Vegan/Vegetarianism, Shaolin Martial Monks, Bodybuilding, the Animal Holocaust and Hunting vs. Gardening.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT interview Eric. Love the pictures you put with the topics as you were talking. Wonderful Job.... ""Dad""

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Dad! :) I just found this awesome song this morning for all you animal lovers:

I Don't Eat Animals - Melanie Safka

Eric Dubay said...

For anyone who thinks, home-grown, grass-fed, organic slaughter is somehow more acceptable or "humane" do me a personal favor and watch this 2 minute video:

Is Meat Really Murder?

If you're not vegan and you want to know why the world is so fucked up, look in the mirror before your next meal.

Anonymous said...

Plants do have feelings! You investigated that in one of your posts haha ;p

Too bad we cant just live without eating >.<

nickatnoon61 said...

AnuniMOOSE, too bad jou can't eat the FRUIT/VEGETABLE/SEED/NUT and let the plant live! That is just too much ROCKET SURGERY isn't it?

nickatnoon61 said...

Any more LAME excuses for being an IGNORANT COWARD/PREDATOR???