Friday, November 2, 2012

Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy Caused by HAARP?

The so-called "Frankenstorm" hurricane Sandy that rocked the American East Coast this week leaving homes destroyed and millions powerless may have more in common with Frankenstein than the mainstream media has let on. Namely, by using tactical chemtrails, chemdumps, and HAARP technology, it is quite evident that hurricane Sandy was souped up and steered (if not entirely created) by man. Have a look at these videos to see exactly how HAARP and chemtrails were used to cause hurricane Sandy to increase in power and change direction:

Full moon tides, a building tropical storm, and a colliding cold front mixed with massive chemtrail spraying and off-the-chart HAARP readings certainly combined to create "The Perfect Storm" just a week before the US elections! It reminds me of the Haiti Earthquake Caused by HAARP which serendipitously happened to hit just weeks before their elections. In the first video above you can see how the storm was clearly losing power and veering Eastwards when suddenly a mass of long chemtrails and condensed chemdumps along the coastline combined with infrasonic undulations from HAARP technology pumped it up and helped steer it towards land. HAARP Status, the real-time sensor network set-up to detect HAARP waves over America, just before and during hurricane Sandy showed the highest readings they have ever recorded with peak intensity going off the charts right at the New England coastline!


Eric Dubay said...

It has just surfaced that the National Hurricane Center had a drill in Oct. 1997 tracking a hypothetical hurricane named Sandy up the New England coast following the exact pattern/location of 2012's actual hurricane Sandy. More "coincidences":

Hurricane Sandy Drill from Oct. 1997

Anonymous said...

Makes me think,,,, Wow.. wake up everyone!!!

Eric Dubay said...

Hurricane Sandy on Purpose as Weaponized Weather and Weather Wars

Anonymous said...

So what do you think would be the agenda behind all of this? What are they trying to achieve here with Haarp?

secseanz said...

Angles don't play this H.A.A.R.P

Eric Dubay said...

what do you think would be the agenda behind all of this? What are they trying to achieve here with Haarp?

I think it's best to stick with "conspiracy evidence" over "conspiracy theories," but I have heard some implausible theories being thrown around. Alex Jones is calling it "Obama's Divine Wind" and saying that Obama created Sandy to help him win elections. But of course in the next breath Alex says that the NWO globalist elite own both parties and pre-choose presidents. Which is it Alex? Besides with all the voting machine fraud that has been exposed over the past 20 years, the idea that elections aren't rigged is becoming passe. If anything, my theory would be that since both parties and their tired puppets on both sides have been so thoroughly exposed, discredited and are losing so much support, and the freedom / sovereignty / voluntarism / anarchy movements are growing so greatly, perhaps TPTB were concerned about getting record low turn-outs at elections and to curtail people looking into why that would be, now they have the perfect excuse why millions of Americans wouldn't vote... not because they see through The Mafia Government's two-party ploy, but because they were devastated by a "natural" disaster. Beyond that there's the fact that every time a population suffers a disaster, problem-reaction-solution, the government/banks love to capitalize on everyone's suffering by playing hero and providing big interest loans and conditional assistance to their serfs. In other words, disasters are "good" for dying debt-based economies... they force people who would otherwise be saving to be spending/loaning.

preacher said...

Hurricane Sandy Destroys Trillions Of Dollars Of Securities But That’s No Big Deal

preacher said...

Jim Stone's thoughts about it:

Jonathan Bynoe said...

We got a bunch of people trying to play God/mother nature up in Alaska. My mom wondered why some countries on Africa has drought and thought it was done by man and not nature. So people, we have stop being thoughtless and come up with lame fairy-tale excuses like "It's the act of God because they don't believe in him blah blah blah." It was last summer it was the Phillipines got hit with a Hurrican with no warning at 4am in the morning. That looked like a Pearl Harbour-esque hit.

Anonymous said...

If you read the new NDAA, you'll find some provisions for population extradition to camps run by pseudo-autonomous military units, effectively acting as police forces. Scary thought. Whether or not this or future disasters are being purposefully engineered, the ensuing chaos is a perfect opportunity for the strengthening of government control. There are even provisions for setting up "labor" parties within these camps. Fortunately, these are the most drastic measures in the bill, but if terrible storms like Sandy are on the incline, we can probably expect for them to be slowly implemented as people call for better response policies. At the moment, it appears that disaster response is not effectively handling the situation. People are clamoring for aid, and it follows that later people will be clamoring for better disaster response policies.

Anonymous said...

About a week before the storm we (Massachusetts) felt a small tremor from an earthquake in Maine. I believe it was felt as far south as Jersey. Last year before the freak October snow storm on the northeast there was also a small earthquake in the weeks before the storm. Before that, in June 2011, we had a very uncommon tornado in Massachusetts and that's what brought FEMA up here. Eversince they've been here dangerous weather is on everyone's mind.

Anonymous said...

I started researching Sandy because I can't get over the sense that something is "not right" here. I live in Brooklyn, NYC. Specifically in Crown Heights. That Monday night, at the height of the hurricane, I kept going outside because NOTHING was happening, there was no wind and misty rain. I kept going outside because what I was seeing with my own two eyes was so out of sync with what I was seeing pasted all over my Facebook.
The next day, I walked the approximately two miles to the shore, to the Promenade which is a shorefront park in downtown Brooklyn, across the bay from Manhattan. I could not see Manhattan because it was literallly shrouded in two o'clock in the afternoon but where I stood on the Promenade had not at all been damaged. There were in fact piles of sand and gravel that looked like they had been there awhile. When I started seeing what had happened to the people on the coast, where the Atlantic meets land, I became convinced that something was done/ dettonated/engineered in the ocean to send the massive waves that damaged the coast so horribly.
It was not the hurricane that did any of the damage. In my two/three mile walk, I saw four fallen trees. This was not a strong storm. Light rain and moderate wind at the peak of it Monday night and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on Tuesday. What destroyed homes and killed people was massive flooding.
There are a few other disconcerting things. People posted about four or five explosions as they happened.
There was one on President & Bond streets.
There was one on 24th between 5th&6th Aves. There was the only one that was talked about in the press, on 14th street.
And there was a big explosion for no reason at John Dewey high school.
That Saturday, all of the transportation had been shut down and the city went into a sort of lockdown.
All day Sunday and early Monday, there were cop cars driving up and down as though they were clearing the streets with their lights on but no sirens. That may not mean anything but it conveyed clearly and unmistakably the sense that we were NOT supposed to be outside. It was that same way with Irene.
The patrols last year made me feel like I was doing something wrong to not be inside, even though it was just windy and rainy.
I am not a conspiracy type of person. I work with numbers all day and I chose that line of work because numbers do not lie. I look for proof to substantiate what become my beliefs.
That being said, there are just too many fishy things going on right now. If your Spidey Senses aren't tingling right now its because you're brain dead.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the great comments Anonymice :)


I have another take, we all know they are dispersing Mind Control Nano fiber shit in these Chemtrails what better way to disperse this crap than with a Hurricane and right before the elections. This had Satanic Masonic fingerprints all over it, another 11 event in the month of November and 29th 2+9 equals 11. On one of their most Satanic holidays Helloween, no doubt another Masonic Illuminati Crime that will also go unpunished like 9/11.

UniverseOfEnergy said...

Can't anybody see the scam?

This HARRP is causing a cover up to put the blame on oil drilling so Americans will not have enough energy when the major changes happen between 2012 and 2020.

HARRP is designed in a crafty way to shut down oil drilling and other energy infrastructure facilities.

Times are going to get real tough and you may have to learn to neutralize someone for food when things go bat shit.

I hope there is a miracle as that's what it's going to take to get us thru these times.

We are in the neutral-negative timeline change that 2012 is suppose to be and likely slip into negative where there will be widespread war and anarchy.

It will either be a choice of complete anarchy or government control which either way like will be very different then what we are used to.

God I feel sick just thinking about how people in the big cities are going to react to these changes since they depend on the government handouts so much.

When these government handouts run out then it's time to get the hell out of dodge.

Universe Of Energy said...

For starters
We will have to have Driver ID checkpoints to travel between states by automobile assuming there isn't a rubber shortage.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a fake car shooting by a *radical* terrorist driving an automobile shooting at people down a busy freeway that will force ID checkpoints between states so you can't transport guns and ammo and arrest people without due charge.

Miranda rights? HA! Tough luck on that one since we have given up our rights to drive (no commercially) without government interference.

We DO have a right to drive without government permission called a license and several states have had legal battles where drivers have won the case because the judges can't prove other wise.

The drivers refused to back down.