Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Everyday Anarchy

Stefan Molyneux's excellent book "Everyday Anarchy," now in full-length audio format is available for free. For anyone out there who still thinks there exists a political answer to government, I highly recommend watching the above video. Everyday Anarchy clearly shows how the word "anarchy" which simply means "self-rulership" has long been misused and abused to the point that most people have no idea what it means. Today every government on Earth uses violence and coercion to control it's citizens. Anarchy simply means removing the violence/coercion and instituting voluntary (not forced) governance.

What do Star Wars and Stefan Molyneux have in common?


Anonymous said...

Molyneux defines anarchy by what it is not: the absence of political violence. I prefer to define anarchy by what it is: the rule of conscience.