Monday, December 10, 2012

The Philosophy of Wing Chun

The above documentary "Wing Chun" investigates this martial arts' claims to be scientifically based and shows how we can use Wing Chun's philosophies to improve both our fighting abilities and our daily lives. The film's narrator is Vincent Lo Hong Sui, Chairman of Shui On Land, who shares his story of how Wing Chun has informed both his business and personal life, helping him to become one of Hong Kong's most successful businessmen. I have personally been training Wing Chun for 10 years and emphatically agree that it's benefits go far beyond just self-defense. The simple, direct, practical axioms and principles of Wing Chun consistently yield positive results whether applied to work, relationships, or a street fight. Regular Wing Chun practice builds concentration, mindfulness, and discipline, provides relaxation and stress relief, improves balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina, courage and confidence, not to mention it's just plain fun. Below you can see my fiance having fun using her Wing Chun training to kick my ass all over the nursery room! If you're living in or visiting Thailand and interested in learning this incredible martial art, be sure to check out and schedule a session with us :)