Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012: The End of Apocalyptic Thinking

As I'm writing this it is only a few hours until the most anticipated and long-feared date of our lifetimes, December 21st, 2012. In sharp contrast to the past several years leading up to now, nobody, including myself, seems even the slightest bit scared or concerned about tomorrow. I expect the 21st will come and go like every other day, the only difference being that on December 22nd, the entire human race will overnight collectively become far less gullible in believing apocalyptic prophecies. If one of those Christian fundamentalists is out on the street spouting about Revelations and the end of the world on December 22nd, I'll bet even fewer people than usual will be persuaded by his "good God-fearing" message. The other concept that I hope will die tomorrow along with all apocalyptic thinking is the idea that we need some hero (like Jesus Christ, Ron Paul, or Aliens) to come save us from ourselves. All of the incredible problems plaguing humanity, all the issues we discuss here on, like big brother, the new world order, the fraudulent monetary system, secret societies, zionism, the war on drugs, the energy crisis, the animal holocaust, and on and on, all of these terrible problems are no one's fault but our own. They came about because of us and the only way they will end is when we accept our personal responsibility and start consciously taking daily steps in our own lives to bring about the change we need to see.  The world is not coming to an end, but it is incredibly fucked up, and no one's going to save us but us.  We all must become our own heroes.


Eric Dubay said...

I also hope starting this year the human race will wake up to the unbelievable time/calendrical manipulation that has been foisted upon us for centuries by Rome and the Vatican. Pope Gregory's "Gregorian" calendar system we have been using for the past 400+ years has completely removed us from nature and programmed humanity with it's haphazard meaningless cycles. For example, do you know why February has only 28 days while other months have 31? It has absolutely nothing to do with any natural cycle of the Earth, Sun, Moon or Stars. It has to do with the egos of long dead Roman Caesars!

“Before it was known as the Gregorian calendar, it was called the Julian - after Julius himself. Turns out the Romans had a very faulty calendar of only ten months. And Julius, wanting a way to make a permanent change from republic to empire, with himself as the first emperor, decided to change the calendar. So to make the change during the year 46-45 BC, Julius had to have a year 445 days long. Understandably that was known as the ‘year of confusion.’ Julius didn’t live beyond the ‘ides of March’ of the year 45 BC when he was assassinated for what he had done. But the empire prevailed. Julius was followed by Augustus Caesar who made a further change in the calendar. He saw that Julius had changed the name of the month ‘Quintilius’ to Julius (July), so Augustus changed the next month ‘Sextilius’ to Augustus (August). Not only that, Sextilius only had 30 days, while Julius had 31 days. Augustus wanted to make his renamed month, August, as long as Julius’ month. So what did he do? He took the 29th day off February, already the shortest month, and added it to his month. That is why August, like July has 31 days, and February only 28. So that is how the calendar began. Despotic motives, imperial pretensions and confusion.” -Jose Arguelles, “Stopping Time” (17)

Dinson said...

Well said sir!

A little spirit bird called me on the celly because the bees haven't been doing their jobs. So I made love with 3 angels, gave a drive by high five and had a whiskey on the rocks...the fairy then explained that my mind creates everything I perceive and then pooped out an invisible egg which I lost because I am color blind. But my big blue has a small kiss, so how can the revolution be started when I haven't got naked yet.. I blame it on the cracker on the other side of the mirror.

I love everyone! Besides my ex cuz she owes me money and 5 beers out of my life.

It's going to be a great day!!! Eric is a super hero.

Anonymous said...

Grazie Eric, il tuo blog è veramente interessante, grazie mille, il tuo punto di vista è affascinante...non smettere mai di scrivere. ;)

Big E said...

Good one Eric, an easy and enjoyable listen for anyone, even the enlightened ones. :)

Anonymous said...

" If one of those Christian fundamentalists is out on the street spouting about Revelations and the end of the world on December 22nd"

You must be kidding or you didn't do your homework. Take a serious look who is behind spreading BS about the end of the world. Start with Charles Russell and Jehovah Witness. Don’t forget about Seven Day Adventists, Mormons and many many more.


Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments all! :) Anonymous, I think you need to re-read the article as I clearly agree with you about the end of the world BS. I've never promoted or believed any of that and I'm well aware of Charles Russell and the others pushing the propaganda.

Anonymous said...

There are many things that make people stupid. I find it useful to know them so I can make excuses for myself.

One of them is the belief that time is linear, with beginning an end. If there's a beginning it stands to reason that you need a god or perhaps just a bang to get things launched. And you'll also need an apocalypse somewhere down the line— the big full stop. Beginning-end thinking is the result of optical illusion. Here's an example:

You're washing your clothes. You open the door, load the machine, close the door, select a program, press start. Five steps, beginning and end. But linear friends, washing your clothes is part of the cycle of clothe wearing. See the big picture, see the cycle.

A few cycles: the solar cycle, the orbit of the planets, the moon cycle, the weather cycle: cycles within cycles.

But the cycles are themselves playing a optical trick on you. They are not really cycles but unfolding and enfolding spirals. Spirals within the spirals. Which is when I return to feeling stupid again.

Let's hope this cycle we get a little more right brained. Cheers to the future.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response.
I have read it carefully. I mean what I have said that you either were kidding or didn't do your homework. The rabbit hole is much deep than we may think.
Rather than being defensive think why I have said it.;-)


Druv said...

There is an invasion going on but at an economic level. The recent FDI rush in India where many "Zionist Owned Corporations" are talking over in almost every sector.

1) insurance

2) retail

3) Real estate


The list is huge, and they plan to source most of the goods in Walmart which is being funded by "lady lynn forester rothschild", from China which is enslaved using the concept of "Communism"?

We all know who created communism, and installed it in China.

The point is that we can prove the "Protocols of elders of Zion" soon, and 21st Dec 2012, is just the beginning of the end.. not for us but the Zionist.

Dinson said...


Im already in a loop but now you brought up that cycle and spiral nonsense which actually makes sense in a strange way stranger.

You also reminded me I need to do laundry. Hopefully the sun explodes cuz I don't wanna do that :)

Pointless posts!!

K love you all bye

Anonymous said...

I normally come to your site for a good laugh- to see that there's people that ACTUALLY believe in such idiotic conspiracies.
However, I couldn't agree more with this post. I sincerely hope your post will reflect what will come to pass.

Anonymous said...

So we can all just finally relax now.


Sunshine said...

Thanks for the podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though (or perhaps "because") I am well aware of the topics you covered and share your view. It was a great motivational boost.
Keep up the good work.

Just one thing: your captcha is a real pain in the arse. I would suggest looking at something more user friendly.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Sunshine! I've never seen what the captcha is for my comments section because I never have to input it. I'll see if there's an option to make it easier. Thanks to years of shills and trolls overtaking my comments sections, I refuse to allow unapproved comments, but I'll try to do away with the captcha code. Peace

Anonymous said...

One of your best, thanks Eric! There's not many genuine bloggers out there any more, most just repeat the nonsense of a David Icke and the other consciousness dogs.

The sad thing is: it won't be the end of apocalyptic thinking - 2012 was not the first prediction that went wrong, but the apocalyptic believers still grow in numbers, thanks to the masonic/zionist agenda. We have entered 1984 long ago, people forget, if the party wants them to forget.

Blessings, Chaukee

Unknown said...

It has not happened. Understand two things, one of which you previously highlighted. The mayans operated on a 13 month moon-based calender, and our gregorian calender is a terrible analogy. This means that the exact dates between the two WILL be different. The reason it was stated Dec 21st was the "end" was because it was the end of the WINTER SOLSTICE. Now, our modern calender DOES NOT operate and a accurate representation of the passage of the heavenly bodies that being the entire point of implementing the gregorian calender. Our current Dec 21st is NOT the end of the winter solstice, our calenders are behind.

The second thing is something most people forget. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. That is the main culprit, because while the gregorian calender is shoddy it still somewhat is capable of translating into the mayan calander, and vice versa. Daylight saving does nothing. Or, atleast, it doesn't do what it's purported to do. The whole "farmer needs to wake up early" lies are just that. Utter lies. The REAL reason for daylight saving is to further distabalize our modern calenders from accurately tracking celestial phenomena. Daylight saving does nothing but take us back a single hour, and then again once day light saving is "reversed". Now this society has been doing that for HUNDREDS of years, at best, so do you really think that we're even slightly on date? We're a week or so behind, if not more, than the actual end of the winter solstice .