Sunday, May 26, 2013

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks!?

Has anyone looked into the evidence that Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks!? I'd looked into this claim briefly before and remember telling a well-meaning commenter that it was "the stupidest internet meme ever," to whom I must apologize and admit there is certainly much more evidence for this claim than I'd originally realized.

To begin with Alex and Bill look almost exactly alike and their facial recognition matches 100% only it appears Alex has had a nose job, a face-lift and gotten considerably fatter than Bill ever was.  Alex definitely dyes his hair, they have two identical moles on the right side of their necks, and even their teeth are a perfect match.  They are both famous funny Texans who constantly talk about conspiracy / "truther" type subjects, and they are both very quick to frustration and anger, Alex being well-known for his screaming rants and Bill known for shouting down his audiences and even naming an album "Rant in E Minor."

Bill wasn't born in Texas but moved there as a teenager and always idolized cowboys and the Texan spirit. Bill allegedly died of cancer in 1994 but he had no public funeral; Alex came on the scene shortly after Bill's passing and has no verifiable history before 1994. Alex claims to have gone to Anderson high school but when people call up, Anderson says they have no record of him.

Bill Hicks' best friend, camera man and producer, co-creator of Sacred Cow productions, was Kevin Booth. Shortly after Bill's passing, Kevin became Alex Jones' good friend, camera-man and producer! Bill, Alex, and Kevin were all 3 very outspoken and involved with the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian debacle and there exists video of Kevin and Bill in 1993 outside the Davidian house before the final conflict but no video of Alex.  However, a year or two later after Bill's passing, Kevin was out there again, this time with Alex filming a Waco documentary and rebuilding the Waco church!  You can also see here at a Bill Hicks' 10th Anniversary event, Kevin Booth gets on stage, shows a Hicks' documentary then says with a smirk, "maybe in some way Bill Hicks is still here with us now" and presents a framed plaque with Bill's portrait to none other than Alex Jones!  WTF!?

Alex claims to be only 39 years old right now, though even after all the plastic surgery, he still looks considerably older.  If he was really Bill Hicks then Alex would be 53 now which is closer to Alex's apparent age.  Bill Hicks was also a long-time cigarette smoker and Alex claims to have fought a life-long battle with cigarette addiction himself.  Their names even follow the same 4-letter 5-letter pattern, Bill/Alex Hicks/Jones.

Director Richard Linklater was a big fan of Bill Hicks and lamented never being able to work with him, then later Linklater launched Alex Jones' film career giving him roles in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.  Bill was well-respected in the comedy community and today Alex is good friends with famous comedians like Joe Rogan and Charlie Sheen.  Bill was also a big fan of Andy Kaufman, the comedian who would go to great lengths to disguise himself and create separate personas, much like it seems Bill is doing with this "Alex" character.

Is Alex Jones really Bill Hicks?  And if so, why?  Did TPTB get to Bill and force him to work for them?  Perhaps they agreed to cure Bill's cancer if he agreed to "die" and be reborn as Alex?  Or is it all just an incredible coincidence?  What does everyone else think?  Watch the following videos and leave a comment what you think!


Eric Dubay said...

This makes me wonder even more about Osama and Obama:

Obama is Osama is Dead

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the information at and The truth appears to lie between these two premises.

Eric Dubay said...

That cluesforum looks great, but the wellaware1 site is really stretching it with some absurd allegations.

Anonymous said...

Wellaware1 is short on proof for sure, but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Wellaware1 started with the Gabby (Gif)fords shooting and this alleged congresswoman is allegedly married to an alleged astronaut. If the shooting was a hoax, that means it would only be logical that all top govt. (including congress) is aware of it.

Anonymous said...

here is some info on Alex if you didn't already see it:

Anonymous said...

hey eric...what are your thoughts on the 2pac 7-day theory...there's lots of evidence to support this theory all over youtube which suggests that he might still be alive..

Anonymous said...

Dude you just blew me away. I never ever thought about this before. I remember Bill Hicks a bit. I used to have the Tool cd "Aenima" when I was younger, and that album had the little drawing of him in it, and I'm not sure but think it also had the samples of him that famous saying he had "I think drugs have done some good things in our lives"

Anonymous said...

As freaky as the likeness and coincidences are I recon it's gotta be utter bollocks-have you seen the man attempt stand up?! ;-) hope life is treating you well Eric, Jim

Anonymous said...

Wellaware1 may seem out there at first and certainly much of the information is lacking in definitive proof; nevertheless the work there all started very with compelling research into the alleged shooting of the congressperson known as Gabby (Gif)ford’s and this person is allegedly married to an alleged astronaut (which cluesforum has very adequately shown to be smoke and mirrors). Logic should dictate the individuals serving in high levels of govt. and congress are aware of all of this and when you let that sink in, the implications are almost without end.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for all the comments! The Giffords shooting is beyond suspicious, we had a good thread going on the Atlantean forum regarding that. Some of Wellaware1's matches looked convincing but others were silly and completely unfounded... to my sensibilities that site looks like typical disinfo mixing a bit of truth in with a heck of a lot more crap. I haven't heard of the 2Pac theory, but I definitely think fake celebrity deaths are more common than we realize. And Jim, I think you're right, the best evidence against this theory is how much funnier Bill was than Alex ever could be! Peace

Anonymous said...

Haha yeah, Alex isn't near as funny as Bill Hicks was. I hope it's a coincidence.

As far as the 2Pac thing, Eric I researched those theories for nearly 3 years and I couldn't find anything that made me truly believe he faked his death. When he came out of prison, he was very very pissed off. I think he ran his mouth too much and it ended up getting him killed.

He had a song "Against All Odds" the people he mentioned in that song like Haitian Jack, that's essentially who had him shot up back in 1994. There was reports of him talking to Tupac before he was murdered and he told him that if he kept running his mouth, they would have him shot again, but this time he wasn't going to survive. God it's going to drive me nuts until I can remember the other guy's name in that.

The first time 2pac got shot, it was meant to be a warning for him to keep his mouth shut. The second time, they were shutting him up cause he couldn't stop. When he got out of jail he just exploded in anger. He was very very pissed off when taking into account the things he was saying on those records.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Gary, good points, I haven't looked too extensively into the Tupac situation, but I don't doubt that many celebrities who speak out are silenced. I was looking more into Michael Jackson last week and it sure seems like he was murdered because of all his activism. It's so sad that all these sincere people who get fame and sucked into the system can't really get out and can't speak out. I think Dave Chappelle was doing his best to cryptically tell everyone this before he left for Africa.

muzuzuzus said...

No WAY Hose

Anthony said...

So I found this on another blog:

At 42:30:

After bawling out everybody at the Austin, TX DMV over having to thumb scan to get his license renewed, in his typical blustery, overwrought, Limbaugh-esque delivery, you hear a voiceover (ostensibly given by Jones himself, as he narrates it in first person). Only now, the bellowing baritone is gone, replaced with the eerily familiar and slightly adenoidal cadences of the late Bill Hicks. There is no possible way this voiceover was delivered by Jones. It's not just that the tone and timbre of the voice has changed; the accent, timing, volume, and tempo have become completely unrecognizable and incomparable to the voice heard just moments before. If AJ isn't really Bill Hicks, he sure was channeling him at some point during the editing of this film.

Anonymous said...

The path of searching for the so-called truth is filled with false turns, dead ends and discarded notions. However, as one endeavors to peel back the layers of the proverbial onion and gain a deeper understanding, one may indeed find that certain things are not as complicated as they previously believed.
Is it possible that the truth of what is going on in many ways is much simpler than what most people (that consider themselves awake) believe, but also much harder to accept? Could the so-called “powers that be” collectively operate things very similar to the "Wizard" in "The Wizard of Oz"? Do they really require help from aliens, 100 year advanced technology or supernatural abilities; or is it possible that they simply make use of the technology of the times, relative secrecy and the power of media to implement whatever agenda they feel compelled to initiate? Maybe they are not cold blooded killers and are at most just fomenting war in such a manner that tempts people that can be duped into spilling the blood of their brothers and sisters into doing so? Does it require a lot of thought to discern who is really committing the greater wrong in this equation? Recall the story of “leading a horse” somewhere.

Perhaps, we allow them to continue to conduct a "Circus of Fools" by falling for the same old tricks time and time again; thereby exercising our free will desire to continue to be deceived?

Anonymous said...

honestly? c'mon man... don't lose your credibility by posting stories like this.. many people look alike. don't ruin Bill Hick's name over a fart in the wind like Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

There is not enough evidence and what little evidence is available is half ass. Its possible-AG

The Tunguska Event said...

I second this:

honestly? c'mon man... don't lose your credibility by posting stories like this.. many people look alike. don't ruin Bill Hick's name over a fart in the wind like Alex Jones.

Eric Dubay said...

I'm just posting the evidence and asking what you guys think, if that somehow makes me "lose credibility" in your eyes then there's not much I can do about that.

Rusherman2112 said... says it all. Go there for the sad truth

Anonymous said...

Close, but no cigar

Their ears are different--that is usually the telling factor, but then again, he could get plastic surgery on the ears, but I think Bill's eyes are a tad closer together than Alex's eyes.

Very close, but I say no cigar!

You may want to check out Paul & Faul McCartney--the real deal was killed back on 11/9/66 (ooh, those numbers smell of something dastardly!!!)

Anonymous said...

I am also well aware of wellare1, and yeah, he's really streeeeeeetching on many of his comparisons.

Alhtough I agree on the Christina Applegate analysis--I recalled seeing a personality on TV a while ago, and I thought something looked identical to Christina Applegate's eyes--they have a kind of close together slightly crossed Linda Blair-ish type of look, and I do believe he hit it right on Christina Applegate.

Anonymous said...

Owls: 11
Spiders: 7

2013 Super-Bul 47 Blackout Show

"Weaving Spiders Come Not Here"

Anonymous said...

I believe AJ is BH. Period. Too many similarities. I also believe if you use the basis that AJ is not as funny or BH would not do that or they are completely different in their ways... I would classify you as a moron.

GREG said...

Bill Hicks had his persona stolen on multiple occasions because people knew he had a big market that was untapped. Denis Leary stole his shit same like Alex Jones.. lets not all get wrapped up in the look a like crap guys.. have some respect for Bill. questioning things using a guy like alex jones only takes away from a great man in Bill Hicks.

If anyone actually watched Hicks, then they'd know jones can't compare.

Anonymous said...

Actors, impostors, impersonators, fraud, deception, all around us. Politics, Congress, Senate, Celebrities.

Barack Obama/ Osama Bin Ladin, Michelle Obama Leon Panetta/Bernie Maddof, Mark Zuckerberg. Edgar Mitchell/Landon Larouch, Bob Woodward/Lewis Black, Hillary Clinton/Irene Dorner, Chris Dorner/ O.j.Simpson (yes OJ)Kristen Gillibrand/ Rebecca DeMoray, Ben Afflect/TommyFlannagan.AmyWinehouse/Gaga/ Little Debbie, Tom Cruise/Rueben Landon, The whole Sandy Hook Actors, Gabrial Gifford...The list goes on and on

What are they doing? Hiding as a non existent person so we wont be able to find them? Trying to confuse us. Trying to mock us? Trying to enrage us? If you are familiar with the crap of Ed Charini, he is to make anyone that believes look like the fool that he is. He doesn't exist anyway. His character is narrated by Charlie Sheen.

Is there some legitimate website that discusses and exposes these frauds in prosthetic make up; or willing to allow photo modifications on Google making them complicit in this gigantic hoax that we accept as reality? If it seems pretty far out there that is what I thought until I investigated myself. Some findings at:

[link to (secure)]

daznez said...

if alex jones was bill hicks wouldn't he be funny? as above, bill hicks is a world-class comedian and prophet. up there with bob marley and mlk, not kidding. alex jones has his role to play and he's passionate but unaware about how many people he turns off as well as on. read anonymous's 'the path of searching..' post again, it's worth it. peace.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've got to be some crazy conspiracy theorist to think Alex Jones is the late Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks used comedy to entertain us and inform us of our bonds to an illogical society. Alex Jones uses fear mongering and weak ties to legitimize his "infowars" in which makes him a LOT of money each year. While I don't think our government is honest with us, and conspiracies do happen. Alex Jones is the last person I'd go to for information. He wants you scared, and he wants your money. I hear he was the originator of the "jump to conclusions mat." LuLz

Anonymous said...

I've got a conspiracy theory for you.

The Atlantean Conspiracy Theory is run by Alex Jones.

In an effort to make people think he is actually clever and intelligent Alex Jones has begun blogging under a pseudonym and making allegations that Bill Hicks turned himself into Alex Jones. He did a lot of great leg work, started blogging in 2008 and creating an entirely fictitious persona allegedly living in Thailand. But despite these great efforts, all the sweat from his furrows of worry and his big bank account have been useless. These allegations are already falling flat in the comments from his blogs audience.

It seems Jones can't seem to convince anyone but himself about this. This was a nice effort Jones, but better luck next time.

Eric Dubay said...

Lol, jump to conclusions mat :) And as for me being Alex Jones, that put a smile on my face, but anyone can confirm that I'm a real person in Thailand anytime, just schedule a session with me:

Anonymous said...

It's so obvious Alex is Bill. Wow! Same mannerisms, same facial expressions, same voice (pay close attention), same teeth, same shape of face, same jaded sense of humor. Minor things in the face are easy to change with the tech we have today, don't fool yourself with irrelevant tiny differences. There are so few of them!

Alex often kind of has a toying look like he's getting one over on us, pay close attention to his eyes. This finally makes sense after I realize they are the same person.

Eric Dubay said...

Alex has a white spot right where Bill had a mole on the left side of his neck. Two other moles on the right side are still there. Alex's ears and nose are consistent with that of someone who had a facelift and nosejob. He clearly dyes his hair several different pigments, and his teeth are perfectly matched to Bill's.

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks Analysis

Eric Dubay said...

Look at this! From Bill Hicks' 10th year anniversary of his "death" show. His best friend and producer Kevin Booth (now Alex Jones' friend and producer) says "maybe Bill Hicks is even here with us in some way" then he hands a plaque with Bill's face on it to Alex Jones! Why in the hell would Alex Jones be chosen to receive Bill's award!? Look at Kevin's face when he says "maybe Bill is even here with us in some way," he's trying to hold back a telling smile:

Bill Hicks' 10th Anniversary Alex Jones Receives Award

SUBS said...

Great blog! It is my opinion AJ is not Bill Hicks. WHY would Hicks become AJ. D research on Hicks early demise. He died of pancreatic cancer people. I would believe Obama is Osama before I believe AJ is BH. Besides, so what if it is true. What difference does it make? As another poster pointed out, many have ripped off Bill Hick's persona. Hicks was a good man with a message of peace. Remember how he always ended his shows?

Eric Dubay said...

Even more pieces of the puzzle coming together now! Check out these videos:

Infowars Mastermind Ted Turner Documentary

Ted Turner - The Man Who Woke You Up

Anonymous said...

2 questions.

Eric, now what is your opinion on Jordan Maxwell & Bill Cooper?
Is there any chance of these 2 could be actually just one?

Which sites/personalities/politicians/etc are unequivocally insider disinformation agents?

Could you maybe generate a small list?


Thanks for all your hard work.
This site is slowly becoming a
true goldmine of information, keep it up.

Vic, Germany.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Vic, I haven't really looked into the Bill Cooper / Jordan Maxwell idea... they do look somewhat similar, but that's all I know. River Phoenix and Mark Dice seem to be the same person... saw an interview with River before he "died" and the voice was 100% Mark Dice's. There's also that WellAware1 site however which makes some really stupid and ludicrous assertions about such doubles / dopplegangers / clones / whatever. I'm just a subjective interpreter of the available information myself so I cannot in good conscience make some kind of definitive list regarding who is a double or who is controlled opposition... instead I'm just using this website to catalog / database such info and keep this blogversation going with you all :) Thanks for the support! Peace

Eric Dubay said...

Just watched another River Phoenix interview and the voice wasn't like Mark Dice's. Tough call, he's got an obvious mole on his left index finger which would be a dead give-away. CaliberHitter and MsSherrieLea have been analyzing him for a while... I think time will tell as more evidence comes to confirm on deny these actors.

Unknown said...

Anybody who adored Bill Hicks and is even remotely if not seriously interested in the rantings of Alex Jones knows these aren't the same people. Bill Hicks genuinely wanted to make a difference in the world and it was readily transparent through his comedic routines, he might have hated the mindsets of most, but it just oozed through that he wanted to make a difference. I couldn't ever see that Bill Hicks becoming what Alex Jones is.. not buying it ever.

Eric Dubay said...

I hear ya, but the physical evidence doesn't lie. It's possible that they MK-Ultra'd Bill and turned him to the dark side. Cured his cancer (if he even had it) then spoiled him with various evil pleasures of the elite (i.e. Bohemian Grove, AJ's playground) which turned Bill's good soul into Alex's shill soul.

Anonymous said...

There is a very interesting
article somewhere entitled:

"The Truth About the Truth
Movement: A List of Shills".

This article has an interesting
list the includes:

- Jones
- Icke
- Maxwell
- Hilder
- Tarpley
- Dice
- Marrs
- Celente
- Rense
- Watt
- Reves
- Rivero
- Bermas
- Makow
- Rudkowski
- Kokesh
- as well as their associates

Personally I think that this list is,
for the most part, quite correct yet
very incomplete.

I'll keep you posted on my findings,
peace. Vic from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Bill was intelligent though. Alex makes money on poorly constructed conspiracies. Maybe we should check their brains.

Anonymous said...

oh hell to the yes. i've got his #.

Unknown said...

One was a genius who tried to save us from ourselves, the other is a man who preaches division because that is the only talent he has. Alex Jones needs the fear to be relevant, Bill was a cure for the fear. It's just a ride remember. Don't ever be scared, ever because you can get off the ride. Some people come back and the warn us, hey this is just a ride, and we...Kill those people. Infowars is in itself a voice for fear and hate. Don't be scared...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks. Alex Jones is a character created by Bill Hicks. To quote Alex, "Bill Hicks is my mother.".... Hicks GAVE BIRTH to the Alex Jones character... and has gotten very rich from it.

One day there will be absolutely NO doubt in anyone's mind about this scammer.

Anonymous said...




WScottT said...

It seems IRONIC that those who grew up with BILL (or any other ACTOR, choose your promoted "ACT" and delivery medium...) as an "IDOL" of sorts... refuse to fathom, admit and ACCEPT the FACT that they were in fact DUPED, by a sophisticated theater, design... (or that you can go NOWHERE in "infotainment" w/o selling your SOUL to the machine!)

This is the OBJECTIVE of the PTB, people... AWAKEN from the b.s. smoke and mirrors screen that IS the TV, radio, print, education, news media, politics, business, war machine, entertainment, etc. and TUNE OUT while you can still CRITICALLY THINK and reanalyze, then DEPROGRAM yourselves from the propaganda of disinfo aimed at ALL OF us (worldwide...) from the time we started watching this CRAP on TV, or reading local to world "history," most of which isn't based on many FACTS, any more than the FAKE news slant is!

Alex is clearly an AGENT of disinfo (despite the many facts) because he SENSATIONALIZES,is paranoid, connects dots that don't connect and thereby spreads FEAR, which may ultimately foment a REACTION... that leads us to MARTIAL LAW? And the Bill Hicks character was fairly harmless, by comparison!

So IS AJ indeed "controlled opposition?" Or was BH simply sick of the "routine," having no real IMPACT, etc. (getting his message out to the masses?) that he bowed down to the PTB?? (Marketing and ads? Or full scale conversion??) It almost seems a combination of BOTH??? That's my take after a bit of comparison, watching and listening, anyway...

WScottT said...

ODDS ARE that BOTH Bill Hicks AND Alex Jones are merely STAGE NAMES... If you were an attention whore for hire to gain a following, make a living and dupe people to get ATTENTION, FAME and MATERIAL WEALTH... would you want to use your REAL NAME?! And/or would your mentors to attorney (Mainly Zionist Jews, in AJ's case) advise you that "infotainment" is indeed, a "FREE RIDE..." and not to take life and the coned, ignoramus "sheeple," to SERIOUSLY?

Afterall... an EGOMANIAC is the perfect candidate to DUPE into the lifestyle of the "suedo- elite!" And BOTH character actor personas, CLEARLY had/have that much (and MUCH more...) IN COMMON!!

Eric Dubay said...

More and more people are figuring it out:

Alex Jones Really is Bill Hicks!

garbanzo said...


I'd like to share this. Bill Hicks and I incarnated on Earth on the exact same day: Dec 16, 1961.

I'm a Pleiadian starseed on a mission to help humanity during our upcoming changes.

Bill was one of the finest examples of an awakened human I've ever come across.

I truly believe Bill and I chose to come here together, born on the exact same day, with the intent of helping others see the illusion we live in.

Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks.

Anonymous said...

been reading some of your comments & agree. when you add in the cloning centers, & i hear Alex has gone to one of them, start wondering who was a clone of who, even taking into account, yes, that Alex's career didn't start until Bill's death... bc the clones will do what the original person's shyness, morals, whatever, prevents them & maybe Bill did the fearless standup that original, Alex, couldn't muster? & from what i hear (haven't tried to find any), there's not much info on Alex prior to 1994. :) can ggl about clones & illuminati, unless you already know.

Eric Dubay said...

More evidence:

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks Confirmed

Anonymous said...

this is the best we have to offer as western educated grown up adults we suposed to be!! What the hell is wrong with people? Thinking it matters exposing and discussing this kind of crap!1 it is a real game changer thanks awakened hardcore truth exposers !! What a bummer this is the respone abilty we show today in a time When we need a mirracle and the aditude of a lot of folks that think they know it all and call everybody a sheep now !! And i wanna ask than What is the moral difference between alex and society itself?Are we any better , buying the lies of our misleaders, be silent, (beside this kind of videos) obey these fuckers ,stil are working class heroes as the main engine of this trojan titanic system , stil elect between 2 evils , buy stuf and things for our personal game, no answers, and completing their agenda with fake wars etc and digging our own graves ! and give our children a black future that is short or never come for them /... Get some fresh air Losers

What is the game changing factor of it? Its

Anonymous said...

"Why then are you so surprised when you hear your own
eulogy?" Eulogy

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a youtube vid talking about them being a reincarnation of John Wilkes Booth :D
Kevin Booth :D
But I can't find it and I forgot the title :(

By the way did anyone stumble upon this:

About the birth of the hippie movement, which was really a controlled opposition strategy.

Question everything ;)

Anonymous said...

if this is true then bill is a fucking genius

Anonymous said...

This may be true, if it is this saddens me. But One thing comes to mind that i dont find suspicious, In one of bill hick's acts he is talking about using terminally ill people as "stuntmen" and says "you think thats cruel? ill tell you whats cruel, being in a steril room with a bunch of people you dont know before you die" i really believe the way he was that he wouldent go to a hospital to be injected with all kinds of shit he would go to be surrounded by his loved ones. But hey i dont know shit. Im just an 18 year old guy that loves bill hicks.

Randje said...

Who cares?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Why destroy the reputation and sterling work of a man like Hicks with foolishness of this calibre?

Hicks has been gone for 20 years today and I am sure, were he looking down, he would be hooting at the idiocy of it.

AJ and Hicks? They don't even come from the same species of intellect!

mark said...

Admired Bill Hicks & still do but to a lesser degree. It doesn't have anything to do with him now being Alex Jones.
I've dropped many assumed opinions over the past few years. & its good to be sceptical.

Bill Hicks : Shock Jock Comedian / pushed free use of Drugs / promiscuity / abortion / anti Biblical sentiment / etc etc

Alex Jones : Dis-info merchant / controlled opposition / Zionist shill / etc etc

Bill was sick of incessant touring, playing small time chaotic environments...maybe the PTB needed him to up his anti ?
offered him million$ & million$ ?
His Jewish wife(operative)
Its all about the debauching of White America/True Israel.

that's maybes too deep for some of ye ?

Eric Dubay said...

Yup, you've got it. I've been researching a couple other celebrity death-fakers as well. It definitely seems that Adam Kokesh is actually Jonathan Brandeis. The KittyMcMeow channel that was exposing him with over 40 videos got pulled down (as usual). The VaderTime channel that had over 50 AJ = BH videos was deleted as well. Meanwhile, the wellaware1 disinfo channel/site are alive and well, shilling out a bunch of nonsense to muddy the waters and make celebrity death-faking research seem illegitimate.

Eric Dubay said...

She had many more videos exposing him, but here's one that survived:

Adam Kokesh Jonathan Brandis

Eric Dubay said...

I hope that I am wrong, but the evidence seems to show that [MR. TEXAN] is a pseudonym and that he used to be known as Bill Hicks, the comedian. Here is a video of Bill Hicks is:

The coincidences are shocking. Here is a summary of the main evidentiary points:

1. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks look very similar and share the same gait, mannerisms, voice, and facial biometrics.

2. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks share the same exact crooked teeth and spacing.

3. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks share the same friend and co-producer - Kevin Booth.

4. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks both produced documentaries at Waco and have a connection with Sacred Cow Productions.

5. [MR. TEXAN] received a Bill Hicks picture and plaque as an award before any connection between [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks was established.

6. [MR. TEXAN] was roughly anonymous until after the purported death of Bill Hicks.

7. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks both lived in and have a close connection to Austin, Texas.

8. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks were both in comedy.

9. [MR. TEXAN] is clearly lying about his age and eye color, and he has certainly had plastic surgery.

Eric Dubay said...

Of course, if Bill Hicks (I have always been a fan of Bill Hicks) was set up by the Establishment to work under a pseudonym, along with plastic surgery, [MR. TEXAN] would have a pretty good cover story, with family members (dentist father), birth certificate, school records, a team of shills, etc. Of course, the Establishment wouldn’t ever falsify birth certificates or use shills, would they? It is interesting that [MR. TEXAN’s] purported birth records include both a misspelled middle name (“Emric” should have been “Emerick”) and the wrong county of his birth.

Sure enough, Bill Hicks and [MR. TEXAN] share the same mannerisms (here is a hilarious clip of Bill Hicks – note how his mannerisms closely match [MR. TEXAN's] – the finger pointing is almost exactly the same – Compare Bill Hicks’s videos on YouTube with [MR. TEXAN's] – the mannerisms and gait are shockingly similar. Watch a Bill Hicks rant (look familiar?):

Sure enough, Bill Hicks and [MR. TEXAN] have the exact same teeth and share several other facial features ( What are the chances that both individuals would have the exact same spacing and misshaped teeth (at one time [MR. TEXAN] had caps – other photos show him without the caps)? This is pretty strong evidence that Bill Hicks became [MR. TEXAN]. See these comparisons of facial outlines: and and They even share the same voice at times (go to 42:32) - Here is [MR. TEXAN] with brown eyes:

Sure enough, in late 2004, [MR. TEXAN] was also into comedy:

Sure enough, Bill Hicks’s best friend, Kevin Booth, also seems to be a very good friend and associate of [MR. TEXAN]. Here is a Wikipedia article on Kevin Booth – note that Kevin Booth and Bill Hicks were also at Waco a couple of years before [MR. TEXAN] showed up at Waco and began making headlines in the alternative media – (what are the chances?).

Eric Dubay said...

From the article, “Martial Law 9/11: Rise of The Police State (2005) was co-produced by Booth with [MR. TEXAN], who directed the documentary.” Co-production of at least one video with Kevin Booth and [MR. TEXAN] (what are the odds that Bill Hicks’s best friend would just happen to co-produce a video with [MR. TEXAN], who looks exactly like Bill Hicks?). Note that Bill Hicks and [MR. TEXAN] also have a connection with Sacred Cow Productions -

Sure enough, both [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks made videos regarding the Waco massacre. Here is a video of Kevin Booth and Bill Hicks at Waco doing a documentary (before the final siege) – Here is [MR. TEXAN] showing up at Waco long after the siege doing a documentary –

Sure enough, [MR. TEXAN] recognized a relationship with Bill Hicks prior to any public connection being made. This video shows [MR. TEXAN] receiving a Bill Hicks plaque from Kevin Booth (what are the odds that [MR. TEXAN] would receive a Bill Hicks picture and plaque before a connection was even made between [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks?) –

Here is an interview with [MR. TEXAN] and Kevin Booth – of course, they are both laughing at those who believe that [MR. TEXAN] was Bill Hicks (they never addressed the fact that Bill Hicks looks almost exactly the same as [MR. TEXAN], share the same teeth, mannerisms, were both in documentaries in Waco, both have a very close relationship with Kevin Booth, and both made movies with Kevin Booth?) – (see also:

If [MR. TEXAN] was legitimate, why did he and Kevin Booth not sincerely address the evidence (even jokingly) instead of just making fun of those looney “conspiracy theorists,” and employ the Establishment’s favorite reductio ad absurdum strategy (e.g., [MR. TEXAN] is actually Richard Pryor)?

In defense of [MR. TEXAN], there is the possibility that he was forced into adopting the [MR. TEXAN] persona and name change (a common modus operandi of the cabal). It is also possible that he has had a change of heart and is trying to get the truth out there by continually making the statement, "I am Bill Hicks." Here is a rant of [MR. TEXAN] where he indicates that he works for the Establishment and may be truly trapped (he works for Time-Warner -

The coincidences are beyond shocking. [MR. TEXAN's] silly and peculiar reactions/admissions to the claims only further indicate their veracity. I have not reached a 100% conclusion on this matter, but as of right now I am strongly leaning to the conclusion that [MR. TEXAN] was formerly known as Bill Hicks.

mark said...

hello again...saw this & thought of this thread.

"The comments on the article were so insanely pro-Jew, that going back and looking at them now, I can hardly even tell which ones are real and which ones are me trolling. Granted, some of these are likely actual Jews commenting, but there is no way to know – paid Jew agents, Antisemite trolls and real Alex Jones followers all comment so similar that no one has any idea what is actually happening."

mark said...

hello again...this link re: alex jones, may be of use..

mark said...

Apologies, for posting the same link twice...its this one >


Eric Dubay said...

This article will provide irrefutable and immutable proof that Bill Hicks was recruited by the CIA to become the controlled opposition of the MSM. Bill Hicks assumed the identity of Alex Jones as he was continuously fed approved intelligence by his CIA handlers, in order to create a truth movement of false hope. The information that Agent Hicks was given, was for the sole purpose of directing and leading an awakening public to only the partial truths of what the One World Government is really up to...

Irrefutable Proof That Bill Hicks Was Resurrected by the CIA as Alex Jones

Eric Dubay said...

"Alex Jones" Slips Up and Says He's the Best Comic

Eric Dubay said...

Bill Hicks and Alex Jones Both Rant in E-Minor

Eric Dubay said...

Bill Hicks and Alex Jones Both Love ACTV

Anonymous said...

I have heard for years that Alex Jones use to be Bill Hicks and always dismissed this as just another wild conspiracy theory but after comparing photos and watching videos of both characters, I've come to the conclusion that yes they are one and the same. Strange world we live in. Everything is twisted, nobody is straight up any more.

Anonymous said...

ha jerome corsi slipped up there

Unknown said...

Another thing to consider is damage to the vocal chords caused by excessive smoking. Bill Hicks was a heavy smoker, he claimed he'g go through two cigarette lighters a day, and smoking that much damages the voice. Listen to Alex Jones. That's the voice of a very heavy smoker. And that's exactly what Bill Hicks' voice would sound like toady after all these years of smoking as Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

Saw this guy who looked like my uncle. Guess what? They're not the same person. 'Similar' does not equal 'the same'.

Anonymous said...

This could be true and it wouldn't surprise me.
I used to listen to Alex a lot as I spent thousands of hours, over several years, studying the banking system, money, banksters, elite etc.. I always wondered why an "intelligent" man like Jones didn't know WHO the people at the top were. He only talked about CFR, Bilderbergs, Soros etc. Once I realized the Jews are the bankers and control us, and discover who some of these animals actually are, I realized Jones was controlled and wasn't being honest. It's all right in front of us.

Unknown said...

In line with this article, here is my video "Alex Jones is Bill Hicks Rap" at: ... Let me know your thoughts. (I know I'm not a professional rapper already, you needn't inform me of that hahaha.)

Unknown said... I made a bunch of videos about this please watch.