Saturday, May 18, 2013

Raw Vegan BodyBuilding

Do you think eating a plant-based diet means being super skinny and sickly? Think you need to murder innocent, defenseless animals just to get enough protein? Nothing could be farther from the truth. A proper raw/high-raw, high carb, low-fat vegan diet is hands-down the healthiest, most nutritious and most biologically appropriate diet for humans. There is more usable protein in leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale than in steak, chicken or fish. Some of the biggest, strongest animals in the world (gorillas, elephants, hippos, rhinos, moose) are all raw vegans! Patrik Baboumian, Germany's strongest man and pro bodybuilder is vegan! Watch the videos below and see how the world has been duped by the protein/meat myth.


Anonymous said...

How about Jack Lelanne? He was talking about man made foods back in the 1940's! He was way way ahead of his time. I think he lived to be 94 or 95 from a Vegan diet but he also did a lot of work outs for body building. I'm sure you've heard the stories of his 60th and 70th birthday where he swam handcuffed for miles.

Anonymous said...

saying leafy greens are higher in protein and pointing out a few successful vegan bodybuilders is kinda like pointing out a 105 year old texas woman that claims her key to longevity has been bacon and trying to draw the point that bacon isnt bad...

my point is, this is misleading to follow a vegan diet and lift wieghts and expect to put on mass you need to be using some protein and creatine supplements. I agree the average non wieght lifting american completely over values protein in their diet but if you are lifting and want to see results you need more protein then is readily and easily available in a vegan diet.

Eric Dubay said...

Goskinsgo, bacon is full of fat, grease and cholesterol. Just because some over-weight paleo-primal author told you good things about your bad habits doesn't mean bacon is actually healthy. Look at the Inuits who don't have access to fruits and vegetables, they have the worst longevity statistics in North America!

Inuit Greenlanders, who historically have had limited access to fruits and vegetables, have the worst longevity statistics in North America. Research from the past and present shows that they die on the average about 10 years younger and have a higher rate of cancer than the overall Canadian population. We now know that greatly increasing the consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits, and raw nuts and seeds (and greatly decreasing the consumption of animal products) offers profound increased longevity potential, due in large part to broad symphony of life-extending phytochemical nutrients that a vegetable-based diet contains. Link

As for creatine and protein supplements, if your notion of "bodybuilding" requires these unhealthy bulking powders, then you're too concerned about looking puffy than actually gaining strength, good quality muscle and being healthy. These creatine-heads burn out quickly and end up unhealthy and over-weight. The human body does not want or need copious amounts of that crap.

Goskinsgo, every time I post about veganism you quickly comment about how you love eating animals, you love bloody steaks, etc., now you're trying to argue that these natural vegan bodybuilders are "misleading" because "you need to be using protein and creatine supplements." Well, obviously you don't and you're looking at several examples including Germany's strongest man, but you're so addicted to animal flesh that you don't see the forest for the trees.

I find your lack of compassion disturbing... you wear it like a psychopathic badge of honor. If you want to know someone's true character, see how they treat animals. I pray for you and the animals that someday you'll learn to value compassion and health over taste and convenience. Peace

Eric Dubay said...

Vegetarianism Can Reduce Your Risk of Death Over 30% and Add 9 Years to Your Life

Anonymous said...

Eric, nowhere in my post did i say you have to eat animals. I'm simply suggesting that overlooking the importance of protein while bodybuilding is a huge mistake and will leave you super skinny wondering why you dont have results.

There are many protein powders that are vegetable based, and completely vegan. especially if your following a vegan diet, overlooking the importance of protein intake before and after you lift will leave you super skinny and looking for results.

Bacon is obviously bad... thats my point... maybe you should relax and stop thinking i'm attacking you.

I guess its clear that we disagree that eating meat makes me not compassionate, but nowhere in my post do i suggest anything about eating meat i'm just suggesting that your article is misleading to suggest its as easy as eating a salad to get a adequate amount of protein to get the results as those pictured. Just as it would be misleading to suggest eating bacon contributes to a long life...


Eric Dubay said...

I'm relaxed, thanks, your protein qualms are all quite adequately covered in the videos. And choosing flesh foods when you have easy, abundant access to plant foods is indeed not compassionate. This was exemplified in my last vegan post where you commented that you "loved animals, and you love to eat them." You don't see the hypocrisy? I saw a good quote today:

Saying "eating animals is yummy" as a justification for killing them is pretty much the same argument as saying rape is okay because it feels good to the rapist. Civilized people require more than sensory pleasure to justify behaviors.

Anonymous said...

You need to make sure the food you are eating is 100% Organic to know it is truely vegan. Many GMO vegetables contain animal genetics. For example, GMO tomatos have arctic fish genes in them to make them more resistant to frost.
Morr than anything these Gmo's are what will cause you to have disease. And by the way , the only reasom animals are unhealthy to eat these days is because all the animals are fed GMO grains. Animals are not even made to eat grains. They are supposed to eat grass. 100% grassfed animals are not acidic to the body . I know you value the life of the animal and this is why you choose not to eat them , which is wonderful, but to claim that they are not good for you in any way is false. The only animals that will make you unhealthy are the ones that eat what they are not supposed to be eating
The ones that are pumped with chemicals and antibiotics. I have known people to cure autism with good healthy animal fats . My child is one of them. We are 100% grain free sugar free and only eat dairy that is fermented and raw. Im the fittest I have ever been in my life, my family hasnt gotten sick since we went organic and grain and sugar free. My son was born with a heart problem and since we did the diet we are on (which is the GAPS diet) every echocardiogram he jas gotten came back great. And he eats 60% animal fats. He has no cholesterol build up. His heart is in great condition.
We need good fats . Our brain is 70% fat. If you deprive yourself from fats you will have many health problems. They just need to be good fats.
I am not trying to offend you , I really like your site and have learned alot from it. I just belive personally that good healthy animal fats have truely cjanged my life and i just wanted to express that.
Also i would like to express the importance of probiotics. I belive they would help a vegan lifestyle to provide a good amount of vitamin B12. And also if you are not going to eat animal fats PLEASE eat lots of good fats like coconut oil. Coconut can be heated and remain stable. Eat lots of organic extra virgin olive oil. Dont heat it though because it becomes unstable and becomes carceongenic. If you are going to eat grains, consider only eating the ancient grains like amerenth and kamut buckwheat. Wheat is terrible for you and most of it is genetically modified. I wouldnt touch corn either as 95% of corn is geneticly modified. If you dont know much of GMOs, Watch the movies Genetic roulette and The World According to monsanto.

Anonymous said...

Since this is a conspiracy site i figured i could ask what you thought of the food pyramid conspiracy , as they portray fats as bad and carbs as good , where i belive it is the complete opposite, only your fats should come from healthy sources like organic avacados, organic raw extravirgin olive oil and organic extra virgin coconut oil. Raw nuts ect. And the only reason grains are promoted is to make us unhealthy as we are not designed to eat them unless firmented and of the ancient grains.
Grains are the most profitable crop in the country. Do you thinl that is a coincidence. I personally think not.

Anonymous said...

I made mention of the animal free supplements because most vegans that attempt to body build without such supplements will have a very hard time and wont see results but somehow you are stating that taking these supplements is not healthy?... do you really feel this way?

They make Pea Proteins, hemp proteins etc that are vegatable based, and since this is a article on bodybuilding you do understand that part of the idea is to build and look "puffy" as you put it and not extremely skinny and sickly looking.

The truth is vegan bodybuilding is a uphill task most that attempt it will struggle, taking these perfectly healthy supplements before and after lifting will help you produce results.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments all. To the first Anonymous, you're right that the body needs some fats and the non-animal fats are the best like nuts and seeds (soaked first to activate their enzymes). Grains metabolize into acids so they aren't the best carbohydrate source, as you mentioned (check out the book "Grain Damage") the best source of carbs is fruit! Grass-fed animal products will be slightly healthier than grain-fed but the meat will still be highly acidic, fattening, cholesterol-laden, artery-clogging, lymph-clotting, mucus-forming, constipating, difficult to digest, and full of worms, parasites, bacteria, and metabolic waste, not to mention there is no such thing as "humane slaughter," so you're still needlessly and prematurely murdering innocent animals. Look into Dr. Doug Graham's 80/10/10 book and lifestyle. Your preoccupation with fats is going to put you in ketosis. The human body only wants approximately 10% of calories from fat, 10% from protein, and 80% from carbs. Carbs are what our bodies need and crave... we all have a sweet tooth for a reason... every cell in the body runs on glycogen/glucose i.e. carbs. If you eat too much fat and not enough carbs your body will go into ketosis and spend more energy converting fats into simple sugars which is a waste... just feed your body the correct amount of carbohydrates. Fruit is the best, but rice and potatoes or other grains are still much better staples than over-consuming fats.

For the second Anonymous asking about the food pyramid conspiracy, I've done a post on that already, check out:

The Meat Myth

And for Goskinsgo, vegan protein is covered in several videos on the page. If you want to "supplement" protein you should make green juices and have soaked nuts and seeds for bulking. All the expensive powders and especially the creatine and other crap they sell is not necessary and damaging. Most people (even non-bodybuilders) eat wayyyy too much protein and most of it is acidic causing acidosis and inflammation (hence puffyness, not muscle-gain). Muscle/strength gains have everything to do with lifting heavy weights and nothing to do with eating powders and potions. Real muscle/strength comes from the training, not from supplements.

Eric Dubay said...

Check out these healthy, strong vegan bodybuilders:

Patrick Marcus Osborne

Fruit and Strength

Half Navajo said...

Michael Clark Duncan died not to long ago... healthy vegan diet didn't extend his life too long, even though he was only vegan for a few years. Peta is ridiculous. I think the human body can and has adapted to many diets. I have seen heavy promoters of the 80 10 10 diet, like durainrider and freelea, and they need to take B 12 injections being on their perfect diet.

We could all argue about diet forever, this primitive culture, and that culture, animals are big and strong from grass, humans have one stomach, animals are ruminants, etc etc... What ever diet or circumstances you are in, we should all just try to eat the best possible food that is available. I personally eat everything... animal, milk, fruit, veggies, tubers, and rice... most of it all organic, homegrown, and grassfed. I also eat out every so often and enjoy myself with my girlfriend, friends, and family, wether it be at Outback Steak house or at a kick ass local food serving bistro.

If their is anything I have learned from reading 100's of Books, and trying many diets... stress is king in disease, then finding a diet that works for you personally... and not listening to diet gurus, books, or all the new age hysteria, just as much as you wouldn't take a doctors word as the end all be all.

Try to eat local, non gmo food... quit your job if you hate what your doing and can, and find a job you enjoy. Try stress lowing techniques... Surfing and playing disc golf barefooted are some of my favorite... and gazing into a beautiful sunset.

Nice website though, I just don't think everyone has to be on a Vegan Diet to be enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Jack Lalanne was not a vegan. He ate eggs and fish. Come on people

Anonymous said...

Your right about Jack Lalanne he did eat Salmon and eggs and honey but thats kind of splitting hairs, ok so he wasn't 100% vegan only 90% but still he was against dairy, red meat, poultry etc. And he was 100% pro vegi, pro juice, pro raw, all before this was at all popular.

These vegan athletes are cool, BUT i cannot believe you a martial arts fan and vegan would leave out one of the worlds greatest fighters and a vegan Timothy Bradley. Bradley is a american boxer, undefeated has been on a rampage lately beating paquieo ( say the judges) but has also put on some really amazing fights his last two fights against Marquez and a russian guy, both fights were AMAZING.

Anyway, Bradley isn't 1000% vegan but rarely eats meat and is 100% vegan 9 months a year for his training and his stamina and results speak for themself.

He might be 100000% vegan now as i've seen him recently wearing some shirts that say "meat is for pussys"

Lastly, i know your probably not a NFL fan but Arian Foster of the houston texans is a very prominent top tier running back that plays a position where strength and durability are key and he has also been successfull on 100% vegan at all times the last few years.

So def add those guys to this blog! they are current, wildly popular and in the public eye so people will be reminded that highly successful athletes like them are VEGAN.


Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Goskinsgo, I've never heard of either of them actually. I know Mac Danzig the MMA fighter, but hadn't heard of that Boxer and Football player, I'll check them out. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Here is a great article Eric and I've tried the smoothie mentioned and its awesome

Eric Dubay said...

Great article, thanks for that!

dbroadway86 said...

I know this is an old-thread, but there was one lacto-ovum vegetarian (milk & eggs OK) bodybuilder who wrote a stellar book called, 'Keys to the Inner Universe' which was apparently way ahead of it's time. So I know it CAN be done, however, in my own path of weight training I came across a book called, 'The Anabolic Diet' in which it gives you details on How to put your body into Ketosis. It gives warning that you will feel like you have a mild-case of the flu for the first 2-weeks but after that, as long as you can keep your carb intake low, esp. w/ simple-carbs, then you will feel better than you have ever felt in your life and will start cutting fat as the body switches to a fat-based diet. Only with the development of agriculture did we switch to a more grain/plant-based diet, and probably only splurged on fruits, nuts, and vegetables here or there when we came across them, as we had no way of preserving them.
I personally tried the diet and it actually reminded me of when I went on a parasite/candida cleansing diet, in which I felt run down, but I didn't feel nearly as miserable as I did when I did a candida/parasite cleanse, which also seems to prefer carbs. After 2-weeks though, I felt stronger, clearer, and more mentally-stable than I EVER had in most of my life!!! I could eat at 8-9am and work ALL day until 6-7pm without an additional meal because the fats are more than 2x/twice as dense in calories as carbs are. More importantly, I did NOT experience, 'mood-swings' that many people get when their glucose gets low in their blood, nor did I suffer from feeling like I could pass out after eating a meal, due to the carb/glucose rush you get after eating a heavy carb meal. It was, however, difficult to get the RIGHT fats, because quality fats are PRICEY and carbs are CHEAP! So while I am not continuing this diet as of right now, as soon as I can afford to again, I will! I'll also look into getting a juicer because Jack La-lane was a hero of mine, so I don't downplay the benefits of a high-fruit/vegetable material diet/s, I just think that Ketogenic Diets ROCK! Doctors used to prescribe High-Fat/Ketogenic-Diets to parents who had children who would go into SEIZURES for crying-out-loud! Fruits/Vegetables didn't prevent Johnny from having seizures when colloidal-silver was still being used as an anti-bacterial agent, HIGH-FATS in his Diet DID though... Just some food-for-thought... Pardon the pun ;)

markson said...

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