Saturday, May 11, 2013

Evil Psychic Vampires

Four Immutable Pillars of Dharma are Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love.  The opposite pillars of evil are Lies, Control, Violence and Fear.  Which do you stand for?  Most of humanity doesn't stand for any of them.  The masses are honest when it's convenient but lie when it's to their advantage, they want freedom but fear anarchy, they say they want peace but then spank their children and eat violence on their plates, they say they love but do so from a subconscious place of fear.  Those who fearlessly unconditionally love, those who speak their absolute truth all the time, those who embody peace and stand-up for freedom are the truly good men and women!  These are the saints, the angels, the avatars, the morally good, "close to God."  There are others though, the demons, the vampires, the parasites, the morally evil, "close to the Devil."  They are the psychopaths and sociopaths, people who compulsively lie, passive-aggressively control, commit mental, emotional, and physical violence, and enjoy instilling fear in their victims.  Currently about 4-6% of humanity are psychopaths (completely lacking empathy, guilt, remorse or conscience), I wonder, as Vinny asks below, if there is an evil spiritual illness known as psychopathy that infects a certain percentage of humanity, then is there a complementary spiritual goodness that also "infects" a certain percentage?  What percentage of these people exist?  What exactly do you call the opposite of a psychopath?  How can the good people of the world best express and use their goodness to triumph over evil?


Eric Dubay said...

Here's the rest of that excellent Vinny Eastwood / Thomas Sheridan interview:

How to Identify and Protect Yourself From Psychopaths