Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love

Four Dharmic ideals which I constantly strive to embody, embrace and express are Truth, Freedom, Peace, and Love.  I think of these four ideals as the immutable pillar stones necessary for an impeccable moral foundation.  Morality and Dharma are on the decline in our current age (Kali Yuga) and the only way to change and improve things externally is to change and improve ourselves internally.  To manifest the ideals of Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love, first we must stop manifesting Lies, Enslavement, Violence, and Fear.

Lies are broadcast daily from our governments, mainstream media, big pharma, the public education system, pundits, politicians, lawyers, actors, and advertisers all making a living from lying.  To take our power back from the liars we must be devoted 100% to honesty and integrity in our own lives.  We must make a 24/7 habit of absolute sincerity, standing strong in our truth, striving to express as eloquently and articulately the truth as we know it.  We must refuse to believe the lies and help to expose the liars.  Refuse the temptation to lie to make our lives easier and never cheat on our spouses / partners because that is a form of lying too.  We must refuse the notion that some lies are acceptable because "the truth would hurt" too much.  If there is ever to be an actual "Truth Movement" it can only happen through radical, unconditional honesty and integrity.

Slavery is practiced by governments, corporations, banks, private prisons, insurance companies, factory farms, bankers, politicians and lawyers who all make a living from enslavement.  To take our power back from the slave drivers we must be 100% free and sovereign in our own lives.  We must quit our wage slave jobs, stop paying taxes, stop obeying unlawful legislations, get free of debt, learn self-defense, acquire tangible assets, get off the grid, grow our own food, create our own jobs, become entrepreneurs and freemen on the land, start our own interest-free banks and local currencies.  We must completely refuse to be enslaved, refuse to enslave others, and help one another achieve true freedom.

Violence is practiced by governments, corporations, militaries, police forces, private security, prisons, gangsters, mafias, mercenaries, factory farmers and butchers all making a living from violence.  To take our power back from the bullies we must be 100% peaceful in our interactions.  We must refuse to be employed as a soldiers, police or mercenaries.  We must end the animal holocaust.  We must stop domestic abuse and practice peaceful parenting.  We should never hit, harm or even raise our voices to others, especially our friends and family.  All interactions between parents, children, siblings, friends, and strangers alike should be free of all force; even passive-aggression is still aggression which we must personally refuse to manifest.

Fear is employed by governments, corporations, militaries, police, banks, insurance companies, factory farms, mafias, private prisons, politicians, and lawyers who all make a living off victims of fear.  To take our power back from the fear-mongers we must practice unconditional love.  As Jesus, John Lennon and many-a-martyr will agree, no one word, no one concept is so powerful and unifying as Love.  Love is the main immutable pillar for a truly moral foundation.  If you have developed true unconditional love, then you already have the other three pillars of Truth, Freedom and Peace as well, because love is certainly honest, free and peaceful.  Cheating or lying is not true love.  "Loving" a bird enslaved in a tiny cage is not truly loving the bird.  And forceful or "violent love" cannot be called true love at all, in fact it's called rape or domestic abuse.

So before saying or doing anything, remember the four pillars:  Is it true?  Does it promote freedom?  Is it peaceful?  And is it loving?  Or if you're short on time just check the fourth:  Is this a loving thing to say?  Is this a loving thing to do?  Adhere to these and we will be on the Dharma fast-track through morality to another golden age.  All we need is Love.


Anonymous said...

You are one of a kind Eric, I feel extremely lucky ever since I stumbled upon your blog. It is sincerely my favorite on Blogger. I've learned a lot in the past few months reading your articles.

I don't think the governments want us to find Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love. Especially here in the U.S, we have a revolution for everything but love and social interactions. They push us further and further apart with technology and distractions. I know it makes people seem like they are closer with their Iphones and all that crap but they really aren't when they are replacing real social interactions with digital technology.

I predict one day, we will give up on the social networks. Things like Facebook and junk. It may take a long long time but I think eventually people will walk away and want a real life.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that is the best sound & profound path to follow!

GROW your own food
DIG a water well
BARTER with neighbors and friends
SHOP for necessities at garage sales & thrift stores (where you dont pay a sales tax)
STAY healthy by eating well, and not eating poisonous chemical junk "food"

...and the greatest travesty covered up for a hundred years...GET RID OF ALL THE MERCURY "Silver" FILLINGS in your mouth!

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Mercury Fillings are found to be one of the main causes of Diabetes, Parkinsons Disease, Lupus, Lou Gehrigs Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Alzheimers

--which are really SYMPTOMS of MERCURY POISONING--depending on where the mercury ends up in which of your body's organs or tissues!!!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words and totally agree with all points you made. Peace!

Dante McAuliffe said...

Awesome post. I think we tend to overlook the power of love. When you tell people that love is all we need, they look at you like you're caught in some childish, idealistic fantasy. But the human capacity to love, in my opinion, is far greater than our capacity to hate. Love is creation. Love is peace. Why are those ideals considered fantastical? As you wrote, there are powers that are consciously spewing hate and trying to get humanity to fall to evil. Fortunately for us, there are people who recognize the importance and necessity of love in this world!


icthetao said...

Thanks for the great articles, you always write what I wish I could say. scarygary "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will see peace." -Jimi Hendrix

Unknown said...

This makes more sense to me when I think about love. You need truth and freedom and peace. Now I understand why love is a rare on this Earth. There are so many ways to stray from the truth. We have big corporations and wars that enslave innocent people. That's why the world is in shambles. If societies or countries modeled their ethics after truth, freedom, peace, and love. I have a feeling we would all be okay.

Eric Dubay said...

If societies or countries modeled their ethics after truth, freedom, peace, and love. I have a feeling we would all be okay.

You said it perfectly. Our world leadership is in moral shambles. As a world society our ethical compass is completely off kilter. People are starving and homeless all over the world, everyone's in imaginary debt to rich psychopaths, abuse, crime, rape, sex trafficking is pandemic, and people who promote and stand strong for values like Truth, Freedom, Peace and Love are murdered so they won't affect the status quo.

Donna Lee said...

Dear Eric,

I admire your idealism and subscribe to most of it. I try to actually think before I speak and to figure out the best and most gentle way to tell the truth at all times which I feel I am able to do with slight slip-ups once in a Blue Moon.

However, I wanted to say that I believe in moderation and I understood after reading Joseph Campbell's and Bill Moyer's book, The Power of Myth, and many other books, that life and death are intimately intertwined, which is a lesson of the Great Mother, not the idealism of the Patriarch. (See also Mary Renault's books entitled, The King Must Die, and The Bull From the Sea).

We CANNOT live without killing and that includes vegetarians! I agree that veganism or vegetarianism might seem a less drastic form of killing, but the plants we eat were alive as well as the mammals were, before we removed them from their stems. There's no getting around that. It's the condition of life on Earth. You may say that the vegetables or fruits or herbs would have died eventually if we didn't eat them, but so would the mammals have!

Truth breeds love and justice as well as peace in my experience and I definitely live that way and encourage it. I have discovered that peace comes from within first and that THAT's why there's so little of it on the outside, although everyone pays lipservice to the concept of peace. The first of the African women Nobel Prize Winners Leymah Gbowee and Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson who became Nobel Laureates because their efforts helped to end a decades long war in Liberia said that anger can bring about peace if it is channeled correctly, as well as it can bring about violence if it is not channeled correctly. I think that includes raising one's voice sometimes.

That seems to be a contradiction at worst, and a paradox at best. But through my 30 years of intense concerted independent study and (I believe successful) application of the psychological theories of Carl Jung, I have experienced that there is good in all bad and probably a bit of bad in all good, especially in the extreme or at least there is the potential for the same. As Goethe said in his famous poem, "Faust," to paraphrase, "that power that would ever engender evil often engenders good."

Seek peace, by all means, but know that it is difficult of achievement and that one must constantly seek rapprochement in situations where there is strife inner and outer and learn how to successfully negotiate and make acceptable compromises to all parties and all parts of oneself especially the despised ones like the angry, etc..

About being faithful to one's mate, that, too is something that I have learned to think differently about. I now firmly believe that If two primary romantic partners come to an open and honest understanding that they will share their lives with others in ways that all concerned are comfortable with, then I see nothing wrong with that as long as all are open and accepting. I DO have a problem with cheating in any form, which most people seem to embrace in all its forms because most people love secret power and control because they feel so out of control and don't know how to openly and honestly get back the control they seek, nor do they consciously realize what they need to try to control and what they need to consciously surrender to, which would be such a great relief to them that they can't even fathom it. All these are psychological realities that most people know nothing about nor are they interested in learning.

I admire much of what I've read that you've had to say here, especially about freeing oneself from slavery. Keep on keepin' on!

Blessed be.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments Donna! It's true that we cannot live without death or killing but we can always look to increase the peace and minimize the amount of violence, vegetarian/veganism being one excellent way to do so. As for cheating on your mate, of course if two people have an understanding that they will have multiple sexual partners and they are open and honest about it, then that is not cheating. Cheating means lying about another relationship. In my Asbestos Head book, Matrioshka and Asbestos had this exact kind of relationship, only Matrioshka wanted an exclusive commitment and Asbestos wasn't having it :) Peace

Donna Lee said...

Thanks for posting my comments and for your response, Eric! I further wanted to ask you, however, if you think we control or can decrease the violence and cruelty in the natural world itself of which we really are only a small part? For instance, as Marie Louise von Franz, a renowned analytical psychologist which is the name for the school of thought developed by Carl Jung brought to my attention in one of her books, and this is just one tiny instance, of a mammal, a fawn or one who lives in a place that becomes cold in Winter and that develops cancer and drags itself along in severe pain for days or weeks on end, freezing, starving, etc., and finally comes to its demise.

I am all for healing and I have healed myself of many diseases or been led by my inner light to seek just the right healers for my plights and to realize who they were (and who they weren't!) and I have tried to heal others, but alas, a lot of the people I've tried to help have flatly refused my help and some of them have died, although I can't say for sure if my methods would have been able to heal them. However, I believe that there is a "higher intelligence," than our conscious one and that we need to use all our faculties to determine what we should do from what we shouldn't and when we should surrender to certain situations/realities inner and outer, like the Serenity Prayer or "God/dess grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." This can be very hard to do, but we must pay very close attention. Lately if I've been in a difficult situation, and there have been many, many this year alone, or if there's some situation that I think I don't want, if I surrender completely to the present reality of it, it turns out just the way I would like, quickly, 100% of the time. . .if I'm able to surrender or stop fighting against what I don't want.

I think that we don't need to fret over or condemn ourselves if we eat meat. In that vein, I'll say I was a vegetarian, although I ate dairy products, to get which we don't have to kill animals and eggs (although there's the embryo conundrum that exists in the case of human abortion, which I also don't judge because I've never been faced with that situation and am past child-bearing now) for ten years. But I went back to eating meat. When I stopped eating meat, I got bad flareups of eczema, which I had trouble curing, but which subsided after awhile, and when I started eating meat again after 10 years of vegetarianism, I had those flare-ups again, which subsided, but which come back from time to time and which I'm suffering from presently (people always compliment me on my skin tone--I'm a black woman--but in hidden areas I have these eczema flare-ups; if you know of any remedies, please let me know--my e-mail is on my website if you care to e-mail me).

Donna Lee said...

2nd part of my previous post (the original was too long)

Also, I remember when I had one really bad flare-up on the inside of my left ankle which started to bleed and I became so distraught that I said, "God if this doesn't go away soon, I don't know what I'm going to do!" and within a week, it had cleared up completely and has left absolutely no trace as with many of my flareups and has never returned. As you may know, many dis-eases are psychosomatic in origin, and eczema is one of those par excellence, although it does have physical components, as is asthma. I have had some seemingly miraculous healings! And I am quite capable of creating miracles and have done so on very many occasions.

I guess what I'm trying to say about reducing the violence in the world, through vegetarianism, especially in the natural world, is that in spite of your idealistic intentions to reduce said violence by not eating meat, I wouldn't necessarily widely advocate it or talk against it because in the final analysis, I don't think we control nearly as much as we think we do. Further, I believe that like the sublime devilish character in the film, Legend, which starred Tom Cruise, we can never eradicate evil in the third dimension. It is a part of the nature of our Earth Plane where the opposites (which are really two poles of the same reality, fading into each other the further along the continuum we go, which Jung called enantiodromia or changing into the opposite from the Greek) are torn apart. In eternity, all is one.

What makes the world continue in even as good a state as it is? I certainly don't believe it is humans actions, however good we may be, but the efforts of higher benevolent forces. I also don't believe, as one of my favorite comedians, the late George Carlin didn't, that humans can destroy the Earth. We may destroy life for a while, even if completely, including ourselves, but I believe that the Earth itself can, will, and does replenish itself constantly.

A prime example of this, if it is true, is a recent American PBS program on Chernobyl where the nuclear reactor melted down (if we can believe that what they're saying is true; I have found through testing, by contacting myriads of people and companies and buying products from that or whom I see advertised on TV and 99% are not what they appear to be, hence my skepticism!) that even though the animals are filled with radiation and set geiger counters going berserk, the area is recovering and the animals are living well there. Finally, in this vein, I saw a documentary on the Dark Ages which lasted for about time period lasted some 700 years, during which most of Western Civilization's treasures and knowledge were lost and humanity suffered horribly and mostly died off, but we came back to pillage and destroy yet again!

This gave me hope that humanity will continue to survive, as did a book by a woman named Margaret Ruby called, The DNA of Healing, which of the thousands of books I've read over the past 35 or so years is the only one that I can say helped me to completely transform my attitude in a very short time and which theories are I believe the next step in human evolutionary healing.

Finally in all of this, I wish you and your lady love all the best in your new life! I'm sure all your hard work and sacrifice to gain your freedom will pay off handsomely! Blessed be!

Please see my new church, unlike any I've ever heard of, at my website:

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Donna, sorry to hear about your eczema, unfortunately just going vegetarian isn't always enough, dairy products, cooked grains, sodas and refined sugars are all vegetarian but very acidic and lymph forming, lymph stagnation being one of the main reasons for the constant itching inflammation. In my experience a high-carb, high-raw vegan diet is absolutely the healthiest way to eat and it has cured people's eczema over and over:

How I Cured My Eczema After 57 Years

Raw Food and Eczema

Also check out this! :)

How To Stay Sexy Into Your Seventies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

I really liked your "TRUTH-LIE" picture. And I would like to appreciate the photo you have come up with.

Eric, I want to draw something like that on my own and put it in my home (to remind & encourage myself in my quest for discovering the TRUTH).

If I draw something like that and put it in my home, will that be defying copyright laws?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, I just found that from a google images search, so you're free to use it as you wish. You can make your own and do whatever, the only way to violate copyright laws is if you try to sell it :) Peace

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, thanks for that info. I wasn't able to use so many images from google that I liked as it said that they might be copyrighted!