Friday, June 7, 2013

Unveiled and Lifted Documentary

This brand new documentary "Unveiled and Lifted" featuring some of my favorite voices in the conspiracy community like Stefan Molyneux, Thomas Sheridan, Max Igan, Truther Girl Sonia and Vinny Eastwood is the best I've seen in a long while.  It contains some very next-level information and inspiration for people working towards the conscious awakening of humanity. 

"This beautiful documentary lit a fire in me - like no other - to approach freedom and consciousness in a radical way. Too many of the "awakened" walk around with broken spirits. Sometimes we forget that true freedom comes from the highest love from within - otherwise, what purpose do our actions serve? Are we going about resistance the hard way? Fighting coercion the way puppet masters intended ... What we resist, persists ... but what if we each took our personal power back in our tiny corner of the world, realized our precious worth and it burst forth in a cascade effect that never ended?"  -Activist Post


Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric! As usual you always have something very valuable to share!

Anonymous said...

compared to your last two blogs this documentary is pretty lackluster with nothing new or insightful but your right that most "truthers" free thinkers whatever you want to call them seem to walk around with their heads down depressed at the truth they see, it doesn't have to be that way you can live happy regardless and work to resist what it is that is displeasing.

Easier said then done though, considering the average Joe cant grasp how malicious the government is, particularly the US gov.

Eric Dubay said...

Here's a bit of inspiration from my dad :D

Roger Dubay on Waking Up Your Family

Anonymous said...

Time to shake the bilderbergers asses with something factual.

Stop amusing your genitals.

Ellen said...

Have been reading your blog for a while. Greatly enjoyed the Wing Chun, yoga and Qigong posts.

Re: this documentary: Surely you know by now that the TrutherGirls is disinfo... Not suggesting that you should lose sleep over it if you don't know this. Most of this stuff is pretty silly. (God is the truth. There is nothing any humans can do about that.) Watch out for that New Age stuff. It's really Satanism.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, thanks Ellen! You're the second person I've heard say Truther Girls are disinfo. I know Sonia is Jewish by ancestry and never talks about Zionism/Jewish agenda, but other than that I've always liked her angle/topics she covers. What is her disinfo angle? How do you know she's "one of them?" And what about her husband Aaron, Barbarian Rebellion... I always liked him too and thought he was genuine... do you think they're both agents? Thanks! Peace