Friday, September 13, 2013

Peace in Syria - War is Terrorism - Soldiers are Not Heroes - End All Wars!

Thanks to Andrew for posting this excellent video of an ex-U.S. soldier calling for peace in Syria and for American's NOT to support the troops: "Our soldiers are being trained as predators and set loose on civilian populations that never even attacked us in the first place. You go to peace rallies and see people holding up signs that say support the troops. Can you really support the troops and not support the war? No. You cannot, and I say this to you as a former troop. You know why these soldiers are over there doing this? Beyond the fact that they've been dehumanized to the point where they are capable of doing this, it's because they think that you support them! Because all they hear from the American population is 'don't worry about it G.I., we support you.' This is a recipe for endless war. If the troops knew that they were NOT supported, they would stop deploying and committing war crimes! This is a message that takes a lot of courage to represent in our current society, but knowing the realities we have a responsibility, not just to the Iraqis, and Afghans, but to the young men and women who are going to carry this out. They don't want to be there. War is not a fun place. It's horrible. It's hell, but they're doing it because they think people support them. You've got to tell them you don't support what they're doing. Be honest, offend people if you have to because that's the only way to save them. I am less of a man for having not resisted while I was in the military on active duty. I'll say that again because I think a lot of people in this country feel like the U.S. Army is some place to go and make a man of yourself. I am less of a man today for having served in the U.S. military. These wars are racist. They're genocidal. The kinds of trainings that soldiers are going through to be capable of these horrors are real, are systematic, are well thought-out, have been researched for over 200 years. Because this is nothing new to the United States of America folks. We have been doing this since our foundation. Everything we have, we've stolen. You know it took me a really long time to grasp this, especially having been in the military and having been traumatized by it, and then to come home and be wrapped in an American flag and told that I'm a hero."


muzuzuzus said...

Hey man, powerful videos, and I really dig the second one where you are expressing about this in another 'exotic' language---your getting GOOD :))) Yes it is VERY noteworthy how top of their fukin evil toxic charts for profits is the military and then number too is big pharma!! My next blog is going to be into this, check it out. Their 'treatment' of the 'mentally ill' is of the same ilk as their so called 'war on drugs, which includes psychedelics. Which means they wage way on consciousness. And this fits in with how they depend on propaganda and their occult tricks to manipulate them to (not ALL people though) accept their irrational warmongering, and to be blind to their defiance of science--such as 9/11 (their lynchpin false flag terrorist mega ritual of the 21st century) Saw this good video last night about that 911GATE: Occult Mega Ritual

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, thanks Muz! You're absolutely right, they wage war on every facet of consciousness they can get their bloody hands on.

Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorous, Napalm, Sarin, Nerve and Mustard Gas have all been used by the hypocritical American government claiming we must attack Syria for using chemical weapons. Just like America threatens and invades any independent country with a nuclear program, even though America itself has been the only nation heartless enough to drop nuclear bombs on civilian populations.

10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn't Want You To Talk About

Anonymous said...

That's right--soldiers are NOT heroes. That is the propaganda that has been fed to us as children, then the recruiters stalk the high schools to steal our children before they even have the chance to have a more mature experience to make the ethical choice.

Anonymous said...

"even though America itself..."
--Technically, the United States Corporation (corpse), the POLICE, the MILITARY, along with the FEDERAL RESERVE are all...corporations.

Just wanted to reiterate it to new readers, I know you already know :)

Anonymous said...

wake up bring in people power, they like to think we can be conformed to their way of thinking,wars do not solve, imprisonment for the whistleblowers bring more problems, jesus had sex, what difference does this make for a joe bloggs on the street, they play their games hoping we buy into them, fool, we pay for them,human nature is a wonderful thing, it's the power that be that corrupts it,evil, supression of the mass, to keep the rich and powerfull in bussiness