Thursday, May 1, 2014

Governments Do Not Exist

It is important to note: Governments, just like Countries, Borders, Laws and other abstract concepts, do not actually exist.  It sure seems like governments exist since they have the power to murder, steal from, or imprison their populations for whatever whims tickle their fancy.  But in actual fact, they do not exist.  Only people exist.  People in fitted uniforms exist;  Police, soldiers, politicians, prison guards, public school teachers and welfare recipients exist.  The people who work for and benefit from the system, are the system.  Without people willing to murder, steal from, or imprison their fellow brothers and sisters in the name of government, there is no government.  What government would we have if no one showed up on election day?  Who would shake us down if no one paid up on tax day?  Who would brainwash our children if no one sent them to public schools?  Who would fight foreign wars if no one would be a soldier?

If people stopped working for the government, the government would cease to exist.  If people stopped voting, if people stopped paying taxes, the government would cease to exist.  Police, soldiers, politicians, all other government workers and welfare recipients, are the beneficiaries of our stolen money.  They are all upstanding parasite citizens employed by a parasite system to parasite off everyone else.  They are all anti-entrepreneurs actively working against the free-market.  They are people who, through their actions, agree with, enable and enforce violence and coercion against their fellow man.  They grant themselves the legal right to counterfeit their own currency and imprison anyone else who tries.  Their paychecks come from the taxes we are all forced to pay them.  Their means of subsistence is counterfeit and theft.  And these thieves have the power to put us in prison if we don't willingly hand over our hard-earned money, whenever, and however much they ask for.  Govern-Mental literally translates to Mind-Control - it's time people realize they have been brainwashed by their Mafia Governments, stand up and say to all government employees a big "No Thanks For Your Service!"


Anonymous said...

The human race is it's own worse enemy because it does not know the beauty that it is. What do we actually do except consume and destroy the planet. We think we are clever because we can watch movies on tv instead of living in the real world, we think we are clever because we can fly from continent to continent. But are we simply trying in vain to make up for a planet that we have ruined by our own self destructive nature?

Anonymous said...

Hot News

Ghosts of the RMS Lusitania could have come back to haunt Britain

Previously secret files reveal government fears that "high explosives" would be found by divers surveying the wreck of RMS Lusitania - discrediting the premise on which the Americans were drawn into the First World War


Phil said...

Exactly!Great post again Eric!
I look forward to the day when we have our own anarcho-syndicalist commune, as brilliantly satirised by the Pythons all those years ago! :)

Anonymous said...

Why are people on welfare included on your list of beneficiaries of the system? They are among its biggest victims. Oh, they receive a token of support from the state while it crushes them. Using the same logic, prisoners too are beneficiaries and therefore to be lumped with the infidel. I assume you are persuaded by the argument that slaves benefited from their bondage, after all they were fed and watered? People, even the monastic, do not chose grinding poverty any more than the slave chooses to lose liberty. Grinding poverty is the lose of liberty.

Eric Dubay said...

People on welfare are not the biggest victims, the biggest victims are the hard-working people who pay all their taxes.

Eric Dubay said...

Prisoners are victims in another sense, even though they are technically "beneficiaries" of the stolen money, they would much rather have their freedom I'm sure.

Eric Dubay said...

Love that clip Phil, thanks!

Anonymous said...

"People on welfare are not the biggest victims, the biggest victims are the hard-working people who pay all their taxes."

So, should an unemployed friend or family member of yours get a job, I assume you send them condolences and hold a wake. The common practice of sending congratulations and celebrating must seem odd to you. In some communities, I hear that getting a job is treated almost like a miracle. You, yourself must curse your students and the people who buy your books, thus making you subject to taxation. Why do you not work for free and deny your oppressor his loot?

I am wary, but I am open to persuasion.

I am wary of people who use mainstream political rhetoric. "Hard working families" is the main mantra of the political class in my own country.

I am wary of divide and rule. Of people who see only their own group's oppression, but are blind to the oppression experienced by other groups.

But still, you seem thoughtful, a man who has wrestled with the injustices of the system. So persuade me. Why should I condemn those on welfare more than those in prison? Why should I see only the injustice of taxation but be blind to all the other injustices of the system? Why should I refuse to be shocked and disturbed by the plight of those ground down and imprisoned by poverty? Why should I focus only on my own plight and not the plight of those I see suffering around me? I should I change my tune and condemn the poorest for their poverty, when the system is design to trapped them there.

Eric Dubay said...

Lol, the answer to your barrage of "why should I" questions is: re-read the article and you'll find no such advice claiming you "should" do any of those things.

You're making no distinction between government jobs and all other jobs, which is the clear distinction I'm making in the article. Government jobs are mafia jobs paid for by stolen blood money, and participating in that system, by working for it or benefiting from it, is immoral.

Prisoners would certainly choose to waive their "benefits" if they had the choice. Welfare recipients, however, choose to participate with (and thus perpetuate) the evil system because they would rather get their share of the stolen money than get a job/start a business and become one of the people stolen from. Better to receive stolen money than to be stolen from, that's your argument, right?

And getting a job is not a miracle, job creation is each individual's responsibility. I wrote my books, I maintain these websites, I teach my Yoga and Wing Chun students, I create my own work and that is no more miraculous than getting a job at 7-11. Everyone has a good or service they can provide the world, and for the impoverished, handicapped and otherwise more unfortunate who cannot, it is still not justified that the rest of the population be stolen from at gunpoint to provide for them.

Anonymous said...

I haven't talked about government jobs v other jobs. I have asked only why you include people on welfare in your list of enemies, because I think the vast majority of people on welfare are not making a free choice: their dependency is systemic, structural, designed, manipulated and enforced by government policies, laws, trade agreements, monopolies, and other forms of repression and oppression.

Well, you apparently believe differently. You believe that "Everyone has a good or service they can provide the world" and presumably take to market and earning a living from. I find that an incredible belief, especially from someone who is well-informed about manufactured scarcity and the economic system. The basis of your belief seems to be your own experience, the experience of a young athletic male, with high self-esteem, apparently sound mental health, a college degree, from a good family, who lives in a country where simply being a native English speaker provides a source of income. I hesitate to say this, but perhaps your experience is not universal. But I see this will be ignored, for according to you even the disabled are not justified in accepting welfare. Apparently, choosing not to die of cold on the streets is supporting the system.

The system operates on multiple levels and in multiple ways, and creates many kinds of victims. Taxation is not the only, nor the worst, that the system does to people. You claim to be fighting the system but you parrot it's rhetoric. The journey to your anrcho-capitalist promised land must start from here, and here people, millions of people are trapped in welfare. You would be wiser to expand you mono-perspective. Wiser and more humane.

Eric Dubay said...

Again you're putting words in my mouth calling anyone "enemies." And no, accepting stolen money doesn't become ethical just because you're handicapped. There are plenty of ways to help under-privileged people without stealing from the entire population.

tentaraanubis said...

and women are the biggest victims of all, especially in 3rd world countries?

Anonymous said...

Matrix Meme = laughable
I have seen enough violence that no one stopped and when the cops got there no one talked to them. Monopolize that thought for a second.

Anonymous said...

"The number of people in work and claiming housing benefit has rocketed by 59 per cent since the Coalition came to power and will cost taxpayers an extra £5 billion by next year’s general election.
The figures, compiled by the House of Commons Library, highlight the growth of “in-work poverty” in recent years while wages fell in real terms and rents continued to rise. They also undermine claims by some Conservatives that benefit claimants are “skivers” because many people qualify for state help even though they are in jobs."

Anonymous said...

Please Watch "Denis Curran on Food Banks "People are getting penalised for being poor"

nvra75 said...

Hey E-Dub, (that would be a cool DJ name)

I would like to interject something to these @ANONs'.

1. people don't need money to live we need resources. Money is not a resource.
2. Jobs ONLY provide money to an individual, Jobs NEVER provide resources to an individual. (too difficult to tax)
3. Jobs and Money both seem to keep individuals from figuring out ways to provide themselves with resources.
4. Governments, Jobs and Money seem to restrict individuals from providing themselves with natures resources.
5. Governments CREATE and USE dependent castes against the taxable castes for political subterfuge. Smoking mirrors. All taxes collected goes to banksters and NONE of it goes to governmental projects or public services. All countries are being run off of credit. Money is fake. Jobs are fake, Governments are fake. People and resources are real.
6. Dependency on a fake entity (governments) will leave one up shitts creek. (ie...the poor) 1st world poverty has systemic features but has a high probability of escape and 3rd/4th/5th world poverty is almost 100% systemic and nearly inescapable.
7. To elaborate on #6. Many people do CHOOSE to be on welfare in 1st world nations. Many people are lazy, entitled, and complacent in 1st world nations. Many people who put their faith in fake entities like government, jobs, money, religion, etc will be at the mercy of those fake entities.

Eric Dubay said...

Great points NVRA! And people in school have in fact called me E-Dub, E-Dubs, and Doobie :)

Oz10 said...

Money is not fake and for about 100 thousand years humans have used some form of barter as a trade for resources. Money is just a form of barter, while you can argue if it is legitimate, it isn't fake.
Same goes for jobs, or as you probably know them chores. If these people are going to use these resources they will have to work at it. Not getting paid does not make this work NOT a job.
I understand your point of view but I think you are splitting hairs with different word definitions.
My point: Money is just a form of barter, and WORK makes jobs and if anything is going to change there is a lot of WORK to do.
rage on.

nvra75 said...

@Oz10.... no rage here, just an exchange of ideas/opinions.

“I understand your point of view but I think you are splitting hairs with different word definitions. “

lol, Hello Mr. Kettle im Mr. Pot. Well let me expound then. Money is an intangible object, as are other forms of “barter” or “trade”, even though they have been used for 100's of thousands of years. The length of time or the amount of people participating in an activity does not make it any more or less real. Mass acceptance of a lie is still a lie.

Now I was about to give a very detailed, follow up version of my opinion, but I realized that the quote from you that I am responding to just seemed to suggest that you do not have an appreciation of English word definitions, the Germanic/Latin hybrid prefix/suffix/root word meanings, or the subtle but significant difference between synonyms/antonyms, etc.......

Also, your post kinda wanders around a bit, does not use succinct language and does not make very solid points.

Also, you seem to think I do “chores” instead of a “job” and this is significant. It speaks to your bigoted mental construct. Age/Intellect has a very weak correlation in the positive/positive direction past a certain age range that is usually before “adulthood”.

My point: I understand your point of view, but I don't think we are on the same level to continue this discussion in a meaningful way.

Oz10 said...

Work is work, job or not. For 'individuals' to use the 'resources' this requires them to work to get them to their destination to be used. (like carrying firewood)
I made a crack with the chores line cause I was trying to connect with you, that failed. I offended you, I am sorry.

Feel free to act like your above me, that doesn't make you right.

Sorry if I wasn't clear.

p.s. Punctuation will help clear up that 2nd paragraph, I can't tell what your after with that.

Anonymous said...

@ nvra75

"Money is an intangible object, as are other forms of “barter” or “trade”, even though they have been used for 100's of thousands of years."

definition of intangible:
1. unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence.

Money has a physical form, even if it is a lie.

Trade/Barter is the idea of exchanging goods or services for other goods or services. Rarely is this exchange intangible.

Just sayin...

nvra75 said...


Apology accepted and I apologize for being a douche bag in my response. Lets start over please.

In my opinion, Money is an innate object and it has no positive/good or negative/bad value by itself. The current form of money that we are subjected to called Fractional Reserve Banking is very detrimental to humanity and the planet. E-dub (this sites creator and moderator) has done some great blogs on this very subject. I don’t want to assume your level of knowledge on Fractional Reserve Banking, Fiat Currency, and Debt Slavery but these are interrelated issues that are having a major negative impact on humanity on so many levels. If you unfamiliar with these terms then I recommend checking this sites archives for some great info.

Do you understand and or agree with this : Fractional Reserve Banking uses Fiat Currency and equals Debt Slavery for the victims it is used on???

Oz10 said...

I do not completely understand the trash of a money system we use here in the states. I know the systems built around it are just as messed up. I have been walked through it and vaguely remember but I know at least enough to agree it is horrible. I am glad we could get passed the eye-gouging shroud of anonymity.

nvra75 said...


I have been researching this type of subject matter for quite a while. I think i have a fairly good grasp on the fundamentals of Modern Money Mechanics. I based my statements on this verified research. 100% of the time, use of this type of "money" equals debt slavery for the users.
The game of Monopoly was created to show how easily "money" and assets will always be amassed by one individual while the rest of the participants go bankrupt. By simply playing the game you are almost guaranteed to lose. 8 people can play but there can be only 1 winner. Those are bad odds and it works the same in “real life”. Most of us are guaranteed to lose this game and we don't have a choice about playing the “money” game. There are no “legal” alternatives.
You mentioned the systems built around money are messed up and I totally agree with that statement. I would like to build upon that idea. Fiat money is a religion. It is totally backed by faith in an unseen/ unknown higher power. Human beings kill, steal, lie, cheat, starve, enslave, go to war with,etc... other human beings for “it”. Humans live miserable lives then die horrible deaths due to a lack of “it”.
On a non conspiratorial tangent: people put way too much time and energy in the pursuit of money and way too little time on building relationships with loved ones, neighbors and the planet. In fact it has turned us all into self destructive entities, running on a hamster wheel, chasing this ever elusive thing and our collective energies are being harvested. (oops, back on the conspiracy tangent again. Lol)

Oz10 said...

as Canada Bill Jones once said:
"I know it's crooked, but it's the only game in town."

Yes, you and I agree, it was just a matter of communication. I'm in absolute agreement about the 'pursuit of money' it only pleases the worthless people. People should learn to grow, learn to swim, learn to build, and Love all family. Friends are just family we get to choose.

or there is this

nvra75 said...

Canada Bill Jones was a hustler and a scammer. Cut form the same cloth as the Money Manipulators. That quote encourages people to continue volunteering to participate in a system that is designed to rip them off.

I can NOT agree with that.

THe lesser of 2 evils is still EVIL.

Anonymous ((until I think of something creative)) said...

"And getting a job is not a miracle, job creation is each individual's responsibility." It looks to me like you're a privileged white male who is oblivious to the suffering and oppression of those who are unlike you. I 100% agree with the anon here. For example, do you know how hard it is to find a job if you're handicapped? For one thing, your disability might prevent you from working certain jobs, and on top of that, there's also discrimination and prejudice. Idealistically, I wouldn't want welfare to exist because I wouldn't want the system to exist but realistically, people need it, and it isn't fair to look down on these people as 'supporting the system'. That's disgusting honestly.

Eric Dubay said...

The color of my skin and my penis has nothing to do with it Kaitlyn. Violence, kidnapping and theft are criminal and immoral regardless of whether the perpetrator is wearing a fitted uniform or not. The government will always wave disabled people, children, vets, elderly people, and others in front of your face to tug at your heart strings, but no matter what positive spin they put on stealing your money, it's still stealing your money! I am all for charities and benefits helping underprivileged people. I regularly help individual homeless people here in Thailand. The issue is having a huge expensive, coercive government bureaucracy forcing everyone to pay up a large percent of their income, most of which goes in the bureaucrats pockets, by the way, but they'll just keep waving wheelchairs in front of your face and people like you will think it's justified! Wake up Machiavelli, the ends don't justify the means. Theft is theft. If you want to give money to underprivileged people that's your prerogative, it is not your prerogative to force other people to give their money. Peace

Anonymous said...

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