Sunday, July 27, 2014

Conscious Conspiracy Rap - DISL Automatic

Conscious conspiracy rapper couple DISL Automatic and his sister Sinthesis have already dropped one amazing album "Power to the People" and now have a new one on the way.  Their fresh, raw, enlightening style is exactly what the modern music industry is missing.  Instead of rapping about cars, girls, money, liquor, bling and the other trivial drivel most mainstream "artists" perpetually go on about, DISL and Sinthesis fill their songs with important revolutionary topics like secret societies, false flags, mind control, and the new world order.  Have a listen to some of my favorite songs below and support this dynamic duo!


Eco-local Guy said...

Great to see someone using hip hop to speak he truth to power! Really power messages and delivery. This a great way to reach the millennials who are now just realizing that the world they are inheriting is stacked against them. Will share these around. Thanks for digging up these gems!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks guys, I'm a big Immortal Tech fan, haven't heard of P.O.S. though, I'll check it out. Here's some other favorites of mine:

J Solli Conspiracy Raps

K-Rino Conspiracy Raps

GlobalFaction Music with a Message

Genocide Music

Jedi Mind Tricks

Beast 13 33 Conspiracy Raps

Illuminati Congo





Immortal Technique

Anonymous said...

conspiracy rap, or CRap is great in theory but sounds terrible and isn't something anyone should be focusing on when they are listening to music imo.

SinTheSis said...

Your support is highly appreciated! Just wanted to clarify one thing: DISL and I are actually siblings, not boyfriend/girlfriend. Thanks for showing love in the comments as well!
BIG love and much respect!
~ Sis

Eric Dubay said...

Hey SinTheSis, thanks so much for the comment and awesome music! Very sorry about that error, I've changed the wording of the article to let people know you are siblings. You guys really help light a fire of motivation to spread the truth and change the world. Peace!