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Arctic Midnight Sun Proves Flat Earth

During Arctic summer, from the 22nd to the 25th of June, at a high enough latitude and altitude, you can watch a phenomenon known as “the Midnight Sun” where the Sun stays continuously visible in the sky for 3 days straight!  The “Midnight Sun” rises on the 22nd and for the next 72 hours never disappears from sight, slowly ascending and descending every 12 hours, showing 3 brilliant “sunsets” and “sunrises” without ever actually setting below the horizon.  In “The Brighton Examiner” of July, 1870, United States Ambassador to Norway, Mr. Campbell, described his experience witnessing the Midnight Sun with a group of gentlemen, on a cliff 1000 feet above the Arctic Sea at the 69th North parallel:

"It was late but still sunlight. The Arctic Ocean stretched away in silent vastness at our feet, the sound of the waves scarcely reached our airy look-out. Away in the north the huge old Sun swung low along the horizon, like the slow beat of the tall clock in our grandfather's parlour corner. We all stood silently looking at our watches. When both hands stood together at twelve midnight, the full round orb hung triumphantly above the waves—a bridge of gold running due north spangled the water between us and him. There he shone in silent majesty which knew no setting. We involuntarily took off our hats—no word was said. Combine the most brilliant sunrise you ever saw, and its beauties will pall before the gorgeous colouring which lit up the ocean, heaven, and mountains. In half an hour the Sun had swung up perceptibly on its beat, the colours had changed to those of morning. A fresh breeze had rippled over the florid sea; one songster after another piped out of the grove behind us—we had slid into another day."

Tourists from Haparanda prefer going to Avasaxa, a hill 680 feet above the sea, from which though eight or ten miles south of the arctic circle, they can see the midnight sun for three days.  As the voyage drew to a close, and we approached the upper end of the Gulf of Bothnia the twilight had disappeared, and between the setting and rising of the sun hardly one hour elapsed.  Haparanda is in 65 degrees 31 minutes North latitude and forty one miles south of the arctic circle.  It is 1 degree 18 minutes farther north than Archangel, and in the same latitude as the most northern part of Iceland.  The sun rises on the 21st of June at 12:01am and sets at 11:37pm.  From the 22nd to the 25th of June the traveler may enjoy the sight of the midnight sun from Avasaxa, a hill six hundred and eighty feet high, and about forty-five miles distant.”  -M. Paul B. du Chaillu, “The Land of the Midnight Sun”

If the Earth were actually a spinning globe revolving around the Sun, the only place such a phenomenon as the Midnight Sun could be observed would be at the poles.  Any other vantage point from 89 degrees latitude downwards could never, regardless of any tilt or inclination, see the Sun for 24 hours straight.  To see the Sun for an entire revolution on a spinning globe at a point other than the poles, you would have to be looking through miles and miles of land and sea for part of the revolution!  Anyone below the 89th parallel could never witness the Sun for 72 hours, 3 whole revolutions, straight because to do so would be to assume you are somehow seeing “through the globe” and to the Sun on the other side!  Since such an assumption is ridiculous, and yet the Midnight Sun can clearly be seen as low as the 65 parallel, this is another absolute proof that Earth is the flat, stationary center of the universe.

If the earth be a globe, at midnight the eye would have to penetrate thousands of miles of land and water even at 65 degrees North latitude, in order to see the sun at midnight.  That the sun can be seen for days together in the Far North during the Northern summer, proves that there is something very seriously wrong with the globular hypothesis.  Besides this how is it that the midnight sun is never seen in the south during the southern summer?  Cook penetrated as far South as 71 degrees, Weddell in 1893 reached as far as 74 degrees, and Sir James C. Ross in 1841 and 1842 reached the 78th parallel, but I am not aware that any of these navigators have left it on record that the sun was seen at midnight in the south.  -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (63)

Heliocentrists also cannot explain why the Midnight Sun phenomenon is not experienced anywhere in the Southern hemisphere at any time of year.  Quite to the contrary, it has been recorded by the Royal Belgian Geographical Society in “Expedition Antarctique Belge,” that during the most severe part of the Antarctic winter, from 71 degrees South latitude onwards, the sun sets on May 17th and is not seen above the horizon again until July 21st!  This is completely at odds with the ball-Earth theory, but easily explained by the flat-Earth model.  The Midnight Sun is seen from high altitudes in extreme Northern latitudes during Arctic summer because the Sun, at its inner-most cycle, is circling tightly enough around the polar center that it remains visible above the horizon for someone at such a vantage point.  Likewise, in extreme Southern latitudes during Arctic summer, the Sun completely disappears from view for over 2 months because there at the Northern Tropic, at the inner-most arc of its boomerang journey, the Sun is circling the Northern center too tightly to be seen from the Southern circumference. 

It is evident that in the great encircling oceans of the south, and the numerous islands and parts of continents, which exist beyond that part of the earth where the sun is vertical, cannot have their days and nights, seasons, etc., precisely like those in the northern region. The north is a centre, and the south is that centre radiated or thrown out to a vast oceanic circumference, terminating in circular walls of ice, which form an impenetrable frozen barrier. Hence the phenomena referred to as existing in the north must be considerably modified in the south, For instance, the north being central, the light of the sun advancing and receding, gives long periods of alternate light and darkness at the actual centre; but in the far south, the sun, even when moving in his outer path, can only throw its light to a certain distance, beyond which there must be perpetual darkness. No evidence exists of there being long periods of light and darkness regularly alternating, as in the north. In the north, in summer-time, when the sun is moving in its inner path, the light shines continually for months together over the central region, and rapidly develops numerous forms of animal and vegetable life.”  -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (115)

In typical reverse-engineered damage-control fashion, trying to explain away the Midnight Sun, problematic Arctic/Antarctic phenomena, and the fact that Polaris can be seen approximately 23.5 degrees South of the equator, desperate heliocentrists in the late 19th century again modified their theory to say the ball-Earth actually tilts back 23.5 degrees on its vertical axis, thus explaining away many problems in one swoop!  If it simply tilted the same direction constantly, however, this would still not explain the phenomena because after 6 months of supposed orbital motion around the Sun, any amount of tilt would be perfectly opposite, thus negating their alleged explanation for Arctic/Antarctic irregularities.  To account for this, heliocentrists added that the Earth also “wobbles,” in a complex combination of patterns known as, “planetary nutation,” the “Chandler wobble,” and “axial precession” which, in their vivid imaginations, somehow explains away common sense.

Common sense, however, says that if the heat of the Sun travels 93,000,000 miles to reach us, a small axial tilt and wobble, the difference of a few thousand miles, should be completely negligible.  If the ball-Earth actually spun around 93,000,000 miles from the Sun, regardless of any tilt or wobble, temperature and climate the whole world over should be almost completely uniform.  If the heat of the Sun truly travelled ninety-three million miles to reach Earth’s equator, the extra few thousand miles to the poles, regardless of any supposed “tilt” or “wobble,” no matter how extreme, would surely be negligible in negating such intense heat!

The supposition that the seasons are caused by the Earth’s annual motion round the Sun at a mean distance of 92,500,000 of miles, is grotesque. According to Piazzi the size of the Sun is in proportion to the Earth, as 329,360 to 1, the diameter exceeds that of the Earth 112 times. The Earth appears, as Biot says, by this statement, ‘a mere grain of sand, as compared to the Sun.’ This enormous expanse of light focused on a rotating ‘grain of sand,’ at the distance of 93 millions of miles, would cause the same season throughout it. The paltry few miles, in comparison that separates London from Cape Town could never cause diverse seasons, neither would the distance from London to the Riviera justify the difference in the climate that characterizes the two places.”  -E. Eschini, “Foundations of Many Generations” (7)

Common sense also says if the Earth were actually a ball spinning daily with uniform speed around the Sun, there should be exactly 12 hour days and 12 hour nights everywhere all year round regardless of any alleged tilt or inclination, half the sphere would always be lit, the other half not!  The great variety in length of days and nights throughout the year all over Earth testifies to the fact that we do not live on a spinning ball-planet.  There cannot exist phenomena such as this on a globe, nor the Midnight Sun, nor anything like Antarctic winter where the Sun is nowhere to be found for over 2 months per year!

The theory of the rotation of the earth may once and for all be definitely disposed of as impracticable by pointing out the following inadvertence. It is said that the rotation takes twenty-four hours and that its speed is uniform, in which case, necessarily, days and nights should have an identical duration of twelve hours each all the year round. The sun should invariably rise in the morning and set in the evening at the same hours, with the result that it would be the equinox every day from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. One should stop and reflect on this before saying that the earth has a movement of rotation. How does the system of gravitation account for the seasonal variations in the lengths of days and nights if the earth rotates at a uniform speed in twenty-four hours!?  -Gabrielle Henriet, “Heaven and Earth” (10)

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Anonymous said...

Thomas said....

Eric Dubay, you are an inspiration to us all. I have been following you for almost a year now and your story of awakening is inspiring, the bit about your dad. You have come so far. It's like you went down the rabbit hole and got to a dirt wall and said, "Well surely this can't be the end?" So you started digging and rediscovering long forgotten paths. And digging some more. And digging until...... no wait you haven't stopped ;)........ Years later I came along down the same hole (9/11) and became very scared and confused. After 2 or 3 years of running around with my head cut off, I started building with the head-corner-stone of our earth being flat. You gave me that Eric. You gave me the start of my new mind's foundation. Thank you Eric.

I'm waiting for Spiritual Science to arrive. I'm so excited to see the knowledge you have uncovered. I'm honored just to comment to you because I know you will see. So here is my question..

Am I number 10,000? If so, I kinda want a signed copy lol

P.S. check out the Ubuntu movement in South Africa. It's run by Michael Tellinger and will bring down NWO.

Spiritual Science has arrived. I can't put it down. I need to be sleeping but I just keep reading.
I'm reposting this from your Spiritual Science post because I want to hear your thoughts on Ubuntu.
Please comment back brother.

Unknown said...

Eric, I also saw almost all your videos on you tube and I also have this theory for a few years now but never decided to write it down , especially not as comments on youtube, but it strikes me that many people now came to the same conclusion as us.
I don't know if you manage to read all the comments from everywhere and if you saw mine, Valy P.
I think that we have something that is true and hasn't been told because the implications can be even catastrophic. But I didn't see the full picture anywhere on you tube, only your flat earth theory comes closer to what I have in mind.
I'd like to discuss one very sensitive matter regarding the creation and the possibilities of being created by a living god (s) from above us, or from another planet or another higher dimension...but mainly if we are an artificial structure on a bigger surface, we must have been built for a purpose and here I haven't heard any great idea.
If you have time for a small exchange of ideas, just write a note on
I don't want it exposed in public yet but it might give you some possible weapon against the ones that criticize also might be the cause of why it couldn't have made public in any way, not related to the flat earth. It is commonly known but totally disconnected to what we are arguing on you tube.
It has been kept secret for thousands of years. It is in plain view. But nobody makes a connection, Eric, it can be the key.

Please have a good day and I hope to hear from you soon!
My best regards,

Unknown said...

Eric, I've seen almost all your videos about the flat earth and I've also made comments, even thought I'm not used to.
I have my theory for some years now and similar to yours, at least about the flat surface of the inner earth, where we live. I don't know if you manage to read all the comments from people and if you had time to look at mine. But I had a special feeling that your voice might be heard in a way that will attract attention, I'm not the type to make youtube videos.
I know that you believe in the earth being an artificial structure, built, engineered by a creator. First, there is no way that discovering the layers above the atmosphere, the termosphere and the radiation belts as shields around the earth, and the flat disc inside this structure, people can say that we haven't been built, these layers didn't naturally appear.
I know that you don't necessarily want to connect the flat earth theory with the genesis and the Lord God YHVH of the bible, to the Creator, as you might think of the possibility of an alien race, advanced technology of an old civilization that built us to preserve its species.
But what was the purpose of creation apart from experimenting and preserving the human race...what if we can observe something else that nobody wants to see....even if it strikes you in the face.
I can't write it as a youtube , it might provoke a crisis like the whole theory, but we are getting close to the truth.
It can't be stopped, because the evidence of the flat earth is staggering, also that is an artificial structure...
If you have time for a short note on my address and wnat to hear my point of view, as strange as it might seem, it can be the key.
I saw this whole structure years before anybody made these videos. I had some strange visions and dreams. Now it comes to the surface with evidence from all over the world. It makes me happy to realize that in my crazy thoughts I was right all these years.
But I want to share with somebody able to spread the word, the rest of this vision.
Is not what you may think, but it gives a sense to WHY. I can't gather the evidence but you have connections and if it can be proven, it might be catastrophic.
Please write to me,
My best regards,

Unknown said...

Hi Eric,

You are doing great work. People are so indoctrinated that they violently oppose when that which is in plain sight is shown to them, and religiously believe in the theories of science.

I think it's better not to waste time on those who leave many comments asking to be explained what's already covered; or leave insulting comments not worth publishing or looking at at all; I think some of them are deliberately doing this to make you waste time in unfruitful work, when there's so, so much more that needs to be uncovered.

I linked to your great article about 200 proofs in my today's post. I'm planning to come to Thailand soon, so if you still live there, maybe we can meet. Take care. --

Mofi said...

Good article. One thing I think it's not correct and that's the part about the days being of equal length. Imagine if the sun was at the same location as polaris then only half of the globe would be lit and the other part never lit. So any tilt away from that would make the unlit part a little more lit.
I guess for the globe to then have different lengths of days the tilt has to be changing back and forth.

Sourdough said...

I have lived in the north and traveled above the ARCTIC CIRCLE. Near the AC you get the effect mentioned above of the Sun rising higher in the sky during the day and sinking to near the horizon at night for a few days on either side of the Solstice. As you go further north, above the AC, the sun doesn't sink as low at night and the light lasts for weeks (Midnight Sun).
Based upon what I saw, if one stood, which I wasn't able to do, at the North Pole for twenty four hours, during the Solstice, the sun would make an even circle around, during the day and night and last for several weeks. The Sun would slowly move closer to the North Pole in the weeks prior to the Solstice and recede away each day from the North Pole after the Solstice. Of course at the December Solstice there is complete darkness for weeks, on either side.
I'm not sure how that affects the theory, just what I observed.