Sunday, April 12, 2009

Above Top Secret .com is Owned and Operated by Masons

Here's a link to an interesting thread from a year ago entitled "What Are The Masonic Secrets?" I was Freight Tomsen before being repeatedly IP banned. My posts start near the bottom of page 2 here:

What Are The Masonic Secrets?

You will notice how I am treated by the moderators of the forum. Not like a fellow conspiracy researcher, but like a voice that must be quelled, distorted, and refuted. I also wanted to repost another article I wrote many months ago entitled: "Above Above Top"

Above Above Top

Above Top, the biggest conspiracy forum on the internet, is an information gathering/disinformation spreading tool controlled by Masons.

While this statement may seem laughable at first, let's delve into the reasons why I would say so. You would think a "conspiracy theory" website like ( would welcome information such as that presented in my free books, The Atlantean Conspiracy and Famous Freemasons Exposed. You would think that a site dedicated to providing a forum for fellow conspiracy researchers to network, would love to have me as a contributing member, would you not?

So why, just hours after posting my best thread ever, did "Springer" one of the site owners, ban me and my IP from ever posting on ATS again? The reason is my information is far too powerful and influential to allow the masses to get ahold of. Here is the thread I posted that got me banned - "The Will I Am Legend" a post exposing Freemasonry in Hollywood. I was "Freight Tomsen" the OP.

The Will-I-Am Legend

You'll notice that they deleted my opening two posts and many subsequent posts claiming "Meta-tag spamming" which is completely false/unfounded. Springer gave me 5 unwarranted "warnings" regarding some random month-old posts, removed my avatar, moved my thread to "Skunk Works" then banned me from ever posting again without giving so much as an explanation.

Yesterday I made a new Screen Name from a different IP to post my new FREE book, "Famous Freemasons Exposed." My thread was deleted and my new Screen Name was banned within 5 minutes! Why do you suppose Springer and "the Three Amigos" (the site owners' Masonic name for themselves) don't want me on ATS? If they created ATS as a place for conspiracy theorists/researchers like myself to network with others, then why I am repeatedly banned for posting excellent material?

If you have spent any time on ATS ( especially in their "Secret Societies" forum, you will notice that there is a troop of Masons (much like's Bury Brigade) who are online ALL day EVERY day. Many of them openly admit to being Masons. Even many of the Site Moderators like Mirthful Me, Skyfloating, and other popular ATS names admit to being Masons! Not only this but they are perpetually online 1) providing a "benevolent"/open face for their secret society, and 2) constantly defending government/establishment positions and their "Brotherhood." I can tell you if I owned ATS, I would not have a troop of admitted Mason Moderators running things - any conspiracy researcher will tell you that Freemasonry is one of the biggest vehicles in implementing the New World Order conspiracy!

If you don't believe me about ATS being Mason-run, try this experiment: Take 10-20 photos of celebrities/politicians making the Masonic "M" hand sign from my "Famous Freemasons Exposed" book. Post a thread on ATS with these and watch what happens! You will either be instantly censored, or the Masonic hounds will immediately descend upon you and detract, denounce, and disrespect you in every possible way. Is this how my research should be received by a "conspiracy theory" forum?


joe said...

I am aware that masons infiltrate every group or organisation. From far-left, to far-right, to conserative-patriot movements, to radical conspiracy theoretical organisations. Sorry to hear about that. It's good information for newbies.

SilverMoon said...

Hey Eric, thanks for the heads up!! Seems like they're into everything anymore..

By the way, I really enjoy your blog/ebooks. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

You got bounced because you created multiple screen names and were spamming the board, end of story. By the way your research is trash that's why you get smacked down each and every time you post on ATS. I also believe that Joe and Mia who posted here are new IDs that you created to make it look as though someone actually believes your junk research.

Eric Dubay said...

I've never created multiple screen names nor spammed their board, but thanks for your retarded opinion. Much appreciated

joe said...

anonymous, I smell something corrupt in you. No way am I Eric Dubay. You can't prove it. And, my writing style is completely different from Eric's.
You are a troll, and a bad one at that.

Mr. Mandal said...

First of all, finding pictures of celebrities making handsigns does not consist of research. This kind of evidence, frankly, is not suited to a rational discussion. If you take enough pictures of someone (and celebrities are photographed constantly), in some portion of them, they will probably be making some weird hand sign or expression. It's not indicative of a conspiracy, it's just what happens when you take enough freeze frames of a person in motion. Hell, I'm sure it's happened to you too.

Second, your posts as Freight Tomson could certainly be considered spam. You made many posts back-to-back along your own determined narrative, usually restating things you had already said, denouncing people you were arguing with, or going off on a tangent.

Third, if the people at ATS were actually trying to bury your research, why on earth would they only delete some of your posts? It would be just as easy and far more effective to delete them all - and I'm pretty sure you can delete posts without leaving any suspicious "this post has been deleted" flags too. Thier actions are not in line with the motivations you're assigning to them.

Fourth, your statement that they should like to have your research on thier site makes the assumption that your research is respectable, new, and valid, which as I'm sure you can tell from the many people disagreeing with you, is up for debate. Quoting statements from not-so-credible (in most peoples' eyes, I know you disagree) sources like you do in your book is not going to get you anywhere. You will have to establish the reliability of your sources first.

Eric Dubay said...

Mr. Mandal, I'm aware that not every celebrity seen making a Masonic hand sign is knowledgeable of what they are doing. However, the signs and symbols in my book are Masonic, there are books about them published by defunked Masons (i.e. Robinson, who was murdered for doing so) and non-Mason researchers alike. My dad has even been asked what Masonic lodge he was in after playfully waving the "M" hand-sign at a workmate. So the REAL issue here is that these are indeed Masonic hand-signs.

Now on a case by case basis, we cannot know that each person photographed making such a sign is doing so intentionally. However, we do know that Cecil B. DeMille, director of the very first Hollywood film and creative genius behind Paramount Pictures, was a Freemason. Jack Warner of Warner Bros. Studios and Darryl Zanuck, co-founder of 20th Century Productions, and Louis B. Mayer, of MGM movie studios are/were all Masons. Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Nat ‘King’ Cole, Rudyard Kipling, Harry Houdini, Alexander Pope, Goethe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Walter Scott, Jonathan Swift, Voltaire, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, W.C. Fields, Clark Gable, Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Holliday, Humphrey Bogart, Peter Sellers, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Abbott of Abbott and Costello, John Wayne, Richard Pryor, Roy Rogers, Will Rogers, Don Rickles and many more famous folks are admitted Masons.

Masonic symbols are so blatant throughout Hollywood productions that we are ignorant to ignore them. And I'm not saying there's a conspiracy of actors... Masonry is just a secret society which pulls in and elevates people who will benefit the organization, and most "superstars" are likely only low-level initiates... not on a level to know the whole agenda, just enough to know about flashing hand-signs and special hand-shakes with their Masonic colleagues and fans.

What myself and others are doing IS in fact "research" but I respect your right to belittle me and my activism. I'm sure you don't consider this "activism" either because you think I'm some paranoid loser out to get my Internet 15 minutes. It's all good though, man. Keep doing your thing, I'll keep doing mine, and the Truth will remain self-evident.

Mr. Mandal said...

I'm not specifically attempting to belittle you, I'm just pointing out that you should understand what you're doing. You are never going to be taken seriously if the evidence you present is a Google Images search for "Masonic Hand Signs." No one is really going to consider that kind of argument.

If you want to be taken seriously, you have to make people think that you are credible; you need to make several changes in your tactics in order to accomplish this. Things like a bunch of Masonic hand sign pictures make you seem less credible - it's completely anecdotal evidence that will not be taken seriously.
Quoting people who are generally regarded as nutcases will also make you seem less credible. It's entirely possible that Alex Jones is a fantastic source, but if people think he's a crackpot, you shouldn't quote him.

Again, I don't mean to belittle you, I've just noticed a pattern of you shooting yourself in the foot. You have to think about how you sound to a skeptical person, not how you sound to the people who frequently agree with you on your blog (sorry guys), because they already think you're right.

Eric Dubay said...

Cool, I appreciate the advice and understand how much of my information or Alex Jones' information can come across to a skeptic. And it's great for people to be skeptical and use critical reasoning... I didn't just leap to my current understanding by forgoing skepticism and critical reasoning, I maintain my analytical faculties throughout all of my "research" (in quotes for your benefit :P)

But you say, "if people think Alex Jones is a crackpot, you shouldn't quote him." And this is the line of reasoning I can't agree with. I have taken the time to personally verify Alex Jones' claims, and I now know that he is NOT a crackpot, as you put it. But hey, just like yourself, I heard him for the first time a few years ago and thought, "this guy's either a crazy or a political genius" ... the difference is I took the time to "research" everything he said. And by doing so I verified all his "research," and compiled my own "research" into a couple books.

So anyway, have you seen The Obama Deception yet? It's Jones' latest and I'd say best documentary. Type it into YouTube and let me know what you think of it. Peace

Anonymous said...

PLEASE IF YOU have not seen this film PLEASE Look at :


you can reach the same point.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free
Passage Lookup: John 8:32


TheFetch said...

Hey Eric - Fetch here. I agree with your assessment and received the same treatment. My work was exceptionally well received by the audience with some of my articles being in their top lists at the Secret Societies forum.

ATS is another of those operations that are controlled by trolls - in this case, sadly for the good people in the Craft - lower educated buffoons who call themselves "Masons".

The complete moral abyss exhibited by so many Masons can only be attributed to its influence by Jewish ethics, imo -

A system which brought the West much liberty is now being over-run by those groups who have always believed that totalitarianism to their sadist "sky god" is the way to human redemption.

This anonymous moron is just another of those anonymous cowards who lie because he has no morals nor ethics.

A regular freak show in a museum under normal conditions - the rise of the freaks and cowards has become the norm -

It is what Noahidist Masonry is all about.

Seven Star Hand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seven Star Hand said...

Hello guys and gals,

This is a very interesting thread that I probably should avoid, but here goes nothing...

I am not a Mason, nor am I a member of any such society. I am an independent expert in ancient wisdom and the symbology used to model, encode, and encapsulate it. For that reason, I have been doing some in-depth research into Freemasonry, its symbology, and related topics, which I know better than any other non-mason or freemason (which is how and why I found your blog). From this basis, I have a few things to impart to both sides of this argument.

Eric is right about the existence of Freemasons on ATS, as well similar crews of "gatekeepers" on many other forums. Some are Masons and some are not. It depends on where you go. Bottom line, many internet forums and sites are more controlled than we would all like them to be. It is important to remember that the internet is full of idiots and most of these sites have legitimate reasons for policing their traffic. Some also have hidden agendas. I've had similar experiences, including coordinated attacks (elsewhere, not on ATS). I fully expected some of them though, and they served my purpose to prove certain things to the readers of those forums.

With the above said, I want to say that your research is not as good as you think it is. I came across your book earlier, before discovering your blog, and was surprised at certain inaccuracies that immediately jumped out like red flags. They stopped me from reading your book because I already understood several details that you are dead wrong about. I know this topic gets many people excited and anxious, as it should. We have been deceived about many things and Freemasonry is one of the tools used by the Vatican and its secret society cohorts. Even so, it is important to be accurate and reliable in your assessments and assertions. A pivotal example, are the letter M hand-signs in your E-book. Many of the people you show giving these signs are doing so before modern freemasonry was established. It is not as ancient as they would like you to believe, though it uses certain ancient traditions, as inspiration and as a smokescreen. Also, some of those you show are Vatican associated royalty, who would have been the enemies of fledgling freemasonry. Another example is Christopher Columbus, who was a Catholic, working for Catholic royalty and the Church (though some think he was a Templar...). Rome did not need freemasons to do evil since it was their evil that led to the true secret societies that preceded modern freemasonry.

You cast your net too widely and make assertions that completely discredit your research. I AM SAYING THIS AS A FRIEND. Modern masonry is not the same as its earlier roots, which themselves are not what most people think they are. The deceptions run deep and there has been much misdirection over the centuries. The early roots are Jewish, Templar, and Islamic (among other influences) and members were the enemies of Rome when they controlled practically everything. What arose in the early 1700s was something already subverted by the Vatican. Though the earlier roots were truly opposed to Rome, they were unfortunately infiltrated and subverted and then used to relaunch several subverted organizations that merged cabalistic, hermetic, and Templar philosophy, specifically designed to prevent another "Templar-problem" by hiding the truth about the symbology of the Bible and related sources. Ancient symbology is the key to proving the truth about many of the details that Rome has striven to hide for centuries, with the help of certain Jewish mystics, royalty, and other cohorts. One goal of the deception is to keep those like you clueless while opposing symbology. Another is to dupe those like the Freemasons into clinging to false interpretations and venerating the clearly deceptive Bible, thereby unwittingly supporting the continued existence of Rome's deceptions.

Once again, never forget that most people are completely deceived and are thereby dupes, hence victims of deception. Generally accusing Jews, Christians, Freemasons, or others will never succeed to end these long-term deceptions. It only serves Rome's Machiavellian aims to keep the truth at bay, by dividing and conquering those who fight over different aspects of the same deceptions. Instead, focus on learning the true meaning of the symbology, not merely the apparent and faulty use of it. Hand signals are little more than misdirection at this stage of the game and chasing conspiracies based on them are a fool's errand that will never expose the truth. Some of those you accuse of deception are actually trying to lay the foundation for its defeat. Others are merely holding their hands in poses they are completely unaware of. On the other hand, some are greedy, arrogant halfwits like George W. Bush, who was not a Freemason. Skull and Bones is a completely different group, as are other NWO related associations of leaders and toadies. There is no truth without discernment...

When you focus on the symbols used by certain leaders and their dupes, it is best to actually understand the truth about symbology and those that use it. Most that use symbolism certainly do not understand its true meaning. Likewise, most adherents are completely deceived about the true purpose for religion and secret societies, as are their opponents. That includes you !!! The overwhelming majority of Freemasons and the so-called faithful are not your enemies. Most are victims of deception, just like you. To truly help others understand, you must understand first.

Consider the pyramid and how most of it is far below the apex. Only a handful at the top understand, while all others are deceived to varying degrees. Freemasonry is several steps below the apex. Most people who write about these topics know far less than they think they do. I am a true expert and there is much that I don't know. I also don't waste my time trying to know everything about these groups, because the deceptions run deep and they deceive one another, as well as those on the outside. It is best to learned the truth about the things they rely on, hence my focus on the ancient symbology the Vatican and cohorts have desperately tried to obscure. Therein lies the key to their exposure and eventual defeat. That is why the Vatican has gone to such great lengths to bury the truth about ancient symbolic wisdom over the last two millennia. Focus there and ignore the smoke and mirrors, if you truly want to make them squirm.

Being young, you are impatient and impetuous by nature. I had the very same problem and struggled with it into my late 40's. It is a curse of youth. With that said, don't stop your research and don't stop striving to understand. You are on the right track. You just need to sharpen your vision and straighten your ways. Practice humility and subtlety when other tactics fail. Never be afraid to admit that you have made mistakes and always strive to fix them. Swallow your pride or you'll never learn what you have done wrong, nor will you ever rise above the mistakes of youth. Also, here's some information to help refocus your research. There's a lot to read and understand and there will be more to follow in the future. Be patient so you'll be ready to truly help others, in the near future...

Here is wisdom !!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments Fetch and Seven Star Hand. SSH: I read a couple dozen of your articles and they are very informative - your assessment and explanations of symbology are very thorough and fascinating. Some of your comments here came across a bit presumptuous and arrogant, but I forgive your tone. :P I don't think your research and mine are in any opposition to each other but seem quite complementary. Anyway, you're welcome to post your opinions and criticisms, we're all in this together. Peace

Mr. Mandal said...

Yeah, I saw the Obama Deception when you posted it. I think Alex Jones suffers from a similar problem; some of his information actually is scary, but when you watch the video, he really just looks like a nutcase. Yelling at passing cars with a bullhorn is a terrible way to build credibility. It also provides an argument against him: if he's right and there is this malicious conspiracy, surely they would have acted against him somehow. The video also has a very perceptible "feel" of propaganda rather than of a documentary.

As far as quoting Alex Jones, I don't argue against his facts so much as the impression people have of him. If you have independently verified his claims, you should probably quote your own sources and research rather than quoting Mr. Jones. Frankly, just seeing his name on a quote probably signals 90% of people to stop reading. Quote people who don't have such an obvious agenda and who don't seem so crazy in the public eye.

Anonymous said...

Seven Star Hand,

Welcome back.

I have a question.
It appears that much of what occurs along the path of history...or cyclical. Birth/death...rise and fall of civilization...the orbits of planets...sunspot activity...precession of the equinox...the revolutions of galaxies...etc.
One of the cycles here on Earth seems to be the regular global devastation seen in the geologic record as sometimes a pole shift, sometimes a comet or asteroid strike, sometimes a solar storm or other electromagnetic pulse-type event originating from outside the solar system.
From a prophetic viewpoint, this destructive cycle appears to coincide with the length of time it takes for humankind to dust itself off from the last event, spread out across the globe again, and then to become a degraded and pitiful group of lost, blind, greedy, ignorant and hopeless beings.
In your view, was the universe created with these coinciding cycles to put the destructive event at a point where if humanity has not reached a particular goal of wisdom, it's better to wipe the slate clean and have another fresh go at it?
So if mankind gets it wrong, prophecies are less difficult to make if one knows that the wrong path unfolds on a regularity that allows one to know what type of human behavior to expect toward the end and what type of astronomical events will also be occurring?

Eric Dubay said...

Very good point, I have actually rolled that one around my head a few times before with no solid conclusion. Do you think that's the case? It certainly seems plausible to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, the biblical prophecy for the "end times" says, "And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man."

The "days of the Son of man" is a reference to the next global catastrophe. With other references to war and rumors of war meaning that humans haven't been able to properly cooperate. By saying "war" means there's already war(s) going on and "rumors of war" would mean there's other areas on Earth that aren't involved in the current state of war but could get involved with the current war(s) or entirely unrelated war(s) cropping up. So the whole world would pretty much need to be widely populated and communication throughout would be necessary. So no, or very few, populated areas would be isolated from the world.
During the period of the Roman Empire and into the Middle Ages there was still a lot of isolated areas so the "war AND rumors of war" scenario wouldn't quite fit then. It would take the whole world to be connected by largescale communication to get there. That would mean technology would be rather advanced.
Then, with Noah, nobody paid any attention to his warnings so hubris was more than just the norm, it was all encompassing. A lot like it has recently been becoming.
All this prophecy stuff ends up making reference to past markers and saying to watch for those markers again.
So it seems that once mankind gets to a certain point of global "dominion" (for lack of a better word), and if we're not in full cooperation and also have our collective head up our ass, we don't see what's coming because we're too busy watching reality TV and killing each other.
Now if it takes roughly 2500 or 3000 years to get to this point technologically and socially and it also takes that long between catastrophic events, it might be that there's a timing mechanism built into our collective consciousness that causes us to freak out as the catastrophe approaches without us even being aware of what's causing us to freak out. That would be something to overcome before the timer goes off.
The PTB running the secret societies and shadow government are apparently freaking out in a major way over the last 100 years so that would be a clue about when the timer in our collective consciousness goes off in the cycle. It might also suggest that this time's too late to turn things around. Not enough time to build a global movement toward focusing on a large scale avoidance plan because there's already too much freaking out going on.
Maybe people during previous cycles were able to get it together. It's possible that part of the UFO phenomenon is evidence of that...survivors who had cooperated well enough to organize technology to get out of harms way.
Many crop circles appear to reference large scale future events aimed at Earth.
And then you have the Sphinx which more people are realizing is from a time before the last catastrophe. Part of the intent of building something in an attempt for permanence may have been to show those in the next cycle that they should ask certain, "Where did the builders go and why?" and, "Maybe what removed them from the scene will reoccur and shouldn't we get our shit together about that?"
Maybe somebody on the planet should start a big timecapsule project cataloguing celestial events for the last 2500 or 3000 years and how humans are screwing it up this cycle....and shoot for permanence and easy locatability somehow. Cuz if the PTB are as technologically advanced in secret as it sometimes appears they are, if they're far enough along to help themselves they don't seem to be interested in helping anybody else...a timecapsule project might be a way the rest of us can help somebody....3000 years from now.

Too much rolling around in the head for me. ciao

Eric Dubay said...

I'm right there with you pondering these thoughts. Thanks for the great posts, your angle on these issues is very helpful and constructive.

Unknown said...

ats is many things, but mostly they are greedy pigs who care nothing about conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorists, all they care about is $.
even now, over the past 12 months they have deliberately targeted a number of (smaller) conspiracy websites with DMCA notices or threats of legal action.
they do not wish to be a part of the Conspiracy community, they wish to destroy it and have control of the market, whether it is because they are affiliated with masons, the nwo, the govt or are just ignorant selfish pieces of shit is moot.
support your smaller conspiracy communities.

here's a few.

ATS is the Walmart of Conspiracy Forums.

Anonymous said...

ATS is a freemasonry's Mind Control tool, use to spread propaganda to protect and defend the cult of masonry.

Freemasonry massly infiltrated ATS to corrupt it, at a point that now, freemasons and freemason MODS totally control the secret society forums.

ATS is use to brainwash non-masons and spread lies to manipulate conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous said...

great site, i just find this site because someone talked about it at

Owned and Operated by Mason, hey..
that really could make sense.

many threads which freemasons spread positive propaganda about freemasonry are not close even if they brakes all the ats rules, terms and conditions.

if i talk about this at ats, i am sure my post will be delete. LOL

oh well, ats is not the only conspiracy site anyway...

Anonymous said...

For a laugh you can go and read ABOUT section on is just a jewel..."we deny ignorance" indeed you do...
it is so easy to picture them putting names of fictional members and posting nonsense poorly pretending to have a debate of some sort...pathethic.

Anonymous said...

Dude! exactly the same thing happened to me. The first thread I tried to start was around the time of the banker bailout in which I basically implied the country was being controlled by the illuminati.

My post was deleted immediately and I was banned by " Mirthful me" (I think) - he had a mason sign on his profile pic.

I asked him what I'd done wrong (very politely) and never got a reply.

I also tried to message Sceptic Overlord with the same question and never got a reply.

This did not leave a good taste in my mouth about above top secret, in fact I've never experienced such censorship before on the internet!

Divinorumus said...

Very interesting story about ATS. Masons, eh?

I myself haven't been banned from ATS, but I left there voluntarily about a month ago and will never return (unless it's to snoop around).

They deleted one of my posts (which contained some classified government information) and then they moved one of my threads to some sub-forum on their site where nobody would find it (it doesn't even show up in search engines either).

So, I decided to start my own forum site instead, (lol, like the name I chose?). It's up and running, but I am also in the process of applying a bunch of modifications right now before officially publicizing the site. When completed, I'll be posting conspiracy stuff there from now on instead.

I hope you don't mind me posting a link to this page on my site. I should start a thread on my forum about ATS and some of the things I've also discovered about them (and our governments involvement).

I'll have to investigate this Mason angle further myself. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

if your on the wep the spider can see you !

Anonymous said...

There is something fishy going on at ats. semperfortis is proividing the server for their ignorant embracing new show atslive. semperfortis is a mod who poses as a state police officer, when he is really Garth Holt, Pest Control Officer. to allow an obvious liar, and if you watch his videos it is disturbingly apparent semper is a bottle short of six pack, to host their radio podcast program is embracing ignorance. the entire site leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, it is all about profit, and they just laugh in your face. it is a shame ats loses good posters and makes mods out of mentally unstable posers who probably need mental help.

Anonymous said...

TPTB use brainwashed freemasons to manipulate ATS members, freedom of speech is an illusion at ATS, members are being reprogrammed to avoid the truth to be exposed.

Anonymous said... website doesn't have a shred of credibility, and is basically a hang out for teenagers and the lunatic fringe. Serious researchers wouldn't waste their time with

As for them being masons, who cares? No one in the research field takes them seriously anyway. Research for truth is a lonely road indeed. And you would not be doing yourself a favor being a member of ANY conspiracy group, unless under private/personal invite.

The internet is full of surprises, and those with the means to search for answers to questions you'll not find at public forums such as AboveTopSecret.

My advice to you, is keep searching. If you prove your worth, you may find what you're looking for.
Public conspiracy forums are not the answer, the answer to many questions watches.

new world order discussion said...

hard to say if ATS was setup from the beginning by government or if it has just been heavily infiltrated by nwo shills.

i posted there on the david rockefeller chilean confrontation thread and put a link to my topic where i basicly expose the whole operation as a hoax as well as many in their shill network - the only response i got was from a person waving an ISRAELI FLAG - making a joke from it....

everyone in alternative media promoted the confrontation as if it were real - no one asked the obvious questions.

thats because 99% of alternative "media" is elite controlled - a better way to put it is there is no alternative "media", there is only alternative information

any websites that promote things like "currency" "constitution" "founding fathers" "ron paul" "gold and silver" - i personally stay the hell away from, because they are disinformation - or they are not fully awake and they are spreading disinformation - they are being used.

new world order discussion said...

P.S. since this article is from 2009 i hope admin here has figured out by now who alex jones is? ;)

new world order discussion said...

my bad, lol i just seen your latest post on alex jones and charlie sheen - it's awesome.

i will post it at my forum

by the way thats a good point about how all the admitted masons in ATS are trying to give themselves the image that they are a good organization ;)

The Fugitive From Injustice said...

I hope that you realise the the David Icke website is the same Eric. I am proud to be banned from both and it speaks volumes that this is the case. It is frustrating though because I feel that I have much to communicate.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Andyman, yeah I've since learned that Icke forums are controlled as well but seemingly much looser than ATS ... they still haven't banned me over there yet. It's a waste of time to use these controlled forums or promote controlled sites though, and is much more productive to create and promote our own forums/sites/articles etc.

Anonymous said...

The difference between those two sites is that, many freemasons are members at David ikes site and they work toguether as wolfs, to manipulate informations, the same for ATS but over that the site it self... is owned by TPTB....

Anonymous said...

I agree with eric. It looks good on the surface with lots of forumns to choose from and high volume posting, but never get in a fight with the skeptics: be it masons, ufos, underground bases,etc.

You would think since it is a conspiracy board that conspiracy theorists have the last word, BUT from my experience the skeptics ALWAYS have the last word. The mods intervene by deleting all the damming evidence and leaving the government propaganda untouched.

As long as you keep it super-clean and bow to the skeptics desires you have nothing to worry about.

Most mods never start threads and if they do they are quite lame.

And yes many posters specialise in 1 or 2 forumns who seem to be available whenever highely controversial topics are started. When do these people go to work, have lunch, play with their kids, whatever?

Anonymous said...

ATS seems to follow the mainstream
media and the propaganda it
puts on the front burner.

That, and it had top threads about
nonsense, non scientific
psyco babble, that the troll infested boards flag like no tomorrow!

Its a mainsream facebook joke!

Anonymous said...

Just take a look ar the threads' title in the secret society forum at ats, many are clearlly only to promote freemasonry and recruit new guilible sheeps !

ats not just tolerate these kind of threads and posts it protect them, any other similar behiavior for another organisation is reprimanded but because....freemasonry is one of TPTB's branch, ATS gives alot to help promote freemasonry.

ats is use by TPTB to manipulate the mass on internet, they don't fool me !

Anonymous said...

ATS, like FACEBOOK, ECT.. is NWO Zionist controlled bullshit with regular paid shills to lie like proudbird in chemtrails and hooper and goodoldave in 9/11 forums 1000's of post in one forum, 9/11, no sources just insults to believers.

I have had several accounts on ATS

First account I got up to about 2000 stars and posted a video about American/Israel Zionist agenda - them boom - immediately banned

Second Account I got I made a thread about the in your face 'STOP IRAN ADS' with all the support Israel crap and from then on the threads I made where not included in new thread or recent threads.

Third account posted a huge thread exposing every zionist american israel agenda just to really piss them off and banned after 1 minute, thread gone.

ATS is a lie, a tool for the NWO to spread lies and make fun of believers.

Woman from UK said...

Thats just wrong,calling someones id out like that.
I suffered because someone took a disliking to one of my threads.
And then whinged about it on a page much like this one.
I am one of those people who typed up threads on subjects i am knowledgable about and also things that happened locally to me.
This is the problem with ATS.
Too many people commenting on subjects that they do not have a clue about,or things happening on the other side of the planet.
Some ATS members actually try to inform you that you are wrong in your beliefs and try to steer you in the right direction,they are only being informative on a subject that they have been reading and studying for a long time.Some of these members go to a lot of trouble dissecting info and translating it into terms that less knowledgeable people can understand,with diagrams and such....They are not working on behalf of some alphabet agency,they are doing you a favour.

Tile Installation San Francisco Bay Area said...

I want all my material off ATS .

How can I do that? Or is it even possible?

Anonymous said...

How can I delete my account at ATS?

CipherTheVoid said...

Mason are everywhere on ATS. Even defending the Satanists-Anton Lavey-Aleister Crowley (check out his stuff on child sacrifice).

network dude: posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 09:08 AM

"I will, however no accept masonic involvement as has been charged by some without some damn good evidence. Saville was not a mason, and I have not heard of any other people being arrested who were masons. The subject is 180 degrees away from what we stand for. Our whole existence is built around helping people".

F**k the masons. I live in India and where I am it's a small town connected only by road (no railway or airport). Still they managed to have a masonic lodge in our town. Witnessed a couple of times drunken men coming out of that place with 20-25 yrs old girls half their age. Probably a drunken orgie or sex fest. A lot of our community members complained about the noise. But since it was a privately owned property by a rich individual, nothing came into effect. I even heard they had a local shaman put a curse around that building for trespassers.

Out here in our town, we all think these pedo-Masons should be impaled on a bamboo stick and roasted over a fire of dried pine cones.



Anonymous said...

I wish I found this site a few years ago, very valuable information.

I'm curious though... If Freemasonry is as bad as alleged, wouldn't it make sense to encourage people to join? They are boasting strong morals as pillar of their organization and so it's reasonable to assume this would attract people with high morals.

By targeting and recruiting righteous individuals wouldn't this undermine their "evil" goals. I understand their are different levels in their ranks, but the overall culture is likely to favor righteous behavior.

Anyway, I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you. Just trying to take a different perspective on this.

Anonymous said...

when i see a little kid wearing a mickey mouse shirt i know the little kid *likes* mickey mouse..

when i see the ATS members-list states "members in good standing" i know ATS *likes* masons

when a mod over there is called GAOTU (great architect of the universe) i know ATS *likes* masons

(and so on..)

are they controlled & operated by masons?
...close enough :)

the technique is sometimes called 'embrace & expand', basically what was once a slow, intimate process long ago in lodges and other circles is now done quickly on a global scale via movies, television, music, etc..
it's all about subverting old-world belief systems & replacing with new-world belief systems

Anonymous said...

YUP!! I was also a member back in 2009 I found the same info you did and posted it within a hour it was deleted!

I even had people say "who was that -was that true" "darn I didn't even get to copy and paste info they gave"-etc..etc..

I have never been on it since!



neognostica said...

Way back when...... I posted about how Cassini Space Probe's then-mission-and-ending, related to Basil Valentine's book "Twelve Keys". I was banned instantly. Ive never been back, never looked back, as I knew right away it was pure cointelpro there.

SortingHat said...

I find it intriguing that all the talk about A bove T op S e c e r et forums censorship are all between 2009 and 2011.

How come there hasn't been anything newer? Have the people been eliminated or *taken* away?

The whole web is now censored and taken over no thanks due to the big push for smart phones and apps which makes it easier to control content.

This is the higher powers last bing hurrah to do away with freedom by chopping up the web piece by piece starting with Google forcing webpages to be *phone friendly* aka dumbed down.

Dad is making a website because he has been in pharmacy for a long time compounding and wants out of it due to the crap the government is throwing out but in order to have a job now we found out you have to have a website so Dad tried to create one to put some of our best family photos in.

However Google forces you to make it *mobile* only. I don't mind websites being mobile friendly but it's wrong to make that the ONLY avenue because he has had to resize everything and dumb content way down.

The site now looks more like a joke but Google will refuse to even list websites in search engines until they are downsized for smart phones.

Google's Plus was made for Android users to be their *face book* which mostly marketing firms and people employed as such seem to be the only ones liking Google Plus. Very friendly towards marketing firms with connections but very sucky for actual use so most social network users remain with Face Book or as I call it CIA book.

Anonymous said...

Above top secret certainly are NWO agents.

Anonymous said...

I first looked at ATS at the turn of the millenium. Spent a total of roughly few weeks before deciding that it was full of fisinformation, freaks, mentally ill people, masons.

It is the u-bend of the internet, and the fact that it took so long for some of you guys here to work that out when I had it figured out in 3 weeks flat in 2002, tells me that your judgement stinks, and if its left down to people like you to find "truths" we'll be waiting forever. Sorry but thats just a blunt fact. Anyone who posted on ATS in the last decade thinking that it was a truther website needs their head looking at.

Anonymous said...

The masons are nothing more than the foot soldiers of the Illuminate, those evil tyrants whom have caused so much woe and misery in the last few years under there austerity mantra.

There are many different lodges and branches of masonry some more corrupt than other's but it has also to be said that oath or no oath the flavour of a lodge is also down to it's member's whom may come from all walk's of life.

There true history is something else however as the title and core order was actually founded in Germany back in the 11th century, they then gained royal patronage from the local nobility which soon snowballed with the original Free Mason's, free men and tradesmen becoming a mere anachronism within there own Guild as such is the Origin of the title, nothing more and nothing less than a Stone Mason's guild which has once been tied into the building of cathedral's.

But this is far from the whole story, in the so called age of reason there was a counter culture which exposed much more ancient evil cult's and belief's that lay hidden from the mass of the population of Europe among the nobility and the royal lineages of the ruling houses such as the house of Hanover.

This counter culture was one that espoused Pagan belief's and even Devil Worship, remember even before this one Borgia pope whom had gained his position in an age of corruption which had seized control of the catholic church was said to have held black mass to the devil at the high alter in the Vatican and to entertain his noble puppets and fellow rulers with orgies and worse just like the illuminate of today, another of course is said by some to have married his own daughter the infamous Lucretia Borgia after having her husband murdered, so far so Illuminate.

Of course this hidden high priesthood of the illuminate (Satanic Lucifer worshipers) was eventually displaced by later reformist popes whom succeeded the Borgia line and though not all of them were good they did nevertheless quietly root out much corruption with the later inception of the Spanish inquisition and other groups whom though corrupt themselves were actually fighting a hidden war for control of the seat's of power with this arch nemesis.

This arch nemesis or satanic cult later inserted itself into the masonic order taking control and introducing occult ritual and other methods of indoctrination and corruption.

They have moved over the ages in many of the great city's and seat's of power, take the pentagram of church's with the cathedral of st Paul's at it's centre in London, this was to abuse the holy right and also so that these cultists could abuse the Christian mass while also using the site for occult ceremony's such as the blasphemous anointing of the monarch when in Christianity there is only one king but that whole argument about the right of divine rule and how it had its origin outside the Christian faith is a whole other subject, related but not pertinent in the space provided.

Anonymous said...

Through the 17th to the 20th century the hell fire club, a group of Satan Worshipping aristocrats and royal family members would practice much the same as the Borgia's had, they are even said to have practised ritual virgin sacrifice on one occasion and to have summoned a homunculus of Satan in the form of a goat and cloven hoofed man.

Now today the prime minister of the UK is one whom is a Senior member of a group known as the Bullingdon club, at there university state they are known colloquially as the riot club and have it is claimed in the past literally gotten away with murder but certainly with rape and assault due to there high aristocratic status and protection by the elite of the British establishment.

Of course Cameron performed a ceremony were he had to put his penis into the mouth of a dead pig but another initiation ceremony he was involved in was the act of burning a £50 note under a down and out's (homeless person) nose while two of the senior lad's witnessed it and also kept the poor victim down.

It went something like this, wave the money under the tramps nose after he had been already beaten and kicked into submission by the Senior boy's, "Do you want this", "Well tough luck", burn's the note in front of the cowering frightened victim, usually an old man.
The point of this ceremony is to show disdain and lack of empathy for the poor in opposition to the religion they hate which is Christianity and to honour there master Lucifer.

Fingerprint's in the dust.

Most mason's don't even know what they are serving themselves and are member's merely out of vested selfish interest or because it is a family tradition and many mason's not realising they are actually part of a satanic cult actually believe in Christ but they are still members of the Synagogue's of Satan and Lucifer the Grand Architect of there version of the universe but of course NOT OUR version.

Truthspoon said...

I posted the following article over there:

When I came back two days later I suddenly found the thread had been 'disappeared' and I wasn't about to post new threads or even reply to any threads..... Say anything that is REAL conspiracy and they just lock you out...... no warnings, no bannings.....just can't post anymore.....Very Stalinist. I became a 'non-person'...... kinda creepy.

What's more I found my blog viewers had dropped off dramatically the next day... I think there are people there who report you to Google and reduce your traffic.

Oh well. Lesson learned.


Unknown said...

From what I've learned Mason's are just disgusting scumbag pigs. Their logo is a g because it's the 7th letter. A compass is for circles which are about Pi 3.14... And a square is 2 radius. So Pi-G (Pig). 3.14 (Pi) x 7(G) = 21.98.

God is real and created a family in Kelowna where the main character was basically raped and forced to have a son born 21/9/98..

The Mason's are part of creating a trashy sex story using the most important woman ever.

Here's part of the true story about the God characters Chris and Erin. It's a PDF file with pictures and info.

Unknown said...

Here's some truth about Mason's that ATS won't allow to be spoken about

From what I've learned Mason's are just disgusting scumbag pigs. Their logo is a g because it's the 7th letter. A compass is for circles which are about Pi 3.14... And a square is 2 radius. So Pi-G (Pig). 3.14 (Pi) x 7(G) = 21.98.

God is real and created a family in Kelowna where the main character was basically raped and forced to have a son born 21/9/98..

The Mason's are part of creating a trashy sex story using the most important woman ever.

Here's part of the true story about the God characters Chris and Erin. It's a PDF file with pictures and info.

Anonymous said...

I just clicked a link at which I have not used before although I've seen info and urls from the website elsewhere. The link at which I clicked opened on and a popup box came on that wanted me to answer questions about freemasonry in order to qualify for seeing the page.

Regardless what others say this is prima facie evidence to me that is connected to freemasonry.

I am an honest person and do not troll post, not even on evil places. What good would that do, they just delete anything they do not like, and you are not going to change people who are evil, they have to change themselves.

I do know lots about freemasonry and it is the apotheosis of evil. I never joined organizations from mid-twenties onward because I saw that you can never completely trust they will not do something you do not like eventually, so I never joined Sierra Club, Greenpeace, or ANY organization, and I sure as hell would not join freemasons.

I will be very surprised if I see ANY freemasons advancing into higher cosmic levels or in the new earth level dawning unless they are deceived people who repented and exited early on. People who did not actually perpetrate evil acts should have a chance.

I do not know of any good cause that was ever helped by evil means, some of you have heard of Earthfirst, I think that was the name, involved in violence and destruction.

You see really weird mixtures in people, and the presence of evil tendencies means I could not in any way be allied with them. So I do not belong to any group. I only work on my own eligibility for higher cosmic status.

Anonymous said...

But your account is NOT banned from ATS Come back and spread some truth over there man! Too many skeptics. We need more people like you on ATS. Come back and write some killer threads. Are you scared of the skeptics? There are plenty of us tin foil covered members to take them on.

By the way, some weirdo from ATS named AugustusMasonicus wanted me to tell you he said "hi, he misses you dearly."

I think he is one of the CIA Masons you speak of. What can you tell me of this ATS user?

Anonymous said...

They don't have to 'ban' you anymore, they just lock up your account with 404 errors everytime you click a link and it looks to everyone else that you just quit posting. ATS was just a simple honeypot for a while, now it's a shill circus and not worth your time. I'd steer clear of it unless you enjoy your internet being real time monitored and watching any actual conspiracy content you might post there getting either deleted or 'moderated' into uselessness.

Alex J Rasmussen said...

Where can I find the "The Will I Am Legend" post?

Anonymous said...

This website is lying!
There was no nuclear war in Atlantis..
Atlantis sunk because of the wrath of one of the last Goddesses.