Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. Len Horowitz - Swine Flu Outbreak 2009

Harvard Dr. Horowitz breaks down the truth behind the current swine/avian/human flu outbreak. Thanks for the great link Hugh.


Tao said...

my jokes so far;

Pig flew? They always said something big would happen when pigs could fly.

"Gonna make 'em sneeze like a little pig"

and the last one is visual, if anyone, including yourself sneezes, always follow up with an "oink"

oh, plus update your virus scanner and apply oinkment to anything suspicions

Jon Hoff said...

I was gonna post this vid myself....will be seeing Dr Len at the 'Alternative View II' in London at the end of May, he is the headline speaker! Just a shame about the jumper hey...

Eric Dubay said...

Hahaha, I noticed the jumper too. Aw well, fashion's not his strong suit. My internet friend Barbara is going to the AVII as well. I hope to hear some good/interesting reports back on that. Have a great time

Anonymous said...

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