Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eric Dubay on Masonic Hit List

The Freemason site has put my dad and I on their "Anti-Mason Hit-List" which is this huge catalog of hundreds of Ex-Masons and Anti-Masons speaking out about the secret society. Next to each of the names on the list is a paragraph explaining why each of us Anti-Masons are "crazy" for exposing them. Here is mine:

Eric Dubay - "I'm a 26 year-old American living in Thailand where I teach English part-time and fight the New World Order full-time." Wow! Such a big deal. While young men his age are fighting and dying for their country, this self-aggrandizing dilettante wants you to think he's actually DOING something. After having attended a state-sponsored college in the United States with reduced tuition because of his residency, he's now going off on a quest to prove that everything is related to everything else whenever it's bad - ignoring, of course, those things which would contradict his fanciful notions. What's particularly sad is that he's even gotten his father involved in this horse-hoohey. Like the other Masonophobes, everything is wrong but only a 26 year old in Thailand has had the capacity to link it all together. Ah, that we should all be so smart. Faked moon landings, aliens controlling the world, bloodlines, and more: nothing escapes his attempt to be the most comprehensive person to have ever written on this stuff - even though there are five dozen other people who'll make the same claim this year alone. You have to wonder when he became so smart: certainly attending the University of Maine at Orono wasn't the place he picked it all up, was it? If you want a laugh, head for his website. What's particularly ironic is that he NEVER mentions those little things taking place in the so-called 'Constitutional Monarchy' of Thailand. Perhaps you remember: the military coup in September, 2006, the rigged elections in December, 2007, the street demonstrations in May, 2008 which were on the nightly news for several nights in succession as the military shot and killed demonstrators, and the takeover of Bangkok's airport.... Since January 2004, thousands have been killed as separatists where he's living but Eric is obviously too busy taking government money as pay and 'fighting the New World Order' to notice those 'little things', eh? His father seems to hide behind the internet for his anonymity as well, never even causing a small ripple in the Maine news venues which are often desperate for anything to report. "Cows loose in Hampden. Details at 11." was a 'teaser' one night: you'd think with all of the 'stuff' that Eric and Roger know about, they'd both be hollering from the rooftops rather than just blathering impotently on the internet.

Click here to view the Hit List

Have a look at some of the other names on the list. It's pretty humorous after a while reading hundreds of descriptions of how everyone who has ever opposed Freemasonry is insane and incorrect. In defense of their ridiculous paragraph about me, I don't "take government money" nor do I think "aliens control the world." I don't get involved much in Thai politics because 1) I don't want to shit on my own doorstep and get put away for Les Majeste or something, and 2) Thai politics are just a symptom of the global conspiracy anyway. I think it's funny they say "While young men his age are fighting and dying for their country, this self-aggrandizing dilettante wants you to think he's actually DOING something" like if I was a soldier killing kids in Iraq, I would be admirable. As for my dad "hiding behind the internet," we're not hiding from anything, just using the internet as the valuable resource for sharing information that it is.


Anonymous said...

hah, reading that synopsis of you couldn't help but make me think of the "can't help but laugh" article about conspiracy theories...
they are so scared (~~,)

Eric Dubay said...

Here are a couple more "interesting" articles about me written by Master Mason John Ratcliff:

The Awe Inspiring Power of Stupidity

Unwraveling Eric

Johnny Canuck said...

Each and every human being is entitled to his or her own opinion. It can be struggle for any individual attempting to get their own point across. When others are trying to do the exact same thing in a slightly different capacity.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Well, m'darlin', I am officially impressed. WOW! You have hit the big leagues.... snort.

It is only the desperate who sink to sarcasm as a method of self defense and that lil piece about you reeks of desperation.

Keep it up, don'tcha just love being a wasp under their saddle blanket?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Eric ... inspired to write this to one of your "fans"...

Anonymous of 70 years of age although says it best although Anonymous Eiffel Tower is darn bang on as well.

I stumbled across your blog and was praying this comedy. It was quite depressing to realize your hard headedness and closed mind were the genuine thing. So that is what it is like to be in that other half you point a finger at?

The only reason they are called conspiracy theories is because they have not occurred or been proven as such yet. You would know this if you got out of your ivory tower and did a little reading from alternative sources of note. No not Jones or Icke, but Dr. Finklestein, Michael Parentis, Norm Chomsky, Mr. Zinn, to name just a few.

There are always a few wingnuts out there, however, there is much more to this world than what can be proven by the empirical scientific methods of today. Things are rarely as they appear on the surface but some folks don't have the wit or the depth to realize this and go on face value. You seem to fall into this category somehow. No insult intended, just how I read your words.

Interestingly, what you have done is advertise Eric's blog! It has been my experience to note that when something is insulted or brought to notice that curiosity improves ratings of the target of vitriolic verbiage.

Personally, I think anyone who is NOT over there killing and poisoning women, babies and other folks who just want to be left alone is a decent individual. War for the lies we have been sold is just plain immoral to put it politely. I won't bother your tender sensibilities with all the real reasons genocide is being practiced on such a grand scale because I already know it would be a waste of time. You are too ensconced in your comfy lil "god seat" passing judgment on all others who offend you by exercising their right to freedom of thought and word.

Feel free to respond as you seem to be into that sort of thing, but I have already wasted too much time here, I shan't return. Too busy writing about the upcoming battle mankind faces with fire ants, a hideous menace threatening us sometime this August coming.

Lord what a pompous fool!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for all the comments guys, especially Noor, very well put! Peace

dylan said...

im on their hitlist too, just for going to this website.

Unknown said...

I just found your blog and I wanted to say keep up the good work!

People resort to silly comments when they know they are wrong.

You got my follow!

Deborah Lawwill

Torq said...

That they have compiled such a list is highly suspicious. *frowns* I would tend to disagree with much of what you say; however, creating a "hit list" of people who disagree with freemasonry is a pretty poor way to go about making them look innocent.

Because I am a stickler about this sort of thing I also have to note that much of what they post on that site is mere ad hominem.

Druv said...

this was fun post.