Saturday, April 3, 2010

Illuminati Evil Things

This is an interesting, unique, fast-paced documentary covering subjects ranging from occult etymology/symbology/numerology to astrotheology and magic mushrooms. I especially enjoy the narrator's "Tales from the Crypt" style delivery (LOL, kidding, kinda). The rest of this "Illuminati Evil Things" documentary can be found here.


Eric Dubay said...

I received this message just now:

I have been viewing your blog for a while and for the most part enjoy the resources and information you present. However, I found the most recent posting to be offensively sensationalist.

It is my opinion that when assuming the role of educator- as you have done by publishing your blog- the highest discretion and critical discernment must be employed to ensure a reputable and formidable source of information. At times, I have viewed material on your sight that was of questionable objectivity, flawed logic, pure speculation and editorial sensationalism. I would hope that in your desire to inform people you would use detached judgement and prudent criticism when selecting materials for inclusion in your blog.

The bar must be raised in this quest for truth lest y/our endeavors be easily dismissed as paranoid ramblings and faulty conjectures. It is my hope that this email will give you the motivation to reconsider the inclusion of "Illumanati Evil Things" in your blog. Thank you. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the message Tim. I actually thought it over for a week whether or not to post this series, originally thinking maybe I'd just post it to the AC forum instead, because I agree some of it is questionable and sensationalist. However, I've watched the entire 12 part series and was quite impressed with most of it especially with things like the "El" etymology and Bull/Baal/Bell/Ball symbolism etc.

So to anyone out there who has their reservations about this series, that's cool, I've got mine as well, but overall I really enjoyed Illuminati Evil Things and thought it touched on many unique subjects I rarely see covered in this genre of research.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, Eric.

I would be cautious of receiving lessons in etymology from someone that spells pedophile incorrectly, though.

Keep up the good work.


Eric Dubay said...

Hahaha, good point. :D

Unknown said...

I actually partially disagree with what Tim sais in that email.

I mean, not everything can be understood rationally - which is, unfortunately, not on par with the rational-world view of things.

What I am saying is - who are we to judge whether or not a source is valid, questionable, or not? Why not risk all that credibility nonsense, and forget about, "suspect, illogical, sensational" resources, and just go for it?

I would.

There is just nothing wrong with putting the rational worldview into question. After all, who said the truth must be logical, intellectual, and rational to make sense?

Last time I checked - nobody could support that claim.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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