Sunday, April 25, 2010


A SHOWTIME scheme to discredit highly credentialed vaccine industry whistle-blower Dr. Len Horowitz backfired on the producers of Penn & Teller's Bullshit! program when the doctor, backed by colleagues, documents, props, and a film crew, plotted a docu-comedy to expose little-known partnerships between the network's bosses and leading drug industrialists. Check out these video sneak peaks and support Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane by picking up a copy of the film at


Unknown said...

Dr. Leonard Horowtiz is NOT who he says or claims to be. He is an honorable Knight of Malta - he was given an award for it sometime ago by the Knights.

This guy is iffy.

Eric Dubay said...

So Dr. Horowitz was given an award by the Knights of Malta, why does that discredit him? I hear this kind of crap argument trying to discredit good people all the time. JFK was a Freemason, does that make him bad? Look at Dr. Horowitz' fruits... he has tirelessly exposed big pharma, the swine flu hoax, the dangers of vaccination and much more. Tell me what about Dr. Horowitz is disinformation or what he says that's incorrect. Penn and Teller are "iffy." I've followed Dr. Horowitz's work for years and I don't find it "iffy" at all.

Eric Dubay said...

Wherever you heard that Dr. Horowitz "was given an honorable Knight of Malta award" ... as a means to discredit him, that is the misinformation.

I'm making a Masonic hand-sign in my profile picture, does that make me a Mason? Does it make my website any less informative? That happens to be my favorite meditation mudra. Anyway, my point is, look at the message not the messenger... and if you're looking to authentically discredit someone, prove their message incorrect, don't kill the messenger.

Unknown said...

I suggest revisiting his whole, "Love H2O" thing, as it is full of occult undertones. It was hosted by Horowitz.

Also, if you had read Bryan Kemila's site, he explains fully why Horowitz, despite his best intentions, is unwittingly working for the Illuminati (because we all are in this 3D illusory reality PROGRAMME).

As a final note, no need to MEDITATE. Just watch, and observe as Bryan Kemila suggest.

Thanks and regards

Eric Dubay said...

I know Bryan Kemila is your infallible guru, but his writings aren't nearly as convincing to me as they are to you. Based on his theories we are all unwittingly working for the Illuminati, so we might as well just do nothing or kill ourselves. Back in reality-ville, Dr. Horowitz is the kind of person worthy of praise for all his work exposing big pharma.

Now, having said that, if Dr. Horowitz does start doing/saying untrue or harmful things then I will be the first to point it out, but I will be attacking the ISSUES not the MAN. So far you are just attacking the man, because there are no concrete issues to fault him for. His fruits are good.

Unknown said...

Even if Horowitz were to expose Big Pharma for what it is...what then? Is he just simply going to make a new set of rules - i.e. New Age medicine-mixed in with monoatomic gold...but what would any of that do to anyone if there is NO WISDOM in any of it?

Even if you guys had managed to take down the NWO using resistance, retaliation, and rebellion, what then? I was stuck in this same dilemma for a while - in the end - what? A New World Order either way; albeit - UNWITTINGLY CONSTRUCTED BY US. In the end, we would just be making another prison for ourselves.

As long as we are stuck in this 3D-5-senses world, we are all working for the Illuminati. The Conspiracy Theorists have just become the flip side of the same coin.

What if - IF - there is NO NEED to JOIN a SIDE???

Thanks and regards

P.S. Visit - my personal blog.

P.P.S. Please Eric, you have misread what Bryan Kemila's site is really saying. He never said go kill yourself. He simply said to watch, observe, and (my own part): Enjoy the Theatrical Ride. Because that is all this 3D world really is. A ride (from Bill Hicks). We have no need to repair it, or perpetuate it any longer.

Eric Dubay said...

You're understanding of Kemila's writings have left you impotent and apathetic. To you, good people out there exposing the hidden evils of this world, like myself and Dr. Horowitz, might as well be twiddling our thumbs. Now that you've been rendered impotent by his defeatist philosophies, you're convinced that no one can make a positive change in this world. Whatever anyone ever does is unwittingly working for the Illuminati or building another world order.

By the way, I keep in contact with Sherri Kane, Dr. Horowitz's partner from those videos. Here's what she says regarding your comments about him:

Thanks for your support, Eric! That illuminati stuff is too funny! Dr. Horowitz and I work tirelessly day and night and have literally given up our lives and safety to expose these genocidalists, and to imagine that people say such crap....usually it comes from jealously because they are obviously not setting the world on fire or doing anything to help humanity!

Unknown said...


"Thanks for your support, Eric! That illuminati stuff is too funny! Dr. Horowitz and I work tirelessly day and night and have literally given up our lives and safety to expose these genocidalists, and to imagine that people say such crap....usually it comes from jealously because they are obviously not setting the world on fire or doing anything to help humanity!"

So, let me get this straight. I have to somehow do something to qualify as, "being a part of the community?"

What is more important wisdom? , or the constant fear of needing to REACT to the series of apparent problems that needs to be supposedly be, "fixed?"

I am a cynic Eric, unlike before when I was on par with you guys in this illusory moment of being; I don't take sides, nor do I bother with being, "apathetic" or, "impotent." In actuality, it is a RELIEF to not be a part of any side at all.

I don't need to be stuck in one side or the other. Both are illusions. So, why bother? Because, to be on one side or the other means to BATTLE for it, which requires sacrifice of YOURSELF.

The SACRIFICE stops here and now.

Eric Dubay said...

Dude, you're worse than the typical sheeple. If you were being led to Nazi concentration camps, and your countrymen started fighting back, you would be like, "Don't fight! Don't react! I am a wise cynic, listen to me! We must go to the camps as they say, otherwise we are 'reacting' and choosing illusory sides!"

You've taken Bryan Kemila's philosophies to their illogical end. It's interesting to see. I've read his entire website just as you. I get it. I even agree with most of it in principle. But you are slaving to his ideas to the point that they have indeed rendered you impotent and apathetic. And as Sherri mentioned, now that you're philosophically stuck in this place of complete moral relativism, you're jealous and nay-saying about absolutely everyone because you're personally not doing anything to help humanity.

Unknown said...

Did you read the part where humanity is the illusion conjured up by the Thought Process?

Read that part, and tell me I am, "worse than the average sheeple."

Unknown said...

Oh, and I must point out - the entire website is already illogical enough. I simply do what must be done to get out of the illusion. If to do NO THING is the solution, then so be it. That is the solution.

This is far beyond, "logic," "reasoning" or, "intellectualism."

I have been where you are right now. So, I can understand why you would defend your, "side."

Eric Dubay said...

You sir, are a master-debater, I'll give you that :P I see where you're coming from though, we'll have to agree to disagree. Peace

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have also read a lot of Bryan Kemila's writings on this entire illusional mess we call 'real-ity'. I for one no longer wish to help the egregore mind to keep this fantasy going for them. That to me is insanity. Remember, to those who arent familiar, that 'thoughts create things'and emotions are the fuel for that. Remove yourself emotionally and become the observer instead, that is when the dream will begin to fade away and the voices in your head will subside. I know as im in this place right now. Disconnection is the only way to wake up.

Druv said...

This is the same old Echo barrier technique, they are the ones who created the problem and now they pretend to be the cure.. hence, keeping their prey in their trap till the end of time.

You have mostly Crypto-jews commenting on your blog to make the trap i.e the labyrinth stronger.. but the best part is that all of this demonic energy can be deflected back at them.

Ill say it again...
I love your comment section...

So much dark energy to deflect back at them...

So much yummy ammo...0.0


It was the jews who suppressed the old ways of using herbs like the Celts, and us "Hindu" used to do through Ayurveda. It was suppressed as the British East India come into the country.

Why was it suppressed?

You can grow the herbs at home, and not pay shit loads like we pay the Jewish pharma companies.

They flipped it whole system so they can bleed every man, child and woman.. along with nature to feed their infinite greed.

Now, they use the echo barrier technique in every sphere to make their system near perfect... yet their game is almost over...