Thursday, April 15, 2010

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

Jason Bermas' new film Invisible Empire is a huge winner, proving once and for all the New World Order agenda, what it is and who's behind it, with over 200 quotes from the politicians/bankers themselves describing their plans for a one-world government and one-world financial system. This is a 2-hour red-pill out of the Matrix. I will personally be burning dozens of DVDs and sending hundreds of emails. I hope everyone out there does the same. This film will really wake people up. Infowarriors, man your battle-stations!


Helena said...

Hi, I'm interested in this Illuminati conspiracy but I find it hard to believe that it would or could control everything. Maybe through global economy and warfare but how does it control for example me? It doesn't as I don't care about matter or money and I'm a free thinker.

Also, I've thought about joining the Freemasons (I've been invited) and they asked me if I was willing to serve. I said yes if it has a purpose. But I would never serve a negative entity. Could it be that they are serving a positive entity and keeping the esoteric knowledge secret because it might be misused in the wrong hands? And those hand signs - it's easy to find them and even if they were real, how can we be sure that they symbolize Satan. Even the pentagram or 666 or 13 don't necessarily symbolize anything evil. It depends on how you look at it.

I thought Bush wasn't a Freemason like all the other presidents. He wasn't smart enough. ;-)

And that Illuminati-Matrix video is a load of crap (pardon my French). He bases his theories on twisting and turning the English language which is hardly the only or the oldest language in the world. Adam comes from Hebrew word meaning human and Eve comes from Hebrew havva meaning life or living. For some reason he also likes to demonize women in his art... And his illuminatimatrix page is a mess. Personally I think he's lost control of reality. And mind you, I'm a spiritualist myself. :-)

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Helena, I'm glad to see you're interested and trying to find the truth as we all are. I'm sorry about the Illuminati Matrix... I've gotten a lot of flak for posting that and the Evil Things videos. These are much more "fringe" than the stuff I usually post but I thought some of my regulars would be interested in some more outlandish theories. I guess not... I'll stick to more mainstream conspiracy stuff.

Did you watch this Invisible Empire movie? You say you "find it hard to believe" they control everything... I think this movie presents the facts really well in a way that makes it easy to believe. Watch Invisible Empire, then take a look at Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic and Endgame.

As for numerology and hand-signs, that is also rather fringe info compared to all the concrete facts out there... click on my New World Order and Big Brother tabs on the website. There you will find a plethora of non-fringe, cold, hard facts exposing the Illuminati. Keep up the great work researching (and hopefully sharing) this important information, Helena. Peace

Ta-Wan said...

This was a very good one. I like his style and it has very good content.

Many of these NWO quotes are banded around but they carry more weight here as they have the actual source footage, content, continuity and are presented in a 'here are the facts, think for yourself' manner.

good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending this out, I really look forward to watching it and will share with others.

Boz said...

Helena, Helen, Helena, you are clearly the epitome of innocence and yes I'm patronising you. I'd be interested to know what makes you think you are free. free to do what, go where, without special permission. You, like the rest of us are free to do what you're told. "Shut up" they explain. As for joining the Freemason's, what area of building is your expertise? Hardly a spiritual pursuit. As for the Illuminati, they certainly do exist although in many different guises. The world runs on what is known as a harmony of interest and they, the men/women of substance, all conspire by default. We all have to follow the 'Golden Rule" which is "The man with the gold makes the rules" That's how you, we and baby makes three, are controlled.
Get it.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you. But don't give think you can't doing anything about it. You are powerful and that's what Illuminati don't want you to figure out, you can do something about it just like Eric is doing. Remember we outnumber them. You can be free if you want by withdrawing from the system (matrix)and not play by their rules. Learn to become self-sufficient. Check out

Anonymous said...

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