Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MIA Born Free Music Video Censored

Above Russia Today covers the story of musician M.I.A.'s new single "Born Free" being banned by YouTube. The video imagines a dystopian future in which redheads are the target of a genocidal campaign. M.I.A. has not released a statement regarding the video's message and may leave it to our imagination. Below is a working version of the video I found on YouTube that hasn't been erased yet. If this version gets erased you can probably find it by searching on other video sharing sites.


muzuzuzus said...

I didn't know about this. SHit the VIDEOS i have seen on Youtube....! I was utterly traumatized some months ago after allowing myself to watch a real murder of two guys by neo nazis in Russia, but this one that is trying to get a serious message across is banned? And how typical that the thing most people are offended by is nudity---in a country that has THE biggest porno industry. what a joke it all is!

Unknown said...

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