Thursday, September 2, 2010

Go Raw Now

I've been eating vegetarian for 2-3 years now, eating about half raw/half cooked food, and in comparison to my meat-eating days I have felt outstanding. This past week, however, my girlfriend and I have decided to go 100% raw vegetarian and we are in agreement that this is definitely the next level. Cooking food destroys most of its nutrients and enzymes while releasing toxic free radicals. By cutting out cooked foods and introducing more raw, organic fruits and vegetables into your diet, I guarantee you will notice a huge difference in your health, energy, and happiness. The above video is kind of corny, but the message is spot-on. This guy Markus Rothkranz of is another compassionate, sincere, loving soul (much like Dan the Man with the Master Plan), dedicated to promoting not only raw vegan foods, but solar energy, water-powered cars, self-sustainability, and much more. Have a look and leave your comments below. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Positive Vibration Yeeaahh....!


Unknown said...

B K-air-fool wut U whish 4...