Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The World's Sexiest Seniors are Raw

The verdict is in. The world's sexiest seniors eat raw vegan/vegetarian diets. Mimi Kirk and Jim Morris above are 71 and 72 years old. They're healthy, happy, youthful in energy and appearance, and free of disease or chronic ailments.

Raw is the way "God" or "the Universe" or "Nature" intended for us to eat. All other animals eat their food raw, why should nature make an exception for us? We know cooking food kills 95% of the nutrients/enzymes and infuses carcinogenic free radicals i.e. cooking takes out the nutrition and replaces it with poison. It really is that simple, but we dare not believe it.

As for meat, first of all, you're eating a rotting corpse. Did you really think optimal health would come from eating fried dead flesh? Look at people like Mimi and Jim above or Lou Corona. The idea that you need heated animal cadavers as part of your diet to fulfill some mythical "protein" requirement is bunk. There's more usable protein in raw green vegetables than in steak. Not to mention it's a bit selfish to kill beautiful animals just because you like the taste. If you had to personally slaughter each animal for every portion of meat you consume, how often would you eat meat? Would you still put bacon bits on that salad if you had to personally slaughter your pet Porky to do so?


Tawan said...

You alreay know I'm veggie and feel much more healty for it.

I take a slice of fruit cake, one piece of fruit and one vegetable sandwich to work each day. But yesterday and today I took two pieces of fruit and ate them sometime in the mid morning.

Curiously, the last two days I've missed lunch, quite by accident, I didn't even notice. The energy and goodness in two pieces of fruit saw me through, no hunger, no tirdness and I work a tough physical job.

And realted...

I heard a good while ago that replacing caffine with fruit is good as well as other reasons the comedown from fruit is gradual but from cafine it is a drop - leading to the need for more.


muzuzuzus said...

it has to be said that this 'eating raw' lark is strictly "middle and upper class" because the way this 'world' makes it, the people on lower incomes can hardly AFFORD natural organic food, and are pushed to buy the crap, and especially the GM shite.

How times have changed. I have heard that years ago when there was the lords and peasants, it was the latter who had an organic diet (though I am not sure it was all raw) and the rish chose refined foods and thus have rotten teeth etc.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I've been eating far less as well Tawan, and just like you, it hasn't been intentionally. I've got plenty of energy; I'm just not hungry. I've also been doing a lot of pranayama deep breathing exercises and I'm getting massive energy just from that, making me even less hungry.

As for a raw organic diet being expensive, Muz, firstly you won't need as much food to stay full and energized, and secondly organic food is only more expensive in your "1st world" country :) Here in my "3rd world" country almost all the local farmers are organic and the GMO stuff at the grocery stores is more expensive! Granted the imported organic is expensive, but that's why you want to shop at local farmer's markets and co-ops to build up your community and stay away from the parasitic international corporations/food franchises. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would. I would not hesitate to kill an animal to eat it. I only find it wrong if you kill it for fun, that would be disgusting. Call it addiction or what ever you want but damn I love meat. Next you will tell me about the new campaign to Africa, to convince lions to only eat spinage! Do you realize the people you are quoting in these articles are crazy mother fuckers, one in witch proposed that every human should have to go in front of a board and justify their existance! Yes you quoted George Bernard Shaw multiple times and other crazy mother fuckers. when the police state does kick in and I'm eating deer meat and fish, and you're are chewing on maple leaves we will see who lives longer.