Thursday, March 10, 2011

Japan Tsunami Caused by HAARP?

A huge 8.9 Richter scale earthquake rocked Tokyo today resulting in a giant tsunami causing incredible amounts of damage, injuries and deaths. My first reaction was to check the University of Tokyo's HAARP induction magnetometer to see if HAARP was fired up around the time of the quake. Sure enough, following a week of electromagnetic silence, HAARP was turned on at approximately 0:00 hours 9 March, 2011 UTC and has been going strong since. Here is the data for the last 36 hours:

For the past week prior to the quake, HAARP has been turned off with the induction magnetometer looking something like this everyday:

Next I started searching the net for other evidence linking HAARP to Japan and found these videos from 2009 and 2010 where HAARP or some similar weather modification device is clearly being used over Japan skies:

Lastly I found an interesting article regarding the 2007 Niigata, Japan earthquake called "Western Bankers Threatened Japan with HAARP Eco-Destruction a Year Before China Quakes." Before the Niigata earthquake, just as before the China and Chile quakes, strange aurora-like lights were seen in the sky, lights that HAARP experts have confirmed are caused by electromagnetic disturbance coming down from the ionosphere:

There certainly has been a huge spike in devastating earthquakes striking close to capital cities the past several years. What does everyone else think about this?


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Anonymous said...

Seems clear this is another case of Haarp. But why Japan? Is it to distract the media away from other events?

Eric Dubay said...

Earthquake in China yesterday too:

Anonymous said...

Well...there is a lot of unrest in a few cites such as Madison, Lansing, and Indianapolis, and the sentiment is spreading.
Not to mention the revolutions in the Middle East. Gotta give people something to be sad about so won't they won't get or stay angry.
Sad people don't do anything; it is the angry people that make the changes...

Anonymous said...

If only emergency services could work as quickly as conspiracy theorists....

Anonymous said...

Cosmo Oil Refinery Set on Fire, Nuclear Power Reactors Shut by Earthquake

Anonymous said...

Without understanding their mantra "Order Ab Chao" (order out of chaos) one will never understand why all these things are happening. I hear they are hell bent on some semblance of one world government by 2012 so expect way more chaos this year and next that will make the arab crises look like child's potatoes! There's no stopping Great depression II on a global scale over deliberately ratcheted up government debts that will be defaulted on causing a run on banks, then come more 'revolutions' then more HAARP earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes and they hope all these chaos will make the sheeple cry for one world government in order to "bring peace." They are brilliant I tell you, too sad they use their brilliance for evil.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this - when i woke up this morning and heard about the earthquake i immediately thought would very in saudi arabia we have the day of rage and today is a day without pomo (permanent open market operations)

a few minutes ago they said in the news the tsunami will also hit america and other in a nutshell it would fit as good diversion

Anonymous said...

Same here I woke up and seen it on BBC thought immidiately is HAARP behind this? Perhaps its an attack on nuclear facilities of Japan ... or a media day free of Libya Egypt turmoil a distraction from what is about to happen there ...

Anonymous said...

I have seen wierd cloud formations in the sky like the ones in the you tube clips 35yrs ago, in Christchurch,New Zealand. Before Haarp theory. I hope someone may have some interesting rainbow clips, half an hour before hand, or something more substantial. I heard a humming noise 4 months before the floods in Brisbane, at one point I was in my house at 1am while book keeping, It got so loud I had to get ear plugs which did very little. I tried to record the noise, but couldn't, which amounts to nothing. There is another theory that the sun would be a fair argument for alot of events. This quake is frightening. Who's next?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the same thing, happened to be checking Haarp yesterday and was wondering why there was such a big pulse but no breaking news in the world... sure enough when I woke up there was that big earth quake...

Anonymous said...

Japan's economy is the third largest in the world. If you're goal is to destroy the world's strongest nations, Japan is certainly one of your main targets.

John Smith said...

Not surprised at all that this is being linked to HAARP, maybe it is to distract from the coming "conflict" with Libya and then Iran/Pakistan before moving onto China and starting a new world conflict.

Conspiracy videos & documentaries :


John Smith said...

I wondered if some big event would happen today 11.03.11, 11's and 33's a plenty, although this is only from my viewpoint and date, the quake obviously happened on 10.03.11 in Japan.

Anonymous said...

I live in Christchurch New Zealand and have personally viewed those clouds , i think you'll find this is due to Japan and nz being a coastal nations , hot air rising off swells makes a mirror image in the clouds as they come onshore , harrp cannot create earthquakes , it can trigger existing pressure on plates to rupture ,so do it now with haarp do it later by nature either way its always going to happen sadly.

Anonymous said...

even more interestingly, the first earthquake to hit japan this week was on the morning of the 9th! mag7.4
Can you tell me more about why the university of Tokyo would be looking into HAARP and have a magnetometer?

Unknown said...

To Anonymous that sarcastically states it is a `conspiracy theory' and to anyone else that has got sucked in to using this `conspiracy theory` term to lazily explain away anything that suggests an alternative view, I ask you this..

Is your opinion well informed, based on serious extensive cross-referenced research, or just an off-the-cuff knee-jerk response?

Don`t you realise this term is just for the masses to tag to all events without having to employ critical thinking?

Lets say the HAARP perspective is put forward by the author that has invested hundred of hours like an investigative journalist and has a methodology that if not always conclusive, can point to sertain trends and consistencies. Lets weigh that up against a term you`ve picked up and apply to a subject you offer, er , what ? Sarcasm. Nice one..wake up man

By all means if you have extensive knowledge that explains why you think HAARP is definitely NOT responsible for this and you know why it is a positive creation, by all means share. I`d love to hear it. Otherwise, I urge you, and anyone else that uses sarcasm instead of critical thinking to reflect on expressing opinions and comments that carry no weight and offer nothing to the argument.
Dont just criticise, read, research and illuminate.

I trust you`re capable of better than that. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Please explain to me how HAARP can cause such a major change in gravity?

Seems to be like this is caused by the Lunar Perigee, not HAARP.

Iam said...

To drop the value of the Yen, which drives up the value of the dollar.

Anonymous said...

HAARP can.

oo said...

Funny that the movie Battle LA releases today 3/11, when all of California is under advisory for catastrophe.

raul said...

En represalia por las bombas atomicas sobre NAGASAKI E HIROSHIMA los japoneses les encargaron a los rusos y este con su haarp SURA creo el Huracan KATRINA que devasto Nueva Orleans, y ahora a mi modesto entender los de eeuu hicieron lo mismo con este sismo....
Que les parece a ustedes mis amigos..

Eric Dubay said...

Check out this live footage... incredible, tragic:

Tsunami Hits Japan, Thousands are Killed

Anonymous said...

check the price of oil

Anonymous said...

oil prices went down i guess we wont have to tap our oil reserve

The ThailandExports.TK and ProductsAsia.TK Store said...

- Nice job...

Anonymous said...

@Iam, nuff said.

this sad world.

The ThailandExports.TK and ProductsAsia.TK Store said...

- One does not need to look at things too profoundly. China and Japan are top 3 economies. Japan is taking a very aggressive approach to non-fossil fuel power. They just recently announced integrating electric vehicle recharge stations in the number of 10,000. From here...go figure.

Anonymous said...

Only food for thought, but as far as I can make out the NWO are having a hard time penetrating the Japanese establishment. Coincidence maybe, but a hell of a lot of shit is happening in our planet a the moment

Anonymous said...

just seen a sky news clip of the tsunami and it was mentioned by the news reader that that epicentre of the quake was about 6 miles deep which seems to be another classic trait of most of the earthquakes of recent years again possibly indicating the use of haarp.

Anonymous said...


Here in Hawaii, the storm alarms were going off ALL NIGHT LONG!
Just last week we had a huge storm.
And on Feb 28, CHEMTRAILS ALL OVER Waikiki !!!

Distraction for ???

Anonymous said...

The elite are working on their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, so all the Middle East distraction (most likely why now Infowars is on The View), Asia distraction, are needed.

Hey, it takes a lot of concentration to make everything run smoothly their way.
The internet is exposing them faster than they had thought, so gotta work faster.

Time is running out for them.

Anonymous said...

It's because Japan won't fluoridate their water.

Anonymous said...

What does pre-earthquake data of HAARP EVEN MEAN w/o control group data??!! How can I even process that w/o know what HAARP was doing other 365 days???
C'mon, man...I just need the facts.

Anonymous said...

HAARP & Chemtrail Mix:

Anonymous said...

Frank said...

HAARP and caballistic rituals , nº 11 , look at the date and remember Rik Clay

sigma6 said...

all the signatures of HAARP, they can't hide the "colourful lights" in the sky, this clearly isn't typical of earthquakes, unless people just forgot to mention it for the last 1000 years (duh!) Why Japan? - because it is trying to free itself from the clutches of the US Banksters... see Benjamin Fulford, expat Canadian, ex Forbes Editor, son of a diplomat, living in Japan for 16 years with connections to both Government and secret societies operating there... Japan is a hotbed of World Financial activity, esp because of the US 'overlordship' which is starting to 'crumble'... there's a power struggle going on here, with global ramifications...

EarthIsCalling said...

Well, americans stole all the inventions from Nikola Tesla so now thay managed to make some of them and use it wrong for evil doing not for the prosperity of the mankind.

That's why Tesla didn't want to leave any of these powerful inventions to them because he knew with what garbage he is involved when he forced to make some experiment for USA army.

That's why they killed him.

So, soon we can expect even deadliest inventions like sending electromagnetic oscilation through air that destroy all organs in living beings.

This world are going to the end.

Very sad for stupid people but good for planet earth. At least after that earth can live in peace and harmony without those stupid people that destroy everything that touch playing gods.

Anonymous said...

The answer for "why Japan" can be: Sachalin. However there is a formal dispute between Japan and Russia, the Russian weapon system deployed on Sachalin can be aimed not on Japan - but on Okinawa or other US interests in the region. So, it seems that Japan secretly declined from the US and is seeking its own way. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

You guys watch way too many movies. You attribute brilliant highly complex manouevers to governments who also get slammed for not being able to organise their way out of a paper bag.

I live in Christchurch NZ and we were brought up to expect an earthquake at some point as we are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. As we hadn't had one in NZ for so long, we knew it'd be a biggie. Only losing 200 people was pretty good considering. We attributed that to our high building standards. Only old buildings fell down, and the ones that replace them will be built under the current codes.

The earth has been doing its thing for billions of years before we came along and it'll be doing it long after we are gone.

Caotico Maligno said...

Oh god, this is so ridiculous.
So, your "critical thinking" is that the HAARP, using MAGIC SCIENCIE, can cause ALL KINDS of natural disasters.

Fuck, electromagnetic fields can't do shit. I have huge amounts of neodimium magnets from hard disks. They create a magnetic field strong enough to break credit cards from 3 yards away, but apart of that and atracting ferromagnetic metals, they do NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

9-11-2001,3-11-2011... (3,9,11 illuminati signature?) mere coincidence...

Anonymous said...

Let's see now, humans have been prepped to be metallized so now every bit of their cells in their body are carriers of electro-magnetic currents:

Globalist Checklist:
-YOUR BLOOD = In the false name of health, Vaccines Injected starting at Day 1-Birth = Heavy metal (and toxic) preservatives (so they say) injected into our bloodstream, consisting of Aluminum, Mercury, and carried deep into our body cells

-YOUR FOOD = We ingest Baking Powder (mostly Aluminum) are baked into loaves of bread, pastry

-YOUR WATER = We drink & bathe in an assortment of Fluoride, Chloride, Arsenic, Benzene.

-YOUR PERSONAL CARE (such as Toothpaste, Anti-Perspirants) = We Brush our Teeth (and invariably Ingest) Toothpaste is made from Aluminum. We slather on Anti-Perspirant--which is made from Aluminum. Don't be fooled by the Anti-Perspirant "Rocks"--they too are from Aluminum.

-YOUR AIR = Chemtrails sprayed in the sky into the air. We breath in heavy metals, particularly Aluminum & Barium, that are then firmly embedded deep in our body tissue

Now that everyone is electrofied & magnetized, just roll out the HAARP! Mind control, Body Control, Soul Control.

You are OWN-ed by the NWO

Anonymous said...

why can't they target areas that deserve to be erased from the face of the planet instead? libya, somalia, name a few

Anonymous said...

And add Mercury Tooth Fillings--the slow outgassing of Mercury vapors everytime you chew will end up embedded in your cells.

Anonymous said...

And when you have been thoroughly electrified & magnetized, well, it just makes it easier for the globalists to mandate being microchipped FROM THE INSIDE OUT (in case there are dissenters who refuse the mark of the beast).

Anonymous said...

who's next you ask??? i'm almost sure it will be the New Madrid fault line, in central united states where FEMA is preparing there annual National exercise "training" for just such an event.

ALERT! New Madrid EarthQuake Imminent!!!! PROOF that HAARP is being used! more proof Pt1

Unknown said...

I'm in the military and it's funny that we are leaving to deploy over there to do some humanitarian work...then this happened... Maybe it's for the USA to look good once again cause perception is everything for us. Just my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

How in the blinking heck can a natural event like an earthquake be turned into a conspiracy theory. People must be very bored with life, to be doing that.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the elite:
13 illuminati families
13 real illuminati families of the saturnalian brotherhood

are the ones with too much money, too much time on their hands that are tweaking & wreaking havoc on mankind.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe HAARP is capable of these earthquakes BUT I do believe it is acting as a warning of an imminent one.
Someone knows how to read HAARP and astrophysics and is calculating where and when these earthquakes are happening.
So what is bad is that these people are NOT telling the people in those cities.
HAARP is picking up what is known as a stellar mass black hole our sun is going around IE a FIXED STAR.
And yes if you know where to look the evidence is there but it is hidden.
Look to the sky my friends and pray for the world.

Anonymous said...

You can't find proper evidence searching the internet sitting on your arse at home.

Kwik Fire said...

Why Japan? Because their accustomed to it, Because earthquakes are regular, how much damage can another one do? Haarp needs to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

so you are thinking more into planet x causing this?
i saw some really good intel about that...a new comet you can watch on one of the nasa sites the guy who supposedly found it isnt traceable and the timing would fit with the classic 2012 time plan :)

dont have the name or link right now but will look for it and post it here

Unknown said...

This earthquake on this date is no coincidence...just look at all the numbers: 03/11/11. It is another 9/11 date - just like 03/09/11 when NATO and USA avowed to remove the new, "Hitler-look-alike" in Libya.

Fukuyama - FUCK YOU MOM! That is the subliminal being developed...and it is not HAARP doing this, or chemtrails...that is just the front - it is the mental energy of everyone on the planet who are doing, yes, 9/11 is an is even deeper in ourselves than most conspiracy theorists would dare to admit.

And remember the whole Charlie Sheen-Alex Jones V-campaign fiasco? v = Peace = Mare Pacificum = Pacific Ocean = Ring of Fire = Olympics XXX in London 2012...the Sea of Peace is not so peaceful anymore...and remember Eric, I told you to not say Peace so much??? Isn't that just so - ironic, and dramatic?

Another correlation > earthquakes and nuclear powerplants??? Deep impact people...literally in 2011. And we are not even 04/29/11 yet...when the fucking Royal Wedding takes place in Westminster Abbey!

With cynicism and nihilistic hopelessness for the pitiful human race...

Xinyu Hu

Unknown said...

Someone needs to question Obama about HAARP
Are We all going to have the same fate??

Anonymous said...

quakes have been happining off the coast of honshu for the past week now, but haarp was only turned on yesterday ??? cmon

Adi said...

Excuse me, why cant we say the word peace not anymore? And yes, yesterday, I thought about HAARP but then I remember that mind is so powerful that can cause a tsunami. Multidimentional people that has bad vibes, the satanic ones. Or third hypothesis, earth chackras is putting in order everything. But I think is harpp. The illuminati are so afraid of the ones that are really awake and they want to distract us.

Anonymous said...

They used HAARP because Japan recently banned the vaccines.

Here's a link to the news articles.

Anonymous said...

HAARP may well exist but saying it cause every earthquake is a load of crap just ask Alfred Wegner

Anonymous said...

Its a sacrifice for 322

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone. To all the knee-jerk naysayers, whether this particular event was caused by HAARP or not is far less important than the fact that 1) HAARP exists, and 2) is capable of causing earthquakes and tsunamis:

HAARP and Earthquakes

Son of God said...

WW3 has already begun. Brace for impact! Whatever cause this earthquake, it looks that the US soldiers are already on their way to occupy the territory and "help"...

Anonymous said...

Helpp me. You know what's happening - I hope I can trust you. |you're right-this is haarp, the conspiracy, you know what theyre doing. Please go to the press. They use haarp v their enemies, their threats - check unit 731, what happened after. look to the clouds. they're comig. they're what you can. god bless us all

Anonymous said...

The global consciousness, if you can connect to it, you can hear so many people crying, so many souls of the dead being lost - and all possibly due to nature, some of it due to the secret societies, but many of it due to the presence of death.

I do not believe that many of the seekers of science, similarly seekers of religion, have the potential to tap into their own conscious well enough to hear the global conscious, as both sides are trapped in cynicism, fractions, mathematical procedures still trying to figure out what We personally feel.

Maybe you can stop believing in the hocus pocus that is science, and especially the fraudulent name that is religion. Religion has established fear, and fear has dedicated control. Science, it is no better. Science controls to only improve, but if science is at work behind this large-scale phenomena, with our ability to go into space, fire subatomic particles at close to the speed of light, and even communicate with people across the world in seconds... it's all meaningless.

Absolutely meaningless, if we couldn't save lives out of it.

Totally meaningless.

So you left-brained geniuses, backed with your scientific know-nothing, you right-brained sentinels, backed with your lacking state of consciousness - you are both fraudulent fools, and instead of work together to figure out the problems of our earth, you divide yourselves even more...

All of it is meaningless and you are no better the conspiracy nuts point fingers to. Still stuck fighting instead of working together. Logical conclusions are just like the people sitting at the bottom of the newly flooded zones of Japan... drowned, and dead.

I wish people would just wake up.

Anonymous said...

Well as I saw stated on a news blip about the Japan quake,Japan the third largest most powerful economy in the world was just starting to come out of their recession. Nowit will cost tens of billions in disater recovery. The US economy has not even come close to seing an end to their recession. HAARP is being used to "take out" the economic competition.Its all about money and power and human life is the wage being paid. Between this and the unrest in the middle east the US is determined once again to rise to the top "by any means neccessary".

Anonymous said...

From all the research I have been doing I think it would be rather disturbing if......

other HAARP ELF wave places around the world under control of alternative jurisdictions......turned there facilities to maximum power, and if so, WHAT LOCATIOn???

and if this where true, than what is the result of possibly combining a nucleur military strike with these dangerous ELF radio waves....???

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, * I * appreciate & enjoy reading your web site, even though
I might not agree with everything you say.

But,I don't understand why someone would read & post on this site if they didn't believe in at least some of the material.

Keep posting your research & conclusions. BTW, Reptilians or
Human reptilians hybrids are real,
two of them revealed themselves to me. Take it for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

I know what Unit 731 is, but I dont understand what the previous poster meant by "what happened after". Do you mean that the technology was absorbed by the USA???

And who is comming?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there any action being taken upon HAARP?
Where are all the protests?
WHY is our population so.. WEAK and lazy?
While people in the middle east DIE and sacrifice themselves when they believe that their gov't is being corrupt and absurd.
What are we doing?
What ever happened to the protests of the 1960s?
Why did the media bash protesters as HIPPIES and that to be like one of them is to be lowly?

If all these things about HAARP is true, then what is happening now will be minuscule compared to what's to come.

No one in this world should have the right to own and control such a device.

For the comfort of the rest of this world, HAARP NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.



Last Voted Nu said...

I will be as indirect as I possibly can be about what I've uncovered in my personal findings. I am Anonymous (eon5 site).

Personally, in 2005, we all had this internet video as some recall - "Loose Change," followed by "Zeitgeist." Both of these videos were independently made, these were not placed with ingenuity by the Secret Religion (Secret Society, Global Elite, Illuminati) but instead by people that had flaw-here, flaw-there analysis, but their analysis of subjects were uncommon on the internet, and caused trivial repercussion on human consciousness and perception.

In America, we are faced with severe misperception. We believe that there are 2 situations existent: one, we are actually fighting a war with actual terrorists who actually planned the destruction of the World Trade Centers AND World Trade Center 7 that fell *after* 7 hours of burning (which coincidentally housed important documents pertaining to stock market frauds, and ESPECIALLY the put-stocks - individuals had a few days to prepare for their huge investment, into two separate airline companies - the same companies which were crashed into towers and the Pentagon.

Let's skip ahead to story #2 - America was pretend. It was well-designed and coordinated to specific plans created and developed by the Freemasons at a high degree, which also happen to be THE "secret society," the Illuminati. Lots of trade secrets are kept hush-hush - like that of Unit 731.

Have many of you not been able to piece simple puzzles together? The Tibetan Book of the Dead? "Reptilians"? (Who are, by the way, totally explainable by basic evolutionary scientific law; dinosaurs went extinct, those who grew wings for freedom soared - those who stayed in physical shape became chameleons of different kinds of beings... humans included) Dead Sea Scrolls? Then there's the pyramids in Giza... any of you see how unbelievably huge it is? It'd take millions, millions of slaves to pull any of that off, and that's where the Illuminati start - the idea of control.

The idea of weather control is a joke, just like how if you don't believe our own societies won't exterminate hundreds of thousands of us. We know how control is dominant and what it's doing and we see how ignorant they've been at masking decadents of murder and rape of nature. We sit back and recline, waiting for OUR day.

There are people in other countries starving, we're told. There are civil wars everywhere. Nukes left and right in civilization. It just never ends. We build this paranoia, this fear that they control anything and everything.

I'm really sorry if this really bursts your tiny, little, silly unconscious bubble, but hey! They've been doing it SINCE FIVE-THOUSAND B.C. They'll keep doing it. Watch your soul be devoured by the control they spit out, because if you watch television - almost any syndicated television - you will sleep and they need that, especially now.

But many of the posters seem capable and willing minded to understand what HAARP could do. HAARP is less talked about than what one would think, and many doubt its capabilities. Like the rulers that run that machine, the people with the most money pull your unconscious strings and you believe rhetoric statistical data than common sense of the idea of control.

Listen to me carefully, you cannot believe what you read everywhere. Life is a matter of perception, and they've chose the doors of perception for you to open. What they won't tell you? The doors they left shut, the ones you walked past a long time ago - you must open them before you walk through the last set they'll make you walk through.

The individual is the only truth to their freedom.

Anonymous said...

lookign through some of the comments I have noticed a trend. Incorrect English is spoken in those that agree with this conspiracy theory-- disagrerements are mostly finally crafted, well-spoken and witty. Now I'm not meaning anything in particular by pointing this out...just some food for thought. How many truly educated people are in agreement with this foolishness?

Anonymous said...

Hey "Anonymous,"

My IQ is 148, so I'm highly intelligent but not formally educated as I never matriculated from college. This "foolishness" are you call it is WELL DOCUMENTED. Google the U.S. patents on file for HAARP, and you will clearly see weather control/modification listed. But don't take my word for it: Dr. Nick Begich et al reearched and exposed HAARP's capabilities years ago.


Anonymous said...

Tried and tested methods used, diversion tactics. We should be asking ourselves what is going on in the world that such a diversion tactic was necessary. The data is infutable. H.A.A.R.P. does exist, NWO is now 'global', and if you can grasp that we were born into 'WW3' which is a fight for the human soul, the age old battle between good and evil...then lets take the blinders off.
The events in this world are tactics to confuse us from what is really going on (the battle for our souls)...we must live in the truth and be prepared for the consequences. Ultimately we were all made for a time such as this. May 'The Great I AM' have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

in california fish apear dead days ago...
california borders the pacific...
then tsunami hits japan from the pacific


Anonymous said...

First Egypt, then Libya, then Japan, then China. The zionists are trying to start another war perhaps to garner more land for Israel....

China is the only country that refuses to open their banks to Jewish bankers.

Führer ismael said...

Führer ismael said...

this video shows better this explanation

Anonymous said...

This is quite astonishingly thin, feeble-minded stuff, but at least it keeps you all off the street, where the layout of the paving stones or the numbers on a registration plate probably get you thinking about freemasons, Jews and JFK.

Get help, the lot of you, for what is mental illness pure and simple. The Nazis and antisemites, however, can just fuck off and die.

Anonymous said...

'My IQ is 148, so I'm highly intelligent but not formally educated as I never matriculated from college'

Yeh yeh yeh. Heard it ALL before. IQ doesn't measure whether you're a gullible fool. Which you are.

neil patterson said...

WAIT so if this thing can be launched meaning something like that does exist am i right? so meaning the japanese goverment must know what caused this random event and question is this HAARP Also related to Haiti why hasn't anyone done anything about this if they know something like that really exist

Anonymous said...


Brace yourself for more youtube 'evidence' from people with 'high IQs' and no understanding of science or politics whatsoever.

The only possible approach to these clowns is to point and laugh. No debate possible or necessary.

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest thing I've ever read. Can't tell if you're a troll or not

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that so many Haarp deniers are posting comments here all of a sudden? How did they find this site? Dear self informed non-sheeple, keep up the good fight. Keep researching. All the facts are there. Intelligent people with open minds for truth - regardless of degree or IQ - cannot deny the patterns and coincidences. Don't be cowed by the tactic of ridicule and mockery. It's a disinformation tactic employed by trolls.

Suz said...

Those clouds are just insane.

I'm in the Middle East at the moment, Egypt specifically, and I cannot believe that people are blind enough to believe that through a series of coincidences the regimes here are toppling. As though all of a sudden people have the power to overthrow.

What I find so curious is that now the Egyptian regime has been overthrown, and media attention turned elsewhere, the truth surfaces. Egypt is not as safe as it used to be, there is no order here at all! Women raped in their own houses, expats stabbed. None of this making the news! Yet fear mongering is perhaps the most pervasive means of controlling a population. :(

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Japan earthquake has something to do with this:

Japan is area #3. Govts that don't want to give in to NWO agenda are given some 'persuasion'.

It ties it all together.

Anonymous said...

yall have it all wrong, the aliens are mad that hollywood wont give them charlie sheen back, so they are going to destroy the planet. keep going though its fun too read. WINNING

Anonymous said...

"Hazel" Takana, Japan's finance minister told Fulford in 2007 "a group of American and European oligarchs" threatened to strike Japan with manufactured earthquakes unless Takana ceded control of the Japanese banking system.

Anonymous said...

lots of rubbish here...

educate yourself

Unknown said...

Looking at the coordinates of the 8.9 quake:

• Friday, March 11, 2011 at 02:46:23 PM at epicenter
• Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
38.322°N, 142.369°E

Notice 322 and 369, 322 = Skull and Bones number...

369 = Divide by 3 = 123/321+1=322.

The "1" comes from the fact that this is one of the biggest Big One quakes to hit Japan in the last 140 years...

HAARP and Chemtrails are based on ELF waves of the human mind...which, obviously implies and suggests that the THOUGHT PROCESS is at work.

This is the end, ladies and gentlemen - the birthquake sequence has begun!

Xinyu Hu

Anonymous said...

How haarp works.

It all started with Percy Spencer, the father of the micro waves oven:
his chocolate bar melted in his pocket, when he was near a radar.

Micro waves went throught his fabric to oscillate the water molecules,
with as consequence, the temparature rise and melted the bar.
You will also notice that micro waves can explode an egg.
Micro waves can go through an egg shell to oscillate the water molecules,
inducing heat, and vaporisation then dilatatation of the egg.

The big property of Micro wave is to go throught most materials,
heating then vaporising water.

From there, you may think all you have to do if building a big micro waves
gun and explode people's head like eggs. But not. Why?
You would get noticed and caught!!!

Remember what happenned with the mediatisation of the atomic bomb...
Foreigners perceived USA as the great evil,
since then EVERY countries wanted a nuke,
as they knew it really existed.

So the actual objective was, using the micro waves as a weapon,
but in a stealthy way.

And the solution was: Firing the micro wave from a place,
and let the wave heat another place, so that the
consequence is officially the cause of a said disaster.

In another words: firing micro waves from a place to
another place, in a pocket of underground water,
the water vaporize, creating an underground earthquake.
like the egg micro wave trick... but in a huge scale!
And this get better if the resulting earthquake is
provocated near the target country, "off the radar".

But there is many clues to solve:
-How to bring the micro waves from one place to another?
-How to shoot the Micro waves in such a manner it will only
heat a said point, and not everything in it passage?
-How to keep the micro wave powerful enough to heat the water underground,
as earth will act as a diffractor?
-How to calibrate the micro wave to hit precisely said target?

1)The only way would be to reflect the micro wave using the appropriated material.
In micro waves oven, it's the Faraday cage.
In nature, it's the earth electromagnetic field, at ionosphere height.
The same field that protect us from infrareds waves,
Micro waves that are shot at are reflected in another point.

2)You can be sure if a full micro wave beam is shot somewhere, it would
get noticed. So the contraption is: divide the main beam into several beams,
weak enough to not get detected, then concentrate thoses beam into the main beam:
remember the electro magnetic properties of microwaves, you can bake a ant
with a lens, the light will concentrate on the focal point were the heat increase,
however the same light will not burn right under the lens, like letting the ant walking
under the lens. So you shoot several micro wave beam, use the ionosphère as a reflector,
then let the beam recollect themselve into the main beam, at a given depth.

3)But the earth act as a diffractor, so the sub-micro wave have to be shot in number,
the screening of all the diffracted beam will still create a main beam.
But even with this, you have to be sure the beam intersect.

4)In order to have the beams intersect, the exact angle properties of the magnetic field
at said point must be known, this is from where the "artificial clouds" come.
You simply shoot you beam in the ionosphere, then monitor
if a target test cloud over the target point get modified, or created,
if the sky were wet at that time.
If so, the configuration is correct, if not, you'll have to recalibrate the shooting angle.
Here the clouds serve as a rehearsal test pig before the real deal:
Once all the beams calibrated, wait a while (1 year, so that the conditions
are similar to when the calibrations where done) then change the
angle for a deeper focus point, then create the earthquake.

This explain the weird clouds formations on sighted places, also
the spawning of concentric circles in meteorologic scans
1 year before the earthquake/tsunami in a targeted country.

Anonymous said...

How come all the earthquakes come in the middle of the night???

Anonymous said...

WOW, this blog comments sure has garnered much interest (and opposition).

Which can only say one thing, the truth is getting too HOT to handle :)

As Mae West (albeit part of Hollywood) once said "I'd rather be looked over, than overlooked"

Eric, great job--you have struck a sensitive HAARP chord!


Anonymous said...

So, the "Test" beams, may have in fact, fried all those critters we've been hearing about?

Anonymous said...

Everyone start looking for these Weird Cloud Formations, because in about 1 year, that's where you DON'T want to be!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, HAARP needs to go.
Perhaps the solar CMEs will be a blessing in disguise when they knock out the power grids.

Anonymous said...

Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

they dont strike in the middle of the night. its daytime where the quakes hit.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear Fuel Rods suspected of melting:

Anonymous said...

This Benjamin Fulford video explains a lot and may be exactly the reason HAARP was used on Japan.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that those working for the NWO are commenting to this post. These people are all over the place working to change your perception of the news you are reading. I advise you to read these comments objectively and not let them affect your initial thoughts on the subject.

These evil minded people have infiltrated all online news sources. Their job is to tap into your subconscious mind so don't let them fool you.

Reread everything to notice the trend.

PW said...

*rolls eyes shakes head* to all the brainwashed closed minded conformist sheeple bringing up `education` all the time.
Maybe keep your `education` to yourselves and let us REAL truth seekers reveal and talk about the truth in peace.
True intelligence = free thinking and AWARENESS!
"the only thing that interferes with my LEARNING is my EDUCATION" ~ Einstein

Keep it up people.
I see and feel it all too, good and bad.
Keep learning!

As for you Sheeple slaves ummm go and read some NASA or Darwinism or something with a nice big lovely glass of fluoridated tap water. MMMMMMM YUMMY
Or would you prefer some of this water?
Above video is HAARP and Chemtrail related


Anonymous said...

Perhaps these lights HAARP powering up?

Anonymous said...

I feel dumber for having read this piece of crap

Tom said...


Remaining openminded;

It doesn't seem like this can be HAARP - it broadcasts frequency energy at the 2.8–10 MHz region of the HF [High Frequency].

The frequency plot in your graph is 2.5hz. This doesn't make sense to me.

Apparently there was a massive solar flare from the sun on March 9, although I'm not sure if these are tuned so a certain frequency.



Anonymous said...

Notice that the naysayers come in bunches also. I'm sure many are here as agents for the Powers That Be and their "hidden agenda".

For the others, "The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about."
Wayne Dyer

Anonymous said...

To anon who ask why at night:
At night the point of the earth is not exposed to the sun, as the sun electromagnetic field could temper the micro waves reflection angle. The target, but also the reflective point, must be nighttime.
To turn the ionosphere into its reflective properties, you'll have to activate it, by heating it up to plasma using the haarp emitter.

Also for dead birds... You noticed some of them have their chest exploded? So don't put your bird in a micro wave oven!!!

For dead dolphins, whales, it is possible the water interfered micro waves into radio waves, messing their perceptions until they died on the beach.

Anonymous said...

too much failed logic around here:

A, then B
thus A caused B.

^ not true.

need more evidence to conclude anything.

Anonymous said...

Do you have proofs that negate said hypothesis? None, it is easy to prove that nothing happenned or nothing is linked to, since it require nothing to prove!

What would be the face of the internet if the US bosses communicated the hiroshima and nagasaki bombing in the same manner they did with haarp today? You would have happylazy minds and naysayers saying it was god smashing the towns with huge meteors...

Anonymous said...

"This is the funniest thing I've ever read. Can't tell if you're a troll or not"

No, not a troll. Just checking in to see what the lunatic fringe are saying.

"Isn't it interesting that so many Haarp deniers are posting comments here all of a sudden? How did they find this site?"

Hahaha :D This site came up first when i googled 'japanese earthquake cospiracy theory'. Was interested in what paranoid drivel would come up. I haven't been disappointed.

"How come all the earthquakes come in the middle of the night???"

Spoooky? That's so everyone's asleep when the little earthquake elves get to work.

"Has anyone else noticed that those working for the NWO are commenting to this post. These people are all over the place working to change your perception of the news you are reading".

That's a joke, right? If it isn't please get help.

"Do you have proofs that negate said hypothesis?"

Oh, Christ, do we have to go through this AGAIN? :(


Tectonic plates, earthquake zone, terrible loss of life. Too boring, huh?

Anonymous said...

If you know some airforce to want sacrifice them self tell them to bomb th HAARP.

Anonymous said...

Drop A bomb on the power plant of HAARP

Anonymous said...

This earthquake happenned at the right time. Remember. Eveyone was holding their breath screaming NO to occident ingerence in Lybia. About time also that muppeting of the arab revolution was being exposed. The earthquake happenned and OH! look away! Everyone distracted, and now occident calling for strike in Lybia.

This is the same method for Haiti... USA didn't have an excuse to butt Hugo Chavez without being perceived as an invading force. So they quake haiti, right over Venezuela, put goons in it, then shut off Chavez with a base this close.

Also, quka is used to Bully other countries into buying bonds. This army cannot get raised with peebles! Especially with so much debt.

So expect more man made earthquake each time the US are politically bottlenecked, the they already used revolution and drough for previous cases;

The only country to have balls, not like the naysayers that defend their insane models in the feint feeling to have privileges for their siding in the future, is Island, they didn't paid the banksters and their debts even when the volcano was awakened, this just a year ago. Well Done!

Anonymous said...

I do not know whether or not all true what they say, but I've been looking for information about HAARP, because it is worrying .... I found much informcion ... attached a link including how to monitor the activities of these "antennas" and ... on this they said: HAARP IS A MASS DESTRUCTIVE WEAPON - NOT PART OF ANY NEGOTIATIONS

Anonymous said...

The perpetrators did this from one of the deep underground bases in Nevada/New Mexico, because Japan did not accept the cabal's puppet, from South Korea, who had demanded basically the start of WW3. So this was punishment....

Who do these crazy lunatics think they are?!? They dont see themselves as human beings with human consuquences. We must put ourselves in the mindset of Gods, wich they think they are...

How can we defeat such evil? Surpass their power of intensity through our all-encompassing Love for All that Is. Only then does the light win,and the darkness fade away

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the informative post. There does seem to be some odd occurrences with HAARP here, the clouds needed to send the energy manufactured, the date corresponding to cabalistic numerology and other items. The US "relief" ships are arriving, and this is reminiscent of haiti where they had troops already in place to "assist" or invade. Why Japan? Perhaps they need a presence there for something upcoming, or some of the other items mentioned, or a kind of shakedown, as it were, as a warming of some kind to go along with an agenda. Further, It does seem odd why anyone not versed in these things would even care to comment, or if they were so uninterested why even bother finding this site? That does not makes sense at all and is suspicious, and shows that this post is on to something some would like obscured.

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Birde:

Anonymous said...

No, of course they do not see themselves as humand beings--which to the elite are cattle anyway.

The elite are elite because they think they are gods.

The Vatican now thinks they are gods, and Moloch/Molech/Satan is not too happy about that.

Patricia said...

I am from Peru.

I have just read about HAARP.

I am really surprised, during the earthquake in Peru on 15 August 2007 we saw strange lights. In my live I have esperienced different earthquakes, this was the first time people mentioned lights and also the earthquake itself was different. It was long and the movement of the ground was different too, for that reason in Lima, the capital of Peru, it did not cause much damage but in Pisco it destroyed all the town and people there also saw lights.

I have read other comments and I also asked myself the question, why before nobody mentioned lights and now they do?

See it here:

And why Peru?
Read this about the economic growth of Peru from wikipedia

"Reforms have permitted an economic growth since 1993, except for a slump after the 1997 Asian financial crisis.In 2007 (year of the earthquake), the Peruvian economy experienced a growth rate of 9%, the largest in Latin America, and this repeated in 2008 with a 9.8% rate"

If this about HAARP is true we have todo something, what can we do?
Start telling this to others please. On February 26th there were two temblors, one in Ancon, another in Mala two hours later, Lima is in the middle.

God help us

Anonymous said...

What a load of absolute rot. You believers are incredibly stupid if you believe this shit.

Anonymous said...

I agree; it definitely appears as though this blog has been targeted and that an organized attack or pileon is underway.

I DISAGREE with the theory that the EQ was done to "punish" Japan for not going along with the NWO -- that is Fulfordesque crap, and B. Fulford is a proven FRAUD. Get a CLUE, people: The Japanese govt. have been part of the NWO since at the latest the orchestrated Pearl Harbor "attack" and probably well BEFORE then. The ONLY countries that are currently not in the fold -- a handful, really -- are all in the Middle East and Africa (Sudan, etc.). That's why we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan... That is why the U.S. government -- as the military arm of the Illuminati -- is or will be attacking/occupying those countries and puppets -- like Karzhi -- put into power.

Mr. Dubay, THANK YOU for your great work!!

Anonymous said...

The European & American Illuminati consider Japan a "lesser, lower" Illuminati member.

Plus Japan is doing things against the Illuminati's grain, so, HAARP does make sense to set Japan "straight".

UFO Blogger said...

HAARP Caused Japan Earthquake : Benjamin Fulford

Anonymous said...

The US is planning to expand their military base in Japan. This would be very convenient for the US to do now that Japan is so fragile.

Anonymous said...

I Sing the Body Electric
(or Your Body is an Electrical Antenna, and anything electrical will control YOU)

Electrical Wiring in Your Home

Anonymous said...

Google, Google Gmail, Yahoo, Ebay, Paypal, Microsoft, are part of the same group.

btw, Blogspot is owned by Google.

Unknown said...

I can't wait until 22nd December 2012 just so I can lmao at all you said WOW playing freaks who clearly spend too much time indoors playing with your puddings. Conspiracy Theory is just a blag for lazy bastards to skive out of doing things to benefit theirselves and fellow humans. Also known as TAXDODGERS.

Oh how silly you'll all look when the time comes. Although I'm sure you'll all find something else to get you out of having to work for a living. The great unwashed.

Anonymous said...

ok, to the genuis that said we needed military bases in japan thats why they got "targeted" we already have bases there.They have been there since ww2, read a history book since everyone on here says they are so smart. the more everyone says stuff the more you make less sense. the earthquake hit at around 3 in the AFTERNOON. so there werent earthquake elves working in the middle of the night. They live in a very earthquake prone area, thats why there buildings are at such a high building standard. as for why are so many little"nwo henchmen" writing on here, this is the first sight that pops up on google. so everyone reads it and wants to tell you how much of a hippie you are. just believe in peace and good and it will win.

Anonymous said...

this just confirms that you people are ALL mad.

i worry about the human race, please dont have children.

Anonymous said...

The naysayers on here are really fucking annoying. If you think it's all conspiracy bullshit then don't come on here with your spewing your negative diatribes. I for one can't say if this was caused by HAARP or not. I do believe that there is technology to control the weather, not sure about earthquakes. I do believe that the Illuminati is very real and people need to wake the fuck up. United we stand, divided we fall. People are going to continue to bicker amongst themselves about who's right and who's wrong while the powers that be are seizing control of the world before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Here's a fucking article people. It's written by a professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, I would say it's pretty legit. With actual references and links. Please read it and come to an educated conclusion yourself. Don't let feeble minded cretins distort your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I photographed a SKY in Slovakia that looks similar to those in JAPAN. LOOK:

Unknown said...

You are all nuts and American haters. HAARP? A weather station causing natural disasters? you are kidding right? Go back playing X-box for crying out loud. You may hurt yourselves otherwise.

Anonymous said...

American hater? Hmm...I am an American you fucktard. Here read this:
Still think there's no technology to control the weather? Open your eyes idiot.

Anonymous said...

its called 'theory' for a reason. Of course no one knows for sure, so you naysayers never hypothesize anything?

Anonymous said...

I was reading something about how every major economic or worldly event could be shown by the iChing.
Interestingly enough it said that we'd see a major down turn in March 22. With an event like this it will take a few week for damages to come in. I think that its very likely that we'll see some very major market repercussion about then.

Anonymous said...

People, If you didn't notice yet, WW3 has started. Now we are in the troops deployment phase. It's a war of race, white vs yellow, it always has been, after weakening the blacks now it's time the yellow, ironically it's led by a black president.

Now HAARP or not, bottom line US forces will be all around china in the next 6month. It started with Africa and most recently north Africa, and you will be see after the dust clears off there that the US will have more troops deployed, three major us warships are already docked next to the suez canal, no fly zone are established from the east withe the help of Europe from the north east for sure. Today the troops from england and US will start flying to japan all in the name of humanity, and who is going to help in rebuilding the nuclear plants there? Take a wild guess...and here goes the west side of China, filled with troops and chips and probably a better nuclear reactor.

You never know what a country "japan" with a 200% debt to GDP can do to save themselves, kill a couple of thousand of their own people....maybe!!!

Welcome to ww3....21 century style...!!!

Anonymous said...

If the fat lady can scream & shatter a glass, then I suppose a powerful low frequency could do some damage as well. Who is monitoring this HAARP thing and how do you know when it is being used? I have heard that there are like 30 stations around the globe - even one in Japan ?

Anonymous said...

On the 10 of March we have had a case .. a massive amount of fish perishing..Could it be they are affected by the high frequency of haarp ..Looking at the area that it covers until it hit Japan .West Australia was in the line of fire of these High Frequencies ..Can any one see the connection with every where else this has happened recently ..including Birds falling out of the sky ...connected to the Haiti ...Chilli ..New Zealand Quakse ???

Anonymous said...


Your site is #1 on Google search for: Japan HAARP

in fact, a couple other sites even pasted your page into theirs.

Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery!

Anonymous said...

I have been explosed to this sort of extreme government conspiracy philosophy since the 50's.

It's all a bunch of bunk and organizations like The Atlantean Conspiracy are spreading panic where there isn't any.

Get a life and get on with living!!!! Your government is NOT out to get you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe its because theyre just trying to stop the population from risin.... lower the population

Anonymous said...

Better break out the tin foil hats

Anonymous said...

Look at divinecosomos. It has a lot of information why all this is happening. According to the site, It is actually a war. China is leading it for the good for the every people, with aid form India, Russia and Chile. Force controlling harp and US are on the opposite side. Japan is stuck in the middle and was threaten several of times. Why is it all happing? Check out the link to the disclosure article it backed up with data from mainstream media etc. Also Youtube David Wilcock

Anonymous said...

before we start throwing blame around based on conspiracy theories let's have better proof. Japan had been experiencing seismic activity for weeks leading up to this event. We don't know if HAARP was the cause of this, direct or indirect, and placing unfound blame on anyone isn't going to help anything.

Unknown said...

I think this video was done in Nov 19, 2009 check the date on the video. Heres the real video

Anonymous said...

I think this video was done in Nov 19, 2009 check the date on the video. Heres the real video

Anonymous said...

I beleive you are all correct! This is the work of HAARP. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but the evidence you guys have posted proves i'm not! Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

They need to redirect that thing towards Washington DC...if that thing really exists...what's next? Finding cheese on the moon?

Anonymous said...

I got a hair test from Geneva Lab to determine the heavy metals in my body.

I got high readings on Aluminum, Barium, and Uranium which is veering near the end of the toxic spectrum.

This can't be coincidence, or just a casual encounter from nature. If I had been in doubt about all this conspiracy theories, my Hair Test seems to point to something out of the ordinary.

Where did all these heavy metals come from?

Who else has high readings from these 3 heavy metals?

Son of God said...

NWO is monitoring the IP address of everyone posting on this site and will retaliate on those trying to seek the truth. I'm not afraid of them and I'm ready to defend myself. But can you fight an invisible enemy? Even if we get on the streets and ask for disclosure, we will get NOTHING. Remember 911...

Is there a way to counterbalance their power? I'm asking you.

Anonymous said...

The electromagnetic waves in the ionosphere were a direct result of another large solar flare which came from the Sun the day prior to the earthquake.

Changes in temperature are ultimately what affect our weather systems.

Our Sun is responsible for much more than people think and while governments know this, there is nothing they can do besides conceal the information that has been staring us in the face since the beginning of time.

Unknown said...

Another thing about 03/11/11...notice that the two elevens suggest the number 2.

In affect, you get: 03/22...another veiled reference to 322...and since 322 is Skull & Bones, and S&B has been involved in 9/11...03/11/11 is a 9/11 date, much like 03/09/11...the day a massive X-class solar flare was ejected from the sun...sun-god worship, and the pouring of the wrath of the lunatic, "peaceful" sun-god of, "love."

March 11 is also SIX months before 9/11.

The subliminal messages are very strong.

Xinyu Hu

Anonymous said...

If you seek the truth,go to and read about the x-flare creating havoc around the planet.HAARP is studying such events and other phenomenom. I am not saying there is not a conspiracy that hasn't been going on for over 7000 years, I do not know. I just like to stay with the facts and with the truth. Theory and question marks do not support the truth,but rather creates confusion leading to illusions. The cloud formation is caused by moving cravity caused by penetrating waves of the flares. These do not stop and do go through the earths mantel to the core. Science at it's best.

Anonymous said...

Read between the lines:

1). Friday March 11 was supposed to be a Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia. Stocks were preparing for a huge dip based on oil rising to $200 a barrel.

2.) March 5, U.S. launches a x-37b military shuttle into space, raising concerns from russia and china that it is some type of space weapon.

3.) Haarp was activated March 9th

4.) Industrial stocks rise on Friday after an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami devastate Japan

3.) Japans communication and cellular network was completely shut down in the aftermath

Public (not annonymous) said...

Love and God's speed to all of the positive people and reasonable positers here :)

Misery is a choice, not a prerogative; choose your thoughts; sing a nativity song :)

Anonymous said...

If HAARP is truly capable of such awesome feats of destruction, then I feel that there is something I must do. I want to capture the facility... then I want to turn it all the way up and switch it on! Stop me if you can you fools!

Anonymous said...

Whether harp caused the recent earth quake or not, and I'm not saying I'm against the possibilities... our world is changing..we the people.. not the corporate heads or leaders of the world economy.. have to brace ourselves for major change! Where is the calamity going to strike next? We all need to come together and unite against the worlds powerful leaders or I fear all is lost.. The next time you are with family and friends be sure to tell them how much you love them..! It very well be the last chance you get.

Anonymous said...

ROFL! "The European & American Illuminati consider Japan a 'lesser, lower' Illuminati member. Plus Japan is doing things against the Illuminati's grain, so, HAARP does make sense to set Japan 'straight".

ONLY in Fulfordland, which is NOT based in reality. :)

Fulford is a FRAUD!!!

Anonymous said...

Lot of people saying Fulford a fraud, however, they back it up with NOTHING. And, all that does is legitimize him further. So, you people better start posting some proof if you have other motives...

Anonymous said...

THEYRE ARE DOING IT TO QUICKLY REDUCE POPULATION, also china is now the worlds biggest economy, and is the future centre for the new world order, america is finished. they are using japan as basically a giant carpark and dock for china- china will be a mega metropalis within 20 years.. the hub of all humanity...

Unknown said...

What can be done about HAARP and the Skull And Bones society. I mean they have to be getting pressure from some one some how. Theres got to be a way to stop the unnecessary blood shed caused by these people.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is your answer

Sun.szu said...

Interest rates in Japan remain at a low .01 percent ! The need for lending was negligible and the possibilities of growing the economy from there was impossible! When a war is absent, nothing like a quake to bring on a need for lending, construction, and building ! Makes sense to me?!

Anonymous said...

and if you think about it, the mass animal deaths, the dude who died in Newark, and the problems with teh weather all have to be connected

Anonymous said...

Chinese spy,

I traced all those fake sites to china. Tokyo university doesn't have a HARP magnetometer.

Furthermore, the Tesla theory only work if the magnetic pulse is created in the antipodes. That's the cleverness of that weapon.

But today only an high altitude atomic blast can create it. It would have been detected.

My first guess was : could china have developed the weapon and use it, since they are the one to gain. I found no such trace.

There is still the possibility of China using a stealth submarine and droping a nuclear charge directly in the fault, trigering the eartquake. We know they do have stealth technology.

That's the only "conspiraracy theory" that stand

Eric Dubay said...

Not only do they have it, they made it. The University of Tokyo created the HAARP magnetometer and placed it in Gakona, Alaska:

Please don't leave factually incorrect comments.

Anonymous said...

- It most certainly was developed by the University. The official HAARP site shows and explains it. Why? To let some people with inquiring minds know the power they have...the meter is also confirmed on several other informational sites.

REMEMBER, the people leaving information that's inaccurate or with no substantiated proof or resources are ONLY substantiating and confirming the possible TRUTH.

Keep them people are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. isn't the only one with the haarp system. China and India have it. I like how all the blame gets pushed to the U.S. haarp when it could have been the chinese or the indians.

Sean said...


To what you said regarding the military going down there right before it happened for humanitary reasons. This is actually the piece of information I've been looking for since every time something like this happens, the military is always there with an excuse whether it's "cotastrophe protection drills" or "humanitarian campaigns"

They're always there. Haiti, chilli, Hell even the BP oil spill. Next one I've seen is scedualed in may around the madrid faultline, where the birds are falling out of the sky and the water around the BP oil spill is glowing. They say its a chemical in the oil. I say they struck magma. >/

For all of you who don't know about the madrid, please search it up, there is a possibility that it might go soon. Everyone is expecting the san andraes. No no no MADRID people! The elitists are all buying land along the west. Some bad sh*t is going to happen to the east side...

Anonymous said...

looks like japan is usa new weapons test ground...and so many year are past form last test...

Anonymous said...

Everybody is looking to Japan... What happens in the Gulf of Aden ?

Anonymous said...

HAARP was used in order to destablize Japan's nuclear infrastructure, in attempt for a Chernobyl-type diaster. Chernobyl, The BP oil rig spill (which was foretold in the movie "the knowing") and now the Japanese nuclear contamination all show the national governments of the world failure to cope with disaster, creating a demand/argument that only a combined world government can contain such incidents.

huemaurice7 said...

If HAARP not intervened to curb and prevent the tidal wave (tsunami), it is because this is HAARP which resulted in him!

Anonymous said...

Why isnt something being done to dismantle the HAARP technology and bases?? That is whT Id like to know! It should be disbanded immediately, that kind of technology should not be in the hands of these people that use it for thier own evil agendas. I say we need to protest and shut those things down!!

andrea said...

also, maybe they are using HAARP to intensify the effects f 2012 on this planet to help speed along thier NWO agenda to reduce Earths population??

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Second Nuclear Plant Explosion Today (Monday 3/14/11):

Anonymous said...

"Seems clear this is another case of Haarp. But why Japan? Is it to distract the media away from other events?"

Japan spends too much on pensions and welfare, like the rest of the non-Fascist nations of the world, unlike the United States. The United States wants to change this.

That's the US Government's motivation with Japan HAARP.

Europe's welfare state disappears giving way to a US-style militarist fascist system, by the so-called economic crisis.

The Americans want soliders and strong armies to die in ITS wars.

Unknown said...

Hi I was not surprise at the aytack of japan us bankers can not let the dollar fall off I mean it has to stay as the worlds reserve currency in order for the elite no to lose power they also want to keep oil dealings. In us dollars and not Japanese.yens

Anonymous said...

You know we never actually landed on the moon either, right??

Anonymous said...

Eric Dubay, lets call me BlackSwan. I'm the one that said that the HAARP magnetometer doesn't exist.

Unlike you I got a master degree in engineering. I understand these things. I know exactly how the Tesla theory work.

You NEED, and this is not up to discussion, to generate a GIGANTIC ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE. The pulse must be at the

antipodes of the point where you want to cause the earthquake.

The only way to do this currently is with a nuclear blast in high atmosphere.

I've read the hypothesis, I saw the documentary on that Alaskan facility. They can do a lot of stuff with that, even

nasty stuff. But not earthquakes.

Science isn't simple. There is no silver bullet. You can't have a swiss knife that cause earthquake, hange the weather

and control minds all at once.

I've checked your other link. It's also a fake site. You know, it's fairly easy those days to see if a site is fake or

real, why don't you double check before posting a link like that.

In north america, it's verry easy for the average joe, even without scientific background, even with no one in their

family with scientific background, to just walk to the local college and university and ask a random student in software

engineering/science to check the validity of the link

I don't know what you're trying to achieve with that site.

If you want to hit the really bad guys, that would be the chinese, they're verry active in africa, and they have hidden a

lot from the prying eye in their hidden bunkers. They are far more advanced than we give them credit for

The easiest way to create an artificial earthquake in japan is by dropping a strong depth charge in one of the natural

fault. If done using a stealth submarine. It would be undetectable.

However to create a strong enought explosion would require a nuclear device, which would have been detected. The only

other possibility is that the chinese used a different technique.

In theory it would be doable with anything that can genrate shockwave. In the past there was some theory about using

vibrations deep inside a fault line. They could have done something like that

The chinese are the only ones that could profit from destabilizing japan. It is coherent with recent pressure on south

korea and japan by china and russia. It's coherant with their military buildup.

It's also coherant as a distraction to help their ally Gadafi survive

Anonymous said...

BlackSwan- part2

On the other hand, it could just be a natural event. There have been a lot of inceasing volcanic activity in the general

region. The media don't talk about it to avoid panic, but everyone in the scientific community knows about it.

What's happening is a speedup of movement between major tectonic plates. It is as if the earth is restructuring itself.

Don't worry, it's not that fast. But still the coast of japan moved what ? 8 inches, that verry significant.

In all likehood human stupidity could be the cause. through polution we made the climate system unstable. cold and hot

are more extreme and alternate faster.

Experiment: Take the bowl you use to eat soup, some sort of ceramic bowl. put it in the oven, empty, max heat for 10

minutes. put it in the freezer 10 minutes. repeat both phases until it breaks. It shouldn't take long. That's what

breaks the alsphat roads so much.

It is possible the same thing is happening to the earth crust. Because of our own idiocy.

So don't blame the givernment. Instal solar power on your house and produce your own electricity. you can get it done

under 20,000. And probably a lot cheaper if you can do it yourself. and never pay for electricity aggain

You can ride a bike instead of a car, or use public transportation.

I see some talking about "angry peoples" and "changes" - what are you angry about. america is an easy life compared to

other places.

the only changes I would make is stop paying peoples like charlie sheen and other jetset peoples such high salary and

give more to janitors. Balance things better.

But it started, both Bill Gates and Buffet gave over 30% of their fortune already. I think mentality are changing. And

that's despite the fact that money is far better distributed in north america than in china and lybia.

Makes no mistake, Knowledge is becoming more powerfull than money, and this will create change almost magicaly in the

near future

You would be surprised to see what university graduate can cook up those days. Nearly all the new north american

billionaires went from rags to riches.

Well, suit yourself. If you prefer conspiracy theory, sitting on your lazy ass, instead of building a new future

Anonymous said...

Nanoparticles Can Be Inhaled;
Being Microchipped from within the Inside of Your Body Can Be Plausible:

Anonymous said...,-145.150833&spn=0.01,0.01&t=m&lci=org.wikipedia.en&q=62.391667,-145.150833

Anonymous said...

So, to all the naysayers, where IS your proof?

What?? No links / proof positive to back up what you are refuting?

Tsk, Tsk

Plus, hard to understand your English (and logic)

Anonymous said...

More HAARP-like facilities:

Anonymous said...

Machu Picha says:


why do I have a feeling you're from Venezuala, are a man, and work for druglords ?

My friends in Peru saw nothing, no such light. But it was verry devastating, and it's not funny of you to make fun of us that way, no matter how you hate us

When you get a real video proof, not a photoshop picture, or something from movies, let me know..

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

about that wilderness article
Chossudovsky is russian
that site isn't located in canada

so much for validity...

bessides, what does a PhD in economics knows about electromagnetics, come on, you know better than that

Are the japanese asking dentists how to stop the meltdown ?

Anonymous said...

that's fun

much more instructive

and I bet you guys HAARP fanatics didn't even heard about
-hole in magnetosphere
-super solar storms

maybe visit for "real natural conspiracies"

Dr. Dreadful said...

If the HAARP did actually do the things a lot of people are trying to say it does, I would be scrambling to build one right now. Then again, I could just hijack the HAARP facility and use it to destroy.. I don't know.. Vancouver I guess.

Anonymous said...

Haarp didnt do this. The Sun Had a huge flare. We are experiencing the Jupiter effect.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. There seems to be about 17 anti-conspiracy posts that have gone missing since the last time I checked this. Smells like some sort of anti anti-conspiracy conspiracy. NWO indeed.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many so-called Chinese (if they are even chinese) trolls here trying to discredit this blog?

What do they have to hide?

Eric Dubay said...

Yes, I have had to delete and will continue deleting disrespectful, inflammatory, and obvious agent provocateur comments.

To my regular readers: As you can see, this post has garnered major attention from both many new conspiracy-minded folks as well as many agents/trolls due to being a top Google search for "HAARP" and "Japan." As a result there have been many posts lying, distorting, and defaming, including calling me a pedophile, a sex seller, a Russian spy with a Chinese girlfriend, a 40 year old Chinese government worker, and more.

It has never been like me to delete people's comments, but the agents are ramping up their BS on me now, so I'm clamping down and only allowing legitimate descent in these comments. If you're a die-hard anti-conspiracist or troll, don't complain about your lame comments being deleted, just get off my website and go read something interesting... like CNN or porn or whatever stimulates your sheepish minds.

Anonymous said...

I started reading the comments on the top of this page (from the 11th of March) and found them interesting. Then I jumped down to the bottom, and there is a whole different feeling. It's gone from serious thoughts to rubbish. Why can't people stop polluting honest discussions with their rubbish? It's so obvious that some of you are purposely making insights seem silly, but the truth will prevail and most people are able to discern the truth for themselves anyway.

Eric Dubay said...

Oops, I meant "dissent" not "descent," but actually descent is equally appropriate :P

Anonymous said...

People just don't like others expressing an opinion if it is not the same as their own or seems to be something that might be far fetched... Good job on the Blog. Its good knowing about what could possibly be going on that we dont know about so when/if the truth comes out we know something about it. Knowledge is power, if we just disdegard everything we think is untrue and dont open our minds to other possibilities... We could be in for a massive suprise one day.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that many people's perception of Technology is limited and from a perspective of underestimation. They were taking photos of Silver Dollars from 100,000 ft plus altitudes in U2 planes decades and decades ago. And, look what a Nuke can long has that been around?

I personally was in a HAARP like attack last year where a freak twister storm burst through my community like no one has ever seen. Even elderly people in their 70s and 80s had never seen anything like it. It appears these type of incidences reveal things which can't be hidden, such as, strange cloud formations and lights. And people feeling strange around the same time. These have been recorded.

More info on HAARP is available here.

Eric Dubay said...

That's a great HAARP Youtube channel, thanks for the link.

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