Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen Discrediting 9/11 Truth

For the Alex Jones apologists, what do you think of the latest media hype around Charlie Sheen? Do you really think this is non-orchestrated, organic "news" or is it clear to people that this is typical MSM distraction, defacing, and debasing? Last year a sober, level-headed Charlie Sheen appeared on CNN's Showbiz Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Alex Jones show, and created a personal video message to President Obama garnering attention and support from millions of 9/11 Truth advocates around the world.

Now that the typical mainstream-media-watching drones have subconsciously associated Charlie Sheen with the 9/11 conspiracy, and Alex Jones has harnessed the energy of millions of well-meaning, half-awakened, quasi-sheeple, the next step in the "infowar" is for Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones to do this current media blitz acting all whacked out so people's subconscious minds follow this pattern:

Step 1) Charlie Sheen + Alex Jones = 9/11 Truth

Step 2) Charlie Sheen + Alex Jones = drugged up, whacked out, fear mongering nutcases

Step 3) 9/11 Truthers = drugged up, whacked out, fear mongering nutcases

See the progression? Since I'm the "resident conspiracy theorist" at my University, everybody at work this weekend mentioned Charlie Sheen's ridiculousness to me, probably assuming I would defend his "winning" and his "goddesses." And just as the propaganda machine intends, they all mentioned how Charlie Sheen is "like me" and "one of those 9/11 truthers." Mmhhmm. So who's discrediting 9/11 Truth now? Have a look/listen to some of these recent clips/links regarding Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen:

Exclusive Charlie Sheen on ABC's Good Morning America

Charlie Sheen and his Goddesses - ABC Interview Continued

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seekjusticenotrevenge said...

Thanks for this Eric. I along with everyone else has been hearing alot about charlie sheen but we know that he and alex jones are not only making money by appearing on cable television and gaining notority but they are also a simple stepping stone for the new age that is to come. Because some people feel overpowered or motivated by his screams they will allow themselves to be cradled in the hands of alex jones. I also think all these events are orchestrated for the citizens who hear and speak but don't hear and seek to adopt the beliefs of the mainstream media or the alternative media since they fund both. No color is visible without the light shining upon it and when that light is blurred or corrupt the colors become blurred and are not what they seem. I hope the people in your school learn that charlie sheen is an imposter along with alex jones. i find it interesting that people would trust an actor since an actor is paid for pretending to be someone they are not.

Eric Dubay said...

Exactly, great points! Alex Jones is also an actor. He has appeared on many mainstream channels in both news interviews and conspiracy shows as well as in Hollywood movies. His "acting" didn't go so well on 9/11 though. Have people heard Alex Jones' live reaction to the Twin Towers falling on his radio show 9/11/01?

Absotabley Retardulous. Peace

david said...

I've been watching the charlie sheen madness, and wasn't sure why it was being so overplayed.
I get it now, totally.


muzuzuzus said...

Hey Eric

Of course I haven't missed the Cahrlie Sheen rodashow---its been in the papers etc, and etc. I will look at your vids later though I have seen the one with Jones and the women round the table.

I just feel that people need to get real. IF this is orchestrated to diminish the 9/11 investigation, well we should know that this kind of disinfo will be par for the course. The most dramatic for me was that english dude--for got name, Shyler?? The one who was ex intelligence, and then after speakout out started wearing whiie and going all cultist lol

So I just feel that AS important as 9/11 IS the study/exploration-ongoing-as-it-is changing-all-the-time/and understanding of PROPAGANDA. Doing this will see through the schlock

Its like a forums like ATS, when people really try to investigate aspects of 9/11, there are disino-agents working there who consciously and/or unclonsciously see fit to fuck up the thread using disinfo tacitcs. So we just have to be savvy about this

muzuzuzus said...

oooops sorry about all my typos

muzuzuzus said...

hah the last vid is HILLARIOUS LOL

Anonymous said...

great article....nobody in the mainstream media is any good....

i wantes to leave a comment over at ericsesoterics but couldnt do it anonymous so here i go...

you have an interesting article about jon orr...but just a glimpse at his website reveals he is selling courses on how to attract money.....bad stuff

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

Indeed Eric, alex jones must be mentally handicap if he thinks he's doing something positive. He's always scaring people and angering them, i'm glad i stopped listening to his show when i did. I want you to see this video of William "Bill" Cooper exposing Alex Jones after Alex Jones was fearmongering around the Y2K propaganda.

IN THIS ONE COOPER "predicts 9/11"

William cooper has some great material like his mystery babylon series that you can find on youtube but he is also a disinfo since he says the devil does not exist but only in mans heart which is the Doctrine of anton lavey's church of satan (he doesn't deserve capitals in his name, by the way he named his son satan). William cooper was a Demolay as a child, many times he says the christian trinity is based on babylonian and egyptian mythology as God's Son only being God's sun but then he says the oposite to not lose his followers. I think there is truth in the trinity and in Christianity if not atleast there is positive energy but william cooper promotes it as the ultimate truth and his followers base alot of their theology soley on it, he once said he was a prophet but then took it back because he knew it was false, i think he was placed here by the elite for him to be somewhat of a motivation for a revolution. Barbara Aho has a great article on him

william cooper has a website too but his followers will never accept that he was a disinformation agent.

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

and muzu, i think Eric has an article on ATS being disinfo, check it out if you need more proofcr

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

*proof, i don't know how i typed cr.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this. Too many are falling for Alex. I also think you should add the clip of him sobbing during 9/11. If that's not proof to people who are looking for real truth, they deserve what they get.

It really is unfortunate that people are not 'considering the source' on every ounce of research they find. Until you can validate the information out there, check out who's delivering it, people are not doing their due diligence.

And even before I found concrete evidence (for myself) to conclude Alex was a fraud-- the guy simply ranted too much for my taste. He also doesn't offer solutions.

William Cooper (and a few others among him) WAS the real deal. And doesn't it strike anyone strange that he's blowing all of these 'whistles' but he's still breathing or not in hiding somewhere? I don't know-- Alex was an obvious distraction to me when I was first introduced to his show.

Good post, Eric

Unknown said...


Thank you for all the good work!

Yes, there is so much dis-info out there, that what I feel is best is focusing on the solutions we need for our progress, if not survival.

How to disconnect from the mainstream media mind-control,
and how to emancipate from the pressure of the consumism society.

EG. how to become economically/ecologically/spiritually free
by building your own house, growing your own food and singing your own songs in the smaller community.

Here is a video i made of my building a winter house for free:

Thanks again for all food for the mind. Let's not waste our energy anymore even debunking these dudes..

Blessings from Norrland, North Scandinavia ¤

Keep the Spirit High!

/ Myskox

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

yoy50, the link Eric posted was that same one you speak of. I wouldn't trust william cooper though, not even the ones who expose him. I'm not interested in a hero or an idle. I'm sattisfied being my own mentour although having friends who can teach me is gift. My friend, don't fall for sophisticated disinfo agents like william cooper that expose the easy to see liars like alex jones. JFK was a member of the illuminati bloodline but some "truthers" like william cooper say he was killed for speaking out against them. You must learn to differenciate assasinations from sacrafices, the murder of JFK and lincoln were a ceremonial masonic ritual sacrafices called "the killing of the king".

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

myskox, that was a very nice home. What a beutiful place to live, i hope you still go there once in a while. did you have to buy the land from the state where you built that house or did you only have the lands permision?

Unknown said...

thank you :)
yes, I live on the same farm, but in an old timber house now, planning my next building experiment..

I only had the permission from the guy who owns the land there, he's a cool dude.
And from the most High ;)

There is always a way, if only we believe in it. Like that we have the rights to live on the land without having to pay for it, or ask the "government" for permission.
There is so much of the "have to's" in life that is only in our minds.. if not everything..


seekjusticenotrevenge said...

that's very true Myskox, some people forget to find peace by living in freedom.

Eric Dubay said...

Wow Myskox, that was an inspirational video, thanks so much for making and sharing that. The lifestyle you're creating is an example of how anyone with the sincere desire can easily escape the system. We have been planning to build a yurt and start gardening up north and will be making that a reality within the next couple years.

I agree with both seekjusticenotrevenge and yoy50 about Bill Cooper in that I think he was a sincere, down to earth guy, but I also think he was misguided about certain subjects. Spending too much time wondering about the credibility of a dead man is a waste though. As Myskox wisely stated:

There is so much dis-info out there, that what I feel is best is focusing on the solutions we need for our progress, if not survival. Let's not waste our energy anymore even debunking these dudes

For anonymous, I don't know why you can't post anonymously at Eric's Esoterics, you should be able to, but anyway, I agree that Leonard Orr's material is suspicious thanks for confirming my concern.

For Muz, I agree about that David Shyler guy that started cross-dressing and weird occult stuff shortly after coming out as a "truth movement hero." Looks like a typical bait and switch, just like Charlie Sheen has done. Peace


seekjusticenotrevenge said...

That's true Eric, it does take away time from researching the things he said to find out which were lies and which were truth. I think every one of us wish to live in peace and away from the system, it's always been a dream of mine, and i hope we all one day are able to do it. I heard Alex Jones talk alot about the government shutting down family farms though, maybe it's some twisted game he plays by exagerating it and selling seeds and freezedried foods, i don't know but one should still try.

Eric Dubay said...

Coinciding perfectly with Charlie Sheen's madness are two big Rolling Stone magazine articles this month calling Alex Jones, "The Most Paranoid Man in America"

This is how they use celebrities and controlled opposition leaders to discredit whole movements.

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

yea, he's practically the mainstream figure for anti masons and anti government as the profane see it Eric. He's even on the top 10 list of the Itunes talk shows. Francis bacon (the spear shaker; Shakespear) said "All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,"

Unknown said...

Jones and Sheen - the subliminal: Jone - Oannes - Fish God of Babylon - Catholic pope hat.

Sheen - sound like Hebrew Shin. Shin is Judgment in terms of Tarot associations. This is the Judgment of the Fish God - in the name of Peace (V). V = 22. The C in Charlie and the View - CV = 322. Coincidentally, the bus I rode home on today is numbered "3220. " The 322 - Skull & Bones omen plays a major role in my current life line.

This is my take on the Jonse-Sheen false-flag heroism.


Xinyu Hu

Eric Dubay said...

I found a couple more excellent articles on the whole Alex Jones / Charlie Sheen fiasco:

The Alex Jones Machine and $750,000 Patriot Cabin

It's a Trap! The Charlie Sheen Conspiracy

muzuzuzus said...

This is how I feel. I am bemused that people seem to want 'pure' people to represent the 9/11 movement. Well----achem--I am sorry but I aint pure, I dont BELIEVE in pure people.
Charlie Sheen is just a human being who got MUCH money and is living wild. I have been through a VERY wind phase, and so know what it is like. I am also very unconventional. I LOVE unvconventional people and HATE these conformosts who are hypocrites. Ie., many of the smiling suits you see who are 'conventional' are secretly up to, or thinking all sorts.

As long as we vent our hatred and contempt at the Charlie Sheens etc we take our radar of what needs looking at. it is divide and control. dont fall for it.

Mick Jagger done drugs but wrote great songs, as most of the good artists have. We dont call them out for that. I am not saying doin drugs is cool. FAR from it, but in this world it is hard to BE 'acceptable' is maybe what i am saying. Just goin into studying 9/11 makes you go DEAD weird LOL cause you realize just HOW fukin mad this 'real world' IS!

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

Click the links Eric posted, they'll clear things up fpr you very well, thanks for those. Xinyu Hu, wow... I'm so greatful you made that observation, i'll definitley look into that, thanks for taking the time to write that, more people need to know this. This is a really good post. I have to disagree with you though muzuzu, although it may take time, one should never justify hatred for anything.

Unknown said...

There is a reason why V is called Peace in Masonic and Elite circles - because they are actually referring to the Seas of Peace - the Pacific Ocean - which is where the Solomon (Salmon - anyone?) Islands are - not far from QUEENSLAND, Australia - down under - death from above (an apple with a drop of blood hints at the kind of, "peace" these Luciferian Elites are creating right now).

Alex Jones is based in Texas, a state riddled with Nazi and white supremacists. California is the home of Los Angeles, and Charlie Sheen; and its illusory black/white cinematic magic. L.A is right where the Pacific Ocean is.

The Judgment Key number 20 is 9+11 or 9/11. The first name Alex suggests Hurricane Alex and of course...L.A.X. - in L.A. And - let us never forget the connection between Lady Gaga's two music videos: Bad Romance and Alejandro.

Hope this clarifies my last post.


Xinyu Hu

Eric Dubay said...

Muz, I hear where you're coming from and agree with you IFFFF Charlie Sheen is being genuine, but the evidence and my intuition tells me Charlie Sheen isn't being genuine, he's acting, just another paid performance, pretending to be the most insane version of himself to discredit the movement. This coincides with Alex Jones' big "The Most Paranoid Man in America" Rolling Stone articles and his whacked out appearance on ABC's The View.

For Xinyu, your subliminal break-downs are interesting as always, thanks for sharing. I still don't completely understand the import or relevance of it all, but it's fun to try and wrap my right-brain around. Peace

Unknown said...

Hey Eric:

The purpose of deciphering the Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen event as a subliminal is because that is all it is - a hypnotic subliminal message delivered through the media. This event crisis of Sheen and Jones is an example of the Luciferian mind manipulating both sides to achieve its goal of total control, and its, "judgment" of L.A, via the fish god...and right on cue - thousands if not hundreds of thousands of FISH died on the shores of California. the causes for the death of the fishes is not clear...however, with Jones derived from the name John - who is also Oannes - the Orion Fish in the sky above, the fishes below are symbolically sacrificed. Subliminal messaging does not have to make any logical, reasonable, or even rationale sense - it only has to suggest.

Hope this helps in your understanding of why it is so crucial to find the subliminal attached to such events - and not to enter into debate about the good or badness of either side.

Xinyu Hu

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Xinyu, that does help some. Keep up the good work. Peace.

Essay Papers said...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Always attacking the ones making moves. So sad.

Eric Dubay said...


Anonymous said...

@ seekjusticenotrevenge, well, after reviewing your links on Bill, I have to say that there is a level of sophistication that I wasn't fully aware of at the time Bill was introduced to me. But that lesson was learned years ago. And I'm definitely aware that they will do ritual (sacrifice) killings-- I've always thought JFK (& John Jr.) was a 'victim' of that. I wanted to get your opinion on Aaron Russo-- do you think he was a dis-info agent as well? Just curious. Any thoughts on Robert Steele? I was once pretty sure that Michael Ruppert was on the up and up too, but I'm not so certain lately. I will say this, it is frustrating to deal with the dis-info assholes out there BUT it tells me one thing, "they're" running scared!

"... massive global political awakening"

To anyone: Is it just me? Does it feels like a false flag is just around the corner and then BAM-- martial law?

Anonymous said...

By the way, always on the look out for solutions-- and I think I may have found a real humdinger! Still looking at the FAQ's on the site but I like where they're going!!

Peace and stay safe. :)

Matt said...

Thanks for an excellent article, and those who have commented. Its helped me make up my mind on the whole Alex Jones, Charlie Sheen, 911 thing.

Keep up the good work Eric.

Wing Chun!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Matt :) A fellow Wing Chun enthusiast?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found this article as kind of confirmation of my own conclussions. When I first heard of Charlie Sheen being ostracized by mainstream media because of his drug and alcohol abuse I directly suspect it had something to do with his public statement regarding 9/11 truth. Nobody ever questioned how come Charlie's abuse became suddenly so spotlighted in comparison to others celebrities lifestyle. Had suddenly Hollywood become the sunday school place?! There is no doubt that Charlie Sheen is the victim of present power abusers. I just don't get how come the same people who were so death proof certain about 9/11 being insider job not so long ago, now pretends that "they understood what they didn't understand" and that debunking of the fact had cleared their mind.
Is it fear or they are just too convenient to question the lies we are being fed by media ever since?!