Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ancient Futures - Learning From Ladakh

Thanks to Adam for recommending this excellent documentary "Ancient Futures - Learning From Ladakh." This film explores the interconnections of how state-forced development inevitably leads to unsustainability by destroying local forms of economy, ecology, free choice, happiness and self-sufficiency despite expanded material plenty. Using Ladakh as a perfect case study, we can see the problems and solutions to our current societal woes, glimpsing our coming "Ancient Futures" in which we get back to gardening, small community living, and self-sustainability in accord with nature.


Sahil said...

Thanks for sharing this documentary Eric.

Ladakh is a beautiful part of jammu & kashmir state in northern India. Their have been constant attempt by chinese to acquire it within their territory and transform it into a industrial town.
Not many ancient cultures like this are left in the world, so I wish that modern western society never invade their way of living.

Sahil said...

The govt. of India must do something to preserve the ladakhi culture. But I know they won't do anything, because Indian govt. is a slave of western globalists.

Not many people know that first three presidents of India, after India attained Independence were Freemasons. And 80% of people in Indian national congress from which those presidents came were Freemasons.

Yes the same Indian national congress which was opposing the British imperialism (British east India company). And it is a well known fact that free-masonic Rothschild bankers were funding it and the directors of this east India company as well as it's colonial governors who ruled India were Freemasons.

All the ancient cultures in India are at the brink of extinction, it's time to wake up Indians.