Monday, June 27, 2011

My Atlantean Father

Today is my dad's 51st birthday and this post is my present. I wanted to do something special and more unique than my typical (obsequious) package in the (over-priced) mail and thought some public acknowledgement and appreciation might just do the trick. He'll be one of the first people to read this because he's my biggest fan and supporter as well as my biggest inspiration.

When I first started researching the global conspiracy I was shocked, enthralled and appalled at the level of deception/manipulation present in media, education, banking, government and mainstream history. It seemed that everything I took for granted as being true was actually far from it. My first step down the rabbit hole, my matrix red-pill, the first really obvious and provable conspiracy that woke me up was 9/11. Naturally I wanted to share what I was learning with everyone I could, especially my friends and family, first and foremost my parents. As many of you know, however, trying to discuss these kinds of taboo topics doesn't always turn out like you'd hope. Still new to the information myself, hot-headed and on a mission I basically proceeded to railroad my father with all the facts/fables surrounding 9/11. He always listened patiently and politely, said we should agree to disagree, and moved on to other topics. With the annoying fervor of a true-believer, unwilling to allow him to discount my blossoming world view I protested and angrily continued my Alex Jonesian tirade until dad just stopped talking to me altogether for a good 2 or 3 months. After some encouragement from my mom, we finally started talking again and dad agreed to watch "Loose Change" with me. Ever since that fateful day my dad and I have been in agreement, wide-awake, on-board, and active in researching and exposing the truth about these important issues. Here's my father in his own words calling in to (Loose Change creator) Jason Bermas' Infowarrior radio show to discuss this:

I soon started an internet radio show called Renaissance Radio and dad became my regular guest-host. He was suddenly my biggest fan and supporter, so interested and involved in the research I was doing, that he listened and called into almost every show to offer his wisdom and insight. One time, thanks to some technical difficulties when I couldn't dial into the admin account, dad even hosted the entire show himself unscripted and unprepared. Some of the information we were exposing on Renaissance Radio was enough to garner the attention of the Freemasons and resulted in me receiving a few threats and dad and I being put on their ridiculous Anti-Mason "Hit" List.

Nowadays my dad is still a one-man super force in awakening people of his generation to the global conspiracy. He holds viewing parties, hands out DVDs, talks to people in all walks of life, he has awoken most of our family to the intricacies of the NWO, and maintains a growing email list of people he sends articles to. He'll be the first to admit that he's not the most eloquent speaker, and can't spell to save his life, but when he does speak or write, his words resonate with people because of the sincerity and integrity from which they originate.

Thanks for being such an honest, generous, loving, encouraging influence in my life dad. If everyone in the world had parents of your caliber, I'm positive the NWO would be obsolete within a generation.

Your Proud Son,


Druv said...

Lovely post, i hope you and your family have a great day!

david said...

Way cool!
Happy birthday dad, and well done. Your son is an example and inspiration to many :)
peace and love

Erdogan family said...

wonderful tribute to your father :)

I'm really enjoying the material you post on all your blogs, keep up the great work!



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Dubay,

Happy birthday, from the Netherlands! Whenever I turn on my computer one of the first things I do is check out this blog - it´s become a kind of habit. I can only imagine the amount of people all over the world who share this habit with me. You are a substantial part of my day. Many thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Great post Eric, I wish I could get those around me I love to see the truth as well. Every time I try to tell my father-in-law or my wife the research I have pursued I am looked at like a crazy. My wife thinks that I have gone over the deep end. Like I have said earlier though, I will choose love and patience. God Bless you Eric, and thank you

John H

muzuzuzus said...

Nice sharing, and personal touch man. Your dad is one cool dude :)))I wondered where you got it from ;)

antisocialfuc said...

Happy Birthday!
Your son is very intelligent and intuative. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

This is Eric's Dad. This is one of the sweetest things Eric has done for me. I'm so proud of you son. Keep up the great work, Your Mom and I are so proud of you. My only prayer and wish is that we could be together everyday and share in person. It's hard to do that half way around the world. I love you more than a Dad knows how to put into word. I LOVE YOU SON :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks to Dad and everyone else for the wonderful comments. Peace and love to all

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, and for instilling in Eric the path to create this blog to open the minds of the people.

adam astral said...

ive gone through this same struggle with my dad for years. i really appreciate you sharing your families story for im sure it will help many kids with theirs dads:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you both because without your support Dad, who knows if Eric would be where he is now. We all appreciate the work you both do. Your passion is contaigious.

Thy Unveiling said...

That's beautiful!

I'm having a tough time getting those close to me to open their eyes. Some don't like to hear it, or can't handle it, or prefer not to believe. There's a couple who look into it themselves and start questioning. I love talking with them!

As for your fathers pension comment, that reminds me of an April article in the Barrie Examiner. It seems there's an increase in the elderly finding their "security" wasn't so secure. Now they find themselves staying in shelters, unable to rent anywhere they can afford on top of medications. This is how they're living their "golden years"? They shouldn't have to worry about where they're going to live. It's only going to get worse over the decades. I observe the teenagers in my town and am frightened for the future: these are the people who'll be "taking care of" us?

Unknown said...

That's what life's all about!

Dave Webster said...

Thanks Eric so much for sharing such an inspirational account of your relationship with your dad! I also just finished your book"Flat Earth Conspiracy" and all I can say is it is utterly phenomenal. So perfectly arranged, so easily followed, so easily understood, so well illustrated and so absolutely convincing! If any of you out there have not read this book you are nuts! By the way, I believe I have found a way to explain the cause of the west to east Jet Stream and the prevailing winds. I would like to pass this by you Eric first before promoting this or posting it. I do not know the best way to get this to you. I also have several major prospective publications in which I want to promote the geocentric flat earth model and links to your sites and videos. Could someone let me know how to get this one page word document to Eric? at:

flats said...

cool man