Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Men on the Land

Here's another great video on the Freeman issue. These two sincere, rugged, self-sustained, off the grid, sovereign freemen on the land show us how to draw our lines in the sand and stand up to police, judges, or lawyers who try to railroad us into consent. For more excellent resources on this empowering subject click here.


Anonymous said...

What do you think about expatriating as a U.S. citizen, then re-patriating?

Thanks again for your insight--and especially about being truly free from the banksters monetary grip.


Anonymous said...

You are infinite Potential:


Eric Dubay said...

Hey Anonymous 1, I'm not sure what that would accomplish, but I'd recommend separating yourself from your Birth Registration Corporate strawman. There are various methods of doing this like an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll, a UCC-1 lien, or better yet, just contact the Office of Vital Statistics and tell them your mother unknowingly created and enjoined you to a legal fiction shortly after your birth. You were too young to stop her, but now you are a responsible adult and as a freedom-loving man/woman you refuse to "register" your"self" with any government and demand remedy for this corporation created in your name without your consent. They will hum and haw and pretend or genuinely not know what to do, but eventually they will provide you with a form to revoke your birth certificate registration. Doing this will start you on a life-long road of standing up for your sovereignty though, because without the strawman the government treats you like a nobody (i.e. no social security programs, difficult to open a bank account, cross borders, travel by plane, etc.) But we need more people to stand up for what's right! Not just what's convenient.

Anonymous 2, great clip, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the expatriate-then-repatriate video--i forgot the guy's name because i couldnt pronounce it in the first place it's Victor Varjabedian with Jordan Maxwell:

i have an SSN, but was born out of country, so my birth cert is from another country.
not sure if the option applies to me to remove my birth cert...

keep up your great research eric!

Anonymous said...

You are infinite Potential:

There is no good or bad, only perception

No matter how much good stuff is in this video, the above statement proves that the author is either:

1) Deceived; or
2) Deceiving us.