Thursday, June 16, 2011

Controlled Opposition Exposed

American activists Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane have been heavily targeted lately by the CIA/FBI/NSA. In this clip they explain precisely how mass mind control is actualized through the media, both mainstream and independent. Having learned the hard way how agent provocateurs use cyber-stalking, hacking, and internet publishing to harass, libel, and discredit targeted "dissidents," Horowitz and Kane explain their persecution and revelations. They pull the veil off of the conspiracy industry, and explain how activist organizations are infiltrated and undermined to maintain the geopolitics and economics of the status quo controlled by the global elite. Please watch the video above then read this explosive article of theirs blowing the lid off the Child Sex Trafficking issue and controlled opposition figureheads like Michael Moore, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones.


Eric Dubay said...

For more evidence exposing Alex Jones as controlled opposition, look here:

Alex Jones is an Inside Job

Alex Jones is an Inside Job (Part 2)

Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen Discrediting 9/11 Truth

It's a Trap! The Charlie Sheen Conspiracy

Alex Jones' V for Victory

The Alex Jones Machine and $750,000 Patriot Cabin

Anonymous said...

However, you do realize that Kane and Horowitz are also controlled opposition?

Anonymous said...

Mind Control thru the food you eat!

Anonymous said...

Horowitz = Knight of Malta, promoter of pagan-528 Hz nonsense = resisting Global Elite = Replace current pharmaceutical = a new world medicine order = new world I missing something, or is Horowitz and Kane (Cain) messing around with us???

Eric Dubay said...

If you watched the video or read the article you'd hear where those faulty Knight of Malta allegations came from. I've been in contact with both Len and Sherri for years and they've come across as nothing but sincere and sweet people. Plus their track record of exposing corruption everywhere they find it is impeccable. Look into the 528hz frequency and the deleterious effects of the "standard" 440hz tuning before calling it nonsense.

Mark said...

Alex Jones used to talk openly about Freemasons when he started his radio network, but now he never talks about them and also interrupt guests on his show whenever they try to discuss about Freemasons. I think Alex Jones is another masonic dis-info agent.

Mark said...

Those who are trying to discredit Dr. Leonard Horowitz have never seen his remarkable work. Dr. Horowitz exposed the person who created AIDS virus, and this is the main reason why he is being targeted by dis-info agents.

Anonymous said...

Okay, but then - why is Kane and Horowitz being promoted by the alternative mainstream media as well?

They are obviousy pulling the wool over our eyes, while double-crossing everyone they come across.

Heck, Horowitiz's site openly brags that HE IS A KNIGHTS OF MALTA!

So, now tell me I am the one being mislead...Horowitz is just as misleading as the people he is calling out as COINTELPRO - using COINTELPRO to discredit people is definitely something out of whack...

Anonymous said...

Link to the article does not work.

Mark said...

The official website of Dr. Len Horowitz is this one...


The website ( is a perfect example of COINTELPRO.

Anonymous said...

I feel Kane and Horowitz are disinfo agents. Review some of the more Current articles on on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Horowitz is a FAKE!!

Leonard George Horowitz

He's a self-confessed Knight of Malta (Brittish SMOM branch: "St. John of Jerusalem").

See this disinfo piece by him. He works with: Sherri Kane and Jenny Hatch.
From the above article: "Wikipedia and Wiki-company has scores of journalists, political activists, and whistle-blowers protesting the company's use by disinformation agents. These agents are herein linked to a CIA/FBI counter-intelligence campaign. They have infiltrated, disrupted, marginalized, and/or subverted individuals and groups viewed as "dissidents." Activists protesting multi-national corporations, and their criminal control over politics and economics, are considered "subversives" to their COINTELPRO." (...) "Complaints that the Wiki-companies, and Wikimedia Foundation, has provided criminal cover for CIA/FBI counter-intelligence operators have been issued by dozens of organizations, journalists, and activists in recent months. The Wiki-editors have abused their public platform to control information, issue propaganda, discredit reputable authorities, degrade legitimate intelligence, suppress social movements, and generally confuse people."
Note how he (rather misinformed) tries to slander the Wikicompany research (among other sources), including the Vatican-history researcher Eric Jon Phelps (who has nothing to do with Wikicompany, as falsely claimed by the article), and several other people (again without any real substantial arguments against their research! Wikicompany has no editorial relation to the Wikipedia encyclopedia project nor their WikiMedia organization. It is true though that the Wikipedia encylopedia has been infiltrated by COINTELPRO people/admins who try to constrain the signal of truth on certain controversial topics.
Jane Burgermeister linked to this disinfo article.
To research: is Jane Burgemeister a controlled agent for disinfo and distractions?

see original link at:

Anonymous said...

"Len Horowitz, a Dark Doctor in Disguise, Remains a Vatican Shill"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

check his stupid replies to critical responses on that page!

Anonymous said...

Dr Leonard "CIA/MALTESE KNIGHT" Horowitz

Anonymous said...

I was referred to Dr. Horowitz via asking for help online for my child regarding waiving Hawaii's TB skin test--which my son's doctor said he didnt have the symptoms of TB.

Dr. Horowitz, without any prompting, OFFERED financial legal assistance to help my son get into school.

How many other people would do the same, for a person who he has not even met?

I didnt even know the extent of the work this courageous man has done on behalf for people, and here he was, taking his time to help me with contacts in Hawaii, legal assistance, financial help.

To me, that says it all.

Anonymous said...

I love Hawaii, but they are a police nanny state.

How many libraries have SECURITY GUARDS???? That was a new one for me. They have police patrolling the streets round the clock, it is heavy military base, where they conduct DU (Depleted Uranium) testing. Civilian CANNOT own a gun!
80% of the food is IMPORTED!
There is no state recycling program--i see TONS of fast food plastic thrown away all the time from the restaurants and hotels!
But, the state can spend money to trim a stone-paved sidewalk to make it straight. But no money for the children.

A very child-unfriendly state.
Minimal kiddie playgrounds (and very FEW at that). One play area had a short tunnel. only 1 playground in the entire Waikiki with a swing! I saw a school with maybe 4th grader kids outside looking like they were training to be in the military!

They MANDATE all school children, for public or private school, to be injected with toxins from the TB Mantoux skin test which has Tween-80 (makes you sterile), Phenol (poison), as well as the TB virus, which I've talked to people and they told me they contracted TB from the SKIN TEST.

So I had to say aloha, to Hawaii.
Now, with all the foreigners traveling to Hawaii, wouldnt it make more sense to require the TOURISTS to get the TB skin test, instead of children who have lived in Hawaii all their lives???
All the officials told me it was the number of foreigners who was making the TB test necessary.
How often does a child come into contact with tourists?
But if the TB contraction is so bad that this is the only state that mandates children to get a TB test, shoulddnt they be warning the vacationers that there is a TB epidemic in Hawaii, and stop foreign visitors from coming in and possibly contracting and spreading TB into their countries when they go back home???

Anyways, Dr. Horowitz had sought and fought for the Hawaiian children's rights to not be required to take the noxious TB test. Who else is fighting for the future of Hawaii's chilrens' wellbeing?

Anonymous said...

Plus, they have been heavily chemtrailing the Hawaii Waikiki, Makiki area, and going into Hawaii Kai as well.

No wonder the skies had been white all day until late afternoon, and no wonder we started coughing everyday!



Anonymous said...

Interesting, but the ultimate master has to be John D Rockefeller, Jr. stunt double David Icke who discredits himself. Awesome.

"9-11 was an inside job. Shapeshifting lizard people controlling our minds from inside the moon did it. Moo moo, quack quack. The demons told me. Problem, reaction, solution. Banksters gobble gobble. Now for Take That singing a NWO resistance song."

muzuzuzus said...

its all a rabbbit hole. I am trying to fathom it. I think being aware of the occultist clues is VERY important because that gets you closer to the roots. From there we need to look at AUTHENTIC Goddess mythos which these occultist predecessors suppressed.

Once we are finding the roots and re-mebering we will be more able to see through the multi-levels of BS being flung our way.

Nature IS sacred, and we need to find how to live in intelligent ways with her.

by the way, I saw a VERY revealing video about Alex Jones before--take a look at this lol:

<a href=">The Ruling Elite take DMT to contact entites - Alex Jones 14/6/11</a>

muzuzuzus said...

sorry about the typo link
The Ruling Elite take DMT to contact entites - Alex Jones 14/6/11

see if this works

Eric Dubay said...

Watch Part 2 here in further response to these Knight of Malta claims:

Cointelpro Compromised

Eric Dubay said...

Also see:

Child Sex Trafficking Cointelpro Busted

Anonymous said...

Dubay...the informations released by Horowitz about Phelps and Greg are total disinformation. Horowitz is a Knight of Malta and is a disinfo agent.

Anonymous said...

Most people forget to point out that all opposition, including, "loving combativeness" is CONTROLLED as well.

No opposition of any kind is ever legitimate.

Anonymous said...

I visited Eric Phelps "Vatican Assassins" site, and after reading many articles, I just don't see the love, I mean, I dont get a warm and fuzzy feeling emanating from him.

Although he presented some interesting viewpoints, I can also see his extreme racist loathing for African Americans.

So, I had to conclude he lets his personal prejudices of people based on color to cloud his input, when he spews his output.

Which solidified more that Dr. Horowitz is on the good side.

Eric Phelps basically shot himself in the foot -- with his mouth.

Funny how yang balances out ying.
And vice versa.

Eric Dubay said...

I thought the same about Eric Phelps. I came across him because he was exposing Alex Jones and the Jesuits so a lot of his material seemed good and legitimate. But after watching more of his lectures I realized that he's a white supremacist racist with strange orthodox-ish Christian leanings and a very hot temper. I'm not feeling the love there either. Peace

Harry J said...

It seems to me that this is all en exercise in division, distraction and confusion. Both sides in this are 'controlled opposition' and that includes Phelps and Horowitz.

Eric, in the film that you linked to, 'Cointelpro Compromised', Horowitz appears to deny he ever was a Knight of Malta and yet at Conspiracy Con, earlier in the year, he admitted he was.

I think the clue is in the title of the conference. It's all a con.

Eric Dubay said...

Interesting, thanks for the comment. I can see both sides on this. Great blog by the way, Revolution Harry, I've been reading it all morning. Peace

shelby miracle said...

ive been suspect of him for a while now. but i dont understand how he sheds so much light on problems like gmo and genetic engineering. what do you know about leonard horrowitz? 528 hz is truly a miracle frequency.