Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The David Dees Conspiracy Art Index

David Dees is a visual artist of 20 years who has created a huge collection of conspiracy-related and often humorous collages. Below are some of my favorites with brief descriptions and links to relevant information on these important topics:

Fractional Reserve Banking, the legalization, normalization, and widespread practice of trading worthless paper bills instead of real assets has allowed international bankers to literally enslave the world in a massive web of unpayable debt. The Federal Reserve killed The American Dream by crashing the economy and bankrupting the nation. The Fed's Great Depression that followed was minor compared to what's coming if people don't wake up.

President Obama ran on a campaign of "Hope" and "Change you can Believe in" but turned out to be just another Freemason Zionist bloodline puppet putting on a slick sideshow of tele-prompted lies.

Nowadays the Education System and Mainstream Media are little more than propaganda outlets and Censorship enforcement for the state corporatocracy. Schools are more like Forced Government Indoctrination Camps where students are being Deliberately Dumbed Down and the Television has become the world's most manipulative force programming people with Subliminal Messages and Mind Control.

False flags are when a government attacks itself to blame on its enemies as a pretext for "justified retaliation" (war). It's known as the Hegelian Dialectic or Problem, Reaction, Solution and works every time. Notable examples include The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, The Gulf of Tonkin, and Operation Northwoods. Nowadays false flags are being used in the name of "terrorism" in an attempt to justify a global "war on terror." Examples of recent false flag terrorism include the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, and the Christmas Underwear Bomber just to name a few.

Now that governments have us good and scared of terrorists they can easily introduce more and more invasive Big Brother Police State measures like the TSA, Naked Body Scanners, and FEMA Camps and we welcome them all with open arms, thanking our benevolent government for keeping us safe from the terrorists they created.

Thanks to constant Censorship and propaganda from the Education System and Mainstream Media, many truths about History and Religion have been covered-up and used to gain political power.

Some of the biggest cover-ups waiting to be exposed in the world today include Global Warming (a scare tactic to introduce carbon taxes and Agenda 21), the Drug War (the government's method of keeping a monopoly on drugs), and the Moon Landing Hoax (NASA's biggest lie ever sold).

Governments have been modifying the weather and destroying our Health using HAARP technology and Chemtrails. The UN, the Georgia Guidestones, and many globalists have written about their desire (the "necessity") for over 80% of the world population to perish in the coming years.

There is a concerted effort underway to destroy your Health through a variety of means. Aspartame, Vaccines, GMO, Fluoride, Cosmetics, Cell Phones, and many other "wonderful" things are all collectively toxifying your body and slowly killing you.

When you research deep enough into this global conspiracy you will find that it is a network of Secret Societies such as The Freemasons, The Jesuits, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The CFR and RIIA, The CIA, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, the Committee of 300, The Round Table and many others that perpetuates this concerted control over humanity.

All the information to convert from sound asleep sheeple to wide-awake freedom force is contained in these pictures and links. Please take some time to read/watch the links for yourself then email, Facebook, or Twitter this article to as many people as you can. We're approaching a global tipping point of awakened, enlightened individuals capable of leading humanity by example back to a wiser, more natural and peaceful existence. Be the example for your friends and family by committing/dedicating yourself to a life of love, health, truth and honesty. Humanity will soon collectively throw off our millennial chains of slavery by standing in our power, getting back to nature, building stronger communities, becoming self-sustainable, self-reliant and gladly assuming responsibilities that governments have heretofore (unsatisfactorily) provided for us.


Anonymous said...

awesome! David's work is amazing

thanks so much for putting this together


david said...

My brain hurts ... that's like an antidote to the constant media BS we're fed.
But jeesh it's a strong drug ..
excellent visuals though.

Michelle York said...

Thanks for this Eric..Brilliant work! so right on!!

Unknown said...

His art has always told the story so well...better than most out there...and that is all with very limited text's (words).

It's funny but I was working on mini explanations for a good portion of his archived photos!

Great Post Eric. Maybe you could explain to the others how Zionism is intertwined with some of the specific societies such as the Jesuits, Masons and the unamned Western European ellites.

It is tough for some to connect those dots without sounding like an anti-semetic, nazi loving troll. Big difference between your traditionial Jews and the Zionists from the early 20th century.

Ben said...

Yes...no propaganda here. Not at all.

It's OK when YOU do it, because you're right, right?

Eric Dubay said...

It's OK when YOU do it, because you're right, right?

Our definitions of "propaganda" are obviously different as we've discussed before. But note that these governments and corporations that Edward Bernays (Author of "Propaganda") worked for, they were knowingly lying in an effort to brainwash people. David Dees and myself are just using creativity through visual art or the written word to express our truths to people. These are fundamentally different actions/intentions, and your insistence on labeling them both as "propaganda" is where your confusion is coming from.

Anonymous said...

What these pictures reveal is just the tip of the iceberg. Dig deeper people, and you will find that the real instruments used against humanity is hidden in plain sight...and it is a lot closer to you than you think...a LOT closer than anything any conspiracy theorist can come up with...

Just look around you and pay attention.

Ben said...

They may be different intentions, but they are certainly not different actions. What is being done here is no different from those who are brainwashing children around the world. The only difference between them and you is that they have power and you do not.

Anonymous said...

"The only difference between them
and you is that they have power
and you do not."



Yes he does, he has us and we are

By definition the humanity's true
power rest on the people and not
on the "rulers".


Ellen said...

I second whoever made the comment that your site is definitely the best one out there. Your approach is not only informative, but endlessly interesting (i.e., entertaining). I don't see how anyone else could do it any better...

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures, i love the truth in them.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the encouraging compliments Ellen and everyone else.

Ben said...


And that makes it OK to cherry-pick facts and Photoshop images? The methods you use matter, regardless of how pure your intentions may be. To miss that point is to miss the lessons of history's dictators.

I do not think that Eric or David intend to mislead people; far from it, I think they intend to convince people of the truth as they see it. The error is in believing that you can do whatever you want to in order to effect that change.

Cherry-picking facts and photoshopping Barack Obama and George Bush in demonic rituals pretty clearly crosses the line from education to propaganda, and frankly I have a hard time buying that anyone doing it doesn't realize that. All it takes is to imagine (or witness first-hand) the other side doing what you do and realizing what your reaction would be. I don't buy the argument of that Mason who was here a few years back of the "disease of stupidity" - these are probably fairly smart guys. I think they know exactly what they're doing.

That makes it worse, not better.

Anonymous said...

Ben, your argument is valid and I respect that.

But, but, but they are PHOTOSHOPPED!

they are SUPPOSED to be far feched,
cherry-picked, exagerated and
silly, that's the whole point.

The author (don't know who he is)
is cynically and sacastically
using their own methods "against"
"them", and that's the whole joke,

Nobody is misleading anyone here!

Your achilles heel seems to be
that you underestimate ppl, a lot,
people are not as stupid as you may
think they are, most can damn well
think for themselves and come to
their own conclusions, eventually with time, and trial and error,
all of us will figure out where we
were right and where not so much.

I suggest you to start your own blog,
your own way, write your own book,
do your own reaserch, interviews,
pieces and reports & put them out
there, let's see what ppl think
and specially let's see how you
deal with trolls.

L8r, Vic
P.S. I won't be back here to answer.

Ben said...

"All the information to convert from sound asleep sheeple to wide-awake freedom force is contained in these pictures and links."

Doesn't sound to me like it's intended to be "far-fetched." Such tactics are also used throughout the regular programming around here. If this were an isolated case, I would be more inclined to agree with you.

I don't think that I underestimate people in this respect - it's been proven time and again that exposure to content (on the teevee for example) has a much greater effect on one's thought than we'd like to believe. Propaganda tends to be more effective than we think it will be, which I suppose is part of why it's so effective!

Guy369 said...

He now has a book out of 100+ images printed in a beautiful book.

If you want to support him, buy his book!