Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Power-Tripping Big-Brother TSA

The Transportation Security Administration has been getting press lately due to it's intrusive big-brother policies and power-tripping, perverse agents. In this news clip we hear from many who have been victim to the TSA's shameless abuse of authority:

In this news clip, a power-mad TSA agent flips out in the airport screaming "I am God! I am in charge!"

And here is Aaron Dykes' interview on the Alex Joens show about his experience with a crazed TSA agent threatening to ban him from air travel for life if he doesn't shut his camera off. They can take naked X-ray body scans of you, but you can't film them doing it. That's how the new freedom works America, either stand firmly in civil disobedience, or get used to it! Your move.


Eric Dubay said...

TSA Scares and Violates Child's Personal Space news clip

Eric Dubay said...

TSA Airport Device Follows Flier's Phones article

Airport's are the NWO testing grounds for the newest big brother technologies. If we submit to them there, we will submit to them at amusement parks, sporting events, train and bus stations, state lines, and so forth, making billions for corrupt politicians like DHS head Chertoff on these naked body scanners.

Eric Dubay said...

TSA Worker Caught Ogling Image of Woman on Naked Body Scanner article

Eric Dubay said...

Transforming the TSA into a Military Intelligence Operation article

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