Monday, July 18, 2011

The Numeric Language of Secret Societies

Thanks to Damien for sending me this video. There are a couple points of contention I have, but the numerology is provably accurate, and the overall message and information conveyed is crucial to understanding Freemasonry and other secret society's obsessions with numbers, so I definitely recommend checking this out.


Anonymous said...

i dont understand some of this. so this guy is saying they name of their products based off certain letters and numbers? like they were gonna do velveeta but it wasnt the right number so it became velvita. I know my spelling is wrong you get my point

Eric Dubay said...

As I said, I have some points of contention. This video assumes that every company/product mentioned was intentionally worded with Pythagorean numerology in mind. While Masons do intentionally encode numeric messages often, I doubt every single one was on purpose.

Also his meanings for various numbers are open to interpretation. I've never heard of 3 being the "low quality" or "the bottom" as he says. Generally 3 references the Holy Trinity, Father/Mother/Child, Positive/Negative/Void, Past/Present/Future etc. He says 7 means "neutral" but generally 7 refers to Purity, Refinement, the Crown Chakra, the 7 Planets and 7 Metals of Alchemy.

Having said that, however, much of the material presented is well beyond coincidence, and secret societies do indeed communicate to their members through numeric messages as shown in the film. Overall there's a lot of good information, and I agree with his conclusion that we will never have peace or prosperity in this world until secret societies are banished.

The way to do that is to shun their members. Ostracize anyone you know in a secret society. Remember, they all take oaths to keep secrets from the uninitiated, which means they are all sworn liars. Do sworn liars deserve any respect? Not in my book. As I mentioned in the podcast, if I'm to be considered a leader of the "Truth Movement" then I want that to be because I've always told the truth to 100% of the people 100% of the time. That's integrity. Secret society members are not truthful to everyone (only to their "brothers") thus they do not have integrity. They are directly and indirectly responsible for the evils of the world.

As Jim Tucker said, "evil is done in the darkness, good works are done in the sunshine." Why do you think Masonic lodges are windowless and have secret meetings? If you ask any Mason, they'll tell you it's because they need extreme privacy when planning their community pancake breakfasts and children's hospital charities.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I have been looking into numerology for quite some time now and was wondering if there were any books you would recommend that directly relate to this topic. I enjoyed the videos, but will admit it was a bit much. There is a difference between having an open mind and being obsessive. Having an open mind doesn't mean you can't allow yourself a filter to what you are viewing.

Anyways, if you have any solid recommendations for some literature that you would think would be beneficial to delve into, I would appreciate it.

By the way, love your site and the work you do. I have been viewing it and watching it for a while now but have never posted anything really. Keep up the honest, good work and let the TRUTH be known to everyone. Peace and love, Brian

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Brian, thanks for the comment. This video does go overboard a bit, but even legitimate, well-discerning research into Masonic numerology seems unbelievable and fanatic because it is! It's quite sneaky. No matter how well they're exposed they can just point the finger and say "he's crazy, he's schizophrenic," even though they're the ones encoding all this, and we're just decoding it.

It's like in the South Park episode where Eric Cartman figures out the 9/11 conspiracy and starts rattling off a bunch of 9/11 numerology. He sounds crazy, everyone looks at him like he's crazy, and they conclude that 9/11 wasn't a conspiracy because such conspiracy theorists are clearly insane.

"In Freemasonry is embedded the core or the secret heart of the occult mysteries, wrapped up on number, metaphor and symbol." -Benjamin Crème, “The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom” (87)

"Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony ... spiritually as well as physically ... to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals.” -W. Wynn Westcott, “The Occult Power of Numbers” (15)

“These number codes have even deeper meanings than the more obvious ones of days, months, and the zodiac. Numbers also represent vibrational frequencies. Every frequency resonates to a certain number, color and sound. Some frequencies, represented by numbers, colors and sounds, are particularly powerful. Symbols also represent frequencies and they affect the subconscious without the person realizing it is happening. This is another reason why certain symbols are seen in secret societies, national flags, company logos, advertising and so on.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (83)

For more information on this, first check all my back posts on Numerology:

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See Eric Rainbolt's Top UN Secret ebook:

Top UN Secret

And check out Robert Howard's work:

Occult Numerology

Hope that helps. Numerology is pretty far down the rabbit-hole, and isn't as concrete as other issues, but it's important nevertheless in understanding secret societies. Peace

Anonymous said...

Swearing to keep a secret is very different from being a "sworn liar." Have you honestly never had a secret, or never promised anyone else that you wouldn't tell about something?

Jim said...

Hello Eric and readers,

I'm fairly new to the world of numerology and I'm finding it fascinating.

Not particularly related to the thread but I was wondering if visitors to this site have similar experiences to those that I am noticing of late. It ties in with your great piece on 911 numerology in a way and the time that it was published!

At certain points in my life I have become very aware of digital clocks whenever the two numbers are the same e.g. 10:10 or 19:19 and in particular 11:11. In addition to this I find that I notice an awful lot of palindrome numbers e.g. 21:12. I seem to get these instances particularly when i have just done something that is of significance in my life or when I am researching something NWO related and learn something of particular importance.

I have found some sites that look at the 11:11 phenomena and it would seem that its not uncommon. I'm also well aware that it could be a case of me noticing when the clocks display these numbers and forgetting when I have looked at times when there is nothing of significance.

Having said that I rarely look at a clock and it would seem to me that the number of occasions I see these repeated numbers and the times that I see them go beyond coincidence.

I'd be interested to hear what everyone else thinks of this. Thanks

Eric Dubay said...

Swearing to keep a secret is very different from being a "sworn liar." Have you honestly never had a secret, or never promised anyone else that you wouldn't tell about something?

You're trying to compare secret society membership to keeping a secret for a friend?

Every degree Masons take more and more gruesome and graphic blood oaths. I have the exact oaths somewhere, but for instance, the first degree is like "I swear never to divulge the secrets of Masonry lest my tongue be cut out by knife" then second degree is "I swear never to divulge the secrets of Masonry lest I be disemboweled at spear point" etc. and you say these in all seriousness with a sword held at your chest every degree. Then they have their juvenile initiations which they must keep secret. They learn many occult subjects, symbolism, numerology, Masonic history etc. and must keep all of that secret.

And so if your friends/family ask you about your Masonic initiations, blood oaths, occult studies, secret signs/handshakes etc. you must lie or say nothing. Whether you lie or say nothing (lie by omission) you become two-faced... Janus. Only with your "brothers" can you now be uninhibited and completely honest... with everyone else you've sworn to be less than sincere. This creates a devilish camaraderie among sworn liars and results in the atrocities you've seen linked to Masonry throughout its history such as child rape, trauma based mind control, and countless murders.

The Truth About Freemasonry

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Jim, I have noticed similar things as well, but for the most part just write it off as coincidence. Carl Jung would say there is no such thing as coincidence though, and that meaningful coincidences beyond chance are "synchronicities," an acausal connecting principle of the universe. I have been privy to many synchronicities which were far too improbable to chalk up to coincidence so I'm sure the universe is indeed consciousness-based and contains many "acausal connecting principles," however, I don't think every time I see 11:11 or 21:12 on my clock that some mystical amazingness is happening or about to happen. Lots of "new age" websites would beg to differ with me though and probably claim I'm not ready for Ashtar's 5th dimensional love and light spiritual ascension rapture because I don't set my alarm for 11:11 or whatever. ;-) Just kidding. What does everyone else think?

Jim said...

Yeah, while I'm not writing anything off just yet I'm on the fence with it and also not really ready for that Ashtar chap!

Did you ever hear anything else from that Edmondstone fella over at Repeace?

Anonymous said...

You're trying to compare secret society membership to keeping a secret for a friend?

I am just pointing out that you are exaggerating for dramatic effect, in the same breath as you preach about your own integrity, no less.

The oaths of secrecy are of course suspicious to some degree (especially if they are gruesome as you say), but they do not automatically make all Masons "sworn liars" any more than me promising not to tell anyone about a friend's erectile dysfunction would make me a "sworn liar."

Eric Dubay said...

Myself, and others on this blog who are used to dealing with Masons recognize that you Mr. Anonymous are a Mason yourself. You all are like one hive mind consciousness with the same attitude and you sound exactly alike (this is your cue to deny this, denounce my intuition, and claim that I couldn't know such a thing).

I'm not "exaggerating for dramatic effect" nor "preaching about my own integrity." The history of Freemasonry speaks for itself and is much more horrendous than I described in my comment. And my history as an honest/sincere man also speaks for itself. Since you are a sworn Masonic liar yourself, Mr. Anonymous, my comments about integrity and your idiotic fraternity strike deep inside you, causing you to retaliate with the comments you made.

Normal people visiting my blog would not sympathize with Freemasons (as you are) or question a mention of my integrity (as you are). You are fooling yourself that "swearing to keep a secret" and "swearing to lie" isn't the same thing, and my pointing out such foolishness causes you to knee-jerk object in a frustrated manner as shown by your comments.

You even went so far as to cover your own erectile dysfunction by claiming it was your friend's :) So is this Arran, or just another one of you hive-minded robots? Jim wants to know if any of you RePeace ReTards have contacted me again (no Jim, Arran hasn't messaged me again, but he and his buddies obviously visit regularly and I've been on that "Anti-Mason Hit List" ever since they kicked me off their AboveTopSecret site).

And one last thing about secrecy... if my friend wanted to tell me a secret about his erectile dysfunction and I had to swear not to tell anybody else... since I know that would affect my integrity, I would kindly ask that my sexually challenged friend keep his secrets to himself so that I may continue my care-free, honest existence without the burden of his lies. Peace

Eric Dubay said...

Update: Arran's back and full of apologies, back-peddling and acting like no big deal

The Masons Are Trying to Co-Opt Me

Anonymous said...

Well, that is...perhaps the most amusing response you could have made. Since my denying being a Mason would only convince you that I am in fact a Mason...well I'm not sure what I could possibly do. Is the fact that I disagree with you proof that I am a Mason?

Putting that matter aside:
You are fooling yourself that "swearing to keep a secret" and "swearing to lie" isn't the same thing

Then publish every private correspondence you have ever had and tell us everything you know about every one of your friends and family. Then you are free to condemn other people for keeping secrets.

To be clear, since I think you have systemic issues with this, you may still condemn Masons for all the other terrible things you believe about them; you simply cannot condemn them for keeping secrets when you have secrets of your own.

Eric Dubay said...

Is the fact that I disagree with you proof that I am a Mason?

No, but the fact that you disagree with me yet still visit my website is suspicious. You say I "exaggerate" and I'm "preachy." You sympathize with Masons and my calling them "sworn liars" (which they are) struck a chord so deep with you that you've made 3 comments trying to elucidate the subtle differences between secrets and lies. You also just wrote:

You may still condemn Masons for all the other terrible things you believe about them

I "believe" about them... see how your language and attitude gives you away? I don't "believe" anything about Masons. My blog, books, and radio shows are full of facts and history about Masons, but you ignore all that so you can say my condemnation of Freemasonry comes from "all the terrible things I believe about them." My condemnation comes from facts, not beliefs.

As for secrets and lies, they're like smoke and fire, and your attempt to compare innocuous "private emails" to "blood oaths sworn in a luciferian society" is laughable. Yes, Mr. Anonymous Mason, there is a difference between keeping private emails and swearing blood oaths to the death.

Anonymous said...

Well done Eric. Keep exposing the people who wants us to believe black is actually white, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

I don’t need to sympathize with Masons in order to think you are hypocritical. I don’t actually even know any Masons (that I know of, anyway), so I’m not sure why I might sympathize with them. The only evidence that you have to suggest that I am a Mason or a sworn liar is that I disagree with you. Please, take a step back here and think about that for a second. Is your worldview truly so closed? Is there no room for people who disagree with you and yet are not evil?

The point of asking about your personal emails is to illustrate that were I to request such information, the right thing for you to do is to tell me to bugger off. I have no right to know anything about your personal life. It’s private. Secret. If you were to respond by publishing all your personal emails, your friends and family would feel betrayed – and they should.

The action that demonstrates integrity when it comes to private, personal information is to keep certain things confidential. This is why your assertion that keeping secrets makes someone a sworn liar who deserves no respect is not correct; keeping secrets can make someone a good person with admirable integrity.

Nick Carefoot said...

Privacy is only a necessity in a society that monetizes everything. If there was no money in it than I wouldn't need a password for my email would I? The only reason I am scared of posting naked pictures on my Facebook is if I lose my job not because I have some actual guilt about my natural naked body THAT I WAS BORN WITH. I'd still like to know how buddy guy came up with this chart because it verges on gemetra.