Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Raw Vegan Fountain of Youth

Annette Larkins has been eating a raw vegan diet consisting of nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds grown by herself for almost three decades and she claims she has found the fountain of youth. Annette is perfectly healthy, fit and beautiful for a middle-aged woman... but she is not a middle-aged woman. Annette is 70 years old! Watch this video and see why eating raw LIVING foods, not dead cooked sub-par sustenance, is truly the key to health, wellness, strength, beauty, energy, and longevity.

Mimi Kirk has been eating a vegetarian diet (then vegan, and now raw vegan) for 40 years now and she recently won a "Sexiest Vegetarian over 50" award. Mimi, though fit, healthy, beautiful, and says she wakes up everyday feeling 20, is actually 71 years old! Still not convinced that RAW LIVING VEGAN foods are the best suited for the human species?

Meet Jim Morris, a former Mr. America who has been bodybuilding for over 50 years, still trains 6 days a week, is strong as an ox, and looks about half his age at an amazing 72 years old! Is Jim eating steaks, hamburgers, pizza, and whey protein everyday? No, Jim's diet consists of nothing but nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables. For more information, check out Raw Vegan BodyBuilding and The World's Sexiest Seniors are Raw.

Last but not least, meet the first supermodel in the world, actress and long-time raw vegan Sunny Griffin.  She came from an overweight family and was always sick as a young woman, but after finding raw foods, she never again had problems controlling her weight or staying healthy.  Now at 70 years old, the owner of her own raw cosmetics company, Sunny says "if you want to look good in your 70s and 80s, start in your 20s!  For me, eating raw was like hitting the sweet spot on a tennis racket.  I never felt better in my life.  Everything felt great, I felt full of energy, my skin glowed, my eyes got clear.  It really worked wonderfully for me."  Compare these and other raw foodists with your average 70 year-old and I think the distinction is quite clear.


Anonymous said...

i've seen these videos before, pretty LOL how hot the black lady is and how lucky her husband is!! lol.

makes me glad my gf is vegan. Also makes me want to have a garden!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these vidoes.

I feel this is the true final frontier on "waking up" as some would call it.

I can unfortunately count on 1 hand the vegetarians i know in my life. So i need this inspiration when i see it to stay on my path.

Ive been eating 95 percent vegan for a month after falling off my track and into drugs for a year or so but the future is looking bright. I just wish my mental happiness could equal the physical that i so easily control.

But we reap what we sow.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments. I think TPTB might agree with you that this is the true final frontier on waking up... I just recovered from being hacked... if any of you tried to enter any of my websites the past couple hours it said they had all been deleted! Google customer service said they detected suspicious activity on my account... someone's looking to sabotage. Their idle death threats haven't worked so it seems it's time to try and hack me away.

To whom it may concern, even if you do succeed in deleting my websites I will just build them right back up, like a colony of ants rebuilding an ant hill you kicked over, I'll just keep on going without even losing stride, so I recommend not wasting your time, unless you want to see who's more passionate and steadfast ... me in expressing myself, or you in trying to prevent me from expressing myself. Peace

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric! Its me, Hamdi. I actually saw the video of Anette Larkins a couple of days ago and I was amazed. I have been trying to eat raw vegan food for some weeks. My mom was very sceptical and tried to stop me but now she is starting to accept it but she is still somehow reluctant. Bu the way, can you give me any tips on dishes and recipes :) Peace my friend. PS. Thanks for the answers I asked before. I have so much to tell you. Will contact you later. DS.

Anonymous said...

My grand father who is 105 years old , grows himself and eats everything(excluding pork and alcohol) . He has his own farm where he have his own cattles and grows own vegetables . Its not that meat is bad , it depends what meat you eat . he hasnt lost one teeth untill now . Was shot once in leg and has been in trouble several times but still walks and runs like a athelete . He doesnot have no diabetes , blood pressure e.t.c.. even thought he eats more sweets more than all of us combined . He is in prefect shape , so even thought i like and agree with you on most of things eric but we as humans have been are born to eat both meat and vegetables . There is nothing wrong with meat , whats wrong is the meat most of people eat in so-called developed countries . Anyway believe whatever you want to believe .

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Hamdi, congratulations and good luck going raw. My girlfriend is becoming quite an extraordinary raw chef making all these signature Thai dishes but not heating anything over 110 degrees to keep all the nutrients and enzymes intact. She's thinking of making a recipe book in the near future. For the time being though, I recommend just going to Google/YouTube, think of the dish you'd like to try and type "raw vegan" next to it. There's raw vegan tacos, sushi, pizza, chips and salsa... you name it, someone's made a raw vegan version of it.

For Anonymous, your grandfather obviously has good genetics and a strong constitution. And if he grows a substantial portion of his own fruits and vegetables, then that's likely part of the secret to his longevity. If he lives to be 105 on his Standard American Diet, just think how healthy he would've been had he eaten only fresh fruits and veggies with none of the meat and alcohol. Your assertions that we are "born to eat meat" and "there is nothing wrong with meat" are completely wrong, both ethically and health-wise. Please read the following:

The Meat Myth

nvra75 said...


i have a few comments/questions about your comment.

"Your assertions that we are "born to eat meat" and "there is nothing wrong with meat" are completely wrong, both ethically and health-wise. Please read the following:

The Meat Myth"

1. would you consider ethics to be a subjective social science or is your ethical code (and those identical to yours) the one and only ethically path available to humanity?

2. how can ANON, you or anybody else definitively KNOW what human as an entire species, were "born to eat" ?

3. the HEGELIAN DIALECT PROPAGANDA evidence in the MEAT MYTH does not seem to make mention of sustainable, locally raised, organic livestock and its products as a viable alternative to BIG AGRA's GMO, chemically/hormonally saturated livestock and its products which are quite unfit for human consumption.


"And if he grows a substantial portion of his own fruits and vegetables, then that's likely part of the secret to his longevity. If he lives to be 105 on his Standard American Diet, just think how healthy he would've been had he eaten only fresh fruits and veggies with none of the meat and alcohol."

4. since when, in recent history, has consuming personally grown fruits and veggies been a part of a STANDARD AMERICAN DIET ?

5. is the average age of these super ethical/healthy vegans over the age of 104 years old?
if it is not and i strongly doubt that it is, then this is a very presumptuous statement.

Eric Dubay said...

1. Murder is bad. Stop over-intellectualizing.

2. Experience and experiments. Read the China Study. Watch Forks Over Knives or The World's #1 Killer - Eating. Look at the anatomy, digestive systems and diet of animals similar to humans. Notice how raw bloody meat isn't appetizing to you. Notice how eating chicken's periods and drinking bovine breast milk as an adult human seems a bit like beastiality. If you disagree, go suck some cow tits, lick a chicken vagina and get back to me.

3. "Sustainable, locally raised, organic livestock" is still animal slavery and murder. I don't care if they are sustainable, locally raised, organic, grass-fed, free-range, and given a comfy pillow to sleep on at night... the bottom line is you're raising an animal simply so you can kill it, drink it's titty milk or munch it's menstruation.

4. Why wouldn't they be?

5. If you're more convinced by some anonymous comment than all the videos and articles I've posted on this subject, then I don't care to bother with you because you're just wasting both of our time with your excuses.

Anonymous said...

haha damn, Eric owned you right there... I still do not understand how a hens egg is a menstration. Maybe i do not know enough about female anatomy but isnt an egg a premature baby chick? Please explain? Also i have a question about raw foods. I have heard a few times that certain vegetables/fruits only can be digested by humans through cooking? Is there truth in this(specifics)? Also i have a couple post suggestions if your open to it: Self and community gardening/farming how to's/info and the relationship/history of humans having animals as pets. I think both topics would be interesting to understand, peace. -AG

Eric Dubay said...

Hey AG, eggs contain the unfertilized menstrual cycle of a hen (a.k.a., a hen's period). What's not to understand? :)

Would you Eat a Chicken's Period?

Are Chicken's Eggs Menstrual Cycles?

Are Eggs Chicken Periods?

Which fruits and vegetables are you saying can only be consumed cooked? And what are you saying happens if you consume them raw? Cooked food loses 95% of it's nutrients and enzymes while releasing carcinogenic free radicals... if there exists a fruit/vegetable that cannot be eaten raw, I'd highly recommend not eating it cooked either. As for your topic ideas, those are definitely important subjects and I'll keep them in mind for future posts. Peace

Anonymous said...

i have a question. i use sign language with my daughter and i want to know why the i love you sign is also affiliated with masonic hand signs? did they decide that was going to be a universal sign for i love you? should i stop using that sign. or is it all in how you use it?