Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fire in the Booth

UK based indy rap promoter Charlie Sloth has teamed up with BBC to bring "Fire in the Booth," a weekly radio program featuring some really excellent underground conscious hip-hop. Above are some of my favorite recent songs from Akala, Lowkey and Mic Righteous. My compliments to these verbal assassins for killing the tracks, and my condemnation to BBC for bleeping the word "Palestine" during Mic Righteous' "Free Palestine" rap.  Just uttering the word "Palestine" is enough to get you censored by Zionist media these days.


Anonymous said...

A Soldiers Poem


secseanz said...

Ever heard of Immortal Technique?

Eric Dubay said...

Sure have, great music:

Immortal Technique Music

More Immortal Technique Music

Check out some of these guys too:

J Solli


Jedi Mind Tricks

Beast 13 33


Illuminati Congo




Anonymous said...

Hello Eric,

We are very like-minded regarding "reality", judging from your writing about quantum physics.

I'd like to read your book and I'd like you to read mine.

Would you like to exchange books? And then reviews?

Thanks for considering it.

Greg Kuhn

laughdrjr at insightbb dot com

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Greg, thanks for the offer, I'm afraid I've already made that agreement with another author months ago, which I have to keep my word on, though I haven't even began reading his book. I think we're definitely on the same wavelength and I appreciate your offer, but I'm really too busy as of late with other work. Keep up the good job on your blog! Peace