Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nanotech, BioAPI, Chemtrails and Mind-Control

One of the most sinister and difficult to fathom conspiracy theories I've ever come across posits that nano-bots are being sprayed on us all to install BioAPIs (Biometric Application Programming Interfaces), which basically allow for the mental and emotional remote control of humanity. These nano-fibers, which have already been found in several chemtrail samples and linked to Morgellon's disease, work by attaching themselves to neurons or synapses and self-replicating until they have artificially encapsulated and rewired your brain.

I've actually twice met with an insider who contacted me urgently wanting me to understand and expose this sci-fi-like technology. To be honest I was very skeptical and put what he was saying on the back burner of my mind awaiting further evidence to confirm or deny. Upon finding this fascinating website however, and researching the technology further, I must say the Nanotech/BioAPI agenda, as ostensibly "crazy" as it sounds, is much more plausible than I'd originally realized.

"Nanoparticles might better be called Nastyparticles because they make a beeline for the brain as soon as they are inhaled.  Too big to pass back through the blood-brain barrier, they become trapped there." Jan 5, 2004

Once nano-particulates have sufficient control over a host body, they can then be remotely controlled to work as GPS tracking devices, to inflict physical pain and disease, to influence emotional states, to cause memory lapses, to read brain patterns, and even to remotely influence thoughts.

Scientists working at the University of Southern California have created an artificial memory system that allows thoughts, memories and learned behavior to be transferred from one brain to another.  Using nanoparticles and a magnetic field, University of Buffalo scientists have been able to make worms move in any direction they dictated simply by heating clusters of nanoparticles inside them.  And here you can see video of an amateur techie remotely controlling a toy car to start and stop just by thinking it so!  This means the technology already exists to remotely hijack and control another's mind and body functions.  The only question is, how far have the psychopathic powers that be secretly advanced this technology, and is it being used on us?

When one takes into account the physical evidence, the countless examples in movies, and real-life direct-to-speech mind-control, this seemingly far-out, science-fiction conspiracy looks more and more like science-fact.  Please spend some time going through this very interesting website and leave me a comment what you think about the Nanotech, BioAPI, Chemtrail, Mind Control conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, my brain has at times felt super hot throughout the past 2 years--started around the time of the Japan 3/11/11 earthquake, and I've had burning hot headaches on a weekly basis.

Led me to wonder is it the 8 mercury tooth fillings in my mouth receiving all these wifi / cellphone / GWEN tower / Smart Meter signals???
Or, conspiratorially speaking, am I being beamed with an EMP ray?
Now that you explained the fibers more specifically binding to one's brain neurons, I'm starting to wonder if this is another cause of my burning headaches--we are chemtrailed to heck over here in the Bay Area California!!!

Anonymous said...

Lithium in your drinking water is next

Ben said...

Hey man, hope you're well. I read the dataasylum website you linked to, pretty amazing stuff, but I found myself disagreeing with it (insert mind control joke here).

I came up with a couple of good examples to show you what I mean. By the way my intention is only to provoke creative thinking.

So the author has a table about various aspects of manipulation to explain what the symptom and purpose of each is. If you go through each purpose, however, this is where it all unravels for me.

Here they are: to trigger the emotion of anger, to trigger the emotion of being powerless (or aware of their surveillance, or going crazy, all flip sides of the same thing IMO), and the last one is to perpetuate the myth of gangstalking.

Now the table has variations of these, but from what I can see these are the main groupings. My problem with these is that they are such weak, useless effects, totally inconsequential for the most part. The author talks about gangstalking on several pages, even just above the table in a section called "The Purpose of Gangstalking", but then here reveals it is a myth.

Worryingly, at the top of the same page the author states "The people who design and fund programs such as this run the world.. were previously content with passive concepts such as stealing money from everyone through taxation and harming society as a whole by doing things such as withholding free energy or approving cancer causing carcinogens for the food supply (eg. aspartame), which is all fine in my opinion - it all has its purpose and role".

I think ideologically this person is not a real truther, why would they be ok with stealing and killing, but have a serious problem with small-scale annoyances and induced paranoia? This, to me, is the definition of insanity, or more likely dis-information.

Moreover most of his evidence is clips of films. I have no problem with the idea that psy-ops are played out in films and the media, of course they are, but finding a similarity between your own ideas and something in a movie is not proof.

I think nearly all of the real-world examples he uses are just paranoid explanations for natural human interactions and phenomena, such as leaving the house "for no reason", talking to someone who does not make any sense (sounds like talking to an average drunk moron at a party), brief random pains in the body (totally normal, happens to everyone), etc. To me these can all be explained as normal, if not slightly annoying/disconcerting, occurrences.

If the technologies described did exist and were possible to deploy on a large scale, why not get everyone to kill themselves? Why not use mind control to better cover up the traces of financial fraud? I can think of several more plausible, practical uses for this technology, and I'm sure you can too. I seriously doubt they'd use it to simply annoy people with seemingly normal occurrences.

That's it! I did enjoy reading the site, and enjoy your writings as always, but thought I'd offer my view for what it's worth.

All the best

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the message Ben, great analysis! I found myself having the same reservations as you. The potential for the technology to exist and be used without the public at large knowing is definitely there... but the actual examples given are inductive, inconclusive, and could be incorrect... impossible to confirm or deny. This was my original problem when the insider contacted me about this stuff. He told me all about the technology and explained how the Matrix, Surrogates, Gamer, The Crazies, The Happening, The Adjustment Bureau, Metropia and all these other movies were showing you in plain sight how the elite are able to hijack and remote control our consciousness. He said there are groups of agents in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) who barely ever come to the surface and spend their whole lives living vicariously through other people using these BioAPIs. It all sounds a bit much, but I'm remaining open-minded as further evidence helps confirm or deny this information. Peace!

nvra75 said...

here is a youtube vid with a bit more info on the subject.

Anonymous said...

There is another website on this subject:

Navigation is a bit odd but be patient, lots of info in there.

I believe all this to be actually true,
I believe this to be monumentally important
yet for now its "just" another piece
of the puzzle that may (and will) one day
be activated if necessary... so far TV,
religion, voluntary medication, sugar, caffeine,
iphones, the "rat race" and public schooling,
along with peer pressure, ELF towers and
good ol' goebles propaganda is working
wonders for the worlds' sheeple.

And yes, BioAPIs DO sound like "a bit much"
but that is the whole point! know, the more unbelievable the story is,
the more you can hide it in plain sight".

P.S. I have found here in
freaking germany blue and red transport fibers myself, I have
a good expensive microscope and
these things are EXACTLY the same,
ones in this guys photos; also
took samples in many places
including my vacuum bag, different
cities and isolated forests,
they're everywhere, fk me.


Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for that Vic, excellent comment and recommendation, that websites got some great articles:

They Really Do Want To Implant Microchips Into Your Brain!

Like you said, the fact that it all seems so "crazy" and "a bit too much" is exactly what makes it so easy to pull the wool over our eyes.

"In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying." -Adolf Hitler, "Mein Kampf"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i had someone brake into my house
and place a nano chip or nano fluid in my house , i now have a really bad pain in my right eye, and my right eye is like an optic lense, theres a video recorder going also, how do i stop it someone let me know

aussie said...

just want to say incredible blog Eric please keep it up. also want to post to link possible chemtrail canisters wash up on Queensland beach in Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

I could not believe it when I read this website, but it is exactly what I experienced prior to being placed on a list and stalked across the country.

I may have inadvertently discovered how to reverse or at kill this bio api though. Several years ago, while in the Navy (retired veteran 20+ yrs) I was having all kinds of symptoms just thought it was from Gulf war meds, but I began taking large doses of magnesuim (1000 mg daily) and my sores and symptoms went away, slowly. Anyway, my personal experience is an exact match with dataasylum info, minus the movies. I currently jobs less, divorced, hated by my family, and worst of all, everyone believes the lies these people tell about you to make you out to be what flavor of lowlife they want you to be. I knew there was more to it than society going crazy and spraying me with chemical anytime I venture out the house, that in in forclosure. I will soon be homeless and likely it wont matter because I think this is all part of the plan to make us all homeless. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know where we really stand as a people in this country. get ready, I think it going to be a bumpy ride for all of us. P.S. this bioAPI did not work on me because I am still writing this, I guess when the time comes I will get to go to the re-education camp with others who are aware. GBA

Donna Lee said...

Eric, Please check patent numbers 3951134 and 5507291 for remote secret meaning that their subjects need not know that these machines are being used on them, thought/emotion reading/control/manipulation machines granted by the U.S. Patent Office in 1976 (! almost 40 years ago !) and 1994, respectively. You can see these on I even talked with the first patent holder's daughter (he is deceased). Her name is, Donna Malech, and she is the only person with the last name of Malech listed in directory assistance of all the five boroughs of New York City! Her phone number is (212) 922-2911 as of July 2011; she may have changed it since since she said a lot of people who believe they are victims of her father's invention call her in anger and bitterness because of their suffering.

She said her father created this device for "the good" to help pilots who might fall asleep on the job and never dreamed of the negative ramifications of it. I don't see how anybody brilliant enough to create such a machine could not see its dark side. But then Einstein and Oppenheimer didn't seem to see the dark side of the atom bomb either until America exploded it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War II.

By the way, I've contacted countless "luminaries" or prominent people, including one "Time" Magazine "Man of the Year," and I have many e-mails to prove same, and not one of them will discuss the ramifications of such machines mainly saying that they're not experts in that field or saying nothing at all. I, however, know the ramifications as well as a neighbor of mine who saw and admitted IMMEDIATELY that such technology if it works as described is the greatest threat to human liberty ever conceived and she's practically illiterate!

All the other people I've contacted about this have abruptly and mysteriously stopped returning my correspondence or outright asked me to stop contacting them even those who promised to comment. Finally, in this vein, I've seen media news productions and other shows on TV, like Jesse Ventura's show on TruTV, "Conspiracy Theories" about gang stalking and some mind control, but no one will talk about the above-mentioned patents except those who believe they're victims of them, and I mean NO ONE, although the patents are right there and no one can say they don't exist!

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Donna, yeah, I've been contacted by several people who have been victims of this gang-stalking / electromagnetic manipulation. They're able to secretly inflict burns and other physical pain or tortures from a distance and use it in conjunction with gang-stalking to make people feel they're going crazy. The black technologies they don't openly advertize are so far ahead of the stuff they do.

Anonymous said...

After researching chemtrails for a few years now I've concluded that they're a multi-purpose phenomenon. And this makes sense as the powers that be can spray pretty much whatever they want into the skies knowing that most people are oblivious to it. Too busy watching TV or engrossed in their latest technological gadget to bother looking up at what's happening above us.

Chemtrails are used to aid weather modification (HAARP) by charging the atmosphere with metal particulates, our atmosphere hasn't been neutral for years. As well as being sprayed with heavy metal particulates we are also bombarded with other horrors that are detrimental to our health.

And another joy for us all is that this constant spraying is also causing global dimming which has resulted in a vitamin D deficiency around the globe which results in even more ill health.

The most alarming discovery though has indeed been the self-replicating nano fibres that Sofia Smallstorm lectured about in the youtube clip that someone posted above. Morgellons sufferers seem to be rejecting this material through their skin (it's been said this is due to a
chromosome anomaly) while the rest of us are assimilating this material. Where this will lead us to in the future is anybody's guess but global depopulation is high on the agenda of the NWO and with the technology they now have at their disposal it's probably easier to achieve than most people think. Are we being "borged" for a post-human world? Quite possibly. Transhumanism has been spoken of many times by many different people. Whatever happens the future is going to be nothing less than interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is real. They are torturing me and its more than direct energy weapons. Things that I know...they can remotely make your muscles move, remotely talk to you and even turn it down to subliminal level, give you dreams, flash pictures and videos in your head, read your thoughts. I could go on and on with the things they have done to me. Their technology is scary. I think they are installing something to be turned on at a later date. The Bible says your enemies will be members of your own household, probably because they have been taken over...zombie apocalypse.... Satanist have to tell the victims what they are doing. We are in trouble. I depend on Jesus, He is the only one that gets me through. A scientist has figured some of it out on YouTube. Videos name is" from chemtrails to pseudo-life, the dark agenda of synthetic biology. They have let me know I'm being monitored 24/7. Why? I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Datasylum is probably them. They give you information of what you know is going on and then throw in a bunch of crazy stuff so an outsider would dismiss it. It also was saying how they want to force the Bible and Jesus on you. I'm a Christian and I am their target. Let me tell you Jesus is your only hope. He is the Savior, the Messiah. This is why Christians are on the terrorist list of the CIA and FBI....the ones that brought us mkultra and project monarch. I know crazy things are happening to me and I am not exactly sure what they are doing but I put all my trust in Jesus. God's word tells us all things work out for good for those that love God. Don't let them take the only true hope you have.

Anonymous said...

100% not an outlandish theory. I live in Australia and had a stye in my left eye for many years which occurred from being hospitalised and drugged on 3 occasions in my life. In the last week another one has come up on my right eye. This since being I have joint a group of online and offline professionals that are taking on the biomedical, geo-engineering and governmental institutions fascilitating the poisoning of our natural environment in our now digital age.

The advancements in nanotechnology can be readily found online. I suppose unless you have experienced any symptoms of this yourself, you would be skeptical. Unless your willing to be infected, you won't and can't change anything from the inside.

Cicada3301 2015

PS. Feel free to contact me or stay in touch. I have no problem hiding my identity:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this . Hearing other people experiencing this is like home to me , why are their so few of us and so far apart , I ask God , lord , why have I come to know this information more and more and what am I suppose to do about it ? Whenever I hear and see things regarding the denial and outright obsessive of convincing people to try and prove God doesn't exist just makes it all the more pathetic , HIS word is written in our hearts and this is the kind of stuff they have to perpetuate to try lead us away from HIM , It just makes it all the more obvious HE does exist ,or why go to all the trouble of trying to prove HE doesn't . Regardless of being monitored and every time I research or write something I pay dearly , more traffic by my house , the frequency in my ears is so loud I can't even think or function ,etc , but I'm holding on , man, am I holding on . Everyday ,every minute I think about giving up , but I can't , and I won't , I WILL NOT CONFORM ,I am covered in the blood of Jesus , and so are you friends . I am not an extreme religious though I sound like one . There's no other explanation for this but EVIL , and EVIL is not just being born from nothing and nowhere , just as life and goodness of birth and love and peace is not born from nothing and nowhere . God bless you all

Sarah Mitchell said...

This article is mind blowing, you would think it was something out of a scifi novel, but it is not, this very thing is happening to me and my husband right here in the State of Missouri, and everything detailed here are the things we have been experiencing, it's been a complete nightmare, it actually started with finding out we were being radiated by what is called the new smart meter these meters pulsate microwave radiation at the speed of light, 24-7-365 and causes major health effects, ringing in the ears, insomnia, headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, fatique, the meters are called AMR automatic meter reading, we discovered we also had a transponder on our utility pole aka small cell-tower, so all the meters coming from the west was feeding into transponder on the east side of our home, we were slowly being cooked, this had been going on for about 1.1/2 years before we realized what was happening to us, we found out by accident, I will add more information about that later, after discovering this matter we demanded the power co remove these right away, they waited another 3 weeks, and demanded 522.00, they also removed the transponder, over the next 3 months we were just trying get well from all the radiation headaches and insomnia, but the symptoms did not just go away, so we built a faraday cage and grounded it, we found this helped but did not stop the frequency attacks we purchased special material called Argen mesh to wrap around our heads to block these frequency,s when sleeping, we also purchased cornet electrosmog meter to test where these were coming from and we were shocked, we discovered we had been placed into a matrix of transponders these transponders have been directed right at our home from 4 different transponders within 1/3 to 1/2 mile from our home, we are in the crosshairs of these devices, pulsating radiation and low elf and high elf frequency, these attacks are not by accident these are deliberate attacks on our health, and it's not just us, we have discovered many families suffering similar situations.

Now with all that said, I have noticed many chemtrails, crisscrossing the sky, and with lots of jets over head, at least 2-4 times a day leaving huge trails, this seemed very odd having lived here for 11 years and never seen this much activity I began to question it, which lead me here, I looked up the nano technology and believe this is part of what is happening as well, I think the biggest thing for us was finding solutions to reverse the damage, and protect ourselves, and what we found has been so helpful, using a tens unit, apple-cider vinegar baking soda, and vitamins. We are living in a very sad difficult time, what is it that a County that was founded on freedom and justice for all has turned against it's own people by allowing such atrocities. For all those out there who has suffered these things, may God give you strength and healing, and for those who have not yet been effected by these things may God give you the understanding to not judge but to heed the warning given you in these messages.

Here is what happened to us, its a 2 part video. Please watch and and if you have a smart meter AMR meter tell the power company to remove it, there,s a high probability it's making you sick as well.

Anonymous said...

It is obviously true about the mind control component. Why else would parents not protect their children from poison being sprayed on them? Why would cops and judges ignore crimes and regular people spend their days following innocent americans? Gangstalking is real FYI if you do not believe it come to northern CA and watch it live!!!!! But there is good news, Christ is Back with his new name as foretold in the bible. These evil people are all about to leave the creation. Seems God is allowing this to happen, It is probably because all the people rejected Christ at his return (also foretold in the bible) along with the overwhelming amount of immorality world wide. If GOD did not judge this evil world he would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorah! So long as you try to figure out Gods judgement through secular thinking you will never understand. You must have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is all in the Holy Bible. everything from the weather judgements to the middle east situation, Chemtrails would fall under "pestilences" a judgement on disobedient people. Look a little closer at the big picture, you will find GOD is fullfilling every prophecy at a breakneck speed. 1 world religion, 1 world government. ww 3 is coming during which Christ will be revealed and take over the world or else all people would perish ("no flesh would be saved"). He will stop the chemtrails and all other damaging acts evil people do. This world is about to end! Perhaps try praying for eyes to see and ears to hear, read a king james bible, and apologize to God for rejecting his son before it is too late. BJCS

Nate said...

Dear Eric,

Please let me know if you have come across any information as to how to heal from this nano toxicity (morgellons disease) etc. I am trying to find true ways to heal from morgellons, if you have any information you may impart on me it would be greatly appreciated. My mission is to help others with whatever I myself receive and if it helps me to heal my mission is to spread this and help others for free. This is my mission and I will stay true to it once I myself am healed and more capable of picking up and carrying others when they themselves can not and do not know how to.

Thank you for your time and I hope to receive a reply from you soon. May God be with you all and bring you comfort, and all who read this post please know that there are people out there who are trying to find answers and heal and help others to heal from this horrible modern day affliction, you are not alone, many others are with you in spirit and God is with us all, His love and our love for Him and one another is the most powerful energy in this existence and all possible realities, it will shed light on all darkness and heal all possible sickness mind, body and spirit. Love God and love one another and this will truly save and heal us.

Anonymous said...

So, I’m a little late to this topic. Curious, has anyone been able to have moments of seeing “what they see” through your eyes? Like a little taste of it?