Monday, December 31, 2012

Alex Jones and David Icke - Two Turds in a Punch-Bowl

Years ago Alex the Judas Goat Jones was asked his opinion of David the Reptilian Icke. Alex responded that David Icke put out lots of good information, but that like the proverbial turd in a punch-bowl, some of Icke's more far-fetched theories discredited his whole message.  Between obsessing over turquoise talking about channeled messages of divine lineage, years of ignoring the Jewish Question, the Moon Landing Hoax, and Controlled Opposition, and now reading David's latest book about how reptilian aliens supposedly control humanity through mind control beams from the hollow moon, I tend to agree with Alex's turd assessment.  However, evidence has also long been piling up that Alex himself is not the knight in shining armor he claims to be either.  In fact news recently broke that Alex's editor-in-chief Molly Maroney at Infowars works for the CIA/Stratfor Intelligence.

I started this thread on David Icke's forum to help expose the breaking Molly-Gate story and it quickly gathered 40 posts and 4,000 views from several researchers sharing critical information exposing Alex Jones.  Then yesterday I woke up to find that David Icke forums deleted our entire excellent thread and banned my account from posting anymore!  Wouldn't you think this Molly-Gate Alex Jones CIA Stratfor Scandal would be top news on any authentic conspiracy forum!?  Why would this thread be deleted and Eric Dubay banned from David Icke's forum for exposing such important information?

One of the first posts I ever made on was regarding the popular conspiracy forum Above Top and how their admitted Freemason moderators censored and banned me for exposing Masonry.  David Icke's moderators don't openly admit to being Masons, but just like on ATS there is a band of Freemasons on Icke's forum 24/7 for years (I've been contributing there all hours of the day for 5 years) with tens of thousands of posts each, day-in day-out relentlessly using typical disinfo tactics to denounce, detract and distract from any threads exposing their society.  We even caught them signing in to dummy accounts to come back and agree with themselves.  Why are Masons with sock accounts allowed to endlessly defend their crooked organization on Icke's forums, but fellow conspiracy researcher Eric Dubay gets censored and banned for just once trying to expose Alex Jones?

David Icke is a regular guest on Alex Jones' radio show, why doesn't David ever drill Alex or expose the other false gurus in the conspiracy community... unless David is controlled opposition himself?  Traveling all over the world giving hypnotic 9 hour lectures to packed auditoriums, selling a new book every year, worked for the BBC, the Green party, and professional sports, appeared on the Wogan show twice, claimed he was the messiah, got crucified for it, and then rose again.  David Icke's career, like Alex Jones', has all the hallmarks of being a controlled opposition agent.  The fact that he's still alive, on television, traveling to over 50 countries "exposing" the "elites" and hasn't been murdered like Bill Cooper, just that fact alone raises serious suspicion as to Icke's authenticity, not to mention all the shape-shifting reptilian hollow-moon mind-control beam stuff!

Years ago, at the edge of the rabbit-hole, I'll admit I looked up to these two men and their work encouraged me to see through the looking glass.  However, having researched and dug deep down the rabbit-hole for myself, having met and shared with many other genuine truth-seekers along the way, I can now quite clearly see that beneath their inviting charismas, beyond the 90% of good information they bring to the table, both Alex Jones and David Icke have a disturbing 10% full of distraction and misinfo that completely muddies their waters much like a couple of big turds in the conspiracy punch-bowl.


Eric Dubay said...

Excellent little article:

Critiquing David Icke

The problem is that Icke presents much of this evidence alongside the most bizarre tin-foil hat theories, and he has completely abandoned the methods of academic historians and of journalism when presenting his theories; the lack of evidence for a theory does not really seem to matter to him. He is simply the kind of "journalist and historian" of the National Enquirer "Aliens Ate My Baby" genre; in other words he is not a journalist or historian at all; he is simply a sensationalist who mixes fact, fiction, fantasy and the schizophrenic delusions of false-memory syndrome victims such as Arizona Wilder.

The problem of course is that almost "any" conspiracy theory, even it has a great deal of evidence behind it, when it gets promoted by Icke, gets tarred with the Icke tin foil hat brush.

Of course when one looks in almost any major bookshop these days, there seems to be a section dedicated to numerous conspiracy theories and "secret histories" and so forth, and this kind of publishing is of course a multi-million dollar business where authors seem to try to compete to have the most sensational titles and jacket covers claiming to reveal various historical mysteries. Many of Icke's books just seem to repeat much of the text of his previous books and every now and then he adds some new revelation, such as the revelation of his recent book, that the Moon is actually a giant hollow spacecraft and that aliens are controlling our thoughts from the Moon spacecraft.

Anonymous said...

Jones and Icke are fear mongrels, cross-breeds that seek to dominate by barking and boasting the loudest. Woof woof.

Anonymous said...

The Jesuits run everything. As a Christian, I know that catholicism is false and always had world-domination aspirations. Go on Alex Jones and just bring up the jesuits, and you'll get tossed immediately, he won't even consider it.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about two things in this article.

Why they both continue to point out illuminati orchestrated events, maybe it could be to gather followers that the illuminati can identify as sheeple thinking outside the box. Alex Jones was pretty on point recently about some of the shootings in america and coincidences behind them, maybe hes there to gather support and identify those that might be on to the illuminati.

the second thing i'm curious about is why it was necessary to show me a turd in a punch bowl, not what i wanted to see first thing in the morning!

Mystic Qabalah said...

Great blog entry! I have had my doubts about both Jones and Icke for about 5 years now.

Eric Dubay said...

why it was necessary to show me a turd in a punch bowl, not what i wanted to see first thing in the morning!

Lol, sorry, I'll bet that's burned into your subconscious now :P Better that than actually drinking their kool-aid though. Alex Jones' Tangy Tangerine punch-bowl is filled with arsenic, mercury and lead!

Alex Jones' Tangy Tangerine Product Contains Arsenic, Mercury and Lead

Anonymous said...

hi eric,

the picture of the punch bowl is indeed PRICELESS.


"happy new year" to you and your wife.

capt ajit vadakayil

Steve said...

One might ask why YOU are still alive, having the punctured the disinfo agents Icke and Jones not to mention all your other postings. Jones and icke reconciled, as you know. Icke is still no Christian and knows that the USA wasa founded Masons protecting their wealth and privilege, not to mention being likely agents of the Crown. Jones needs to believe in the USA and the Christian Sun God. Icke specifically recognizes the reptilian business is cuckoo land to many. Maybe, maybe not. No doubt your divide and conquer routine serves the NWO agenda as well and the moderator didn't want to be the conduit for it. Which is the problem with free speech, no doubt. How deep is the rabbit hole and who has ever gotten to the bottom of it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eric, please tell us why you are still alive. Please, please, please?

I like to know, along with many others. Who decides who is legit in this business of conspiracy theorizing anyways? And must you proclaim yourself as legit? Just curious, from a long time reader.

Eric Dubay said...

I think some of you have an over-inflated view of my influence. I do not have a daily radio show with millions of listeners, 20 documentaries, 25+ staff, and a $750,000 house like Alex Jones. I don't have 16 books, travel to 50 countries, giving lectures to packed auditoriums and on TV regularly like David Icke.

I simply maintain a conspiracy blog, I've written 3 books, I do an occasional radio show, and live in a tiny studio apartment. If I ever stop posting, turn up missing, "suicided" or whatever, then you will all know why, but so far I've remained under the radar. I live in Thailand so they can't just easily send spooks to my house like they did to Bill Cooper. Besides I've disabled the chip in my passport, I've never owned a mobile phone, and there's no other westerners near where I live, so I'm pretty difficult to track down.

As for legitimacy, I know I'm legit because I tell the truth as I know it, that's the definition of legitimate. These controlled opposition leaders are paid to push half-truths and misinfo.

Anonymous said...

How would one discern with absolute certainty which is the 90% truth?

You can negate the mouthpieces themselves, but that doesnt dismiss entirely the truth portion of what they spout; IF you can weed out the lie portion with absolute certainty.

In the meantime, you'd just have to walk the middle road in all that they say until you see with your own unadultered senses~which at the present and past time has been twisted by mainstream media, poisons in our "health" "care", "education", "food", personal "care" products, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,
For me there was no need to clearfiy why you are ligit - all the answers you have given are known to everybody who follows your work with a clear mind :-D

Jones was dead for me as soon as I found his first lies, Icke when I found proof that he is a follower of the satanist Blavastky. How more New Age/masonic can it get than that?

So no big surprise that they are censoring over at Icke's forum, it's one of the clearest signs of a hidden agenda.

There are not a lot of real bloggers out there, surely not with a big influence, that's probably why they leave us alone. What also helps is to not fear "them", which is not so hard if we spiritually detach from this fake reality. They cannot directly manipulate or influence us at the spirit level, ojavascript:void(0)nly from the material side, the Creator protects us from within.

Peace to everybody,

jhyeti said...

The other side of the coin is Alex Jones and Icke have simply come to different conclusions than you. I am more familiar w/ AJ than Icke so I will stick with discussing him primarily.

The idea that he could be a disinfo agent is a possibility, is worthy of discussion, and certainly something we should be cautious of with all people that claim to tell us the truth.

There are other considerations as well. If you start talking about jews and zionism you are immediately marginalized. In order to reach a larger audience and still discuss important issues he may have decided to temper his message. He could also simply be afraid. We can't ask a person to put his head on the block for everyone else, we can decide to do it ourselves, but that is it. I know many activists that will not touch certain issues that they truly believe in for fear of repercussions, they will only discuss it in private. I don't call them a turd in a punch bowl for that. They do a lot of good.

Sometimes we all can't be a martyr for the cause. Many of us have had to make some concessions as well. I could make certain decisions that may be morally correct that would land me in jail or dead and of no use to anyone or any cause. That is not a price I am willing to pay yet. The best thing I can do is lend my voice to the fight in the best way I can right now. It may not always be perfect, but I do what I can. Can we really ask any more of Alex?

Eric Dubay said...

If you start talking about jews and zionism you are immediately marginalized.

Marginalized only by people who are afraid of the truth.

In order to reach a larger audience and still discuss important issues he may have decided to temper his message. He could also simply be afraid.

Yeah, afraid of the truth.

Why was I censored and banned from Jones', Icke's and ATS' forums? Afraid of the truth. Why won't the supposed "grandfather" of the 9/11 truth movement have Dr. Judy Wood on his show? Afraid of the truth. Why did he cancel his speaking tour 3 days after being exposed as a Stratfor agent? Afraid of the truth. Why does he shut down callers like this one who bring up anti-Zionist authors? Afriad of the truth.

Now Jhyeti, you've gotta ask yourself, why is the most influential leader of the "truth movement" so afraid of the truth?

Can we really ask any more of Alex?


Anonymous said...

...AND the whole elephant is none other than Lucifer, aka Semiramis, aka Kali, aka Mary, aka Madonna, aka Queen of Heaven, aka Ishtar, aka Esther

the elephant has left the room and gone to the moon

Ali S said...

HI Eric, I do like your site and i do like your article and I commend you for doing a great job bringing 'truth' as you sit fit.
I think I have before posted on your site re David Icke and I feel like I need to do it again. Some questions you raised were legit and I guess anyone can be portrayed in a certain light, it's somewhat depending on whose writing.
I do feel that your comment of why these two are alive bit concerning.. why would they be dead? perhaps it's their wide popularity that has kept them alive and if anyone who gets a follwoing and exposes the truth gets killed then what hope is there? The universe works in balance and I believe that is why they are still alive as there has to be some what of a balance amongst all the controlled BS.
I have meet David and had over an hour of conversation and photographing him and I do believe that I have a good sense of judging someone and I honestly did not see or feel a fake..sure he has his moments but I believe he talks in what he truly belives and tries his best to bring it to the world. As for Alex J.. i never have meet him but his aura and energy straight away puts me in a negative space and I have to say HIM i dont' believe and I do see a big agenda on his part. Keep up the good work and we do need ppl like to who question the other ppl who question..

Eric Dubay said...

Hi Ali, thanks for the comment.

why would they be dead?

Bill Cooper, Rik Clay, John Todd, the DC Madam, JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Ghandi, John Lennon, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Gaddafi, Jon Robinson, Louis McFadden, why did they really die? Democide (murder by government) was the biggest killer of the 20th century. Any uncontrolled opposition who exposes the truth and brings people together on a large scale is seen as a genuine threat and eliminated.

perhaps it's their wide popularity that has kept them alive?

Perhaps, but their wide popularity didn't help the people listed above.

and if anyone who gets a follwoing and exposes the truth gets killed then what hope is there?

TPTB aren't omniscient or omnipotent and they don't have the manpower to go assassinating every anti-NWO blogger out there. The hope is in standing up and speaking out, taking action, awakening people and not following some charismatic opposition leader but individually taking it upon ourselves to take personal responsibility in our daily lives to step away from the system, stop voting, stop paying taxes, stop watching TV, stop eating dead animal corpses, stop drinking fluoride, stop eating aspartame, GMO, MSG, refined sugars and chemicals, get out of debt, get tangible assets, quit your slave job, start your own business, stop buying from corporations, home-school your children, never vaccinate your children, become a freeman-on-the-land, build your community, garden your own food, get off the government energy grid... the hope is in taking these actions in our lives and helping others to do the same, and helping them understand why it's so important that they do the same.

If David was helping enact actual solutions like these instead of going on about reptilian alien mind control beams shooting from the hollow moon spaceship (I'm not joking people, he wrote a whole book about this!) if he and his millions of loyal followers were a real threat to the establishment I doubt he'd have been all over TV, working for the BBC, for the Green party, traveling to 50 countries, and writing 16 hugely popular books.

It's like Jesse Ventura, who just had David and Alex on his show recently. He makes this over-acted, sensationalist, poorly researched, superficial TV show called "Conspiracy Theory" where he plays WWE (his former occupation) big man and with his black leather jacket he plays detective and saves the world every episode by exposing the latest "Conspiracy Theory." As Bill Cooper (the genuine researcher murdered by the government) said, sensationalists like Alex Jones (and Jesse "the Body" Ventura and David "Shapeshifting Reptilian Hollow Moon Spaceship Son of the Godhead Turquoise Psychic Channel" Icke), in the end do more harm than good.

Alex Jones Exposed by Bill Cooper

Eric Dubay said...

Case in point. Here's Alex on mainstream news today going on like a madman about gun control. As usual I agree with most of what Alex says, but totally disagree with the manner in which he composes/expresses himself. Alex makes conspiracy researchers look like absolute nutjobs, watch this:

Alex Jones Vs. Peirs Morgan

Ali S said...

Hey Eric, I do agree with what u said.. and like u said we gotta be skeptical.. and yes David does talk about all those 'crazy' stuff as u pointed out.. but maybe u gotta take the crazy with the good.. lol he does make some good points.. and maybe I choose to take on board those.. but hey ppl thought the earth was flat not too long ago.. so guess we dont know everything and maybe something so far fetch from our reality isn't too far off after all.. and I did see that Alex Jones thing...his nothing but an idiot bully who thinks shouting is the way to get across..i'm glad his got so many fire arms to protect himself from the invading.. umm elite? i'm sorry if anyone with such capability that wanted to attack the people they could easily send a laser beam from space and get them out of their way.. i dont think a lil' fire gun is gonna stop them..

Eric Dubay said...

Good points, thanks Ali! :)

Anonymous said...

ive been banned for 4 years...posted under masonfreeparty nickname...also banned from freeman forum and uk 911 forum thanks to dear ol tony asshole gosling

Anonymous said...

I only managed to read a few lines of this article. If these guys are as bad as the article says then why such crass hate mongering? Unless you have read a recent David Icke book from front to back,I would advise anyone to reserve an opinion,because, like it or not, he is the leading figure in conspiracy theories which makes him an obvious target for outright dismissal as well as attacks on his credibility as a person, and any curious person will no doubt want to hear him out. I shouldn't think it's much fun putting up with all that abuse and actually he does say often that it's just his opinion and you should make up your own mind!

what is your problem said...

little rich boy! say it to Icke's face next time charlatan!

Eric Dubay said...

You only read a few lines but still feel the need to comment? And you accuse me of not reading Icke's work!? Laughable hypocrisy man. I've read almost all of Icke's books cover to cover, including the one about hollow-moon reptilian-alien mind-control space-beams. My critiques of Icke are based on years of research. Your critique of my article is based on the first few lines you read.

Anonymous said...

The best lies always have a bit of truth in them. I've been studying language recently and through language i came upon this moon matrix idea. I was unfamiliar with David Ickes moon theories but he just pops up when one puts those words into a search engine. Has anyone seen I think Icke goes wrong with the shapeshifter stuff (doesn't matter what shape your enemy is in) and with his solution to just sit back and wait for some kind of change to occur to free us. Its this passive idea that makes him a shill.

Anonymous said...

Eric Dubay, pretends to be a hippie, but is quite obviously working for the fascists!

Eric Dubay said...

Lol, obviously! :)

Anonymous said...

I got banned from David Icke's Website after telling the truth (That conspiracy theories are stupid like reptillians)

Guess they only want those thing so people believe in them, and they make money through donations, buying dvds, affliction with other companies like water filters etc.

Yes Fluoride long-term is bad. But you know, I don't give a shit.

The Illuminati, to me, are a bunch of Judeo-Christian-Romans who push their right-Judaism/Christian religious dogma down people's throat.

David Icke is a nutcase. I give Atheist proofs, but he bans my ip. I did my job well.

Don't waste your time on conspiracy theories. Just get money and live your life in happiness with friends, family!

Anonymous said...

David Icke ignoring 'the Jewish question', are you kidding? Whole chapters of his books are devoted to it.

Anonymous said...

I too have read the Icke story books. And am near banned in just a few weeks of sparing w/the masonic gang. I did well, hushing them w/ proof. But two small fry could not take what they dish out and call the mods on me. I_AM mod. I mean 'I AM' like God. Arrogant. Its a one way street there. ATS? HA! They tried to provoke and accuse me to ensure a melt down. They failed. I walked away. The ritual oath the mason swears to is one sticking point they cannot get around. The noose, blindfold. I asked 'will your lodge display this before the local community at large if it is harmless. It has never failed.

Eric Dubay said...

Anon 1, Icke does not have any whole chapters devoted to Judaism. Anon 2, you're right about the Masonic oath, keep on stickin' it to 'em! :) Peace

Anonymous said...

The problem is though that there is a kind of New World Order and mind control and population reduction is definitely on the agenda. By having contemptible shills like Icke and Jones spout out their garbage day in and day out means that most people miss the actual truth that lies in the middle of what they say, and come to totally disbelieve it.

I can tell you that governments can and do use psychotronic weapons on people - ordinary citizens in America it would seem the most. It is all about mind control. Look up someone more candid and honest about this technology - Barrie Trower and Dr Rauni Kilde. I don't know whether they're paid opposition aswell, but they do appear to be honestly trying to help people in some way. And for that they can only be truly thanked. The thing is government's are tyrannical and will do terrible things and do get away with it.

People are doing themselves a great disservice if they don't look in to these issues themselves. Targeted individuals the world over are not lying or mentally deranged. Governments just want people to think that so they can carry on destroying people covertly.

See these Youtube links for more info:

Barrie Trower

Rauni Kilde

Eric Dubay said...

Great points Anon, thanks for the links, I'll check them out!

Anonymous said...

Alex jones may just be a mouthpiece, but an impossible to fix dent in ANYTHING related to anything that involves the word "conspiracy". Ever since obamas re election, there's been a surge in right wing conspiracy vids about the dhs seizing guns. In fact, they're so widespread, it's hard to avoid them. Ads pop up for them all the time. This whole right wing movement has basically been started by Jones. If we want a real truth movement, we have to officially expose them as shills. That includes rense, jones, the ae9/11 truth movement (lead by cold fusion cover up agent steven jones) david ike, disclosure project (ufo) bfro (bigfoot) the guy who created the Chemtrail movie(dont know name) christopher bollyn, etc

Rense:idk much about this guy,other than he supports the same crap alex spits,so disinfo

Steven jones: type up in youtube: steven jones and cold fusion cover up plus anything judy woods says about the movement
Disclosure project: totally screwed up the ufo movement.all this crap about area 51, bob lazar, that old ufo hunters guy who never takes off those stupid sunglasses,etc

Bfro: I don't care what you think about bigfoot, (read soul snatchers a quest to find true human beings, you'll find it a lot more believable) but these guys have totally screwed the pooch on this subject. What do they do on the outside? Send 50 hillbillies, Hicks, rednecks, crackers, whatever you wanna call them, screaming, hooting, and trampling through the woods with shotguns and that's how they operate. On the down low? Sabatage any true bigfoot researcher, steal credit, and ruin everyone's reputation. They still think that even though they've avoided us for so long, it'sjust a dumb ape, when they attack anyone who says iit's a human cousin (that's probably why Lloyd pye died)

Why in the world are they spraying guy: this shit about dropping viruses on cities, gmo cropping, and weather manipulation is just classic Jones fear mongering, jones supports this guy anyway. I'll tell you why it's happening, the sun is getting too hot for us. Oil cos weaken ozone layer, and sun is too powerful PERIOD anyone realize back in the day before chemtrails existed, the sun was different. It wasn't as bright, it didn't feel like it was literally cooking your skin, and now it's bright white instead of yellow.

Bollyn: I like bollyn, he never uses the illuminati/mason/satanist/socialist nwo crap. He always refers to zionist crime network's, it's a lot more direct, and traceable to some degree, but he never calls the usual shills on their bullshit, and labels Judy wood as a disinfo agent, which btw, is just a reverse cointelpro tactic. Her book covers all the loose ends that most shills never bring up, and it's more scientific than playing the whole "who done it" game, she has WAY more credibility than any of those AE jokers. Anyone who says "she's crazy, she thinks a super space weapon was used" uh no, in her book, she covers 3 possible technologies used to do it, the evidence points to possibility of : Tesla tech, cold fusion, microwaves.

I don't know what you all think about the alien/bigfoot/spirit thing, but I'm actually a believer in shamanism (using magic mushrooms, dmt to contact entities) its probably where religion started, people like us believe what you experience on these things are real, science calls it a hallucination, but when you get knowledge from the experience that you couldn't possibly have known, I call bullshit on them for that. Terrence McKenna is why I got into this stuff. I think spirituality, psychedelics, aliens, bigfoot etc are all connected, I'm not a new ager, that crap is just as fraudulent as traditional religions. This is what I think, in terms of evidence and personal experience so don't tell me I'm wrong, etc, I just wanted to put that out there so everyone knew where I was coming from here...

Anonymous said...

Icke is good, jones is rubbish

Kamov said...

Hi Eric,

thanks for your articles.

So Bill Cooper and who really fight them going to be killed..

This mean that you also should be killed?

Anonymous said...

You can always spot disinformation agents in a few ways. Firstly, if they've never been accused of sexual assault or something equally horrible soon after they start to speak out (Julian Assange), or if they're not audited by the tax man soon after they start to speak the truth. Basically, if they're left alone and not harassed, humiliated, charged with various crimes or discredited in any way, they're probably a disinformation agent. Alex Jones and David Icke are great examples of this. There is no way that those in power would allow these two guys to speak the "truth" to millions of people every day if they weren't controlling what was being said. All the REAL truth tellers they kill. Anyone who starts speaking the truth and especially if the people start to listen, they just kill. Better a dead martyr than a living prophet.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago I posted some comments about the death of River Phoenix in connection with the rampant paedophilia in Hollywood. Three days ago this post was removed claiming it was libellous and wouldn't stand up in a court of law.

Part of the post had to do with River Phoenix being forced to have sex from the age of 4, when he was in a Christian cult "The family" or the "Children of god":
Turns out that a good frien of Icke - Zen Gardner - was a leader of this paedophile sex cult: