Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks! Proof Hicks Faked His Death

Due to pressure from many of us in the alternative-alternative media, Alex Jones has now come right out and admitted the fact that he is Bill Hicks! Watch the following clips and read the condemning evidence below. It seems to me the jig is up, the facts are in, the proof is plain to see, Bill Hicks faked his death and lives on as Alex Jones:

-Alex Jones' facial recognition matches 100% with Bill Hicks

-Alex Jones' teeth match 100% with Bill Hicks'

-Alex Jones and Bill Hicks have two identical moles on the right side of their necks

-Alex Jones has clearly had a mole removed on the left side of his neck exactly where Bill had one

-Alex Jones has characteristics of a nose job and facelift, dyes his hair/eyebrows and has the same hair-line as Hicks

-Bill Hicks' mannerisms, viewpoints, and attitudes are all present in Alex Jones

-Bill Hicks' best friend and producer Kevin Booth is now Alex Jones' friend and producer!

-Bill Hicks' last work with Kevin Booth and Alex Jones' first work with Booth were both about the Waco incident

-Bill Hicks last interview was on Austin public access TV, Alex Jones first TV show was on Austin public access

-Alex Jones randomly accepted a framed picture award of Bill Hicks from Kevin Booth at Hicks' 10th Anniversary Event

-Bill Hicks "died" in 1994 and Alex Jones has no verifiable history before then

-Bill Hicks had no public funeral and was supposedly buried in his parents yard

-Alex Jones claims to have attended Anderson high school but they have no record of him and classmates have never heard of him

-Lately Alex Jones has now repeatedly come out and admitted the fact that he is Bill Hicks!

-If somehow you're still not convinced, for even more evidence see this article!


Michelle York said...

You've pinned the tail on the donkey with this posting Eric. Let them that have eyes to see..see. My question is Why did Alex Jones do this?

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Michelle! I'd really like to know why as well. That's the next mystery that needs solving.

Anonymous said...

I honestly feel this subject really damages the credibility of this website Eric and I'm a huge fan of your work. It makes no sense.

Eric Dubay said...

There's overwhelming evidence for this Anonymous. Presenting the evidence does not damage my credibility, thanks.

It makes no sense

What makes no sense is that they have the same face, teeth, moles, limp, demeanor, live in the same hometown, same TV station, same friends, same producer, and pointing out those facts makes my Anonymous "huge fan" feel I've lost credibility. Sorry Anonymous huge fan, but I'm a genuine truth-seeker and Alex Hicks, the so-called leader of the "truth" movement, is a monumental liar.

Do people really believe he was born in 1974? You think he's 39 years old as he claims? Or is it just as obvious to you that "Alex" is 53 year old Bill?

Do You Believe Alex Jones is 39 Years Old?

He's already been caught lying over and over again... he lied about the parking lot incident, he lied about the Austin gun rally, he lied about Y2K, he lied about Bill Cooper, and on it goes:

Alex Jones is an Inside Job

How does pointing out a liar damage MY credibility Anonymous? Pointing out a liar damages the liar's credibility... the person pointing it out is just the messenger. If you're really a huge fan of my work, then relax, do some research and get back to me, you'll see my credibility is doing just fine.

Eric Dubay said...

Another great article on the subject:

Alex Jones Denies Being Bill Hicks Sort Of

Anonymous said...

It was never my intention to offend, you are one of the most credible people out there in mind and spirit. Granted there are some peculiar similarities but I don't buy it for a minute. To me the facial resemblences are there but not exact, the jones' backstory while missing in detail and oddly akin to that of BH proves nothing. Jones' rebuttals also provide no real evidence. So alex jones lies? Granted. He's full of baloney. Again it provides no credence to this claim.The key question I would ask is why would something so incredibly audacious be risked at all? There are better figureheads the CIA could have planted, ifthe man is a fraud. Until there's a sensible explanation to resolve what I see as an insensible argument then I feel there are far better subjects to tackle. Without it its just another weird and wonderful conspiracy theory that does little to help convince those looking in that were not all just a bunch of strange little men and women with fanciful imaginations and too much time on our hands. As such it ssurprises me its given such support on your excellent website. But of course its just my opinion which can be taken with a pinch if salt as much as the next man's and I certainly dont have all the answers.. Its just a ride and all that jazz.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the explanation Anon. The facial resemblances are not exact because of a nose job and face-lift, but when you do facial triangulation and compare teeth it's an exact match. The moles match, he's got Bill's limp, same mannerisms, has the same friends and best friend, same producer, same production company, same public access TV station, same Waco obsession with Kevin Booth, and what's with him receiving Bill Hicks' award at the 10th Anniversary celebration? Kevin Booth even says with a smirk on his face before he hands the award to Alex that "maybe in some way Bill is even here with us right now!" Mmhhmm

From Mack Quigley's article:

1 Their facial alignment is an exact match;
2 There are face-lift marks by AJ’s ears;
3 AJ is clearly lying about his age;
4 Mole marks on their necks exact match;
5 Teeth of both appear to match;
6 A common history at Sacred Cow Productions, yet never appeared together.
7 BH’s mysteriously sudden death;
8 AJ’s sudden role as star at Sacred Cow Productions after BH’s death;
9 Kevin Booth’s inexplicable close friendship with AJ;
10 AJ admits incidental life details that match BH;
11 Attention lavished on AJ at 10 year “anniversary” of BH’s death;
12 During early AJ videos narration occasionally slips into BH’s voice;
13 AJ’s mysterious unknown background;
14 Infowars posting photo-shopped images alleged to be young AJ;
15 AJ/BH had matching conspiracy theories re bankers/global elite;
16 AJ/BH had matching pantheistic new-age space-exploration religious philosophies;
17 Made similar comedic impersonations;
18 Matching hand gestures, body movements; etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

but what about the voices? Surely Bill and Alex's voices sound completely different? How did Alex get his voice to sound different to Bill's? Maybe Alex and Bill were twins separated at birth rather?

Eric Dubay said...

Alex's voice has been getting deeper and gruffer over the years, but if you watch old clips back in 96, 97 right after the "transition" his voice often slips right back into sounding like Hicks. Hicks was a master of voices anyway and you can tell Jones purposely lays that radio voice on pretty thick when he says words like "conservatively" and "brag" :) .... In Ninja Bachelor Party Hicks did 6 different character voices himself. Plus he's a heavy smoker and it looks like Jones took steroids/testosterone around "transition" time which can mess with your voice.

Which reminds me of one of my favorite callers to his show who critiqued his voice and the way he talks, hilarious!

Alex Jones Speech Problems

Eric Dubay said...

In that clip he says himself that years of screaming at protests has made his voice deeper and scratchier.

Chris S said...

I'm sorry but this is utter drivel. There are conspiracies that are worth investigating but this is certainly not one. Instead of convincing yourself that over half a dozen half-baked pieces of evidence equate to Hicks being Jones how about using your intuition and trusting your senses. Anyone who has watched Hicks and Jones for any amount of time can clearly see they are not the same person.

It would be one hell of an acting job on Hicks' behalf to pull it off.

In my humblest of humble of opinions, anyone posting such utter garbage is disgracing the good name of Bill Hicks.

Nightwatchman said...

I'm with Chris on this one, look Sadaam Husein had 7 body doubles, hollywood stars have stunt doubles, science says that there are at least a dozen people alive that look very similar to you, in fact so good that others can be fooled.

I'd need a lot more evidence before I can be convinced, I don't think Bill faked his death, he was awesome, but I can't buy this.

Eric Dubay said...

Bill Hicks knows he's covering up the Atlantean Conspiracy! ;-)

Alex Jones Admits He's Covering Up The Atlantean Conspiracy

Anonymous said...

Total BS on this one. Alex Jones would admit something so ridiculous for the attention. Jones has no wit or humor. Someone with Hicks' wit would not be able to conceal such a gift. Stop giving blowhard Jones any attention please. He gets enough.

Anonymous said...

What a load of b*ll sh*t , whilst they may share the same opinions on a range of subjects, it is an insult to say these two people are the same person. Bill hicks would not of screamed at the top of his voice at the presenter of This Week here in England, the guy was far
More articulate and his IQ through the roof, and if he was given an opportunity such as an interview on This week, he would of used it far far better. Whilst this sh*t is flying around the web it takes us away from the fact that bill hicks had started to piss a lot of people off and started getting ordinary folk to sit up and listen to what he had to say, they killed him, Life is ride. Let's make it better, Andy, Liverpool UK

icet925 said...

Why are the videos private?
I want to watch!

Eric Dubay said...

Lame! They weren't private when I posted them. This is some new YouTube censorship method. They did this with all their Moon Landing Hoax videos too :(

Unknown said...

I'm floating back and forth on this Bill Hicks is Alex Jones thing...but to me the most provocative evidence is Bill Hicks' final Igby's appearance in 1993 and the first time I heard Alex Jones on Coast To Coast AM just before Noory took over. The content, the approach to the material, and the intensity of both are what make this "theory" possibly believable to me.

As far as facial identifiers, I don't see anything on this page that examines Bill Hicks' and Alex Jones' ears well. And if you've ever had a passport photo taken, you'll know that they are *really* specific on making sure your ears are completely visible in the photo because they are a head\facial feature that is least affected by aging and most difficult to hide surgery scars on. Customs officials are taught to look at the facial triangulation AND the ears when considering passport photo IDs.

Next time I'm in a room with someone that met\knew Bill Hicks and knows\has appeared on stage with Alex Jones, I'll be sure to ask their opinion and examine them closely as they respond.

Unknown said...

To clarify some of Bill Hicks' material (as the Narrator to the last video posted seemed to grossly misunderstand everything Hicks ever said):

1) Bill Hicks was not an atheist. He clearly believed in a world or plane of existence beyond the material, as in "'s just a ride." He also did material on magic mushrooms as proof that God exists because they grow in cow poop, which comes from a cow's butt, and it was his stated opinion that something he enjoyed so much and found so interesting as magic mushrooms originating in a cow's rectum was de-facto proof of a God.

2) Bill Hicks' last Letterman appearance is clearly NOT anti-Christian or blasphemous, it is actively pointing out the hypocrisy of "Pro-Life Christians" that do things like bomb abortion clinics and harass human beings who are already going through a really really hard and stressful experience. The set has a moment where Bill leans towards the crowd with disgust and confusion on his face and says "Pro-Life Christians who kill?" It was an anti-hypocrisy set, not an "Anti-Christian" set.

3) Bill Hicks' was also - very clearly so - anti-war and anti-murder, as well as anti-corruption, anti-materialism, pro-Democracy, pro-education, but most of all pro-questioning the prepackaged answers Society as a whole rams down our throats on a daily basis. (All labels that can apply equally well to Alex Jones.)

4) Bill Hicks was *never* wealthy. He never had his own TV show or released a CD on a major label like Bill Cosby or Jerry Seinfeld did. He never had a contract with HBO to release a dozen comedy specials over the course of his life like George Carlin. He released 3-4 comedy albums during his life that sold marginally well enough to support a middle-middle to upper-middle class lifestyle, and recorded only (3) full length specials that barely made a dint in the major markets in the States, even though they were quite popular in England and ESL Europe. He probably *never* even came close to the same amount of money Dave Chappelle or Carlos Mencia make as comics because Comedy Central didn't even exist during his career.

And, lastly, I honestly can't quite tell if Bill Hicks' ears are different enough from Alex Jones' to indicate that they are different people because the extra bulk on Jones' face - as compared to Hicks - keeps throwing me off...but if I had to bet, I'd bet that the two do, in fact, have different ears.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still undecided on this one...the evidence that Bill and Alex are the same guy is quite compelling...and much of what is listed above regarding Bill Hicks' world view actually jibes quite nicely with large chunks of Alex Jones' world view, which supports for me the theory that Bill and Alex are, in fact, the same guy.

Unknown said...

Hey-enjoy your blog-here's a link to mine...
You're welcome to use any of the toons if you throw in a link.
Chris Katko

Eric Dubay said...

Bill and Alex's ears match other than the notch Alex has in his from the face-lift. Check out their teeth, exact match, and facial triangulation exact as well. Thanks for the cartoons Chris, those are great! Love Kosher Jones blowing shit through the bullhorn over the airwaves :) Peace

Eric Dubay said...

Now the videos aren't just "private" but "the user who posted these videos account has been terminated." Mmhhmm. Why do you think they took down this channel? His channel was called "Vader Time" and he only posted videos about NWO shills and Alex Jones being Bill Hicks. He had over 50 videos, why do you think his account was deleted? I know exactly why his account was deleted but all these trolls in the comments section will have to cry coincidence! YouTube is constantly shutting down truther channels... 22CaliberHitter had his channel terminated as well for exposing Alex Jones as Bill Hicks. They do NOT want this issue exposed.

Anonymous said...

A youtube vid of his 8/16/13 show

at 1:08:25 he CLEARLY says "I'm Bill Hicks your host we'll be right back"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Caliber Hitter is not on our side. He's there to look like a crackpot therefore making the issue seem like he pulled it right out of his ass. He's like Dallas Goldbug if you've ever heard of him.

Anonymous said...

So, how tall was Bill Hicks? How tall is Alex Jones? Do you think AJs plastic surgery reduced the size of his lips? They are not a match in your comparative photos.

Eric Dubay said...

Check the link above your comment to answer your height question. Also see the following:

Do Backstage Videos Confirm AJ's Real Identity?

Eddie Lin Storyboard Artist said...

Eric, you will have to look up Dallas Goldbug's research. For years he claimed Alex Jones, Dave Hicks, Jordan Maxwell, and Bill Cooper are all the same person in disguise. Look up his site and youtube vids I totally believe it. Its like those actors in Boston Bombing, they are for hire, and full time!

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Eddie, thanks for the comment. I've seen the wellaware1 site several times and it looks like pure disinfo to me, purposely put out to discredit this kind of research. He says Alex Jones is Beau Bridges and a bunch of other celebrities who bare no resemblance to each other. To me, the Alex Jones - Bill Hicks connection is uncanny and probable, but most of the comparisons on his site are outlandish and laughable. Peace

Anonymous said...

I think the only piece of evidence one needs to prove this conspiracy theory is false is the fact that Alex Jones is a slobbering intellectually-deficient moron and Bill Hicks was a an actual genius.

SH said...

As far as I can tell from his comedy, Bill Hicks was highly principled, spiritual in the universal sense that "All is one" there is no separation, life is an illusion or game in order for the "All" to play out experiences under the illusion of separation etc.

Alex Jones, on the other hand, seems like kind of a dick. He does not espouse spiritual beliefs like Hicks. Also, there is interesting indications that Alex really is a shill, while from everything I've seen Hicks had integrity.

The similarities you point out are very interesting.

Do you think Hicks is playing a long game and will expose all the bullshit and come clean if he is indeed Alex Jones and a shill, and turn it around on the powers that be? Or do you think Hicks was a shill all along?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey SH, I totally agree with you, and as I've jokingly said before, that's the best evidence against this idea! Bill Hicks really seemed like a good-hearted, genuine, truth-seeker whereas Alex Jones seems like a shill, been caught lying repeatedly, and works for the bad guys/Stratfor-CIA! I think some super powerful elite like Ted Turner took Bill under his wing and showed him "the power of the dark side of the force" and turned the good man that was Anakin Hicks into the monster known as Darth Jones. He even uses the Darth Vader theme song for his radio show. I think Bill turned to the dark side when Ted Turner made him an offer he couldn't refuse. MK-Ultra or some such mind-control may be involved as well:

Infowars Mastermind Ted Turner

Anonymous said...

IDK, this sounds a little far fetched. What would be the point of faking his death? I'm interested, but definitely not convinced. Until better evidence is available, there just is not enough to go on. Well, not enough for me to believe it. Also, I am quite surprised to find an article like this, with such bad evidence on this blog. I have heard many good things about this blog. This really surprised me, and makes me wonder about the credibility of the blog. You cant make a statement of fact, with only circumstantial/shaky evidence at best. It would have been better for you to post the evidence you have, and leave it up to the readers/watchers to decide, instead of making the bold statement of surety that Alex is indeed Bill Hicks. I'm not by any means saying you're wrong about you're theory, as I do not know. All I'm saying is you should have presented it as a question, backed by you're evidence. Anyways, now you have peeked my interested in this, so I'm going to do some research and see if I can find anything solid. Good day to you, and if you come across anything else about this please share! Best Regards,

Unknown said...

Alex Jones and Bill Hicks are one person, he is the antichrist himself, watch and see.

Anonymous said...

After being sucked in by the Truth Movement back in 2006, I began to wonder how all these "Truth" leaders got their information and how they were able to captivate my attention. It changed my life actually for the negative after I soaked up all the information. Then I came across Youtube videos of Bill Hicks and new without question where and how the "Truth Movement" started. By an F'N comedian. Boy did I feel hadd.

Tom said...

Alex Jones is government puppet to show the mass population that people who has conspiracy theories, questions the government and the new world order and the global elites, etc. are lunatics and crazy pyschos like Alex's character. He makes the Truth Movement look like a joke and for anarchists. Coast2Coast and RT and even the Young Turks are more respected than this clown.

Jesusissavior said...

I agree with you Eric, great research and it all adds up. I don't believe in so many coincidences. I wonder what his real name is and if he was created by the Tavistock institute or another agency.

Anonymous said...

There's no beating DNA and if anyone was really interested in proving it they'd call a good PI and he'll have an answer in a very short time.

Anonymous said...

Dna doesnt lie get a dna test proving it

Pop Schlepp said...

This is TOTAL HORSESHIT! Stevie Wonder could see that these two faces are not even close to the same. Stfu! Try some other way to get attention.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys serious!

I consider this an insult to Bill, he was way better a person than Alex could ever be!

Juan said...

Why would someone who spoke against the government fake his death to take on a persona who speaks against the government?
If it's true that Elvis, Jim Morrison and 2Pac are alive then they did it right, they didn't come back to be in the spotlight.

Unknown said...

Interesting similarities and circumstantial evidence and maybe even more compelling yet is the fact that it makes for a fun mystery to solve but all coincidence aside, Alex Jones doesn't hold a candle to Bill Hicks intellectually. I admit they share some of the same mannerisms and even facial features and such but as far as social satire and commentary, they're simply not in the same league. Bill was far wittier and his style had an intelligent edge to it that Jones' style lacks. Don't get me wrong, Jones is a smart guy and I like him but he's a different guy with a different personality and I don't care how much two people look alike, personality, intelligence and creative genius simply can't be faked.

Unknown said...

umm, Bill Hicks does indeed have a marked grave and it ain't in his folks' back yard:

now whether his body is actually in the grave or not I cannot speak to...

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is also Beau Bridges without the fake Bushy Eyebrows. Also Fake Ron Paul had fake eyebrows the glue melted in the hot studio lights go figure he also moonlights as Ian Mckellen famously know for his roles in Lord of the rings and Xmen or should we call him sir since he is knighted for his services to the queen. Service for what hidden or black ops.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of people asking " why?" Is it really that difficult to figure out people. Why does Batman wear a mask? He is trying to protect his family, or at least those of his family that didn't sign on or that he isn't personally responsible for like his children. Another reason would be that by introducing a new that is far less vulgar than hicks was he opened himself up to a much broader audience.

Eric Dubay said...

I definitely don't think Alex Jones is Beau Bridges or Ron Paul is Ian McKellen, but if you want to see even more far-fetched supposed celeb matches, check out

The last Anon makes a good point on why Bill would've done this. Likely made him an offer he couldn't refuse, just like the smoky room in his JFK bit. Faked his death, sold his soul, and came back as half himself in AJ.

Anonymous said...

Why? Jones/Hicks wife is an Israeli. In 1996, an Israeli propaganda firm named Stratfor was founded in Austin to first get zioinst puppet GW Bush elected. He works for them as a disinformation agent. Hicks was never an originator -he copied the likes of Kinnison and Carlin. Jones is an imitation of Rush Limbaugh right down to the paper crinkling. I've heard Hicks was recruited by the Rothschilds in England when he was in England which makes sense time
wise and career wise. Bottom line same guy. Remember, they faked 9/11 , Newtown, Boston, Columbine, Aurora, Ft. Hood twicethis is a piece of cake.
Like this wellware crap his job is to discredit the truth by mixing it in with a lot of bull.

Eric Dubay said...

More good points Anon!

The MollyGate Alex Jones Stratfor Scandal

Unknown said...

just another brain
dead troll ! move along people , nothing of value here !

Zukarinkuari said...

hey Eric -

Visit this thread:

Lots of new research confirming Bill Hicks = Alex Jones.

Eric Dubay said...

Great thread, thanks for posting it! I'm going to share it here in it's entirety:

I hope that I am wrong, but the evidence seems to show that [MR. TEXAN] is a pseudonym and that he used to be known as Bill Hicks, the comedian. Here is a video of Bill Hicks is:

The coincidences are shocking. Here is a summary of the main evidentiary points:

1. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks look very similar and share the same gait, mannerisms, voice, and facial biometrics.

2. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks share the same exact crooked teeth and spacing.

3. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks share the same friend and co-producer - Kevin Booth.

4. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks both produced documentaries at Waco and have a connection with Sacred Cow Productions.

5. [MR. TEXAN] received a Bill Hicks picture and plaque as an award before any connection between [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks was established.

6. [MR. TEXAN] was roughly anonymous until after the purported death of Bill Hicks.

7. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks both lived in and have a close connection to Austin, Texas.

8. [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks were both in comedy.

9. [MR. TEXAN] is clearly lying about his age and eye color, and he has certainly had plastic surgery.

Eric Dubay said...

The only way [MR. TEXAN] could have pulled this off would have been with the Establishment’s assistance. The implication is frightening.

A few years ago, I would have condemned and scorned anyone who would make such an unbelievable claim. For me, [MR. TEXAN] represented the true patriot against the Establishment. [MR. TEXAN] initially did an excellent job at fighting the 9-11 conspiracy, which actually got me to start listening to him; however, [MR. TEXAN] tends to avoid the subject now. [MR. TEXAN] did an excellent job at outing Bohemian Grove; however, I have always been curious as to how he so easily snuck into the camp and filmed the owl worshiping and sacrifice ceremony.

Notwithstanding [MR. TEXAN's] previous great efforts, I have grown increasingly disenchanted with him. Over the last few years, [MR. TEXAN's] articles and discussions have become much more mainstream and [MR. TEXAN] seems to only want to pacify the true opposition.

For example, [MR. TEXAN's] web articles tend to encourage the split between Republicans/Democrats, Conservatives/Liberals, Blacks/Whites, Christians/Non-Christians, Gays/Heterosexuals, etc., only adding to the Establishment’s goal of keeping the American population divided. Instead of investigating the evidence, Alex only ridicules or attempts to “debunk” Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing/Woolwich Beheading/Santa Barbara so-called “truthers.”

It has frustrated me to listen to [MR. TEXAN's] sponsored “debunkers” entirely ignore the most damning evidence showing that these events were staged. [MR. TEXAN] even uses the pejorative term “conspiracy theorist” to refer to anyone who may consider that the Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing/Woolwich Beheading/Santa Barbara events were staged. No true anti-Establishment mouthpiece would ever use the mainstream term “conspiracy theorist” as an insult to others who are seeking the truth.

In addition, [MR. TEXAN's] acting job on CNN where he portrayed gun rights activists as out-of-control psychopaths was also very disheartening. If [MR. TEXAN] was legitimate, there is no way that he would have acted like such a crazed jerk ( – [MR. TEXAN] would have appeared level-headed, calm, and articulate – instead he played the violent crazy gun enthusiast – exactly what the Establishment and CNN would have wanted from him.

Anyways, I came across this video – and it hit me (same feeling I got when I first opened my eyes to 9-11 and the fake moon landings) – HOLY CRAP!!! - THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY BE TRUE!

If it is true – the [MR. TEXAN]/Bill Hicks conspiracy would prove that we are totally screwed – i.e., the opposition to the Establishment is entirely controlled, and this would probably include Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Joe Rogan, Mark Dice, etc.

Sure enough, [MR. TEXAN's] character is roughly anonymous until shortly after the alleged death of Bill Hicks in February 1994.

Sure enough, [MR. TEXAN] seems to have lied about his age (according to Wikipedia, [MR. TEXAN] was born in 1974 – so, he is currently only 40? – I don’t think so).

Eric Dubay said...

Of course, if Bill Hicks (I have always been a fan of Bill Hicks) was set up by the Establishment to work under a pseudonym, along with plastic surgery, [MR. TEXAN] would have a pretty good cover story, with family members (dentist father), birth certificate, school records, a team of shills, etc. Of course, the Establishment wouldn’t ever falsify birth certificates or use shills, would they? It is interesting that [MR. TEXAN’s] purported birth records include both a misspelled middle name (“Emric” should have been “Emerick”) and the wrong county of his birth.

Sure enough, Bill Hicks and [MR. TEXAN] share the same mannerisms (here is a hilarious clip of Bill Hicks – note how his mannerisms closely match [MR. TEXAN's] – the finger pointing is almost exactly the same – Compare Bill Hicks’s videos on YouTube with [MR. TEXAN's] – the mannerisms and gait are shockingly similar. Watch a Bill Hicks rant (look familiar?):

Sure enough, Bill Hicks and [MR. TEXAN] have the exact same teeth and share several other facial features ( What are the chances that both individuals would have the exact same spacing and misshaped teeth (at one time [MR. TEXAN] had caps – other photos show him without the caps)? This is pretty strong evidence that Bill Hicks became [MR. TEXAN]. See these comparisons of facial outlines: and and They even share the same voice at times (go to 42:32) - Here is [MR. TEXAN] with brown eyes:

Sure enough, in late 2004, [MR. TEXAN] was also into comedy:

Sure enough, Bill Hicks’s best friend, Kevin Booth, also seems to be a very good friend and associate of [MR. TEXAN]. Here is a Wikipedia article on Kevin Booth – note that Kevin Booth and Bill Hicks were also at Waco a couple of years before [MR. TEXAN] showed up at Waco and began making headlines in the alternative media – (what are the chances?).

Eric Dubay said...

From the article, “Martial Law 9/11: Rise of The Police State (2005) was co-produced by Booth with [MR. TEXAN], who directed the documentary.” Co-production of at least one video with Kevin Booth and [MR. TEXAN] (what are the odds that Bill Hicks’s best friend would just happen to co-produce a video with [MR. TEXAN], who looks exactly like Bill Hicks?). Note that Bill Hicks and [MR. TEXAN] also have a connection with Sacred Cow Productions -

Sure enough, both [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks made videos regarding the Waco massacre. Here is a video of Kevin Booth and Bill Hicks at Waco doing a documentary (before the final siege) – Here is [MR. TEXAN] showing up at Waco long after the siege doing a documentary –

Sure enough, [MR. TEXAN] recognized a relationship with Bill Hicks prior to any public connection being made. This video shows [MR. TEXAN] receiving a Bill Hicks plaque from Kevin Booth (what are the odds that [MR. TEXAN] would receive a Bill Hicks picture and plaque before a connection was even made between [MR. TEXAN] and Bill Hicks?) –

Here is an interview with [MR. TEXAN] and Kevin Booth – of course, they are both laughing at those who believe that [MR. TEXAN] was Bill Hicks (they never addressed the fact that Bill Hicks looks almost exactly the same as [MR. TEXAN], share the same teeth, mannerisms, were both in documentaries in Waco, both have a very close relationship with Kevin Booth, and both made movies with Kevin Booth?) – (see also:

If [MR. TEXAN] was legitimate, why did he and Kevin Booth not sincerely address the evidence (even jokingly) instead of just making fun of those looney “conspiracy theorists,” and employ the Establishment’s favorite reductio ad absurdum strategy (e.g., [MR. TEXAN] is actually Richard Pryor)?

In defense of [MR. TEXAN], there is the possibility that he was forced into adopting the [MR. TEXAN] persona and name change (a common modus operandi of the cabal). It is also possible that he has had a change of heart and is trying to get the truth out there by continually making the statement, "I am Bill Hicks." Here is a rant of [MR. TEXAN] where he indicates that he works for the Establishment and may be truly trapped (he works for Time-Warner -

The coincidences are beyond shocking. [MR. TEXAN's] silly and peculiar reactions/admissions to the claims only further indicate their veracity. I have not reached a 100% conclusion on this matter, but as of right now I am strongly leaning to the conclusion that [MR. TEXAN] was formerly known as Bill Hicks.

Anonymous said...

I just have one thing to say: holy jumping fuckballs.

Eric Dubay said...

"This article will provide irrefutable and immutable proof that Bill Hicks was recruited by the CIA to become the controlled opposition of the MSM. Bill Hicks assumed the identity of Alex Jones as he was continuously fed approved intelligence by his CIA handlers, in order to create a truth movement of false hope. The information that Agent Hicks was given, was for the sole purpose of directing and leading an awakening public to only the partial truths of what the One World Government is really up to"...

Irrefutable Proof That Bill Hicks Was Resurrected by the CIA as Alex Jones

Eric Dubay said...

"Alex Jones" Slips Up and Says He's the Best Comic

Eric Dubay said...

Bill Hicks and Alex Jones Both Rant in E-Minor

Eric Dubay said...

Bill Hicks and Alex Jones Both Love ACTV

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they're both clones

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the worst "conspiracy theory" ever. Its things like this that will keep people from the truth. No need to invent this kind of bullshit. The real crime is happening under your noses every day. Your elected representatives are not representing you. Media is controlled and shapes public opinion allowing the atrocity of war and resource stealing to carry on unhindered. This kind of thing is why the public don't take real issues like false flag attacks and gaslighting seriously because one look at this article and your going to be branded a nut.

Its been pointed out several times how different they act and you explain this with MK Ultra etc. Ridiculous.

In a nutshell. Bill hicks was hilarious with an articulate way of expressing what's really going on and what lies behind the veil of consciousness. He didn't ram it down your throat, wasn't selling anything. His humour was a gateway to get people to stop and think for a minute. Probably why he was loved more in the UK than in America.

AJ is a rude, brash, self centered finger pointing, Im right you're wrong, Monsters in the closet sensationalist/conspiracy theorist.

Even if they were twins separated at birth they couldn't be more different.

Eric Dubay said...

Its things like this that will keep people from the truth. No need to invent this kind of bullshit.

No, it's gate-keepers like Bill Jones that keep people from the truth. I couldn't "invent this kind of bullshit," the evidence is overwhelming, follow the links.

Anonymous said...

Wow ... if you think your "proof" of this actually qualifies as proof, you need professional help. This is the worst kind of bullshit, because it distracts from the real problems.

Anonymous said...

ear folds and lobes dont match.

they are like fingerprints.

Anonymous said...

i think this 100% BILL HICKS, Alex Jones even admitted it seriously and said MAX knows a secret , so anyone debunking this is full of shit << its definitely the same person

Brandon Bramley said...

Here's the answer you guys have been waiting for:

Anonymous said...

It is positively sure that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks.

If you check it out, you find out that Adam Kokesh is Jonathan Brandis, Mark Dice is River Phoenix, "Montagraph" is Sam Kinison, Christopher Greene is Brandon Lee, and Anthony Antonello is Chris Farley.

And for the final act, Rush Limbaugh is Jim Morrison.

Sounds impossible? There are tons of death fakers that take on positions as "right wing loons" to discredit the truth movement, to discredit those that fight against the globalist movement, to discredit those that do true research. They use former actors/musicians/entertainers because they know how to handle an audience and they already have the charisma to speak in public and hold people's attention.

Eric Dubay said...

Yup, you're right Anonymous. I've been looking into many other celebrity death fakers including the ones you mentioned and there is plenty of evidence to support them. One of the most interesting being Obama is Osama, check that one out if you haven't already. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Eric. I will check that out.

They do these kinds of things, death faking and whatnot, things so outrageous, to get people to doubt what they know is true. And to get people to look "out there" for suggesting that all of it is true. The world is one giant psy-op.

Anonymous said...

Open your eyes. Whether or not he staged his death or not there had to be a reason for it. He went from a comedian staging his death to a man opening eyes to what's really going on in this world. I've learned more from Alex then I have ever in my life besides the deep web. Who knows he could be working for the feds or he could be being set up by the feds ti put him out of business so us as the rebellion stay in the dark cut Alex Jones has made my eyes open and as much as people think that this is a conspiracy look around you we are all living in in a conspiracy either way I respect Alex and everything he's done for this country. It's like an inception but deeper. Look behind the curtains and tell me Alex Jones is not a leader or a prophet. We all have conspiracies in our lifes. What's going on here is the federal government is trying to stop the truth. This is huge and it's going to take a lot more then framing Alex Jones to bring this rebellion down. Just think how many people have Snowden leaks. And maybe Alex Jones has his own private agenda but at least he has the balls to expose the most uncovered conspiracies known to man. Just think why would he stage his death. Did he know something that could endanger his life or is this just the government trying to shut him down so they can continue there evil agenda

Anonymous said...

I love Bill Hicks--if you've ever listened to his comedic routines, you would know, Bill was diametrically opposed to selling out, and he would NEVER have acted as Alex has--NOT. AT. ALL. I think this is a dead subject, Eric, not worth pursuing, because it tragically disrespects Bill Hicks--saying he's Alex? Ouch, that is a cruel, cruel insult to Bill Hicks, one of the greatest comedians and freedom fighters ever. A lot of people believe poor Bill was killed because he was very vocal about the Oligarchs--pretty easy to "catch" cancer, if you're a threat to the system. Love your book FLAT EARTH CONSPIRACY, by the way, great work.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Anon, glad to hear you enjoyed The Flat Earth Conspiracy! I must humbly disagree that this is a dead subject. Have you seen this video yet?

Irrefutable Proof Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Anonymous said...

Bill hicks needed an image change to appeal to the masses not the ppl "at the Docks" werent enough for him to make a universal impact. so he create an alias that was pro christian and American to rise the masses to carry out his agenda more effectively alex said he has never done dugs not even marijuana bill admitted to aid shrooms heroin and cocaine who would the masses really take bill seriously after all he disclosed about himself. yet he needed to get the word out alex even said h refused pain killers when he broke his leg well bill did take them when he broke alexs leg

Anonymous said...

i have read an article that there was really an alex jones but was replaced by bill hicks and impersonate that original alex jones

any comments on this? thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thought this maybe of interest in the ongoing debate over Alex Jones' real identity. A video of him confessing to being Bill Hicks- "Alex Jones to retire". As usual it was done in the classic Jones fashion of adopting a fake but projecting it as a real confession but in reality it was meant to mock his critics and trying to be clever by saying you haven't grasped the scale of the conspiracy regarding myself and Bill Hicks you are all wrong. Its not that I became Alex Jones, I created Bill Hicks first to deceive you all and then created my alter ego after that- Alex Jones to deceive you even further. Hahaha!!!!. (He laughs)

Anonymous said...

Hicks is recorded as 6 foot 1 inch and looks that height in archived footage.
Jones is recorded as 5 foot 10 inches and looks that height.

There are videos of Alex Jones in 1997 in March as a skinny young looking 23 year old and then later in June where he has put on some weight. They are obviously the same person and obviously not a 35 year old Hicks.

Unless you believe these videos are fake and you can also account for the height differences, then I struggle with your motives for such an article. Yes there are many similarities between Hicks and Jones, but the differences (height and age) make this theory virtually impossible to believe.

Eric Dubay said...

There was a great YT channel called "VaderTime" which has since been deleted which had over 50 excellent videos exposing Bill Hicks/Alex Jones. One of his videos was comparing their heights vs. various objects, chairs, and standing with the same people like Kevin Booth and the Austin PATV head, and it is clear that they are the SAME height. Wikipedia says one of them is 178cm and one 185cm, this is pure bullshit, as easy as putting a couple numbers in a wiki. I wish that video was still up, it was quite conclusive regarding this issue. As for the age, Jones is clearly not 39! He is in his mid-fifties just like Bill. Peace

Anonymous said...

get too smart, they pull you offline, reprogram you, and stick you back in the matrix under newer more helpful/productive identity. happens every day.

Anonymous said...

I knew Alex Jones was Bill Hicks the first time I saw Alex during a rant on public access TV in Austin 15 years ago. We had just moved to Austin and never heard of Alex Jones, but I was a huge Bill Hicks fan. We joked about how much he sounded and looked like Bill Hicks and showed Alex Jones to my best friend, who agreed it was Bill. We thought maybe he went underground to avoid being killed, but I was being foolish to think someone could fake their death without gov't/elitist help. I came to personally know some of the producers at the Public Access channel and they all seemed to worship Alex. When I would say something like, "He kinda reminds me of Bill Hicks", they were quick to point out that Alex was a young man (really? he looked old to me but I didn't say anything). They seem to panic a little when someone says something like that. I'm just upset that I was fooled by someone I used to admire (Bill Hicks) and am now realizing is a shill.

Anonymous said...

I think reading the 8 teachings of don Juan books by Carlos Castaneda would cover the how and why of the Bill Hicks to Alex Jones transformation it's a technique called stalking in the books amazing books btw and for further explanation of exactly how and why get the tool album aenema and read every lyric carefully as you listen to it especially the song eulogy and the song third eye which begins with bill hicks talking and that song party much explains it all word word

Anonymous said...

I think reading the 8 teachings of don Juan books by Carlos Castaneda would cover the how and why of the Bill Hicks to Alex Jones transformation it's a technique called stalking in the books amazing books btw and for further explanation of exactly how and why get the tool album aenema and read every lyric carefully as you listen to it especially the song eulogy and the song third eye which begins with bill hicks talking and that song party much explains it all word for word "I've missed you so much! I thought that you were hiding from me!"

Anonymous said...

I have a theory that maybe the government brainwashed them to prove a point...Think about it Alex Jones wants to expose them and it would be ironic to know that he was controlled by the same people that they both were exposing.

Unknown said...

I've seen many silly comparison photos of different famous people being accused of inventing a new identity, but I can't deny that Bill & Alex not only have distinct facial similarities, but sound alike as well. Their vocabulary is similar, and the pronunciation of certain words they use are the same as well. Thank you Eric.

Anonymous said...

Come on it's Obvious Bill Hicks was a left wing freak who hated all the right wing conservative BS. Alex Jones is, or at least was at the time a preposterous parody of the right wing and even today when ever "Alex" appears on mainstream tv it's Hilarious. The Psychotic rage he went into against gun control on Piers Morgan was Comedy Gold and did way more damage to the NRA than any "comedian" could. The sad part is now the right has gone so crazy that his antics seem perfectly normal when compared with those he is clearly mocking. Bill Hicks/Alex Jones ... Still a comedy Genius.

Anonymous said...

It's not hard to change one's voice to make it lower (Bill Hicks --> Alex Jones):

A simple surgery will do.

Anonymous said...

this may be true

But, I think there was/is a "real" alex Jones or at least someone else who once played "Alex Jones"

about 14 yrs ago I downloaded a load of conspiracy videos, including a few Alex Jones videos.

One showed an Alex Jones who was lean, handsome, calm, professional, and serious.

That's the Alex Jones I pictured in my head when I began listening to him.
Then, I was shocked to see the obese figure who is now portrayed as Alex Jones.

And there is a video from 1997 showing an Alex Jones who is clearly different

Anonymous said...

When I first discovered and started listening to Alex Jones, the one thing that never made sense to me was his age. When I found out he was born in 1974 that didn't ring true to me at all because I assumed he was older than me based on how he looks. I had assumed he was 7 years older than me but supposedly he's 7 years younger than me, and I look young for my age. My wife agreed when I told her that he didn't look 7 years younger than me. I didn't know what to make of it, but I think I do now.

Alex Jones being born in 1961 as Bill Hicks makes perfect sense now, and Jerome Corsi calling him 'Bill' also is inexplicable. I can't help but wonder how deep this conspiracy goes if Corsi knew Alex Jones as Bill Hicks, and still plays along. Corsi is a guy who's supposedly digging for truth but he's keeping big lie from ordinary people. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

Seems impossible to believe Hicks would want to pull off something like this and be hated by all who used to be his his family, friends and fans, plus to never see any of them again. It would take a very cold callous human being to keep up such a charade for so long, plus he would have to pretend to have the opposite views that he actually has and never let his real views slip out. I just don't buy that even the best actor could keep that up for ever. As for facial similarities, there are many far more convincing doubles out there in this vast human gene pool. We all have several doubles.
That Jones is an impostor is obvious for several reasons. first: He's still alive. Second: His manner is so repulsive it perfectly discredits the entire libertarian movement. Third: he immediately abandoned his support of Rand Paul in favor of fellow Democrat schill Donald Trump. Finally the Mainstream media actually mentions his name fairly often.
However much Bill Hicks hated conservatives, I don't think he'd fake his own death and become one just to get back at them.

Anonymous said...

I watched several videos of Bill, and they are one and the same. People do not change their mannerisms regardless of plastic surgery etc... Definitely the same person.

Anonymous said...

Could the Hicks/Jones issue be a false flag itself ?
In other words - Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks, but makes the public (or at least a portion of it) think he is Hicks ? And of course he would have been chosen for his perfect resemblance.

Why would he do that ? I have no idea. It doesn't seem to make less sense however than Hicks faking his death and playing "Alex Jones". He would just be a tool for... what ? The NWO ? Illuminati ?

Anonymous said...

So what happened to the real Alex Jones then if this theory were true?

Anonymous said...

Why would old Bill be flashing the mano carnuto?

Anonymous said...

Hicks/Jones was created to replace Bill Cooper.

BobDodds said...

"Killer Stiller(Snoop Dogg and the Doors)".

The height issue has been addressed in several of the Hicks-Jones youtubes, comparing both to objects and persons such as their producer, Kevin Booth.

dallasgoldbug claims Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela, and Beau Bridges is Alex Jones. Ed Ciarino aka dallasgoldbug doesn't talk about Bill Hicks, though, does he? He seems to put up half pics that look like the same person and half, not.

Before I heard of Hicks, I decided to put Joe Rogan into my goofing with my Alex Jones video. Rogan is a friend of Jones, according to Rogan. An interviewer of Bill Hicks introduces the "killer, but his hat says [Ben] Stiller", notion which became the lyric in Snoop Dogg and the Doors. Whatever the double or multiple meanings there, one is explicated by Jerry Seinfeld,"If you kill them at the improv, you'll have a career in comedy".

Hicks may have replaced Bill Cooper AND "the skinny Alex Jones". Alex never said CIA until Sibel Edmonds explained,"When the names change, it's CIA". The names may change, but the backpacks don't match. Shirley Ellis, the name game? When the going gets tough, you better ask Shirley Ellis. If you ask dallasgoldbug, he says David Rockefeller is Jordan Maxwell.

Why did I get invited to dinner with Alex Jones, and Henry Kissinger? Adam Kokesh was at Bilderberg when (irva dot org) invited, I put Adam in my vids with Rogan and Jones, then I saw Adam on Joe Rogan on yt. A cameraman for Luke R said he is normally an actor. "Blue shirt" as we called him, irva dot org, Nostyc, and I, is a real ONI officer, but Nostyc was the name of a templar general at the battle of Nancy, which templars lost, and Nostyc does NOT have a ustream or youtube account as advertised, so ONI might well play with others well there. I can find the ONI officer, and jj irva, as real people, and then there was a Hitco chauffeur from NYC in the mix, and his room was burglarized by the alice team, just psy owning, night after the "blue shirt" incident(AJ "Patriots Handshake"). jj irva told me that the jfk security guy told her there were non-lethals in the room near where one of AJ cameramen was later hit by a beam and became confused, set camera down, walked away in daze, rest of crew e&e'd to dustoff by Hyatt van driver, a real person who braved police harrassment. The Kissinger inviter knew the SWAT captain, wife, retired Chantilly chief, and said his dad had flown coke to Mena on time off from United, so did his airline pilot buddies, and there's an SS uniform and a Luger in a closet, and a BATF badge in a cereal box. Shirley Ellis knew it was not safe yet to spell beyond abc with these people. AFP spells Agence France Presse to some, but Willis Carto to abcers, and WND is in a palace across the street from abc Bonanno bama. So it's a clown show. Tupac's Suge Knight backup sounds suspiciously as good as Phil Specter Wrecking Crew(DaveMcGowan,LaurelCanyon).

I would rather listen to Sibel Edmonds than dallasgoldbug, say,"When the names change it's CIA". I prefer Bill Hicks to Beau Bridges as AJ. There are flatearthers on one of the dallasgoldbug sites, a pendulum swings to far joke in disinfo, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just watch two videos side by side at the same time. They hit the same notes, same speech patterns, they have the same facial expressions and hand gestures. Everyone knows that smokers get raspy voices as the years go by.

Anonymous said...

Whether the two men are the same or not, B. Hicks was no hero. He was as much a paid tool as AJ. He was a foul-mouthed Satanist who did jokes about having sex w/goats, among other things. And if he gave out insider info it was b/c he WAS an insider. Wake up!

Amateur Detective said...

The reason that people think Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks is because it is such a blatant HUGE lie that is told right to your face. The bigger the lie, the harder it is not to believe if it is told with a straight face.

There is too much evidence to show that he is Bill Hicks to deny it. But the emotional parts of our brains don't want to accept that someone can be such a psychological terrorist like that.

Amateur Detective said...

Not only is Alex Jones also Bill Hicks but are you sure he isn't other characters on the InfoWars show?

It must be standard practice to use the same actors to play different characters on the same shows and films UNBEKNOWNST TO THE VIEWER. So someone like Alex Jones can use some sort of prosthetic parts or makeup to look like some other character, film it on a video, and then play it. Went he is talking to that video, he times it in a way where it seems like he is talking to an actual person in conversation when he is literally communicating to a video of himself dressed up as a different character.

I imagine that after doing this so many times a person forgets they are talking to themselves and then start actually believing it is an actual character. This is the point where they are officially insane.

Does this whole idea sound unbelievable and made-up? Well, there is a Dustin Hoffman movie named Tootsie that uses this outline of ideas, even the faking of death to kill off the character.