Saturday, February 6, 2010

Break the Matrix - Boycott the Gladitorial Distractions

Alex Jones joins with fellow patriot Mark Dice in protesting America’s favorite sports ritual – the Super Bowl. Sure, the game is a good contest between two top rivals, but football isn’t what really matters. While America has fallen asleep in front of the television and allowed so many distractions and frivolous issues to take over its thoughts, our country has been looted financially, our military has been used to carry out ever-expanding wars, our President and Congress have ignored the Constitution and our people have stopped their participation in the process. Until we wake up and fight back against the damage being wielded politically, we have no business getting caught up in gladiatorial distractions. The heat of the contest has become a substitute for our real manhood and our real humanity. Our tribal instincts to protect the community and drive away its enemies has been overtaken by the thrill of cheering, shouting, painting our faces and wearing the colors of a team.

Political activist Mark Dice makes broadcast TV a second time this week in Los Angeles in a bid to convince people – some people at least – to boycott the SuperBowl and focus instead our excitement, anger and energy on the political looting of our country. Instead of a competition with no real impact on our lives, people should educate themselves on the things that really matter. Mark Dice calls the SuperBowl, and TV in general, the opiate of the masses. That is perhaps too much to swallow for the anchors.


Noore said...

I taught my daughters that lesson when they were very young. And I am glad I did. One is a bit hockey mad, but the other LIVES sports not watches them. When she was about 9 someone asked her if she was a baseball fan and she said.. straight faced.."Yes I love baseball. But I also know that it keeps me from thinking about important stuff like the trees." Then she added, "But it is not so bad if I know what they want to do to me while I enjoy the game cos I know it."

University education and its formatting to societal ideals is just not working on this woman. Lord she is 27, where did the time go?

The Knights of Malta are the ones who own the teams and the booze factories. In fact, when they were returning from the Holy Land that they had just plundered, they had learned that lesson and erected bars and taverns along the way. This accounts for the mythological names of so many in Britain. George and Dragon, etc sort of names. Think Templar.

They were the first tavern keepers. If you do your homework you will find that these owners of teams and alcohol do do for just the reason you mentioned. Detain and distract the masses. They took it right out of the Roman's lessons.

I hear guys up here discussing hockey hockey hockey and I think OH SH#T let me tell you about this and talk about that for awhile.. chat about real stuff!

LOL I could vent for awhile! Hey which team you gambling on? laughs

Kold$hadow said...

*CO-SIGN* . . . funny how you got one substantially captivating comment and the rest are SPAM . . . anyways, I used to be a baseball fiend for a while (playing, watching, managing fantasy teams, etc.). I can't believe how sophisticated the gang warfare mentality is integrated into ALL competition at that level, especially in the playoffs when every game is worth like 10 in the regular season. Amazing how much sports used to mean to me as a kid, a teen and young adult but now that I'm solely focused on becoming as awake as possible, the only time I see any sports is when I go to a local bar for food and I can't miss them with the plethora of TV's at every perspective. It's nice to only watch them sporadically and with DISCERNMENT in regards to the ulterior motives the owners have in mind . . . gotta read in between the letters, not just the lines nowadays! lol

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Kold Shadow, I deleted all that spam, thanks for the heads-up. Glad to hear your search for truth and awakening has won over your addiction to fantasy games and distractions! I'm all for playing sports, but spending countless hours watching them on TV or keeping up with fantasy statistics is certainly a waste of time in this crucial period of human history. Peace

Anonymous said...

Booze and sports are hand in hand and that's the first sign something is wrong. Just being around sports fans while they are drinking can be very dangerous. I've seen it in real life. When the football team loses, and someone is drinking, they can become extremely violent towards you. It's like they are hypnotized. I used to love sports and that was one of the things that made me hate it.

The fans are one of the biggest problems. All year long you constantly see stories about violence and shootings at games. The last 2 years it's been in the papers all over San Francisco with 49er fans stabbing each other, a shooting, several brawls, several other incidents of violence. It's just incredible how people lose their minds over senseless games and become violent monsters, and it's down right scary.

I have never thought alcohol goes hand in hand with sports. It's the ultimate disaster. Like playing music with someone who's been drinking. You notice the more they drink, they start to play sloppier. Then when they aren't drinking, they are focused and on the ball. The biggest eye opener though is when you're recording and they hear the playback and notice they were sloppy when they were drinking. That will make them thick twice before recording and practicing after drinking.

That's exactly why I don't drink, and never will. I like to put my heart into things, such as my music. I don't play with anyone that drinks or if they do, it's a rule with me "no drinking, I need you focused".

Just remember this with sports THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS. All those controversial games, Vegas wins every single time. The entire country is up in arms and pissed over football games, but the house ALWAYS wins. Normally that's how you can tell the fix is in, when the game is won by the correct spread and the game is manipulated by refs.

I seriously do not understand how people can't figure this out. I used to love sports too but when I got older and paid more attention I seen it. For example; Seattle/Green Bay is -3 on the spread. Let's say you put your money on Seattle.....and this was the most controversial game last year. refs make a really really bad call that leads to points. Seattle wins 14-12. if your money was on them, you won big since they covered the spread of -3. The house always wins. That game particular, they made enough money that night to be printing mint coins. Just watch the Vegas spreads and the actual results of games, and you'll notice it more and more that it's manipulated for them to win jack pot after jack pot.