Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake Caused by HAARP Weapon?

Above are clips from an MSNBC and a CNN interview with people who saw strange lights in the sky just before/during the Chile earthquake. Just as documented before the 2004 Tsunami, the 2008 China quake, and the 2010 Haiti quake, there is video evidence and many witnesses who saw aurora borealis type lights in the sky. It is NOT a natural phenomenon to see such lights before/during a natural earthquake, however, such a lighting effect IS a common side-effect of HAARP waves coming back down from the Ionosphere. This is very damning evidence.

A bright glow is not a precursor to a natural earthquake. A bright glow was reportedly seen during the time of the Haiti earthquake. Pravda.Ru reported The Russian Navy reports that the U.S. created the earthquake in Haiti, the article archived on NoLiesRadio. A bright glow was seen during the time of China's last powerful earthquake. There is documented evidence that it was created by scalar weapons based on a wedding party video that showed plasma discharge lights in the sky before that earthquake. A bright glow was seen and reported by hundreds of people, locals and tourists, during Vanuatu's 7.3 earthquake in 2002. The writer witnessed that bright glow there during that quake around 4 a.m. Ni-vans, the Republic of Vanuatu's indigenous population and one of the World's oldest living cultures that inhabits a remote and pristine tropical paradise area, reported that they had never before seen a bright glow during earthquakes. (Click here to read more from this article)

Another gauge to check for HAARP's responsibility is the Alaskan Induction Magnometer which basically shows whether or not HAARP is on or off at any particular time. Before/during the 2004 Tsunami, 2005 Katrina, 2008 China quake, and the 2010 Haiti quake, HAARP was indeed turned on and turned up to very high levels. Before yesterday's quake HAARP was turned on once again, this time at very low frequency, for about 8-12 hours ending about 5 hours before (just like Haiti) the quake hit. Not only this, but the USGS actually registered a 2.5 rictor quake in Alaska at the same time as the Chile quake! There are actually 2 HAARP facilities in Alaska, one in Russia, one in Norway, and one in Puerto Rico, unfortunately none of which have an Induction Magnometer in place to check if any of them were fired up in tandem.

There is no officially known numbers of separate HAARP stations worldwide, some say 3-4, 4-6, others as many as 8 to 10, the most well known being in Alaska and Norway (remember the Norway spiral? That happened over a HAARP station). So this technology heats up the ionosphere (an electromagnetic-wave conducting a layer of electrically charged particles acting as a shield from solar winds 62 miles above the earth). Remember there was an earthquake in Alaska today at a scale of 2.5 at the same time as this earthquake in Chile which was at a scale of 8.8, you could draw a straight line on the map between these two locations (Click here to read more from this article).

Above is Juan Andres Salfate on the Chilean conspiracy show, La Conspiración, talking about HAARP with subtitles in English. In Breaking News today, Lori Price, Managing Editor of Citizens for Legitimate Government(CLG) has implied that HARRP could have been involved in Chile's monumental 8.8 earthquake. CLG highlighting HAARP today concurs with a growing number of scientists and the public aware of the HAARP weapon of mass destruction and its geoengineering capacity to trigger "natural disasters" for imperialist political gain (Click here to read more).

To conclude, I'll just leave you with this USGS chart of Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes over the past 100 years. Isn't it interesting that we've had a HUGE spike in deadly and destructive earthquakes since the invention of HAARP? Coincidence? You be the judge.


Unknown said...

I totally agree with you, I am no scientist,they are out to distruct and distract, I also think that everything is been sped up here, deliberately,do they have a time limit that they have to meet ?? Are they aware of something? Sorry If I am covering old ground..

Harry Hebert said...

Having read much about Nikola Tesla I was aware that most of his patents had been purchased by concerns with an undisclosed intent. We see now that they used this free power as a destructive agent instead of Tesla's intent.
I have no doubt that sometimes they will be used to divert attention away from bad legislation in the US.

gisellewilding said...

I have been interested in Haarp for years and read a number of books etc and in Melbourne, Friday night/early Saturday morning 27/1/2010 my daughter claimed to have seen with her friend a regular flash in the sky.She has not seen this before. I have heard many years ago they have had Haarp type transmitters in Australia but not sure where Any one have any info on this?

Jason said...

Wow. Cool story, bro! Where should I start?

Okay, "Earthquake light" has been witnessed for a few millenia now. Quite a long time before HAARP was around. Their existence has been debated for a long time, til they have been photographically documented in 1965. Still a long time before HAARP was around. Your assertions that these lights are "NOT a natural phenomenon" are unfounded. Also, your assertion that these lights are a "common side-effect of HAARP waves" is also unfounded, I cant find any real information to support this claim.

Regarding the HAARP activity you have pointed out, the chart shows slightly increased activity that day prior to the earthquake, the funny thing is that when I search through past days of this month, past months and past years, every single day has periodic increases in activity, many with more activity than the day of the earthquake. Here's the page: The data represented here is real, but once again it is misleading because there is way too much information left out, It's basically just smoke and mirrors.

That image you have of the "Norway Spiral", I don't know where you found it, but it is blatantly fake. I verified this with JPEG Snoop. The compression signatures show that it has been doctored with GIMP Image Editor. You can also see for yourself whether the photo is doctored or not with JPEG Snoop. It's free. Link:

you have also pointed out there there was an earthquake in Alaska around the same time of the Chilean Earthquake, well there are nearly 1000 earthquakes (mag 2.0 - 2.9) each day that are perceptible by humans, about 300,000 a year. Source: It doesn't take a leap of imagination to figure that there very well may have been a perceptible earthquake somewhere also along the pacific ring of fire near the same time. Also, it wasn't really at the same time, it was an hour and fifteen minutes before the Chilean earthquake. Source:

Finally, The magnitude 6 - 8 earthquake graph you provide on your front page is not objectively quantified. The web page from which these numbers are taken states "Selected earthquakes of general historic interest." This label of "general historic interest" has no parameters. This data is subjective and not at all suitable to be represented as evidence of increased seismic activity over recent years.Here's the page:

Now, if you want to see a chart with objectively represented data of earthquake frequency and magnitude magnitude, an appropriate page would be: Do you see any statistical significance any more? Thought not.

I would also like to know what you think the motive would be behind the New World Order perpetrating this earthquake. I think it's absurd that you conspiracy theorists jump on top of every calamity and tragedy that humans suffer and attribute it to some secret society that has some agenda is behind it. Natural disasters happen you know. They have been happening since the beginning of time.


Eric Dubay said...

Jason, I know natural disasters happen, and I admit the evidence of HAARP being involved in the Chile quake isn't as damning as the Haiti quake, but here's the real issue: HAARP exists, it's a military facility, and one of it's functions is to manipulate the weather. People searching for oil and natural gas have accidentally caused earthquakes using HAARP-like technology faaaar weaker than the Alaska facility. So the point is, the US military does indeed have a weapon capable of creating earthquakes. If you doubt that, I recommend you read the following:

Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich

Weather Warfare by Jerry Smith

HAARP The Path of Destruction by Ira Washington

Jesse Ventura's HAARP Conspiracy Show

OK, now that you've read those books, and you understand that yes, the US military has a weather weapon which causes earthquakes, you can now holistically look at such events knowing that there are both natural and man-made quakes. People considering the evidence for a man-made quake aren't crazy conspiracy theorists, they are informed truth seekers who know such UNnatural disasters do occur. You on the other hand rush to defend the official, establishment version of reality in which HAARP cannot cause earthquakes and anyone who says so must be a crazy theorist.

After the Haiti earthquake Bush told me not to send the Haitian people food or clothes, but to just send my money... send my money to the Bush/Clinton earthquake relief fund. Isn't it interesting that Presidents who like bombing the shit out of brown people also like to give away money to black people? How is it that US military Southcom was in Haiti performing a natural disaster relief drill the day before the Haiti quake hit? How did the Heritage Foundation neo-con think thank respond within three hours with a detailed memo of how the US can use the Haitian quake to it's advantage? My "conspiracy theory" is AT LEAST just as plausible as your "coincidence theory."

Eric Dubay said...

Also Jason, you say (without a source) that "Earthquake lights" have been witnessed for thousands of years now. You can probably dig me up a source that says this, just as I can (and did, in the article) dig you up a source that says the opposite. What I'd love to know is, if "natural Earthquake lights" occur, why/how/what natural mechanism of the Earth creates a Northern Lights effect in the ionosphere just before an Earthquake?? Why would there be such a phenomenon in the ionosphere (the highest part of Earth's atmosphere) just before a quake happens 50 kilometers below on the ground?? What's the correlation? With HAARP on the other hand, I know the correlation: HAARP sends ELF waves straight into the ionosphere which have been documented to create the lighting effect... so that explanation fits perfectly, and Tesla technology existed long before 1965 when you claim the first "quake lights" were photographed.

I included the Norway Spiral image because the article mentioned it... whether that image is doctored or not I don't know or care, the point is the Norway Spiral happened and it was right near the Norway HAARP facility. Why are you trying to "debunk" the random Google image I chose to illustrate my article? Why is the authenticity of that random picture even relevant to your debunking? Seems like your grasping at straws.

Your Earthquake chart only goes back to 1980 and it still shows a gradually increasing trend of high-death toll quakes. HAARP can cause tsunamis like Indonesia and direct Hurricane's like Katrina, so earthquakes aren't the only gauge anyway, but even if they were, there is a suspicious increase happening.

das said...


The phenomena that precede earthquakes have been well-documented in scientific and historical literature (i.e., not conspiracy or holocaust denier web sites).

It's not about "finding a source", it's about finding a reputable, legitimate source. If you want to believe in the conspiracy, you will write off anything that debunks your view as part of the coverup.

Eric Dubay said...

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

das said...

Eric, so that means HAARP caused the Chile quake?

What caused the M9.5 Valdivia quake in 1960? What caused every earthquake on earth before HAARP -- or even the United States, for that matter -- existed?

Wait, let me guess: earthquakes are used because they appear to be a "natural" disaster, and seeing lights in the sky really hasn't happened throughout the millennia, it's just a disinformation campaign cooked up by the New World Order to divert attention from HAARP, right?

That's the great thing about conspiracy theorists: you take one quote that someone said (like, the aircraft that hit the Pentagon "sounded like" a missile, even though the people saying this have no clue what a missile, much less a plane flying at 500mph mere hundreds of feet away, sounds), take it horribly out of context, and use it as "proof".

That's the conspiracy theorist model: take the most ridiculous possible explanation for a situation, take your own personal assessment of who you believe "benefits", and then ignore any evidence to the contrary. Voila! The US is using "tectonic weapons" to keep its hegemony over South America!

You guys are certainly entertaining, I'll give you that much.

Eric Dubay said...

You think the reason people believe a missile hit the Pentagon is because some witness said "it sounded like a missile?" Where the hell did you get that idea from? The reason people think it was a missile is because the hole was 6 times too small for a passenger plane, pilots have gone on record saying the flight path/descent was physically impossible, and the fact that there were no titanium engines, no indestructible landing gear, no wings, no fuselage, no bodies, no blood, yet the coroner was able to identify all but 3 passengers magically with DNA "evidence" from the crash site.

das said...

Ok, so obviously you have no idea how forensic identification works, either. "The coroner?"

Just part of the coverup, I know. All the eyewitnesses who actually saw the plane are wrong and/or government plants; anyone who says the plane looked "smaller" is correct. Any studies that show exactly how and why it was a jetliner that impacted (with the wings being obliterated immediately) are fake.

I'm going to step away slowly now, as you have already made up your mind on these matters. Have fun exposing the New World Order.

Eric Dubay said...

You're committing the same act you're condemning in your comment:

"That's the great thing about conspiracy theorists: you take one quote that someone said (like, the aircraft that hit the Pentagon "sounded like" a missile, even though the people saying this have no clue what a missile, much less a plane flying at 500mph mere hundreds of feet away, sounds), take it horribly out of context, and use it as "proof"."

You took a quote, horribly out of context and used it as "proof" that a missile didn't hit the Pentagon. You've misrepresented the conspiracist position with a lame straw man that you easily knock down. We don't think a missile hit the Pentagon because someone said "it sounded like a missile." :rolls eyes:

Unknown said...

Why would Bush or anyone else tell you to only send money?... no food or clothing... when they don't really need people's money. All they have to do is print more and the problem is solved! lol

But seriously, has it ever occurred to you that in the event of a natural disaster, logistics is an absolute nightmare? Can you even begin to fathom how many shipments are going in and out of a place riddled with broken earth?.. normal routes destroyed, maps pretty much useless in many areas...

Don't be so quick to jump on the conspiracy theorist bandwagon. That's one of the things that makes you hardcore believers seem like nuts, thus destroying your credibility and driving the people away. People need to know the truth, and there are many cover ups going on out there every day. Take a deep breath, and view things from all corners and speak on it from that aspect before throwing the hands up and shouting conspiracy.

JIM C. said...

that fcking piece of sh*t Jason trying to debunk the truth is going to get what he deserves, if i ever come across this fck i will take a bat to his face. THESE PEOPLE IN OUR GOVERMENT HAVE KILLED THOSANDS OF INOCCENT PEOPLE LAST MONTH..JUST SO THEY CAN KEEP CONTROL OF SOUTH AMERICA! THE EVIDENCE IS UNDENIABLE!! the numbers speak for thierselves there are 50 times more deadly earthquakes happening now than ever before. all u fcking conspiracy deniers should die like all those other inocent people are have by our goverment. how DARE you try and prove us wrong when all those inocent people are dying!!!! i love people too much to let all you evil lowlives let bush and his thugs get away with this u think u are so smart but you have no proof. stop protecting the new world order. and JASON u better WATCH your back if i find u u R going down

Anonymous said...


How exactly is the evidence "undeniable"?

WHAT "evidence"? That you think the US wants to "control" South America, and someone saw lights in the sky (which have been observed before earthquakes for millennia)?

What caused all the natural disasters in the world before HAARP existed? Before the US existed? You say there are more "destructive" earthquakes now, which is false. Why?

You also seem to have missed the memo that Bush is no longer president...I find it humourous that Jason totally debunked this garbage with actual "evidence", yet you appear to have made up your mind that the US is causing earthquakes because of some New World Order.

Dude...get back ON your meds...seriously.

Anonymous said...

hi im from chile and
the earthquake was at almost 4 am
it was totally dark
so the photos in this article are worthless

please, pray for my countrymen

Anonymous said...

Well the GOOD news is that the SHEEP are finally waking up!
Once they are finished opening up the can of worms that the "Elite" are hiding in...They will be opening up a can of "Woop-Ass" and hopefully the "Elite" will be tossed into a burning can of garbage..where they all belong!

Eric Dubay said...

To Anonymous from Chile, the pictures of lights in the sky in my article are from the 2008 China quake, not Chile. As far as I know, no one got pictures of the lights in Chile, but there were 2 witnesses on CNN/MSNBC talking about seeing them during the quake.

Anonymous said...

First, It cannot be called conspiracy if in fact, the USAF has explicitly published papers regarding the application of a HAARP-like device for the purposes of weather and natural disaster "force multipliers" utilising exactly the technology of HAARP, I.E

Then there is "Cohen's Admission".

In 1997 the US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, delivered a speech on terrorism at the University of Georgia. Reuters quoted him as saying, “Precautions against unconventional arms must be intensified as potential terrorists develop chemical and biological weapons and electromagnetic methods that could create holes in the ozone layer or trigger earthquakes or volcanoes.”

Cohen’s admission reveals he had direct knowledge of such potential weapons. But it’s hard to
conceive of “terrorists" developing the capacity to “trigger earthquakes”. Hardly, when one
considers the Pentagon’s HAARP project. A more likely explanation is that Cohen was warning
against allowing such technology to spread to other countries.

I'm really sorry if the "facts" are inconvenient. No one really wants to believe that we would be so callus as to cause tens of thousands of people this kind of pain, but read the truth and become educated. Not from conspiracy sites, but look for it in plain sight in the government's own publications and websites.

BTW, das... There ARE piezoelectric lights that have been seen prior to earthquakes caused by the shearing of the quartz in the rocks below, but typically at the exact time the earthquake initiates, not hours prior. The typical lights (read your own reference) are in the lower atmosphere, almost ground level, NOT in the upper atmosphere as are typical of auroral excitation which the plasma is at and above cloud levels.

Anonymous said...


In 1966, Professor Gordon J. F. MacDonald was associate director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles, a member of the US President’s Science Advisory Committee, and later a member of the US President’s Council on Environmental Quality.

He published papers on the use of environmental-control technologies for military purposes.

MacDonald made a revealing comment: “The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy. “

World-renowned scientist MacDonald developed ideas for using the environment as a weapon system and he contributed to what was, at the time, only in the wildest dream of a futurist. When he wrote his chapter, “How To Wreck The Environment,” for the book Unless Peace Comes, he was not kidding around.

In it he describes the use of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting or destabilisation, ozone depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brain wave manipulation using the planet’s energy fields.

He speculated these types of weapons would be developed and, when used, would be virtually undetectable by their victims.

HINT (for the curious): Part of the "key" to this being an induced earthquake is the nearly complete lack of tsunami waves in the aftermath of the quake. Reason? "Normal" earthquakes are about shear forces in x,y, or z vectors... HAARP / DE weapons signature is a "dome collapse" movement and contains no significant shelving at the point of discharge. It contains lots of S wave and P wave energy that conducts well in soils and rock, but not in water which damps out the wave fairly well.

Harry Herbert, Tesla did in fact demonstrate a very small "earthquake machine". It however, had to be located at the location that the effect was to occur.

Unknown said...

One comment, the graph shown near the foot of the article is bogus: it is based on selective data. Please read this article about how it was constructed, plus a more accurate graph.

There has been an increase but not such a spike.

Unknown said...

oh btw, where are you in Thailand? I'm in Bangkok now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said: "WHAT "evidence"? That you think the US wants to "control" South America..."

In case you haven't been reading international news, yes, the U.S. has a very strong desire to control South America. The U.S. is massing troops in Columbia in preparations for an attack on Venezuela and Chavez has been going nuts calling the U.S. every name in the book for the obvious intent to provoke an incident. The other base presence in the Antilles Island group. The U.S. Military has been flying Predator Drones over Venezuela for about 2 months now.

It would not be far fetched to assume that a presence in Chile would be of significant strategic value since, by controlling the Panama Canal (just a short jaunt from the bases in Columbia) and control of the Strait of Magellan, a country could significantly control the delivery and shipping to all the other countries in the region.

Why Venezuela? Oil and lots of it, same with the military presence on Haiti post earthquake there.. Oil deposits larger than the Venezuela formation have been recently discovered offshore of Haiti.

One could ask "Why Afghanistan" or "Why Iraq", too, but the answer is still the same: Oil. The nations of the world are approaching "endgame" for the energy supplies and all of this is just the crass justification to overtake the countries that have the oil... oh and take out a bunch of brown-skinned people at the same time just for sport.

If you can believe the incomprehensible chain of "coincidences" surrounding the 9-11 attacks on the U.S. and the 7/7 tunnel attacks in the U.K. are all the well-planned attacks of a non-existant terror group ( see and led by an ailing leader that HAS to get dialysis every 2 days or die (which he did in December of 2001) from caves in the hill sides of Afghanistan and is now releasing tapes telling you that global warming is the REAL terror facing the planet..... There is frankly no hope of providing any further elucidation to your views.

You may choose to ignore the "NWO" as you sneeringly refer to it, but the leaders of many nations are calling it as it is: THe New World Order and are speaking far more freely than when then-president George H.W. Bush mentioned it in his "thousand points of light speech" and are almost daily repeating the phrase to let it sink into our minds as an acceptable term.

We have heard it from U.S. Prisident Barrack Obama,Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the Pope Benedict XVI, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Former U.S. President WIlliam J. Clinton and Current U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, and former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, French President Nicolas Sarkozy... just to name a few players.

It is an important distinction: The perceived difference between a conspiracy and a business plan lies in whether or not you know of the existence of the business plan or not.

Eric Dubay said...

Excellent analysis Anonymous! Thanks for that. For Rycharde, I'm just outside Bangkok in Nonthaburi, what are you doing in Thailand?

Anonymous said...

I live in iceland and earthquakes happen sometimes but no one has ever vitnessed any abnomality's in the sky's before.
I mean i have seen rainbow coulored skies but not like anything such as those. That does not happen naturally.

Unknown said...

Let me tell you. Here in chile nobody see nothing in the sky , diferent before or after the colors or forms strange on the clouds .. nothing, really here we was waiting for a big and nattural quake because from 175 years the maule aand biobio zones wasnt has any quake, so this was almost obviosusly. nobody see nothing like or similar to haarp proyect evidence

Eric Dubay said...

Christopher, you can only speak for yourself. YOU didn't see any lights in the sky, but some of your fellow countrymen and women did. For you to say:

Here in chile nobody see nothing in the sky , diferent before or after the colors or forms strange on the clouds .. nothing,

It is beyond presumptuous for you to speak for everyone in Chile in saying there was nothing in the sky, especially when I provided a link to 2 witnesses on CNN/MSNBC who said there WERE lights in the sky.

Anonymous said...

The problem with conspiracy theorist is that most of them does not investigate the facts and try to spread something they heard without investigation. This website is very balanced with both sides trying to prove what they believe. Very well done! Its interesting to see all points of view that takes this subject siriously.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... All I see here are Alex Jones followers parroting him. You conspiracy people really need to get a job and stop preparing for the NWO takeover spending all of your cash buying his "civil unrest" foods and supplies.

Jones would be proud of all you conspiracy theorists infiltrating every medium you can find to further his personal agenda.

If you read Psychology Today, Paranoid Schizophrenia fits your theories to a tee! Every time some natural disaster strikes anywhere on the globe, you people come out of the woodwork to spew bull crap theories about the evil United States and the Illuminati. I suppose Bush turned on his hurricane machine deliberately to kill "dark skin" citizens? Now, either Bush or Obama switched on the Earthquake machine not once, but twice so that we can exploit the world's vast oil reserves. Yeah, I buy that.

As for Chavez.... It's been widely reported that he is on serious psychotropic medications and when he stops taking them, he lobs insults at the U.S. and makes unfounded accusations during sometimes hours long rants. If anything, why not set off an Earthquake in Venezuela instead? Go right for the heart of the beast, so to speak....

Give me a freakin' break. While you people are mildly entertaining, I have noticed a ton of faked pictures and videos floating around the internet purported to be authentic but found fake when you take a close look. If you need to fake even ONE picture or video to try and make your theory fit, all of your supposed evidence and theories set forth as fact become suspect and largely ignored along with your credibility.

Anonymous said...

I'm Chilean, was not there for this particular earthquake, however, have been there for lots and the sky changing colors is not part of the earthquake pattern. The closest information I heard as a child was that the moon develops a ring before the earthquake strikes. I looked at the moon at the start of other earthquakes and never saw it develop a ring. Plus I have never seen one that caused so many serious aftershocks all along the fault. Yes, the strongest ever earthquake recorded was in the same area in Chile in 1960, put the effects were different, granted it was stronger.

I do believe there is a reign of terror being implemented on the people of Earth. And I think this is due to monetary gain. Also, terror stops us in our tracks in every way. This article below is spiritual, but illustrates reasons and also what our response should be very well. Throwing out anger and fear is compounding the problem:

We can all respond in different ways.

I do believe this earthquake, and all the other powerful ones around the world right now, have been triggered by something. However, they are here. It's happening, so how are we going to react? Stress, fear, terror.

Giving haarp info without providing a solution, an action, something that a person can do, simply feeds fear and frustration. If anything, your article is well put together, but it agitates and makes people feel disempowered and victims, you do not provide solutions.

Have you thought beyond "this is what is happening"? If so, what was your answer?

Eric Dubay said...

I do believe this earthquake, and all the other powerful ones around the world right now, have been triggered by something. However, they are here. It's happening, so how are we going to react? Stress, fear, terror.

I'm sure the establishment would like you to react with strees, fear, and terror, but how you deal with information is up to you. It is not "fear-mongering" if a parent yells at a child about to run into the street. The same applies for so-called conspiratorial information.

Giving haarp info without providing a solution, an action, something that a person can do, simply feeds fear and frustration. If anything, your article is well put together, but it agitates and makes people feel disempowered and victims, you do not provide solutions.

The solution is for people to educate themselves about these issues. Once we have an informed populous we can start to take action towards shutting down the HAARP facility for example. That would take congressional legislation and popular approval etc. first, so I'm not "making people feel like victims," information is neutral.

Have you thought beyond "this is what is happening"? If so, what was your answer?

Again, for now, we need to use the internet, support alternative media, show documentary films and engage in discussion all the people we interact with on a daily basis. I don't have some master plan to shut down the HAARP facility if that's what you're asking for though. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Anonymous said...

[Again, for now, we need to use the internet, support alternative media, show documentary films and engage in discussion all the people we interact with on a daily basis. I don't have some master plan to shut down the HAARP facility if that's what you're asking for though. What are your thoughts on the matter?]

Read the link:

Also, this one is very informative and gives further tools:

Mark Knight said...


you are dont want to be wrong...your beleif system stands tall. i spent 2 years researching the "conspiracy field" as i wanted to prove it all wrong....i couldnt.

start at 9/11, the US or French revolution, or the Knights Templar - all take you to the same place.

be brave - research for a few years this planet is going to look very different my friend.

Anonymous said...

interesting coincidences: 1500 dead penguins found near Anarctica/chile, and 80 tons of dead fish washed up on the shore of Brazil in the last few days. What could have suddenly killed them?

Soleilmavis said...

WE CONCERN ABOUT THE ABUSE AND TORTURE OF THE FOLLOWINGS :- DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS; NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS; MIND CONTROL WEAPONS; BODY AND BRAIN MANIPULATION WEAPONS; PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS; SPACE WEAPONS; NON-LETHAL WEAPONS; COINTELPRO; ANDany other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations or the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.Please help to ban abuses and tortures of above-mentioned weapons.
Yours Sincerely,

USA Bill HR2977.
The European Parliament A4-0005/1999 Paragraph 27 calls for a worldwide ban on weapons that might enable “any form” of the "manipulation of human beings".

Anonymous said...

I hope you lot can get some psychiatric help dealing with these absurd fantasies... before you decide to act on them.

FreeBrain said...

I know HAARP exists but some arguments are plain stupid ...

First of all, between every two points , it is always possible to DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE!!!...

I once saw the colored clouds while 50 miles away from the test area...It was tested near Arecibo Puerto Rico...

Eric Dubay said...

Surreal Chilean Skies - Reality Sandwich

Basic Human Unit said...

" Remember there was an earthquake in Alaska today at a scale of 2.5 at the same time as this earthquake in Chile which was at a scale of 8.8, you could draw a straight line on the map between these two locations."

No shit. You can draw a straight line on the map between any two locations.


Eric Dubay said...

The straight line quote is from someone else's article, not mine. Is that the only criticism you can come up with?

Anonymous said...

eric dubay, u need a bullet

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, the people of the world ARE being manipulated against their will. It happens everyday, but its starting to come faster now. These issues need to be seen by everyone with and OPEN MIND. People in denial who may be credible achedemics often can't accept the truth about having been lied to and manipulated all of their lives, the New World Order is only using similar techniques that the Nazis used, once again history seems to have been "Unused".

A classic stratagy to infiltrate the mind with fear and "disable" your critical thinking skills is in affect.

Please try to have an open mind when asorbing new information, we must reach a "critical mass" to make a difference, its the least anyone can do.

Dario said...

@Eric: do you whether they are still playing with Haarp? I live in Concepcion, Chile and my house withstood pretty well the 8.8 quake but we have had a lot of aftershocks ranging from 5-7 magnitude. Don´t whether these are normal consequences of the main quake or effects from the Alaska military research facility.

Eric Dubay said...

They're certainly still "playing" with and building new HAARP facilities around the globe, but I doubt they would bother inducing after-shocks since those occur of their own accord after most quakes anyway, and what would be the motive of causing fake after-shocks? None that I can see. Peace

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The weather in UK changed significantly the day after the Norway Spiral. What had been a mild month, snapped into freezing cold conditions with heavy snowfall. Check the metoffice website for details of the temperature/weather change that occured immediately after the Norway Spiral. And, coincidentally at the same time the Climate Change conference was on in Copenhagen. Where, funnily enough, it snowed the whole time?

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Eric Dubay ! WELL DONE


ElNiño said...

Believe the man in the Darth Vader T-shirt!

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.

Isn't the phrase"American living in Thailand teaching English part time",just an euphemism for "dope smoking pedophile living on the beach in some third world country"?

Thank the lord, TURDS like you left this country.

The Original Hippie said...

the big toys are made and the big boys can not help but to use them. I am depressed and have been lost how the average person can do anything at this point. Fear is what they will use,and we will pray for a miracle as our children die. make the most of what you have is far beyond our words or actions, we are in the hands of one world order.

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Antonio said...

Hi, I am a 70 y.o. from Chile. I have never seen any thing abnormal in the sky during earthquakes, but because the least thing you do during them is to look up. Anyway, my mother used to say that when an earthquake is coming, the sky turns a bit pinky, "the atmosphere fills a bit heavy", the dogs bark and roosters sing announcing something is coming. They don't do all that noise as crazy, but they do show to be nerves for something. That was what she heard from her parents as well. All this looked quite natural to her, and now to me, has nothing to do with a conspiracy. When the ants disappear before the rain, is quite natural as well and so, many phenomenon in nature.

Zero 9 said...

The sun (not proven but known to) is to be able to cause natural earth quacks from heat and radiation. Lights in the sky have been reported for centuries during certain earth quacks and that maybe the explanation why. Further more the type of lights recorded have been consistent. SOME of the supposed HAARP events in question break this consistency which may offer a clue as to whether this machine is truly being used or not...

hell with 'technology' said...

@ zero9: the sun's rays are REFLECTED from the inospere into the space so the are harmless (it would have bought destruction if it was not reflected) and DOES'NT cause earthquakes whereas the rays from HAARP are ALSO REFLECTED from the inosphere into the earth at some targeted area - wrecking millions of lives.

DAMN GOOD RESEARCH ERIC You deserve a reward....

btw its not the only way the US uses its military might to distrupt millions of lives across the globe.

and again thanks for opening some eyes to the real world

Anonymous said...

On Wikipedia it mentions "earthquake lights" and that they have been noted since the 1950s. This would disprove your statement that these are a new phenomenon.

Eric Dubay said...

The new phenomenon is Wikipedia trying to claim that "Earthquake lights" are some natural occurrence from pre-HAARP times.

DJ said...

Hahaha these conspiracy theorists are nutcases, guess this what happens when you fail primary school and grow up believing teenage mutant ninja turtles are real.

You guys need to get jobs, its not good for humanity when people like Eric have too much free time and start to get get ideas (I know science is hard for you Eric but that doesn't mean you have to talk out of your arse)

David said...

However, the Earthquake in Chile was expected. Google: "Interseismic strain accumulation measured by GPS in the seismic gap between Constitución and Concepción in Chile" and go to the link.

This is the relevant part:
"Finally a convergence motion of about 68 mm/year represents more than 10 m of displacement accumulated since the last big interplate subduction event in this area over 170 years ago (1835 earthquake described by Darwin). Therefore, in a worst case scenario, the area already has a potential for an earthquake of magnitude as large as 8–8.5, should it happen in the near future."

Also note: Received 30 March 2007;
accepted 10 February 2008.
Available online 20 March 2009.

That is a great prediction, since both the place, and approximate scale for the time estimation (an exact prediction is not possible for now, if it is at all) agreed very well with the event.

I would challenge anyone blaming HAARP for earthquakes to explain:

-The precise mechanism it uses to supposedly induce earthquakes. In other words, the physics involved in the process.

-A justification from the point of view of the energy involved in HAARP radio emissions and the energy released in an earthquake. Note that the received power will decrease with distance.

-An explanation on how would they control the aim. Even working as a phase array you still have to deal with the curvature of Earth and the structure of (and distortions produced by) the ionosphere to use it as an effective mirror for radio waves.

-A falsification of a simpler explanation, this is, that it only was yet another geophysical event, that occurred in a highly seismic zone, and predicted. By the way, the Haiti earthquake was also expected by scientists.

Skylar said...

I am now following you and want to commend you. Please keep up the good work. I have been studying HAARP, and among other issues for a while now. It started with 9/11. Anyone that believes the government account is an idiot! Look at the news daily and all the continual crimes against children, perverts walking the streets, also constant food contamination. I have also noted seeing a lot of chemtrails in my local area and people are getting sick a lot! I don't see how anyone cannot realize that there are some Corrupted People have taken over our country. Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

I believe haarp is behind the recent bird,fish and cow deaths recently instead of investigating dead animals scientists should be testing people for mental health disruptions,anybody out there live in these areas? I would like to hear from them,people are going to be next

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To David who posted on November 10, 2010: I just finished reading Dr. Nick Begich's book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP." It explains in this book how the Alaska facility can pinpoint energy to a specific location, and how the energy "cone" works in the Alaska facility to increase the energy at the directed location, rather than decrease or disperse it as you think it normally would. Also, the scientists at the Alaska facility used patents from a scientist, (whose name I cannot remember now, and I don't have the book in front of me to look it up for you), who invented a "mirror" that can be placed in space, just as they would a satellite or a space station, that can deflect the ELF rays from HAARP and bounce them "over the horizon" so to speak. I apologize that this is not a very scientific sounding explanation, but as I said, I do not have the book in front of me to quote from. Anyone really interested in getting their questions answered about "how can they actually do these things with HAARP" will find out if they get a copy of Dr. Begich's book and read it. He is a scientist himself and an Alaskan. And if you want sources, his book has more footnotes, and referenced sources, quoting scientific texts and papers and government documents, than anything I've read in a long time. His book is a real eye-opener.

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Anonymous said...

that jason said lots, but particularly interesting is that the post, and thus jason's response, seemingly hinged on earthquake lights having occurred for thousands of years. of course his post was well documented except for that assertion. however, i just came across a tool, google, which put me in touch with another tool, wikipedia, according to which
"Once commonly challenged, it was not until photographs were taken during the Matsushiro earthquake swarm in Nagano, Japan, from 1965 through 1967, that the seismology community acknowledged their occurrence." that sentence is cited to John S. Derr (January 2005). "FAQs: What are earthquake lights? Are they real?". United States Geological Survey. Retrieved July 11, 2009. i haven't followed the links. of course it is odd that thousands of years of occurrences are finally confirmed in the 60s, but perhaps it is indeed just so.

Eric Dubay said...

First of all, we know they've been doing weather modification since the 60's so pictures from 65-67 are meaningless. The Tesla technology that HAARP patents are based off existed since 1915 and have been continued in black projects ever since.

Secondly, where's the pictures? Someone saying that there were pictures taken doesn't mean anything. And in this age of photoshop, even if they came out with some pictures, how would we know they're real? If it's a normal, natural phenomenon, why isn't it well known? Don't you think if auroral lights in the sky were a precursor to natural earthquakes it would be common knowledge!?

Lastly, it is logical and has been shown that HAARP causes the auroral effect. What natural scientific phenomenon would cause lights in the sky 30 minutes before earthquakes? I've heard the USGS explanation, "oh it's pizioelectricity from the crystalline tectonic plates bla bla shooting up into the sky." That makes no sense, just big words, HAARP makes perfect sense, no big words necessary.

These claims made in 2005 about "earthquake lights" going back 40 years sounds like damage control to me.

Anonymous said...

"HAARP makes perfect sense, no big words necessary."

I think you should put this up at the header of your website. It appears to be the foundation of most of your opinions.

I suspect that it would be useful for new visitors to your page to understand from the start that you reject the idea that you might not understand something about the world.

Jon.T. said...

No one can deny HAARP exists but there is no conclusive proof it has been used to cause earthquakes. To prove it someone would have to create a minu haarp facility and show what it can do.

I myself would like to believe it's the new weapon of the 21st century. And like any such weapon (atomic bomb) it needs to be tested hundreds, if not thousands of times to be perfected (how many atomic bomb tests performed by the US alone besides those on civilian population _Hiroshima and Nagasaki _ ?).

Obviously if HAARP can cause earthquake and tsunami, the US army would look for civilian targets to estimate the damages. Either those targets would be strategic like Haiti (corporate take over of the huge oil reserves), or half strategic and mostly to asses damages and performance (Asian Tsunami: Exon Mobile got completely rid of the rebel fighters _activists_ thanks to the tsunami).

Once again if this is true, it shouldn't surprise anyone. The US military has always conducted tests with little regard for human life, and its own peopleand military personnel.

But still I need conclusive proof. The huge spikes in the HAARP magnometer preceding HAiti and the big Japan tsunami cannot be a coincidence (the chances are infinitely small), however the question is, what does it measure?

If it measures the energy induced by HAARP in the ionosphere, then we're getting very close to convincing proof. But if there's always some electromagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere before a huge earthquake, and there is no way to tell if it's HAARP induced or natural, then the conspiracy theory breaks down.

So physicists need to study the question and give us some answers. Because right now it all seem like Voodoo science.

gisellewilding said...

On Tuesday 19th of June 2012 I was driving home at around 4.30 and kept staring at a rainbow cloud in the sky to the east of the sun.Sky filled with chemclouds. It was bright and pretty and I got a few shots but do not bring out the real colours well. As soon as I got home I tried to get more shots but getting darker and I showed by daughter who was impressed by a bit embarrassed by carry on.
At around 9 pm we were hit with one of the biggest quakes in the last century(5.3) for Victoria Australia and epi at Gippsland probably for fracking.

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