Sunday, March 7, 2010

Police Forced to Arrest Innocent People to Fulfill Quotas

Welcome to the police state. It's all about money and population control. Thanks to Officer Adil Polanco of NYPD 41st Precinct for being an honest cop and voicing his concerns.


tawan said...

It is all about quotas and money and police, although this rule is not 100%, are not the smartest of people. The high up police are easily manipulated to the desired way.

Ask one who has retired from high police office and they support us all the way. The one I asked has many regrets for 'towing the official line' now that he has time to step back from it.

Anonymous said...

It's about time at least one cop was actually man enough to step forward. Glad he did it but it's a little sad that it took him 5 years to "man up".

I guess overall, I'm glad he came forward.

Thanks for the post too... I used it on my blog today as well. :)

Have a great day.