Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sons of Liberty - Hardcore Anti-NWO Music

Jon Schaffer of the heavy metal band Iced Earth has recently completed an album "Brush Fires of the Mind" as a side project and put out the album for free. Check out some of these inspiring tracks:


cluas said...

Great, love the way music is used to spread our messages...

Lot of musicians are awakening :)

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Well,not my kind of music until the second song near the end when he went acoustic and that was just wonderful.

What we need also is a revival of some of the old music of the protest days. Before my generation was psychologically screwed up. Phil Ochs, early Dylan before he sold his soul, the Farinas, Arlo Guthrie, Jesse Colin Young, CSNY, Bruce Cockburn, music that was put on the shelf because it went against the powers.

The thing is, lots of us are old and have limited time for one reason or another. We have to make sure there are younger people taking up the challenge because I know they work on the children now because they know we are on the way out.

We need to leave a legacy for them to carry on and music is one of the best ways to get through to them. However I cannot imagine my daughters listening to anything heavy metalish. It has to cover many genres. MUSE does a darn good job as does Michael Fenti (spelling).

Eric Dubay said...

I love Phil Ochs. Kind of Like Spitting recently did a cover album of his songs. I'll have to post that up here sometime soon. Those songs are just as relevant and powerful today as back then. Peace

Anonymous said...

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